Ways To Help You Overcome Tiredness

Do you feel tired all the time?

We all do from time to time, but a lot of people are unnecessarily feeling tired and run, 

There can be many reasons for this like, overworking and doing too much, not getting enough sleep, poor diet and even a slouched or tensed posture can sap your energy. 

A poor diet or a lack of the essential nutrients that your body requires can also leave feeling tired, so can, having a food intolerance or food sensitivity.

Boredom or feeling unmotivated can make you feel tired and lifeless.

This is why setting yourself goals or having a hobby or purpose, can empower you and they can give your life meaning as well as give you something to motivate you and help you to get out of bed in the morning.

We tend to live life in the fast lane too much, it has become a modern day bad habit, if you observe animals in the wild they do what they need to do.

Of course the first thing you should do if you find yourself feeling tired is to go and get checked out by your doctor just to rule out any underlying medical condition. 

But for the majority of people it does not mean you are ill, it just means you need to make some lifestyle changes and adjustments. 

Viruses and colds can deplete you of your energy levels, but there are many more factors that could be contributing to you feel exhausted and tired, if you have a cold or the flu than you will need extra rest and vitamin C and vitamin B can help you fight the bug. 

Being overweight or even if you are underweight can leave you feeling tired, especially if you're overweight because everything you do will require extra effort. 

Most people think the answer to combat tiredness is to have another cup of coffee or drink an energy drink, it is far better to have a quick power nap and then have your caffeine boost. 

When people wake up feeling groggy they head straight to the caffeine, but really you should wake up feeling full of energy as we naturally get an energy boost that should help us to get through the morning. 

It is now recommended that your first cup of coffee would be more beneficial at late morning or mid afternoon as these are the times when our energy levels can dip. 

Having things that keep your mind stimulated such as goals that inspire you can help to boost your energy levels, often we get tired because of boredom and a lack of optimism.

Eliminate Your Stress And Worry 

Stress and worry can leave you feeling run down and lethargic as it can sap you of your energy, stress can lead to poor sleep as well as keeping you over active at the wrong times. 

Worry and anxiety prevent you from getting a good night's sleep, ideally you should be relaxed as you hit the pillow, your going to struggle to get a good night's sleep if your mind is racing and full of negative thoughts or trying to resolve unsolved problems.

Other emotional conditions such as depression and anxiety can also take their toll on your body leaving you feeling tired and sluggish throughout the day. 

Depression makes it hard for the sufferer to motivate themselves and anxiety and worry can keep you awake at night.

You have to remember that when you fill your mind with positivity and optimism you create an abundance of positive energy and positive energy makes you feel alive, vibrant and enthusiastic whilst on the other hand negative energy promotes feelings of lethargy and sluggishness. 

Those who set themselves goals or those who live a fulfilling life do not suffer so much with tiredness.  

Ditch The Bad Habits

Smoking and excessive alcohol can affect your sleep patterns, the chemicals found in cigarettes may also lead to tiredness. 

The most obvious reasons for feeling tired is lack of sleep or inadequate rest and overdoing thing's. 

Sometimes we need to slow down a bit, stop rushing from one task to the next, you can actually get more done by taking your time. Make sure your getting enough sleep you will benefit a lot from having thirty minutes deep relaxation a day like hypnosis or meditation.

Exercise can help stimulate and energize you as well as eating a well balanced diet, substitute some of your your caffeine intake for a quick power nap because it is a more natural and healthy way to give you a energy boost. Having a positive and optimistic outlook on life can give you a energy boost.

Other things that can make you tired or drowsy are some medications or if you are suffering with pains or discomfort in the body, back pains can disrupt your sleep. 

Also make sure you have no faulty gas appliances, carbon monoxide leaks can cause people to feel tired and in the worst case scenarios they can prove to be fatal. 

Although you should not physically over do things it is important to keep the mind occupied as boredom or doing nothing can equally make you want to sleep more, reading, learning, writing and hobbies are all good ways or stimulating the mind as well as having plenty of interests.

Low iron levels in your body can lead to fatigue, according to a recent government report; iron plays an important part in the bodies functioning, it does this by facilitating the transportation of oxygen as well as playing a role in the release of energy. 

You can get your daily iron supplies by eating foods that are rich in iron or you can take a daily supplement.


Click Here to Stop Being Tired

Click Here to Stop Being Tired


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