Weathering The Storms And Stopping The Negative Spiral

No matter who you are or how successful you have become at times in our live's everything seems to go wrong, we all get those day's when it all seems to go bad or we have a negative experience we don't like the key is how you respond.  

How you react to a bad situation and what happens next can be the difference between entering into a negative loop of worry, stress and fear, the best approach is to accept what's gone wrong then either find a way to fix or learn something from the problem. 

Release any negative resistance and get straight back on the road to feeling good, focus on things going well or think about things that don't make you feel bad, just shrug thing's off with the attitude it's happened so there is nothing I can do about it and move forward without letting thing's bother you to much.

Everything depends on how we handle or react to a negative situation, the wrong approach and mindset can set us off into a downward spiral which in some cases can end up with our thoughts and life seemingly becoming out of our control.

Your going to have your ups and downs, we are meant to have to face challenges this is how we grow and develop both mentally and spiritually you are strong enough to cope with the difficulties and challenges that life sometimes throws at you as long as you stop dwelling on the situation and focus on finding a solution to your problems. 

What has happened cannot be changed so you need to learn to accept it and let it go, trying to predict the future will result in a life of fear and stress.

Stop Those Negative Spiraling Thoughts

When things go wrong as they do from time to time as they sometimes do you have to nip things in the bud to prevent those negative spiraling thoughts from taking you into a place in your mind where you do not want to go.

Affirm to yourself "out of all bad situations only comes good" let yourself know that everything always works out right in the end, tell yourself this problem is only temporary, things will get better and all is well.

When things are not going so well, lock yourself away in your room for an evening, find some way of relaxing and then start to tell yourself tomorrow is a brand new beginning an thing's are going to get better and keep affirming to yourself that things will get better and then move onto things are getting better, don't dwell on what happened focus on snapping out of your current negative state.

Ask yourself what can you do to improve or fix your problem, analyse the situation, if your worried about something happening ask yourself what's the worst case scenario and accept what could happen, then ask yourself if does happen will it harm me and will you survive. 

Then concentrate on what you can do to improve your situation, if your still having negative thoughts then again question theses thoughts and ask yourself are they helping me, if your answer is no then tell yourself firmly then there is no point in me thinking them and quickly dismiss those worthless thoughts which serve no purpose. 

How the law of attraction works is you ask or tell yourself what you want and it will guide you to the best available solution or it will bring to you in the form of thought a answer to your problem. 

Never allow a negative situation to sap your confidence and self esteem because there is nearly always a solution if you seek it. 

We all fall down from time to time, sometimes you may feel you do not have the strength to carry on but the secret is to keep getting up and try and try again, failure is not the end it is an incentive to come back stronger, no matter how many times you get knocked back never give up because each time you will become stronger. 

Everybody goes through hard times,we all going to meet challenges, the secret is how to get through them. Failure can slow you down but it can never defeat you, never let anybody tell you you are not good enough or you cannot do something.

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