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Self Development-Your Journey To A Better You

Self development and growth are all about creating and putting into place the foundations and building blocks for future positive and beneficial changes. 

Personal growth, is a lifelong process, of sustained growth and a process of learning, advancing and developing the life and academic skills that will lead you to a better life experience.

Change is a lifelong experience and journey and a better, healthier and more productive way of living, and a case of out with the bad stuff and in with the good.

Small changes and continual improvement which are applied and sustained over longer periods of time can yield into major life changing improvements when they are applied consistently over a longer period of time. 

There is always room for expansion and growth, always strive to try and be and do better than the previous day, and day by day sculpt yourself into the person that you would like to be.

Those who go on to be successful and achieve great things have a lifelong drive and a relentless work effort to better who they are.

Continual and sustained long lasting growth and development is achieved by implementing new positive daily and positive habits into your daily routine.

Positive habits and rituals, will change the structure of your thinking and implant the beliefs, habits and rituals that will allow you to grow and better you and your life, in ways that you could not imagine.

When you implement new supporting positive habits and rituals into your daily life on a consistent basis, then you will find that your life will change in amazing ways, and you will increase your chances of success.

By removing any bad habits or rituals, including your negative and limiting thought processes and you replace them with new positive ones. 

To set the foundations of becoming a better you, and living a better life. Starts by teaching yourself to master and manage your, thoughts, feelings and emotions from within.

Because everything begins with a seed thought, decision or idea that is born from within.

When you master your inner world and state, your outside world will begin to reflect this. 

You cannot accomplish or change anything on the outside until you, create it, believe it, master it or feel it on the inside.

As you grow in self confidence and belief.

You will allow your mind and body to relax, and in this feel good flow state, you will begin to awaken the inner talented and genius, spiritual you.

And you will conjure up, positive and calm feelings, that will allow you to focus your brain, on the things that really matter to you.

As well as helping you to achieve your goals and bring all the good and positive things into your life. 

How you feel, matters

Are you ready to release your unwanted negative and limiting beliefs, mental blocks, and self sabotaging tendencies and begin, winning at life?

A good place to start your personal development journey, is to become the master of your thoughts, feelings, emotions. 

Because, our feelings determine our levels of confidence, and our confidence plays a massive role 

Negative thoughts and feelings, will disempower you enormously. 

Each time you have a negative thought, it causes a negative response and which can lead to a negative outlook and outcome.

Negative thoughts and feelings will keep you small, limited and stuck, robbing you of your natural self confidence, lowering your self esteem and keep you stuck in the confinements of your safety zone.

Negative thoughts and feelings, will block off your creativity, interfere with your mental faculties, and prevent you from performing at your peak performance and most efficient best.

Positive thoughts, and calm feelings, will empower you tremendously, unlock your true creative abilities, you will concentrate and perform better and it will open up new doors and possibilities. 

They will fill you full of enthusiasm for life and allow you to create a more optimistic outlook and a better and brighter future.

We all have limitless potential. There is a part of you who already, knows, that you have more power, capabilities and talent, than your normal everyday mind, could ever begin to conceive.

They say, "You are only limited by your imagination"

So if you could just suspend your limiting beliefs and idea's, then you can set about unlocking your true potential, and capacity that you know you truly have, locked within you?

Your goal should be. To be the best version of you and to go forth to live the best and most rewarding life that is possible for you?

Because, you have no limits only potential, the only limits you have are the ones that you oppose, on yourself.

The real truth is, you already have all the power within you, to excel in life.

Life does not, necessarily, get any easier. But you can change your perceptions, how you react, and you can become more resilient, more resourceful, and mentally, emotionally and physically stronger.

When you change, the world will change with you. 

The opportunity is always there for you to learn, advance and grow and to find and follow with passion, your true purpose in life.

So you can learn how to spot new opportunities and seize them and all the good things that are available to you. 

Allowing you to enjoy a new, exciting, fulfilling and rewarding personal development journey and create your own success story. 

This is not to say, that life is always easy, things will run smoothly and success is guaranteed, but there is no reason why not.

Because, you can develop the talent, summon up the self discipline, resilience and learn the skills, that are needed and required.

That will help you overcome any challenges or obstacles that get in your way and guide you through your task, mission, objective, desire or project until the success and excellence that you're seeking, is completed.

Sometimes we allow, our life's experiences and negative programming to, become our dominant way of thinking, feeling, behaving, living and being.  

This can keep, you small minded, and leave you feeling trapped and living the characteristics and life, of the little you.

But, with a change your mindset to a positive and unstoppable mental attitude, you can free yourself from the limitations and shackles of your negative past and your life limiting beliefs and tendencies.

Which will allow you to release, forever your destructive patterns of thinking, unwanted characteristics, bad habits and self limiting ways of living.

And when you do, you will begin to move forwards, with your new feelings of empowerment, inspiration and a natural liking, for your new understanding, motivation and drive.

That will pull you out of feelings of stagnation, insecurity and self doubting, getting you ahead in life and taking you towards your desired destination.

You have no limits

The potential and abilities that you possess, has no limits or boundaries, therefore there should be no end to your personal growth journey, because you can never reach your true potential.

This is actually a good thing, because, when you know, there is always potential for more growth, it should help to keep you motivated to want to keep growing, learning and keep on getting better.

When you think that you have reached your peak of growth or you think that you have made it, then, you will not strive to take yourself to the next level.

Another thing that you should avoid, is trying to be perfect, because when everything has to be perfect, you can block of the potential for growth.

Self growth is a lifelong process, instead of quick fixes, a better approach might be, to aim to improve a little bit each day, because small changes on a daily basis will lead to massive improvements and gains over a period of time.

Information and technology is changing and improving all the time, so it can pay to keep up with the latest trends and idea's. 

These days, more and more people are not satisfied with living a normal life, especially, as there are so many opportunities these days to grow, learn and become more skillful and successful.

Before, too many people would just accept, their problems or they would put up with being normal and accept it as just being part of life, or the attitude of, this is how it is.

For way too long now, people have kept themselves small, many have convinced themselves that they cannot change or do anything about their situation

Most people, still are unaware or they underestimate, their true potential and creativity, some still buy into the belief, that ordinary people, do not possess hidden talents and limitless potential.

How often to you hear the phrase, "They were born with a God given talent"

There are talent and potential within all of us, if you make an effort to reduce your stress and negativity and tap into your true powers, which can be found in the now and when you're feeling relaxed and in the zone.

The truth is, we are all born with endless potential.

There are also not many people who buy into the fact, that there are alternative options to help you overcome your emotional issues and problems.

You do not have to improve

Self improvement, is not the best term to define things, as it tends to suggest and imply, that there is something wrong with you, or you're not good enough, which is simply not true.

If you feel as if there is something wrong with you, then it can impact your self esteem and self confidence.

A better term to use, would be, self development, or to expand and grow and to become the very best version of you.

You are already good enough and capable enough, it is just a matter of, letting go of all the negative and bad stuff, and replacing it with the good and empowering stuff.

These days, everybody wants instant results, but self growth is a progressive journey of self discovery and, growth and learning how to unleash your true potential.

It is possible to change your life, and success is achievable, you will never get it right all of the time, but as long as you strive to make continuous and steady progress, and you do most things right, then you are going to grow and get better

Personal growth and change is a lot easier these days, as there are more mentors, help, products and information available.

Sometimes change can happen quite quickly, but sometimes, the bigger goals will take longer and more effort.

Action is the key to change and success, action is what turns desires into reality, and it is all about taking small positive steps towards your goals and wants.

The secret to long term change and success, is not about quick fixes or fads, you will get better results by implementing new positive habits and rituals into your daily life.

If you have a personal goal, that you want to fulfill, then being good is essential, success can take time, but if you are determined and persistent, then you will be rewarded for your efforts.

The most important asset that you have to change and be successful is your mindset, change your mindset and you will change your life.

You possess the ability to change and better your life.

The first step starts with knowing what you want, then you have to take action and keep on taking action, until you get what you want.

If you want to excel, succeed and be your best, then you have to be willing to learn, make the sacrifices that are needed and you have to invest a bit of time and effort.

It is our nature to always strive to better ourselves

To get you started, ask yourself a few questions, 

  • Are you always happy?
  • Do you live a stress free, fear free and worry free life? 
  • Are you calm and balanced?
  • Are you motivated to achieve your goals?
  • Are you full of joy and optimism?
  • Do you ooze confidence? 
  • Do you experience good health>
  • Do you enjoy loving relationships with others? 
  • Are you fit and in good shape?  
  • Do you sleep soundly every night? 
  • Are you in your ideal job or achieving your true potential?

If you have answered no to any of these questions, then you might need to make a decision to take control of your life and re-establish and get back your basic and divine human needs and necessities. 

There are many different types of characters that you can choose to play in your life story.

There is a happy version of you, there is an unhappy version of you, there is a confident you and a less confident self. 

There is a more successful version of you and a less successful you, at times there will be an angry you, a frustrated you, a disappointed version of yourself and an anxious and sometimes fearful you.

You can only be in one mood or emotional state at any given time, and you have full control over which emotional state you want to reside in and which character you want to play in your life story. 

You can flip into the many versions of you at any given time of the day.

Our outside situations and our inner thoughts and perceptions, can flip us into a different mood, and with each mood types comes a different you.

An angry person, is a nice person when they're calm and relaxed and a nice person, can become a nasty person when they're angry.

There are also many other different facets to you.

There is, a smart and creative you, which will come out when you're relaxed, but when we are stressed and angry, we become stupid, that's what stress does to us.

You have a successful you or an unsuccessful, you, a wise and intelligent you and a creative you, a loving you and a resentful you, a friendly you and a not so friendly you, a caring you or an uncaring you.

The key is to learn how to access the best version of you that is going to serve you the best.

Our character changes with our feelings and perceptions.

You have a choice of the personality and character you want to be, you have a choice of how you want to feel, you have a choice of the thoughts you want to follow and you have a choice to who and what you want to be.

Sowing the seeds for a better future

According to research, it is estimated that 85% of illnesses and most of people's everyday problems, stumbling blocks and issues are emotionally and belief related.

Although it is important to strive to grow, learn, develop or learn new skills, set and achieve your goals and be the best version of you.

You should always unconditionally accept, like and love yourself for who you are.

Self acceptance should always come first, regardless of what you do or don't have.

The thoughts that you think and you choose to follow and the words that you speak are constantly affecting how you feel, behave and what you do or do not do. 

Our thoughts and feelings help to shape our experiences, the actions that we take and who and what we become.

Many people have fallen into the trap and bad habit of negative thinking.

Most people are not even fully aware of the self destruction and self sabotage that they inflict on themselves and their lives.

Not to mention all the stress and bad feelings, that are a part of negativity and bad living, all because they have got caught up in a negative cycle.

You have not got to spend your entire day trying to think positively, as long as you're mindful of all those negative thoughts that are causing havoc to you and your life.

We all have negative and fearful thoughts, the trick is, not to become emotionally engaged in them, neither should you try to resist or suppress them.

Just be aware that they are just thoughts, so you can choose to either replace them with positive ones, or you can practice just letting them come, and allow them to happen, and let them pass by peacefully, without judging, reacting or taking them seriously.

The thing to be mindful of is, you do not have to stay stuck in a negative place, because everybody has been given the choice of what they wish they want to give their focus of attention to, and what they choose to let go of.

Too many people allow their hurtful and painful past to upset, influence and damage their present.

But all you have to do is, let go of the past, and give your focus to something that is going to either make you feel better or better your life experience.

When you make it a habit to take no notice of negative thoughts, and instead you choose to pick positive, productive or creative thoughts. 

Then bit by bit, you will break the old pattern of negative thinking and you will soon find that your old destructive patterns of thinking will lose their grip on you.

The new seed thoughts that you plant in your mind will start to grow and change your life for the better.

A shift and change in your mindset and attitude can take you on a new and enjoyable path of growth and success.

Our mind is like an advanced and sophisticated computer, capable of bringing you anything that you want, yet we are not taught how to use it.

Your self image and who and what you become will depend on what you or others feed your mind.

When you first buy a computer, your computer is set up to run and operate smoothly, but there is so much more that you can get out of your computer, if you learn how to perform those new tasks or skills.

Your mind and life are pretty much the same, the only difference is, you come with a wide range of feelings and emotions.

Because your software of your mind is attached to a very advanced and sophisticated machine, which is your body.

When your body is balanced and running smoothly, and it is fed with the right nutrients and nourishment, your mind will be more efficient. 

When you respect your body and you keep your body active and well looked after, then you will experience better health and well-being.

When your body becomes out of balance and it lacks the right nutrients and activity it needs, then things can go wrong.

A good place to start your self growth journey, is to get rid of the bad and negative stuff and replace it with the good stuff and positive input.

Success and change is possible for anybody, but before you can achieve success and change, it is important that you bring about a senses and a state of balance and inner peace in your inner body.

All success and life journeys come with their difficult and bad times, the key, is to learn and keep getting better and better.

As the famous quote from Winston Churchill goes

"Success is the ability to go from one failure, to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

The most important thing for you is to feel good, calm and balanced, physically, emotionally and mentally, these should be your number one dominant intentions.

Because your happiness, your well-being and your health trumps over everything else, without feelings of happiness and inner peace and balance, no amount of material things or possessions will matter or help.

When you feel happy and relaxed and carefree, regardless of your situation or what's going on around you, then you will escape all the emotional pain, stress, anxiety, worry, frustration, sadness and anger, and that alone is a huge blessing.

If you feel energized, calm and happy, this will give you a huge advantage in life, which will allow you to draw upon all your inner strengths, abilities and resources so you can begin to build the life that you want.

Area's Of Self Development

Whether you're looking to change some of your bad habits, negative beliefs and unhealthy lifestyles or you are thinking about growing and becoming more successful.

Then, it all starts with a change of mindset and a willingness to do take action.

Changing your beliefs

Your beliefs are powerful, they make who you are and what you become.

Old, limiting and unhelpful beliefs will hold you back, keep you in the confinement of your comfort zone and they will prevent you from growing and become more successful.

You either make your beliefs or they are given to you by others, or from your past experiences and the feelings that are associated with them.

Then our those beliefs and memories have been formed, they dictate how you think, feel and behave, your beliefs make you.

Your mind, uses your beliefs to help create the world that you perceive, and once your beliefs are formed, your mind will use them to shape your reality.

Our belief systems and programs are stored in our subconscious mind, where they operate automatically.

Through repetition, mental programs are formed in our minds, as far as your subconscious mind is concerned, these mental programs are not good or bad, even if they limit us or make us feel bad, they are just programs.

Supporting beliefs help us, but limiting beliefs do not serve us well or help us.

When, we try to change our limiting and negative beliefs, because we know that there are better ways, it can prove to be quite difficult.

Our mind uses our programs and beliefs along with our feelings to shape our, version of our reality, what you see, how you respond and how you react.

When we attempt to change, results can be short lived or very difficult.

You may see or experience some initial positive results and changes.

But unless your mental programs and limiting beliefs are changed at a subconscious level, it is usually not long before your mind returns back to your old ways, as your mind deviates back to its original settings and default mental programs and beliefs.

Unless you change your internal beliefs, images and mental programs, your mind will carry on perceiving and reacting to your old ways, your old negative self image and reality that you want to change.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool, that can help you to reset your internal self image, negative programming and change unhelpful and limiting beliefs and your negative reactions.

Managing your emotions

Those who learn how to master their emotions, win at life.

The most important of all area's is learning how to be aware of the things that trigger your emotional reactions and how to manage your emotions.

Most people try to control, suppress or get rid of their negative emotions.

However, this is the wrong thing to do.

We all experience a wide range of emotions, as we react in many different ways to what is happening to us in our environment.

You cannot always control, what is happening in your reality, sometimes we have to deal with and overcome challenges, upsets and problems.

The key resolves around, how you react to your emotions and situations.

If you're feeling a negative emotion, acknowledge the emotion, allow it to happen, and carry on feeling it, but do not react or do anything.

Once you have processed the emotion, you can then either let it go, or you can decide, what you're going to do about the situation that is causing it.

Mindset and thinking

Your mind is a very powerful tool, capable of bringing you anything that you desire.

To change your life, and to move towards being successful, you first have to change your mindset, because without the right mindset, the chances are, you're going to struggle.

But your mind is only as good, as the information and input that you feed it with.

What you put in, will come back out, therefore, it is important to feed your mind with positive statements and give it clear instructions, of what you want.

Most people struggle and feel bad, because they focus on what they don't want.

Get into the habit of replacing, all negative thoughts with positive statements about yourself, because when you do this, you will be planting the seeds to a better you and a better life.

It is also important to learn, what to do with your anxious or unwanted thoughts.


Any old, unhelpful, unproductive and bad habits, need changing and replacing with new positive habits and lifestyle changes that are going to benefit you, your life and your health and fitness.

We all have many bad or limiting habits that are stored in our subconscious mind.

Our bad habits we formed through repetition, and the only way to change them to positive habits that are going to better your life and make you more successful, is through conscious awareness and repetition.

You can change some habits, through physical actions repetition, whilst some habits may require you to change your beliefs, like through affirmations, visualization and positive statements.

Write down, the bad habits that you wish to change or what is holding you back or responsible for your current situation or results. 

Then write down, the opposite positive habit, and then start applying or affirming that new habit or belief.


One of our basic human emotional needs is to have good relationships with our friends, family and loved ones.

Having good, meaningful relationships, can help us to feel wanted, and it is important to know that we matter to others.

When you're getting on well with others, life becomes some much easier, and showing a bit of compassion and consideration to others, can help to keep relationships running smoothly.

It helps to be appreciative of others, and show them some support when they need it.

Honesty can pay, but sometimes you have to choose your words and moments carefully, try to be as diplomatic as possible, share your point of view and feelings.

Sometimes to keep the relationship strong we need to learn how to forgive and forget, and try to accept their faults, even their bad or annoying habits.


It is important to try and enjoy your job, or if you're feeling fed up or stuck in a rut, then perhaps it is time to think about a career change.

We all want to make more money, (I am not about to offer you a get rich scheme or program).

But everybody is capable of making a bit of extra money, getting a better paid job or earning themselves a pay rise.

The secret to making more money, is learning how to create and deliver value on a consistent basis.

Give or deliver to the people what they want or need, and you will be well on your way.

The more new skills that you learn, the better you become at what you're doing the better chances you will have of getting a promotion, a higher paid job and for your efforts, you will be rewarded with more money.

Excellence is the key to value, the more you learn, apply and do, the higher your rewards will be.


As well as managing your emotions, it is important to manage your physical state, so you can bring your body back into balance and flow.

Your peak performance state, is when you're in a flow state of inner calm and balance, where your body and muscles are relaxed.

Learning how to relax deeply on a daily basis, will restore balance and calm to your body, thus, helping you to reduce your stress and anxiety.

Meditation, is a great way to ease your worrying mind and reduce your stress and anxiety.

Stress and negative emotions, make us stupid and they cause us to have a narrow focus of awareness and attention.

Stress and tension, are linked to the fight or flight response, which puts us in survival mode, this states blocks of our creativity, and limits are other mental faculties and cognition.

When we are feeling relaxed and grounded in the present moment, we are at our most powerful, intelligent and creative best.

When you're in that relaxed theta state, then you will access the creative information that solves problems overcome challenges as well as providing you with creative information, inspiration and idea's that can help you to be more successful, write or create works of art.

When we are relaxed and feeling in the zone, we perform better, function better and feel better.

Posture is also important, try to sit, stand and move with poise and have the least amount of tension as possible, when you are standing or sitting in your natural healthy balance, you will feel that free flowing sweet feeling energy.

It can greatly benefit you, in every area of your life, to relax, just before you are about to go to sleep and listen to some relaxing and soothing meditation music, as this will promote better quality, restful restorative sleep which will leave you feeling refreshed and energized in the morning.

Diet and Nutrition

To feel good and to function at your peak performance best, you need to supply your body with all the nutrients, fuel and liquid that it requires.

A general rule is, eat more of the good foods and less of the not so good foods.

We all need healthy fats, which can be found in

  • Olive oil 
  • Salmon, mackerel 
  • Nuts 
  • Avocados 
  • Seeds 

It can help to reduce your sugar intake and try and minimize the bad fats and replace them with more of the good omega 3 fats.

Some of the not so good fats are trans and saturated fats.

What you eat, will reflect on how you look and feel, upset and unbalance your digestive system, cause inflammation and they can help maintain good brain functioning.

Most people have some foods that may not agree with them. 

Food intolerance can affect how you look and feel, upset and unbalance your digestive system, causing bloating and gas.

Food sensitivity is believed to cause inflammation, mood swings, they can affect how energized you feel, cause fatigue and tiredness and impact how well your mind and body functions.

Some of the main foods that may cause food sensitivity are

  • Wheat/gluten 
  • Dairy

It is important to eat healthy foods that are high in the essential vitamins and mineral that your body craves, but it is not just about eating healthy foods, the amounts you eat are also important.

A varied and well balanced diet, consisting of a mixture of fiber, healthy carbs and proteins, will help to keep your energy levels stable.

According to nutrition expert "Dr Mark Hyman some of the healthiest foods are seeds, such as chia, hemp and flax seed.

Chia seeds supply a good source of omega 3 oils, fiber, protein and calcium, they also help reduce inflammation.

One of the most important nutrients which can help to reduce stress and anxiety is, magnesium.

Magnesium can be found in

  • Spinach 
  • Pumpkin Seeds 
  • Chad 
  • Almonds 
  • Black beans

Hemp seeds are s good source of protein and magnesium.

It is important to eat a good balance of omega 3 fatty oils, calcium, vitamins and minerals, fiber, protein and good carbs.

Green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, brussel sprouts and kale provide plenty of the good nutrients.

Green leafy vegetables supply a  good source of fiber, magnesium, iron and vitamins.

Nuts are also very good for you, as they supply plenty of unsaturated fats, omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and vitamin E.

Fiber is believed to help reduce obesity and it can slow down the aging process, as well as helping to keep your digestive system healthy and balancing your blood sugar levels.

Advocado's and fish rich in omega three fatty acids are a good and healthy food source.

Another one of Dr Mark Hymans favorite health foods are mushrooms, and plant foods.

Watch Dr Mark Hymans Super Food Tips

Setting goals

It is important to set meaningful goals, because goals help you grow and they will lead you to a better you and a better life.

Without goals we achieve very little, and we will carry on living the same lives and getting the same results.

Goals or setting yourself personal challenges, will give you and your life a purpose and more meaning, they will help you to tap into your inner talents and creativity, helping you to grow and become a better you.

Keeping fit and toned

One of the biggest causes of aging is the degeneration of the muscles.

If you keep your muscles toned, and you follow a reasonable, healthy and active lifestyle, then there is no reason why you cannot stay fit, active and flexible right into your later years.

This does not mean that you have to spend hours in the gym, but a little bit of resistance training combined with a fairly active lifestyle can keep you fit, toned and youthful.

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