Why You Can Learn From Your Negativity

Although I would never encourage spending to long thinking negative thoughts and ideally you need to replace them with good feeling thoughts as soon as possible or just ignore them and then concentrate on focusing on thing's that you do like, however there are always exceptions to the rule. 

Sometimes negative thoughts can act as valuable feedback as long as you use it in a critical but constructive way, while always having a positive outcome in mind. In small doses negativity can act as a learning process and you can use them as a platform to improve on what you have been doing. 

Always remember, things may not be going your way at the moment, but your circumstances can change at any moment, especially if you keep your focus of attention positive even in times of adversity. No matter how bad your situation is, develop the attitude that things are going to change and get better.

Negative thoughts and emotions can be a indication that you need to re-examine what your doing, it does not necessarily mean what your doing is wrong it can just be your subconscious mind trying to subtle push and steer you in the right direction or it is a signal that you need to pay attention to something that might need addressing.


Forget About The Worry And Focus On Finding The Solution 

Although negative thinking and worry is something we could all do without and the best way to end negative thinking is to make a conscious effort to think more pleasing thoughts, after all why give those thoughts that make you feel bad your time of day when you know all you have to do is let them pass by and then think positive or neutral thoughts.

Persistent negative thinking can even damage our health not to mention the misery and suffering it can cause us, they can lead to chronic stress and a disasterous life. However a small amount of negativity can be a message sent from our subconscious mind which is trying to tell us that we need to analyse something or there is something that we urgently need to be pay attention to. 

Senseless and repetitive long term negative thinking serves no worthwhile purpose and you should find ways to deal with it immediately, what were talking about is feelings of negativity and learning the art of creative problem solving and critical thinking skills.

 For example let's say you are doing a project or working on creating and designing something in order to pursue a goal and you start to feel negative about certain aspects of what you have done, perhaps you have hit a stumbling block or things are not quite going the way you had hoped and planned. 

The negative thinking and feeling's could be your subconscious mind trying to let you know that you need to re-evaluate things, it indicate that you need to change direction or find a better way of doing it. You may have to analyse the situation and either work on improving things or start again, this may mean you have to redo the project or even think about a different course of action. 

Negative Resistance Can Be Feedback For Future Success

Negativity usually means that something is not quite right in our lives and therefore we need to pay attention to the message coming from our subconscious mind. 

It may indicate that we need to erase an old bad memory which is causing us worry and anxiety yet it is serving us no worthwhile purpose. Once you have identified what's causing the negative feeling's then you need to either take action and find a solution or use it to motivate yourself do do better.

Once you have done everything you can, accept that you have done all you can and let the matter go because although we should listen to our feeling we should not spend hours and hours going over a problem without do anything about it. 

Your mind will use negative feeling's to grab your attention, do not always try to ignore or dismiss the feelings because they maybe your minds way of trying to help and guide you to better ways of doing things. 

If you have that gut intuition and that bad feeling about something your doing then it could mean it's time for a change, by listening to your emotions you can learn some valuable lessons.

This does not mean you should spend hours thinking negative based thoughts, if your having the same re-occurring thoughts over and over again then this means there is an inner conflict between your conscious and unconscious mind, spiritually your not aligned with what's going on in your outer world. 

This could mean that you have some underlying fears that you have not yet dealt with or you may have some anger issues that your still holding onto, if your angry with someone for your own sake let it go. 

Other forms of negativity are because your focusing on things going wrong or you have lost something that you once had but you can't replace.


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