Use Music To Tune Into Your Natural Flow State And Boost Your Creativity

We all ask the question why is it handful of people become rich, successful famous or geniuses while others just seem to struggle their way through life never achieving the true creative potential. Its probably a combination of several things, they are determined and driven plus they know how to tap into the inner creative powers. 

We all posses hidden genius and creative power, you just need to learn how to tap into it. you can become and do anything you desire once you learn how to relax and let go of all resistance and then focus on what you want to become keep working on it.

The best way to release your true limitless creative potential is to relax first and then it will flow through you, creativity is the source of success  creativity loves a calm mind and body, this is why meditation opens the door to your inner creative genius.

We are all born with power and genius within us the only difference between the wealthy, the powerful and the highly successful is that the ones who go onto great success and live their life to their full potential don't have their creative genius taken away from them by society and the beliefs of others.

As young children we live a life of dreams and fantasy, we are superman or a famous actor or sports person, some even dream about being famous musicians or they are a budding Einstein.

We are actually born with everything we need to create a wonderful life, some keep these natural inner creative resources and process of manifestation  however for most of us though we have our real true potential taken away from us and replaced with the world of mediocre and standard living where we follow the norm.

Nothing wrong with this if your happy but there is so much untapped talent lying at the source of all of us which most never take full advantage of. When we are born we have immediate access to the universal intelligent mind of information and creativity. But bit by bit we are moulded by society to follow the beliefs of others before us.

Creativity And The Brain

So how do we tap into our natural creative talents, wouldn't you like to write a best seller or make the most of your true potential. The way to open up your creative part of your mind is you first must be relaxed both mind and body. 

Many great inventions, best discoveries such as Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, many master pieces of music happened when they were all in a state of deep relaxation. 

The best idea's come when you are relaxed, this is why so many successful people meditate because it takes you into the highly relaxed frequency state of idea's and healing, people are able to make changes to their life while under going hypnosis because again you enter a heightened state of relaxation.

Meditation and hypnosis are great ways to tap into your inner mind, any form of relaxation will work including listening to relaxing and classical music. It is believed the universe is made up of mathematics and vibration frequencies, the universe vibrates in harmony like music, which frequency you reside in can determine how you feel and what you achieve in life.

Soothing music can tune you into the frequency band of creation and inner genius, some music is very relaxing and it can quickly still the mind and match your vibration to the frequency you need to improve your focus and concentration as well as open the door to the source of creation. 

Music has always been a proven way to touch your emotions, however you may need to avoid listening to sad related tunes or high tempo music if you want to use music to relax to, find some soothing and calming tunes and melodies that make you either feel good or relaxed.

Here's a tip on how it works, while I am writing this I am listening to a recording of soothing music which says helps you focus and write faster, all of a sudden I find the speed of my writing has increased, music is also good for calming the mind and reducing stress. 

So forget all your troubles for awhile listen to some inspiring and deeply relaxing music and get in tune and harmony with your true potential.

So if your procrastinating or you want to boost your creativity or if you want to find a solution to your problems, maybe you are studying for exams and you want to improve your concentration levels or absorb more information or work faster. Then just put on your head phones, switch on some classical music and listen to the soothing tunes and melody while you work, study or just relax on your bed.

Music Will Change Your Energy For You

The big advantage with relaxing music or the latest brain wave cds is, you don't have to actually do anything accept just allowing yourself to let go and forget about all your troubles of the day. Relaxing and soothing music is also a great aid to help you get to sleep.


 All Genius is achieved by paying attention and putting nearly all of your focus to one particular subject or art and then allowing the universe to take control of the rest for you. There is nothing you cannot do or achieve once you get in the right alignment. 

You have the ability to control your life once you get into the right focus of attention and vibration, the secret to success is being able to maintain that positive and relaxed state even when things are not always going your way. 

We all have challenging times and situations that we have to deal with at times, no one is immune from things going wrong, sometimes you just have to accept the situation and be calm around it. 

This is where listening to some soothing sounds of music and the rhythm of the beat can help you to relax after a difficult and trying day because sometimes we have to switch ourselves off from our problems and detach ourselves away from the negative emotion for a while. 

Then once we are feeling more at peace we can then look for better ways to deal with our challenges.




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