Master Your Inner Self Talk Master Your Life

Greatness, success, winner, confidence and happiness begin in the mind and what you say, practice and believe is what you will one day become so with that in mind you only want to affirm to yourself what will result in the best for you.

We all have an inner voice and we all talk and communicate to ourselves on a daily basis some of it is positive but much of it is negative and self destructive. 

Your inner self talk can have a big influence on your success levels, your confidence levels and how you feel, act and behave.

The secret is to treat and talk to yourself as you would like to be treated by others. Use positive self talk, as if, you are already, what you would like to be like.

The quality of your life and how successful you become is largely determined by how you think and feel on the inside. 

A happy, confident and successful person will have a high regard for themselves and a healthy level of self esteem where you allow the best version of you to expand and flourish.

Your self esteem and self value are the foundation for a good and successful life and you should always let your highest expectations for yourself to be free to permit you to go on and have the best life possible for you so you can develop and grow into the person you choose to be.

Your self esteem is determined greatly by how you perceive and talk to yourself and why it's so important is because your self talk is responsible for most of your emotions both good and bad. 

Love and like yourself

The more you like, love and approve of yourself in every aspect of your life the more likely it is you will live a happy and fulfilling life and you'll also have better relationships with other people and you will perform better at all the things you do. 

When you don't appreciate, like or love yourself, then you open up the door for all that is bad all that you don't want to become part of your experience.

You cannot feel good if you put yourself down or if your self talk is self defeating and self destructive. The world and others will not respect or treat you well if you don't like yourself or treat yourself well.

You need to like yourself because if you don't, then no one else will love you or respect you, and even if they do the chances are it won't last for long. 

It pays to love yourself and treat yourself well because you're the person you're spending all of your life with. If you go through your life, not liking yourself or even worse, hating yourself then, you're going to live a painful life. 

The thing to do is to start the day off by looking in the mirror and telling yourself you like and love yourself for a good few minutes because when you're at one with yourself, you will become at one with the world and as your relationship with yourself begins to improve your whole quality of your life will improve for the better.

Your inner self talk is something we should all be aware of and certainly something we should learn to master and take control of because it can be such a powerful force that can either lead you to a better, more fulfilling and more successful life and a better and happier you

Or it can lead you down a path of self sabotaging, stagnation, inner conflict and into a negative and a downward spiral.

The words you tell yourself, the thoughts you think about yourself and what others say to you both, good or bad can leave a lasting and negative impression on you which can have a damaging impact that can affect your behaviors and actions. 

Your body will follow the lead set by your mind so it will respond to your self talk, but that's not where it ends because self talk also plays a role in creating reality. 

Your self talk will do one of two things, it will either lift you up and make you more successful and happier or it will drag you down and limit you. 

The wise choice would be to use your self talk to bring you up, empower you and move you towards where you want to be.

Because there are no limitations in your reality the only limitations you have are within your mind which you impose on yourself through your self talk and beliefs. What you have to do is to stop allowing your outside results, what has happened or been said to you in the past and your conditioning from controlling your inner world.

What many people are still not aware of is, every thought you think and the words you speak plays a fundamental part in how you feel, what you become or create in your future, your personality and your life, this is why you need to be mindful to what you're saying to yourself. 

Although most people find it hard to accept that the words they speak and the inner self talk, they tell themselves goes towards creating their experiences once you accept this concept you can intervene and you can begin to create the you as you want to be and the life you wish to live by design instead of by default. 

It takes work and practice to start off with to change and replace your old beliefs and conditioning, but if you want to feel better about yourself, you want to experience more inner peace and less stress and you want to live your life by design, then you have to work on your inner self talk.

Self talk is the source of success and failure

Self talk is the source of success and failure because it has the ability to influence your all powerful subconscious mind, therefore if you master your inner world, then you will become master of your outer world and always remember to avoid anything that causes you any feelings of discomfort.

For most people, their self talk can lead to big problems and negative emotions in their lives. Our minds run mainly off what input and how we have been conditioned in our life so far. 

If you're flooding your mind with self hatred, then you're never going to be at peace with yourself or the world. We are often told that self praise and boosting ourselves up is big headed yet self praise leads to success and builds your self esteem.

So tell yourself your awesome, great and wonderful and if you do it when your own your own or through your thinking nobody else will know.

Everybody knows that the confident and successful person has a high regard for themselves and people just can't seem to get enough of them and want to be with (especially the opposite sex) them or be like them.

All your past experiences and conditioning both positive and negative form your ego, your self image and your personality and if you have had some bad memories, failures or negative experiences then because your minds primary job is to keep you safe through the aid of that little voice in your head it can keep you constantly afraid and influenced by your past and scared of your future.

Most of our fears and insecurities are born in our childhood so when that inner voice keeps playing out those insecurities and worries in your mind, then it is that small inner child that is calling all the shots. 

If that inner child in you is running your mind, then it's time to overpower and change those negative beliefs so you can begin to be the person you were always destined to be.

When your self talk is negative, it will lower your self esteem and confidence and drag you into a depressed and disempowered state. 

This can come in the form of that inner self critic, you know that voice that chips away at your self worth telling you things like your no good, you're useless, you're stupid, you cannot do that and the list goes on.

The reason why people have this inner critic is usually a result of being abused, ridiculed, constantly criticized or put down as a child. 

The inner critic often comes in the form of a harsh voice, but what you have to be aware of is that critical voice does not belong to you therefore it is not true and you can override it and replace by saying nice and constructive things about you.

Often you will find that your inner self talk matches your current emotional state and it is impacted by your current situation or whats previously happened to you, change your state to calm and positive and your mind will follow. 

We seem to have a different voice with a different tone and a different opinion for each emotion we experience and go through. 

There's you angry inner you, then you have your fearful inner you, your happy in you and your positive inner you so learning how to manage your emotions can help you to access that more positive you.

Change the stories of your mind

Other things that awaken that negative self talk and that self destructive voice of doom are what is happening to you in your outside environment, your current circumstances, your successes or lack of achieving what you want and your personal life. 

Due to one thing or another we all go through difficult and troublesome times and our circumstances can have a powerful influence on our emotions and the thoughts that we think. 

It does not take much for that inner negative voice to butt in and voice it's opinion of doom and gloom, failure, self sabotage and I told you so.

Once one negative thought or suggestion pops into your mind, then another one quickly follows and it's not long before we are depicting a scenario of everything going wrong, it's never going to work out, I am not good enough, life sucks and the why me line until our thought processes become stuck like a record going over and over again causing us hurt and misery. 

Through our inner self talk, we all tell stories to ourselves, which are driven by the emotion we are experiencing at the time and how we are responding to things in our outer reality.

If someone has annoyed or upset us we create an angry theme based story. If we are not getting the results we want or expect or we are not on target with our goals, then up comes the never going to happen line or I might as well quit and give up line of thoughts. 

If we are experiencing relationship troubles or our jobs are in jeopardy or we have lost something that was important to us then we can create stories of hopelessness and sadness.

Our inner mind which has no idea what's going to happen in the future will try and portray what it thinks is going to happen before it has actually happened and it basis it's judgement and predictions on what has happened to you in your past. 

This negative ego side of you, needs to be silenced because it is not interested in what's best for you, it does not ever consider what you want or what you're actually capable of achieving all it cares about is keeping safe and stuck in the past.

This self destructive self talk not only keeps us small and limited, but it also makes us feel bad, evokes feelings of stress and destroyers are chances of becoming more successful and tries to prevent us from going on to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. 

Your inner self talk should be your mentor, coach and tutor who empower you, motivates you and encourages you with positive suggestions of you can do it, you are capable and talented which should drive you to become successful and happy.

However, most people's inner self talk is negative and geared to keep them safe and stuck in their comfort zone. 

Negative and destructive self talk dis-empowers and demotivates them with words like, I can't, you're useless, you're not good enough. 

We all too often allow our negative self talk to direct our thought patterns to ones that are unhelpful and emotionally damaging and then we continue to allow ourselves to create untrue thoughts and feelings towards ourselves we become self destructive.

Do not always assume that these negative things you tell yourself are true, they are just beliefs and assumptions that you have picked up along the way in your life.

Beware that that negative inner you will throw every imaginary scenario at you of things going wrong just to try and keep you safe. 

When you're having those negative thoughts or when you're creating stories that make you angry or feel bad, ask yourself are these thoughts helping you and moving you in the direction you want or are they making you feel bad, hurting you and trying to take you away from where you want to go and who you want to be. 

If they are not helping you then let your mind know that these thoughts are not helping me and then calmly but firmly replace them with thoughts that you want and change the record to a story that portrays a happier and more successful you.

Change the way you talk to yourself

When you start to change your inner self talk then you will begin to take control of your mind and your future and before long you will be feeling more confident and relaxed. Soon you will find that all those things that once seemed beyond your reach will start to be in your grasp.

Change takes time and the first stage is to master your inner mind so you turn off all that self destructive mental and limiting soul destroying inner chit chatter. Because before you can move forward in a new and positive and exciting direction you have to let go of all your past emotional baggage and blockages.

It is very hard to think and be positive if you're still allowing your negative past experiences and limiting beliefs to call all the shots and run your mind and although positive thinking will get the positive emotions going it is just as important not to think or say negative things. 

If you're sick and tired of not living the life you want, if you're fed up and frustrated with that inner voice holding you back and making your life a misery then it's time to become the master of your inner self talk.

Your body, emotions and the universe respond to the thoughts you have and the words you speak and affirm to yourself without judgement or questioning as if they are true both positive and negative.

You know it's just as easy to say positive, kind, encouraging and nice things about yourself to yourself than it is to continue to put yourself down and self sabotage all your attempts to live your life on your terms and conditions.

Your mental programming and conditioning will reflect itself in your actions and behaviors. If you want to change any bad behaviors or habits you first need to recognize them and then begin to replace them with new positive habits and behaviors.

The starting point of change is done through your self talk and self conditioning. If you're not happy with the results you're getting then you need to change from within, often the direction you need to take is the direct opposite to what it is making you feel bad or blocking your success. 

Take the negative talk and replace it with a positive opposite and keep on affirming the positive statement until the positive statement becomes the dominant power and force.

Negativity can only flourish if you nourish it and feed it with the attention it needs to thrive, but it will fade and die when you stop feeding it the fuel it needs and instead you begin to nourish your positive self with positive thoughts and words.

You always have a choice of how positive or negative you wish to be. Do not rely on others to praise and encourage you otherwise, most days your going to be disappointed. The best person to boost you up and empower you to be the best version of yourself is you.  

As we have already mentioned our self talk tries to keep us safe and stops us from taking on challenges and trying new things. How often has your self talk literally talked you out of attempting new goals or stopped you going for something you really want because of the fear of failure.

When your insecurities are your dominant voice and feelings, when things appear to keep going wrong, when you feel helpless or you find yourself constantly worrying, you're not achieving your goals or maybe you keep self doubting yourself and you feel dis-empowered and lifeless then it means it's time to change your self talk and change the stories of your mind.

Because you can perceive yourself and your life through a different lens and when all is not well and running smoothly and life seems a constant struggle and grind, then it's time that you changes the way that you look at your life, your problems and most importantly change the way that you talk to yourself.

Make some positive statements about yourself and your life because your well-being has little to do with what you have or any other material things. 

Your well-being and how you feel depends on where you are emotionally and where you are emotionally depends on your inner self talk.



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