How To Stop Grinding Your Teeth At Night

Besides wearing your teeth down and damaging the enamel coating jaw clenching can also lead to chipping of the teeth as well as loosening the fillings and if you leave it to long without doing something about it you will run the risk of wearing your teeth down so far that you will reach the nerves and if you do that it's going to cause you a lot of pain. 

Bruxism which is the term used for tooth grinding has also been linked to other underlying problems such as head and ear aches, it can also cause pains and soreness in the jaw and neck region.

Some experts are now suggesting that bruxism is not just confined to a dental issue and it maybe triggered by your central nervous system. It you are experiencing any discomfort around the jaw region or the neck then it is advisable to consult your dentists to see if you are clenching your jaw. 

Teeth grinding can range from mild symptoms where you gradually wear down your teeth to quite severe symptoms of pain as well as regular headaches. One way to assess yourself to identify whether you are jaw clenching is do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night or in the morning with a sore jaw or maybe you have trouble biting down.

If you are single then the only way to know if you are clenching your jaw at night is are you experiencing soreness and discomfort around the jaw or do you suffer from headaches and neck pains, plus your dentist will inform you of any tooth damage or worn teeth due to teeth grinding.

Other effects caused from clenching your jaw can be damage to the inside of your jaw, teeth sensitivity and soreness in the facial muscles, sinus troubles and pressure behind the ears.

Stress And Tension Is One of The Main Contributors To Bruxism

Dentist acknowledge that stress, tension and anxiety are two of the main cause of jaw clenching. Due to the ever increasing amounts of stress in people's lives more and more people are grinding their teeth especially during sleeping hours, so your long term priority should be to find ways to reduce your stress and tension. 

Tension is caused through either emotional arousal or poor body posture and alignment, but be aware it is not just slouching that's the problem. Over extending your body, leaning back in a type of sway back stance or sitting and standing in a rigid military type posture can all lead to chronic muscle tension and tightness.

Some people worry about their bruxism and jaw clenching but this only serves to make the problem worst because the actual worry of teeth grinding can lead to even more stress, tension and anxiety and it can become a vicious cycle. Ideally you need to do all that you can to prevent it but try not to think about the problem.

It is also believed that people who dream a lot suffer more with jaw clenching, our dreams are related to what's going on in our waking state so again if your having lots of bad dreams and nightmares it could be linked to stress and anxiety.

Experts believe that jaw clenching is the main reason behind a lot of tension headaches, jaw pains and teeth grinding, when your jaw muscle have been constantly contracting for prolonged periods they can become tense and sore. 

If you suffer from jaw clenching problems whether it is caused by stress or a medical condition then the continuous clenching can keep your jaw muscles in a state of tension. The jaw muscles are one of the most used muscle groups.

It is important to become aware if your clenching your jaw, however most people are still unaware that they are grinding their teeth. Apart from reducing your stress, anxiety and tension it is also important to sleep in a relaxed comfortable position so it may help to invest in a memory foam pillow. 

There are a lot of programs and exercises available to help you reduce your clenching that can give you a lot of relief but it can be hard to completely eliminate it because it is a subconsciously controlled muscle movement. 

You can learn self facial massage techniques which you can apply yourself to relax the muscles around the jaw and some people have success with acupuncture techniques, meditation and hypnosis. 

Any form of relaxation will help you because of the stress and tension reducing benefits. Learning and practicing the correct breathing techniques can also be highly beneficial for relaxing your body.

I suffered from teeth grinding and my dentist like most recommended having a guard to prevent the grinding and damaging to the teeth. A guard is ideal as a starting point because it will give instant protection to your valuable teeth but it is also advisable to use stress reducing techniques or facial exercises to help relax your jaw alongside using a mouth guard. 

I still use a guard as a precaution because your teeth are precious but I have also learned how to virtually eliminate all my stress, worry and tension. You can get your dentist to make you a specially molded mouth guard that you can wear at night however these can be very expensive for some people. 



There is still a lot of uncertainty of all the exact true causes and reasons behind teeth grinding during sleep, but what is known is a high proportion of grinding teeth while asleep is a direct result of psychological related problems such as stress, tension and anxiety. 

Stress related problems can disrupt our sleeping patterns and cause us to clench and tense our jaw, snoring or sleeping disorders have also been linked to teeth grinding.

Stop The Root Cause Of Teeth Grinding 

Much of people's teeth grinding can be traced to a subconscious behavioral pattern that happens automatically and especially as most of the damage happens during your sleep then there is not much that you can do about on a conscious level to stop it and although a tooth guard will prevent further teeth grinding it may also benefit you to tackle your stress, tension and jaw clenching. 

The good news is your subconscious behaviours can be changed and you can achieve this through self hypnosis because it helps you to deal with the problem on a subconscious level allowing you to change and correct the automatic behaviour and prevent that teeth damaging subconscious behaviour.


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