Learn To Unleash The Magic And Mystic That Already Lies Within You

Have you ever wondered if there is something far greater than you know that you have been missing out on.

First of all, magic and spells are not what most people think it is, and when we speak about magic, we're not referring to what you see in the Harry Potter movies or on TV.

Real magic is all about creating and designing your own positive and better reality rather than just accepting the reality that you have come to terms with.

Although you cannot change reality as such, you can change and better your own version of reality and although we speak of using spells and magic. 

The real magic and power comes from within you and it has a lot to do with 

  • The words that you speak, 
  • The thoughts that you focus on, 
  • The energy that you project 
  • The beliefs that you hold and 
  • The actions that you take.

The formula to create magic starts with, expect with confidence to be successful or to get what you want and to prepare with a total faith for your desired outcome, even before it has been manifested.

If you're looking into spells and magic, then there is an instinctive part of you who knows already that you can have so much more, you know that otherwise you wouldn't be interested in spells and magic.

You would not be seeking, what is not possible and if you can imagine it, you can create it and bring it into being. 

Your intuition is already trying to guide you to tap into the creative power that you posses and if people would only allow their intuition to guide them instead of listening to what they think is logical, then they would achieve good things and win at life.

You know you have the ability to go way beyond the limits of what you're doing at the moment, and the only thing that is stopping you from bringing a bit of magic into your life is, what you have come to believe to be true.

As children, we are born with a clean slate and an open mind, we live in a magical and fun world of fantasy, creation and make believe, where anything is possible, but unfortunately as we grow older we switch to the rules of the logical world and normal way of thinking.

But after a while normal become no fun and turns into a struggle and sometimes tiring battle to get through the day and week laced with problem after problem.

Especially when we see the more successful around us following their passion and living the life of their dreams.

Are the highly successful any different to you. Genetically, we are all the same, the only difference is, they don't think the same as normal people.

Sometimes the modern day of living and all the stresses and strains of everyday life, actually deprives us of our true inner spiritual powers that we all possess.

Sometimes we are only limited by our own imagination and beliefs, we think that to change our life we have to change things externally, but the easier and better way to get the results that we are seeking, is to change things on the inside.

Is success and having a great life experience, all down to luck, or have the successful and the lucky ones, deliberately or by chance, managed to tap into and prosper from the powerful combinations of the universal positive energies and their true inner spiritual powers.

Do you really believe in miracles and magic, or are you still skeptical or doubtful? 

You have to bare in mind the skeptics limit themselves and keep themselves stuck in a normal mediocre world because of their own views and idea's.

Because, our real power lies in our ability to be able to maximize and take advantage of the powerful universal forces that surround us, and if you're skeptical then you'll probably be denying yourself access to all the things that you're seeking. 

If you're ready to make your wishes come true, or if you want to try and find the solutions to some of your everyday problems and concerns, then you may be able to better your life through the art of casting spells.

Sometimes spells get some bad press, and if you mention to somebody that you're interested in casting a spell, it may receive a mix or even negative reaction.

The truth is though, those who embark on learning the art and skills of casting a spell are usually good minded spiritual beings who only have the best intentions for themselves and others.

They use their spells for good causes and all they're doing is learning how to harness the powerful energies and forces of the universe to turn their desires into reality.

We all live busy lives, and most people like to follow logical thinking and the masses or they prefer to edge on the side of what they believe to be as normal, so they do no research and they give little thought about trying to unlock their hidden powers.

For anybody who wishes to learn how to cast a spell, to help them solve a problem, to better their lives or even become more wealthy, they are often frowned on or seen as a bit spiritual or eccentric.

But what is normal, and the question we all need to ask ourselves is, does being normal and logical hold us and ground us in a life of limitations as well as denying us of bringing out the magic and inner power that often lies dormant within us. 

Often normal leads to a mediocre life full of unresolved problems, stagnation and emotional and personal difficulties. 

Yet for those who are prepared to think outside of the box and enter things with an open mind, are often the ones who go on to be more successful and open up a whole new world of possibilities and discoveries.

The magic already exists inside of you

Real universal magic is not some skill that you have to learn, because the real magic already exists within you, and it has always been there, you just haven't realized it yet.

Anyone who tries to tell you anything else, is trying to rob you of your true powers and capabilities.

You are a wonderful, fascinating and complex being who is capable of achieving great things. 

If you can believe it, you can become it. Most people get too caught up in logical thinking, but logical thinking takes you down the same path as the masses and sets you up for a normal life.

Successful people do not follow the crowd, they do not think like normal people as they know normal people do not know where they're going.

If you want to be different, you have to think differently. Most people oppose magic and spells, but they only oppose it because they don't understand it.

But if you make an effort to learn and understand, what is universal law and principals, then you can begin to use it to your advantage.

However, it might be a good idea, if you're thinking of learning how to cast a spell, then maybe it would be better to keep it to yourself to prevent all the cynics and their one sided opinion, and to prevent others from casting the seeds of doubts, which can quickly drain you of your new found hope and positivity.

It is not the beliefs or opinions of others that count, it is what you believe and choose to do that matters, because if your faith is strong, then you can open up a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities.

You can cast a spell for many things. For instance, a family member of mine struggled to pack in smoking for years, having tried but failed many times using the more conventional ways 

Even when she managed to pack it in for a while, the urge to smoke turned out to be stronger than her will power.

Then she came across a spell to help quit smoking in a magazine, since she cast the spell, she has not touched a cigarette since, but more importantly, she has never had the urge or the usual cravings to smoke once since casting the spell.

If you're ready to awaken to discover who you really are and you're open to the idea that you are more powerful than you could have ever begun to imagine, then it will become your time to shine.

If you're not ready to wake up and unleash your true powers, then you will stay the victim of your circumstances, chance and your negative conditioning.

Imagine, what would it be like if you could cast a spell and tap into the energy powers of the universe, which could help you to make all your dreams and desires come true.

The power is in the believing

At heart we are all energy beings living in an energy driven universe which is the driving force behind all creation and consciousness which is present in all living and material things.

We have our physical bodies and material things on one plane and we have our none physical self at another level. 

Once you have set your intention, dream or wish, then it already exists on a none physical level, all that is needed is to bring that wish into your physical experience, and a spell should help you to bring your desires into the physical..

The spell is just a way and means of manifesting all your desires into physical form and reality, the real magic lies with you and the power of your belief and faith that your spell will bring you what it is you're wanting or seeking.

The success rate of your spells will depend on your inner faith and trust in the process, which will also need to be backed up with the power of positive energy and the willingness to allow the manifesting to happen without any doubt or interference, because there is nothing more powerful than faith and positive expectation.

What Is Magic 

Many people are afraid of magic because they do not fully understand it, magic is all about making things happen or designing your own life as you wish or intend it to be, instead of just relying on luck, fate or chance, others call it magic some call it a science. 

It is really about using the power of positive energy to harness the natural universal laws to create the good things you wish for in a way that can bring more joy, abundance, good fortune and even healing to your life.

People speak about good and bad magic or black or white magic, but magic in itself is neither good nor bad, it is just a processing form of creation, what really separates the two are the same as anything else in life which is the intentions of the person that is using it.

There are good people in this world and there are bad people the same as there is good energy and bad energy, anybody who intends to cast bad wishes onto others should be aware that what you send out will come back at you.

The magic and witchcraft we are talking about is the ethical and fun witchcraft, which is practiced only by white witchcraft, their intentions are purely honorable, and is solely aimed only to bring joy to their lives and the lives of others. 

Remember to be careful what you wish for because it might come true and don't speak or wish ill on others.

Black witchcraft is about casting hexes, and spells that are harmful aimed at forcing people to do things against their own free will. 

White witchcraft is basically all the different spells that are used to bring happiness, love and positivity to your life. 

The spells that are cast by the art of white witchcraft are never intended to cast harm to anyone else whatsoever. 

You do not have to become a white witch to cast spells of magic anybody can learn and it is no different to the likes of cosmic ordering. 

The power of magic starts when you use positive words or phrases combined with the positive energy you ignite, and you cast your spell without any inner doubts.

The power of the spell is in the feelings and energies

We all have built within us magical powers that sometimes we are unaware of or we don't take full advantage of due to giving too much focus to our everyday stresses and worries.

When you're casting a spell to improve or bring something into your life, it is probably better to put all your focus onto casting one at a time.

You will also need to align your positive energies up with your desires so you're in the zone and you're in alignment, agreement and harmony with the creation currents of life as this will add more power to your spells.

This will probably require you do some emotional work, because it is that free flowing positive and calm energy that you're searching for, and remember, the universe responds to your feelings, not your circumstances. 

The more you practice focusing on what you want and things that make you feel good, the better you will become at making your spells ad desires turn into a reality.

Because the most important ingredient for the success of any spell is the belief and the emotion, and the most powerful emotion is the emotion of love. 

Your thoughts, wishes and the ingredients you will need for a spell are all important, but what creates the magic happen, is your faith and your feelings and emotions.

Unfortunately, sometimes the pressures of modern day living can suppress our creative abilities and hidden potential.

To be able to cast an effective spell you want to be at your peak physical and emotional best, so your mind and body are in harmony and balance.

Making sure you're happy and relaxed will boost your spell powers. Anytime you're having negative thoughts or thoughts of doubts, or if you're feeling a bit stressed, practice bringing yourself back to the present moment, by allowing your mind to think the troublesome thoughts whilst you focus on your breathing.

Find somewhere quiet if possible, and take some slow, deep breaths, breathe in for your nose for the counts of seven, then breathe out a bit quicker for the count of seven.

Remember, more often than not, it is not the situation or circumstance that is the end of the world, the pain lies in the thoughts and perceptions that you're having about the situation.

Bad thoughts will attract bad feelings and they will replace good thoughts and good feelings, but the good thing is, good or just even general thoughts will push away bad feelings and replace them with good feelings.

If you can learn how to manage your thoughts, your emotions and your state, then you will have all that you need to control your reality and determine your destiny.

Most of the spells are easy to follow and most of physical ingredients that you will require for your spells are made up of everyday ingredients that usually easily obtainable.

Cast a spell to bring more good fortune to your life

For centuries people have practiced the art of magic and casting spells to heal, empower and better their lives. 

The energetic power of spells and magic has been used to great effect by those who have the determination and intent to use the real magic laws of the universe, so they can maximize it's hidden secrets and utilize it's true potential. 

Casting spells is a form of magic which can help to improve your life and bring you good luck and fortune. 

Magic and spells is an art that can be learned to better your life and improve the world around, you can make things happen when you wish for them to happen. 

The real art of spells is to heal and better your life. Although most people cast spells and magic to benefit themselves, you can also cast spells to help others dear to you who to may also be struggling. 

Although you can help others with your spells, it is much more potent when used for yourself because the amount of emotion, desire and intent is far greater when you're focusing your own positive energy towards benefiting yourself. 

Magic and spells can be performed anywhere and at any time, all you will need is a few spoken words or mantra's that relate to your chosen spell and desire.

When you combine the right set of words with a positive intention you can quickly change any situation or circumstance into how you desire it to be and you can start by casting your spell from within and transform and manifest that wish outwardly into your everyday reality.

Although you will need to know the right words, you will also need the correct ingredients which are required for that specific spell of your choice. 

When we speak of the magic behind spells, the magic is not the stuff of fairy tales. The magic is learning how to apply, harness and use the powerful universal laws to better your positive advantage, and these universal laws are available for us all to tap into, even though most people don't bother using them.

How to cast a spell

Although the key ingredients for a spell is faith, belief and a state of positive emotions. You must first strongly desire the outcome you want to happen in order for you to successfully bring it from the none physical world where the manifestation is set into motion, thus allowing the spell to materialize it into the physical world. 

Although the timing of your spell is not critical, many white witches believe some spells can be more empowered by harnessing the power of the moon's energy on certain days and at specific times of the week.

Although the spell creates the belief remember it is the positive energy that is the key element in the success of the spell and the moon can help you turbo charge that required energy. 

The best time to perform certain spells is believed to be when the moon passes through its four stages of progress starting from a waxing moon which is good for positive action spells.

Then the period leading up to a full moon is a great time to perform your very own personal spells and finally the period of a waning moon between a full moon and a new moon is the ideal time to cast a spell to help you rid yourself of any problems you are experiencing in your life or for the ones close to you. 

If you're thinking of learning how to cast a few spells It is important to understand it can be a powerful way to benefit your life and to improve the life of others. 

However, it is equally important that under no circumstances should you, for whatever reason cast a negative spell to inflict harm or bring bad luck onto others. 

This practice is strictly forbidden, and for those who do not heed the warning then there is a danger that a negative spell performed on others who may have upset you for some reason or another will turn back on you and become three times more powerful as it does. 

So your own spell will end up rebounding inflicting a negative impact on you. What can you use spells for, well just about anything, some of the most popular spells are for love, money, health, well-being, personal problems. 

Although you can use spells to bring you love, you cannot force someone to love you against their will, especially if you want your ex to come back to you. 

This is why if you use a love spell to attract a soul mate it is far better to be more general and just let the power of the universe bring a random but matching person into your life rather than you having a specific person in mind. 

Spells can better your life

Healing spells are used as an alternative way to better your health and well-being on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Healing spells have brought about miracles in some cases, however, it is still important to work with your doctor as well as using a spell, especially if you have a serious condition. 

Healing spells can be very effective because they deal with the spiritual and universal energy side of us, healing spells can restore back the body's natural balance of energy.

Many illnesses and emotional problems are the result of a  disruption in the body's natural energy balance. Blocked energy is often the root source of many problems and spells can aid you to unblock that energy and restore balance, peace and harmony back to the body.

Now you know a little about magic, whenever you decide to cast your spells the most important thing to remember is to think positive and have absolute faith that your spell will work, then you will manifest your wish into a reality. 

Spells and magic taps into the awesome powers of the sixth sense, our sixth sense is our most power-fullest sense yet most people are unaware they have one. Our world is dominated by our five senses but it is our sixth sense which should be the first sense we should rely on.

Some people can feel a little apprehensive about casting a white spell, probably because they associate witch craft with negativity and ridicule. 

However, it is important to be aware of the fact that white spells and white witches are totally harmless and you should not get mixed up with the more sadistic black witches because the two are totally different.

It is completely safe to perform positive and life enhancing white spells, it is no different from using the law of attraction or cosmic ordering.

Contrary to what some people believe you do not have to be a white witch or involved in any other movement or group to learn how to perform a spell, you also do not have to be experienced either it is something that anybody can learn and practice. 

Never at any time doubt or convince yourself, it's not working because like most things you may sometimes have to be patient and allow a bit of time for the spell to weave its magic.

There is magic all around us

We live in a magical universe, magic has always been at our disposal since the day we were born, we come into this world with all the powers and resources we need to live a happy and abundant life. 

Sadly, society and peer conditioning has taken all our inner powers away from us and led us to believe our minds are not capable of manifesting what we desire and what we are truly capable of achieving.

Once you cast a spell, that is providing you have followed all the appropriate procedures because you need to cast that spell correctly, then the spell should begin to start to manifest itself after a few days however it can take up to four weeks for it to become fully effective. If by then your wish has not been granted try performing the spell again. 

The art of spells and magic is a skill and craft that needs to be practiced and developed, like all skills it may take time to get the maximum benefit, but once you do, you will have the skills and tools at your disposal to improve your health, finances, happiness, well-being, love life and much more.

The bigger the wish the longer it can take to materialize. If your intent is honorable and your desire and passion is strong enough, there is no reason for your spell not to work. 

It is also advisable not to discuss your spells once you have cast them with others and if you have cast a spell to help someone else under no circumstances should you reveal it to them or you risk breaking the spell. 

One example of an easy money spell is, on the night of a new moon, place a coin on your windowsill, ensuring that the head side of the coin is facing upwards. At the point when the moon is full, reverse the coin so the tails side is now facing up.

The purpose of turning the coin over is to allow any problems or negative beliefs you have with money to diminish. 

Finally, keep yourself in harmony with the phases of the moon, and then to complete the money spell, remove the coin on a new or full moon. 

Most skeptical people dismiss magic and spells as hocus pocus, but you have to question what kind of lives are these people living. If you really and truly believe in magic, then magic can happen for you. 

Change Your Life With The Witchcraft Secret Manual 

If you are not fully experiencing the life and things that you want and deserve, or perhaps you feel that there is so much better things waiting for you.

Then maybe you're living your life dominated by your doubts and limitations or maybe the progress that you're making is slow and you just need a little edge, breakthrough or helping hand to bring you the results and wishes that you know are possible.

Because, it can become very frustrating, when you're stuck in a rut and there seems no end in sight for your problems, yet deep down you know you can have so much more, yet the things that you want always seems to be just out of your reach.

You might already know exactly what you want, you might even have a good idea what to do, but often, getting from where you are to where you want to be, can be a bridge to far for many people.

When we aren't getting the results we want, it can quickly lead to feeling disappointed in yourself or your life's circumstances, especially when you see other people succeeding and getting what they want. 

This can leave you feeling frustrated and it can cause you to question or even blame yourself and all the people who are making claims about how to better your life.

But the reality is, all successful and happy people follow the same success process and system, whether by choice or stumbling across it by accident, and it is no coincidence that happy and positive people who have a strong faith and determination, are more successful and live better lives.

This type of disappointment reaction is common, especially when things aren't going too well, but this attitude and mindset will create negative energy that will also block off and prevent you from obtaining all the things you desire and a negative attitude and energy will hold you stuck in a place of stagnation.

The Witch Craft Secret Manual will help you to harness your inner positive energies, helping you to unlock your inner powers, so you can start attracting all the things that you desire you can experience the things and the life of your choice. 

The creators of the Witchcraft Secret Manual are so confident that they claim that it can produce results where other techniques or popular methods have failed, and it does not matter how many times you have tried or failed in the past.

If you want a technique to help you get the things and the ideal life that you want and deserve, then why not go ahead and cast a few spells, because there is little to lose and so much to gain, and you might be pleasantly surprised at the results and opportunities that come your way.


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