Hypnosis For Self Confidence

Nearly everybody wants more confidence, which is not surprising because having confidence is the key to living a happy and successful life.

To start off with, lets have a look at what is self confidence?

Self confidence is a state, you could describe it as the opposite state of fear, where you're flowing naturally and effortlessly, without really having to think or try to hard.

Self confidence has more to do with how you feel on the inside than it does to what you achieve or accomplish on the outside.

True self-confidence is where you have the belief that you have the ability to accomplish, do and achieve anything you want to do. 

Your confidence is based on who you are, how you feel and your ability to try new things and challenges.

Nobody can feel a hundred percent confident all the time, we all have our moments of doubt and discomfort, including confident people. 

No matter how good your life is, there will be times when you're going to mess up, feel embarrassed or encounter emotional pain and go through times of struggle. 

Nobody can get it right all the time, and things do go wrong for all of us, the trick is, how quickly can you bounce back from adversity and setbacks and how good or bad you respond when things aren't going well.

The difference between confident people and less confident people is, the confident people know things might not always go well, 

But they do not fear, uncertainty as much, they just have a sense of knowing that whatever happens, they will handle the situation or they will be OK.

Confidence is built around believing in yourself and believing in your abilities, and it is s thing that needs developing.

Confident people are usually more outwardly focused, why people who lack it, tend to spend too much time stuck inside their own head and worrying too much about what might go wrong, how they're feeling or how they are coming across.

To a degree, we are born confident, as young babies, we do not have a care in the world, we have no self awareness of ourselves, we don't doubt our abilities to learn and we move about with poise, ease and balance.

But through our conditioning, we start to lose it as we develop more and more insecurities and self doubts.

There are two main area's that you need to work on if you want to be more confident, one is your mindset and the other is your physiology.

You can give yourself a quick confidence boost, just by changing your physiology, your breathing and your facial expressions.

When our bodies are tense, we lose our confidence, then goes when we are feeling stressed and anxious, and anxiety is not a very good state to be in if you want to feel confident, the two just don't go together.

When your body is poised, balanced and free of tension, then you will feel more confident. If you find yourself feeling a bit underconfident, use your body to change your state.

Open up your body, in a relaxed manner, put on a big smile, and take some deep and strong power breaths.

Another thing that undermines our natural confidence, is all the bad and negative experiences that we have which create our bad memories and neural associations.

Your brain works in patterns and associations, if you have an embarrassing or uncomfortable experience, then this can cause a bad memory and a negative neural association.

Once this happens, your mind will learn to associate that situation and similar types of situations with being threatening, so you will attach your fight or flight response to these bad memories.

Anytime that you then learn that you have to face one of these types of situations, then you will start to feel nervous and anxious.

The more you focus on the situation, the more anxiety you will attach to it and the more you will condition your mind to associate the situation or people as being threatening, all of which will erode your self confidence, when you're in the situation for real.

You can also condition your mind to fear, any type of event or situation where you think that you will not be able to cope or deal with, through your imagination, you can create a trauma of a situation, before you even face it for real.

To build your self confidence, you have to break these patterns and change the neural associations and feelings, so when you will feel calm and comfortable, in all those situations where before you would feel uncomfortable.

Hypnosis, is still one of the best ways to help you build your self confidence, because it will help you to change the negative feelings and associations that are making you feel underconfident.

Hypnosis for self confidence, will also condition your mind to associate the types of situations where you used to feel underconfident, as being a situation where you can relax and feel more at ease naturally.

It achieves this by training and preparing your mind and body to feel relaxed and at ease in all those stressful and challenging situations.

Some people try and fake it to they make it, and although you can try and fake it, sooner or later you're going to get caught out, and even if you do fake your self confidence, you're still going to feel pretty uncomfortable on the inside.

Wouldn't it far better, to condition and train your mind to be more confident and feel more at ease on the inside, because when you feel comfortable and calm on the inside, you will radiate and ooze confidence naturally on the outside, without trying to force it or fake it.

Change your attitude, change the feelings

Building your self confidence, will require the right positive and mental attitude, thinking and believing that you can succeed or do what you want to do, is a must if you want to have more confidence. 

The believing is the half way to the becoming.

Although you need to think that you can succeed, sometimes too much thinking can lead to hesitation and self sabotage, so just go for it.

Sometimes you have to fail to get better, failure supplies you a great opportunity to grow, so don't allow your failures to self defeat you or hold you back. Instead, use them to motivate you to do better.

Limiting and negative beliefs also erode our confidence, many of your limiting beliefs, we're programmed into you at a very early age, and therefore they do not belong to you.

However, your limiting beliefs are one of your worst enemies, so it may be time to do some soul searching and try to identify and change your negative and limiting beliefs.

Another thing that will trip you up and rob you of your self confidence are your bad memories, because every bad memory you have will have, an active attached bad feeling.

One thing that you can do to change the feelings is, find somewhere quiet and think about a time where you felt really calm and comfortable, then once you get those clam feelings back, think about your bad experience, and keep doing this until you place the anxiety or negative feelings with calm feelings.

Self hypnosis, is an even better and faster way of changing your feelings and responses.

Improve Your Self Confidence In 15 minutes

I used to be frighteningly under confident in social situations. And although people who know me now would never believe I used to doubt myself so much I literally had to learn confidence until it became a natural part of me. I can tell you relaxed optimistic confidence is just, well so much more fun.

Here I'll tell you about the things that made the most difference to my confidence levels...

Some people have naturally high levels of confidence but everybody can learn to be more confident

Firstly, it's important to get a clear idea of what self confidence really means, otherwise you won't know when you've got it! So, self confidence means:

1) Being calm. For every situation in life you need to run on the appropriate level of emotion. Too much emotional 'leakage' into a experience can spoil the experience. You make great strides towards confidence when you begin to relax in a greater range of situations.

2) Being cool. The second part of self confidence is about being able to relax with uncertainty. To be 'cool' in a situation really means relaxing with not knowing how things will pan out. If you truly tolerate uncertainty, you can do pretty much anything.

3) Not being too concerned with what others think of you. You know when you imagine what some place is going to be like before you go there but when you get there it is totally different to your imagination? That's how reliable your imagination is! Stop trusting your imagination so much. I've long since stopped bothering to imagine what others think of me because so often I've turned out to be wrong.

4) Being specific - where do you want confidence? 'Confidence' is meaningless until you tie it to something specific. You are already confident that you can read these words or can switch a light on and off. So you don't need more confidence everywhere. To get what you want in life you have to establish exactly what you do want. Where do you want confidence in your life? Think about the specific situations now and write them down. You beginning to steer your brain towards confidence.

5) Understanding that what you expect is what you get. Your brain is an organ that needs clear goals to work towards. When a task has been set in your brain it will do everything it can do to bring about the completion of that task. If you've tried to recall someone's name but can't, hours later you'll often find their name pops into your head.

The 'trying to recall' experience set the task or blueprint for your brain's future subconscious behaviour which eventually produced the name for you - when you weren't thinking about it consciously. You can use this natural mechanism to start feeling more confident. But, to ensure you set the right task for your subconscious mind, the next point is vital.

6) Don't task your mind with negatives. Instead of: 'I don't want to screw up' (which sets the task of 'screwing up' for your brain), set the blueprint for what you do want! Your brain doesn't work towards what to do by being told what not to do. And nature has given you a wonderful natural tool to set the right task blueprints with.

7) Use nature's goal-setter: Now you understand how vital it is to set the right task for you brain, you need to know how to do this reliably. 

Good hypnosis will strongly 'program' the right blueprint in your mind through the use of your imagination. If you powerfully imagine feeling confident and relaxed while in a relaxed hypnotic state it will be hard for your unconscious mind to do anything else. The blueprint for relaxation has been set firmly into your subconscious mind.

3 simple strategies to get you feeling confident quickly:

1) Think specifically of the time/place/situation you want to feel confident in. Remember 'confidence' doesn't mean anything until you attach it to something specific.

2) Focus on words in your mind right now that describe how you do want to be in that time and place. Maybe words such as 'calm', 'relaxed' or 'focused'. Remember your brain works on clear positive instructions.

3) Close your eyes for as long as you like and think about how those words feel. Then, imagine the situation itself and rehearse it in your mind feeling confident and relaxed. This way you set the right blueprint or 'task' for your unconscious mind.

You can repeat this often to make it more effective and use it with as many areas of your life as you need to. If you listen to a hypnotic cd or download that can make the benefits even more powerful (see my profile below). 

So if you feel like you'd be blessed with less confidence than some other people you can start redressing the balance by using your mind in the right way right now.

It took me years to learn how to be more confident - now you can do it in a fraction of the time. Good luck!

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Article by Mark Tyrrell of Hypnosis Downloads.com.



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