Ways To Feel And Look Younger

Part of looking younger and feeling younger is down to your genetics, but a large part of it is down to individual lifestyle choices, because research has revealed that there can be quite a difference between chronological aging and how you can look and feel biologically, so to a degree it can pay to try and separate the two. 

Because what this means is, even though your chronological age maybe 60 you can look 50 or even younger whilst staying active with lots of energy and get up and go if you adopt the right healthy lifestyle and mindset. Of course it works both ways and people who pursue a bad unhealthy lifestyle with too many bad habits can look older than their chronological age.

Healthy eating and regular exercise is always a good rule to follow if you want to put the breaks on aging and many people have already successfully slowed down the aging process, but it is not all down to eating and exercising. To stay at your peak condition you need to look after yourself both physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Although there is a lot you can do to delay the aging process, at the same time you should not make it become an obsession, growing older is part of the cycle of life which we all have to accept gracefully, your main goal is to stay fit and healthy and enjoy and savour every moment of your life.

Reduce Your Stress To Look Younger 

Negative emotional issues and stress are both are well known to make you look older, on top of this they can also damage your health. When we are stressed and tensed or muscles tighten and we will develop more frown lines and wrinkles which will be predominately deeper and more visible. 

Stress and tension in the mind usually manifest itself as physical symptom in the body. Other things that can wreak havoc with your skin and internal organs are the substances that you put into your body, such as too much alcohol, smoking or drug abuse, and even to much bad eating habits and unhealthy foods.

External things can also age your skin, such as going out in the sun, a little bit of sunshine is essential, but going out with no sun protection or just spending to much time uncovered in the heat of the sun will age you quicker. 

If you go out in the sun, put on a high factor sun cream, wear a hat and keep your face and neck covered if possible. Use a lip protection to prevent your lips from cracking and drying up, like lip balm or sun protection, both in the summer and winter or if your by a heater where you work. 

It is also recommended to use natural soaps and body washes, try and avoid overdoing the amounts of time you spend in the bath and shower. The cold can also dry your skin, in the winter in door heating can dry the air causing dry skin, a humidifier can help counter act this. Make it a habit too moisturize you skin on a daily basis, experts claim that the thicker and greasier the moisturizer the better results.

Inevitably age will slowly catch up with you eventually but there is a lot you can to do slow it down significantly. Your lifestyle choices and the decisions you make will have a strong bearing on how you look and feel.

The best way to look younger is to take prevention steps before you start to biologically look older, prevention is always better than a cure, so it pays to be proactive and look after yourself before too much damage is done.

It Not All About Looking Younger Feeling It Is Also Important

First it's not all about looking younger, the main thing is to feel younger and act younger because we sometimes age well before our time. You do not have to follow the usual trends of ageing, for a start dress to suit yourself and not to conform with what is thought to be appropriate for your years. 

They say we all have that inner child within us so occasionally connect yourself with your inner child, so don't always act your age, stay young and feel young, avoid following the stereo type ageing process and activities, mix with young at heart like minded people and do things you enjoy. 

Think younger thoughts, laugh and smile more, appreciate and love yourself more because self acceptance is the key to inner peace and calm, when you have a positive outlook you will feel better, you will have more energy and it can add years on to your life. As well as staying physically active, do things to help you improve your memory.

Some of the most important factors in staying young and healthy are, reduce your stress, experts now state that ninety five percent of all illnesses are stress related, so learning to relax will to wonders both on the inside and the outside.

Stress attacks you on from the inside to the outside, it makes you look older and it ages and damages you on the inside as well.  So a good place to start on your quest to feel younger is, learn to control your emotions, get plenty of relaxation, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Do not take life or yourself to serious, have fun and do more of the things you enjoy.

Good Skin Starts From Within 

A good diet is believed to help to delay the onset of ageing, good nutrition plays a vital role in our overall levels of health, longevity and well-being, although it is sensible and beneficial to look after your skin on the outside don't neglect the importance of treating your skin from within.

Diet is an important aspect of staying young and living longer, eating the right healthy foods is one of the keys to preventing many heart and age related diseases. Vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining healthy younger looking skin, it is well known to promote younger and more radiant looking skin.

Oranges are a good source of vitamin C if you embark on consuming more vitamin C check with your doctor about what is the safe daily dosage limits. Berries are another good source of vitamin C, including strawberries, blue berries and cranberries, they are also believed to be good for the heart. Other good suppliers of vitamin C are, cabbage, brussel sprouts, peas, spinach and melons.

Another essential vitamin that helps to promote healthy and glowing looking skin is vitamin A, many experts claim that vitamin A is one of the main ingredients for keeping your skin looking healthy and radiant. 

Low fat yogurts provide a good source of vitamin A, other foods rich in vitamin A are, sweet potatoes, tuna and carrots. Raw or steamed vegetables is the best way to get the full amount of goodness and nutrients.

Taking probiotics can help with your digestive system, they supply your digestive system with good friendly bacteria, to much bad bacteria in the gut can manifest as problems and inflammation on the skin. 

Although you should not overdo the bad fats, your body needs a certain amount of good healthy fats to function efficiently and too keep your body looking and feeling younger.

Testosterone is also believed to be important in maintaining good health in the body especially our muscle and bones, vitamin D is associated to living a longer life and it is a good testosterone producer.

Vitamin D can be found in fish like, tuna, salmon and sardines, some low fat milks also contains a good source of vitamin D, again consult your doctor about the right amount of vitamin D and omega 3 you should consume.

Breathing And Oxygen 

Oxygen is essential for repairing and keeping the skin looking younger, more radiant and healthier. Many people who have been experiencing to much stress and anxiety develop the bad habit of breathing to shallow from the chest, and one of the first organs to suffer from the result of shallow and rapid breathing is the skin.

The correct way to breathe is to breathe from the diaphragm, you can practice this by lying down and placing your left hand on your chest and your right hand resting on your stomach. 

Then take a deep breath in, ideally your right hand which is on your stomach should move up and down, whilst your left hand which is placed on your chest should stay still.

Expect To Stay Young 

Some say age is just a state, some expert think that we might grow old because we simply expect and are programmed to age, although were in the early stages of this concept, the idea behind this thinking age is a manifestation of a belief. There have been many studies and experiments performed to back up this theory. 

A small group of old people who had become dependable on others to care for themselves who also relied on apparatus devices to aid them to get about, were put in a specially designed environment.

These specially selected pensioners for a few weeks had the clock of time turned back on them to try and trick their unconscious mind, their environment matched how it was when they were in their twenties. 

The retreats they were put in were given a old looking theme style, here they had old black and white televisions, old style radios, old furniture and decorations to remind them how they lived when they were much younger. 

They listened to old music and watched old films, there were no things to help care for them or help them move about. Amazingly after a few weeks in their new environment they started to show a marked increase in their ability to do things for themselves. 

Soon they were moving about quicker, they were able to look after themselves better and there confidence in their capabilities started to improve.

Refuse To Conform With The Normal Aging Trends

Remove the word old out of your vocabulary when your talking about yourself, as the old saying goes your only as young as you feel. Try and break the old patterns of ageing, sometimes we just expect to age and slow down as the years tick by so we conform to these beliefs.

So instead of following the normal routines and doing the standard things we associate with age break the norm. Act young and do some of the things you used to do when you were younger, listen too the music you liked when you were a teenager, this has some scientific support because it is believed it could revert some parts of your biological state. 

When you were in your teens you were undergoing growth spurts where you had higher levels of the production of the human growth hormone (HGH). Those who have a higher level of the HGH had better muscle to fat ratio. 

This would help them grow muscles better plus they also had a more positive outlook, more constructive thinking and better cognitive functions, so listening to the same music you liked when you were a teenager may help you look and feel younger. 

Mix with younger like minded people, ditch the negative and the moaners, don't expect to grow old and avoid doing all the things you perceive people your age are supposed to. We tend to follow certain expectations, lifestyles and ways of thinking to match our age group, don't expect to slow down, put on middle age spread or follow the ageing trap habits and pitfalls. 

Change your thoughts, actions and behaviours, think yourself younger, don't just expect to experience health problems and feel old, you have heard the saying "your as old as you feel" so feel and stay young, energetic and healthy. Keep active both mentally and physically and try and ditch the word old completely out of you vocabulary, we say the word old far to many times.

The latest scientific research is telling us what ancient gurus have been saying for years, to live longer you need to develop a positive mental attitude of optimism and enjoyment. It is estimated that you can add seven and a half years to your life just by changing your mindset to a positive and optimistic outlook on your life.

Regular relaxation is essential to feel and looking younger, meditation is a great stress and anxiety reducer, it is also important to get enough good quality sleep, to further improve your looks, try spending a few minutes visualizing your skin looking radiant, healthy and glowing.

Most premature ageing is down to much sun exposure without adequate protection, sunlight is essential for our bodies to make vitamin D, the secret is moderation and to be sensible, avoid the strong midday sun, use at least a factor 15 sunscreen, it is believed that about 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure several times a week is sufficient to produce enough vitamin D.

The obvious things that can age you prematurely are smoking, alcohol and substance abuse, prolonged periods of stress and worrying will give you and older looking appearance as it causes deeper frown lines.

It is advisable to keep your body free of any potential harmful toxins and free radicals. The Japanese woman swear they youthful looks are down to drinking green tea so it may be worth a try.

Make sure you do not dehydrate, consume the adequate daily intake requirements, remember the body, including the skin consist mainly of water (be careful not to drink excessive amounts of water to quickly). 

If your already feeling fairly thirsty then you could be mildly dehydrated, how much water you consume can depend on, temperature and how much physical activity your are doing.

A sensible guide is to check the colour of your urine, a healthy colour should range somewhere between a pale straw yellow and a transparent yellow, if your urine is amber in colour, this can indicate that your dehydrated.

When your dehydrated your skins can become deprived of water, this can result in dry and more wrinkly looking skin, If you allow a grape to dry up it becomes a raisin.

Look After Your Body

Looking and feeling younger is not just about your face and looks, just because you have chronologically reached a certain age does not mean you have to put up with losing your muscle tone and definition. 

There is no reason why you cannot have that perfect body at any age as long as you keep active and exercise regularly. Your body is an efficient machine so take good care of it. 

As we have grown up, many of us have been led to believe that our body changes, you develop a protruding belly and so on, but you do not have to follow the idea of the masses. Because as long as you eat a sensible and healthy balanced diet and you do regular exercise to keep your muscle mass and tone, then there is no reason why you cannot stay fit, flexible, agile, mobile and have a toned body at any age.

Although it is important to exercise, the latest research suggest that excessive exercise can cause premature ageing, it is believed that when we put to much physical stress and strain on our bodies it can cause the release of the stress hormone cortisol which can be responsible for ageing.

Other reports suggest that high protein diets such as the ones that are used in body building programs may also cause premature ageing. You want to do exercises that will tone and even build your muscle mass, some high intensity exercises can break down your muscle mass and promote the production of skin damaging free radicals .

The best types of exercises are metabolic training, where you target all or your muscle groups in your workout, ideally you want an exercise routine that burns of the calories but one that also tones up all of your muscle groups.

Metabolic training, involves quick burst resistance workouts, circuit training, routines with little rest in between your sets and repetitions, then you finish with some fat burning cardiovascular exercise routine, this type of training helps you to maintain and build the muscles you already have combined with fat burning exercises. 

Your posture plays an important part in looking and feeling younger, regular back and stomach toning exercises will help with people who suffer with poor posture and sway back.


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