Remove And Erase Bad Memories With Natural Emotional Healing Techniques

You Cannot Change The Past-But You Can Change How You Respond To It

If you have experienced a bad or unpleasant, negative experience. Then it is extremely important that you now take some time working on yourself, during this incredibly stressful, fearful or sad times, you're currently experiencing.

A bad experience can rock your world and transform you to a terrifying and upsetting, alternative reality, that only exists within the depths and confides of your mind.

Some of the negative effects people suffer after experiencing a bad or traumatic memory, are: 

Stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, sadness, shame, guilt and depression.  

Virtually any kind of negative bad memory can trigger immense stress, worry, anxiety, tension, unhappiness, restless sleep and emotional overwhelm. 

Which will throw your body out of balance causing a negative state of inner disharmony and sensations of stress and tension in the mind and body, which can affect your actions, behaviors and health.

Unless you begin to reduce the emotional intensity and change the way you respond to your bad memory. Your bad memory can keep you forever, stuck in a vicious negative loop and cycle. 

Where each day you just get more of the same unpleasant thoughts, images and feelings and get nowhere.

These strong negative emotions and feelings can soon become your new emotional set-point and the really danger occurs, when you start to accept these negative feelings as your new norm and way of being.

It is incredibly important, for your own health, well-ness, quality of life and emotional well-being. 

That you reset your emotional set point, so you can start to calm your restless mind and restore you body back to its natural feel good, healthy state of calm, balance and harmony.

Letting go of your painful past

Because the fear and pain now exists within your mind, because it has now become attached to your bad memory. 

It is essential for you to begin to start to reduce and lower the emotional intensity that has attached itself to your bad memory as well as:

Learning how to change the way your body responds to your bad memory, and change the way your body responds to you bad memories, external triggers. 

Coping strategies or thought, memory and feeling suppression. 

Are of little use, as they will not fix the root cause of your stress, sadness or feelings of discomfort.

Coping strategies, only tackle to physical symptoms. They might give you some short term temporary relief. 

But, very often. In the longer term. They can make your anxiety and emotional suffering, even worse than it was when it first started.

Thought and feeling suppression tactics, will cause more emotional arousal and long term suffering.

Coping and suppressing techniques, do more harm than good and they can also lead to harmful and addictive behaviors and insomnia, which just further adds to your problem. 

Often, people will turn to desperate and addictive coping measures. Because, it is the only way they have got to temporary relieve their inner pain and emotional suffering and torment.

Sadly. These harmful practises are sometimes the only ways to get the person who is in immense pain, to get through the day.

The good news is. There are much better, natural and safe ways to turn down your emotional intensity and remove the fearful and painful feelings and emotions away from your bad memory.

Below are some important things for you may lie to consider carefully:

1) If you try to forcefully forget, suppress or not think about your bad memory, your mind will think about it more, which will trigger more unpleasant, thoughts, images, feelings and emotions.

2) If you try to suppress, numb, blockout or fight with your bad memory, thoughts and feelings. It will cause a state of inner unbalance, disharmony and discomfort. 

Which can lead to more emotional trauma, anxiety, OCD, stress, panic attacks, depression and negativity as well as putting you at risk of other health potentially related issues, later on.

When you enter a fight with your bad memory, mind and feelings. 

It will create and hold you permanently stuck in a vicious anxiety, stress and bad feeling cycle and loop.

This can cause you to needlessly suffer and it can trick you into thinking that there no hope and no cure.

Many people are tricked into the belief. That they have no control over their feelings and emotions or there is no solution to end the stress, anxiety and pain, caused by their bad memory.

This, simple is not true.

Anybody can begin to turn down and turn off their emotional pain, suffering and intensity.

Next time you have anxious thoughts and feelings. Instead of trying to stop them, push them away or avoid the situation that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Invite them into your mind, and let your mind think the thoughts and allow your body to freely feel the feelings, whilst you just watch and remain calm and focus all your attention on the task you're doing, and watch the difference.

Because, do you think that your meant to suffer and be permanently condemned to a life of living hell. 

Just because you were unfortunate enough to suffer a negative or painful experience, which was not even your fault or even if you have wronged somebody yourself?

Do you think, nature and creation, who designed you. Who has created the most marvellous, sophisticated and amazing creation and biological computer and advanced spiritual and physical being, yourself.

Who is capable of enjoying and experiencing a wonderful life and who as the ability to control their mind, feelings and emotions and the capability to do and achieve great things.

Got it wrong or it did not provide you with an inbuilt mechanism, to turn of your bad feelings, stress and anxiety?

If you dig deep into the very fabric and foundation of consciousness. There is only pure love. Everything is else is a manifestation of your focus of attention.

All suffering else is temporary and will pass, if you learn how to let go of your suffering. 

With the right techniques and strategies. 

You have the power to learn how to control your feelings and emotions, prevent your mind from getting in the way as well as promoting your own emotional healing and self recovery. 

If you have had enough of your daily emotional suffering and you feel you could do with a bit of help and professional support so you can let go of your painful past and move on. 

Set aside a bit of precious free time for yourself. 

Sit back, relax and listen to the Let Go Of Your Painful Past, so you can start to turn down and detach those bad feelings and stressful response away from your bad memory, 

The above audio will help you to heal your painful past and begin to return you back to a better feeling state of inner calm, peace and balance, which will soon have you feeling more like your old self again.

Healing your emotional trauma, from within

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer a terrible or horrific experience or even if you are just suffering from a negative memory.

Although your initial bad memory would have been triggered by something that happened to you externally.

Your problem now lies within and the fear or sadness exist within your mind.

What this means is, the solution also lies within.

Therefore, it is important to treat your bad memory from the inside rather than trying to fix your bad memory with things outside of you.

Many people also think the solution that a bad memory is a brain problem and although the mind plays a key role in your pain and suffering.

You should treat your bad memory as an whole body system treatment.

Your bad memory maybe playing in your mind, but all those unpleasant feelings and emotions are caused through your whole physiology being out of balance and disharmony

The mind and body are not to separate things, they are one whole system which both affect each other.

This means. Your body will respond to what is taking place in your mind and your mind will respond to your physiology.

Tension in your mind will lead to tension in your body and tension in your body will lead to tense related thoughts in your mind.

The same applies to sad or negative feelings and sad and negative thoughts and imaginings.

What is happening is.

When you focus on your bad memory or you are reminded of anything externally that is remotely associated with the contexts of your bad memory.

It will trigger a physical, chemical and emotional response. Then if you remain in a negative, tense or stressful physical state. You will trigger more of your painful memories which will trigger more negative emotions.

This can hold you stuck in a vicious negative cycle and loop where your bad memory triggers an emotional response and your emotional response causes you to focus on your bad memory.

It only takes a slight amount of stress and tension in your body to start to interfere with your breathing and affect your physiology and the contents of your mind.

Therefore it is important to change and reduce the feelings that have been attached to your bad memory as well as learning to reduce your stress and release any tension. 

You would benefit tremendously through spending some time each day 

  • Deeply relaxing 
  • Keeping active  
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Being mindful
Taking good care of yourself and learning how to calm your anxious mind and restore feelings of calm and balance, both emotional and physically is an important step on your journey to healing and recovery.

What has happened cannot be changed.

Therefore, it is essential that you accept what has happened so you can start to move forwards and enjoy the rest of your life. 

Acceptance is one of the first stages of releasing emotional trauma. It is also important that you show yourself a lot of self respect and love.

You will be then faced with two choices:

1) You can take the negative path. 

Where you try and fight, resist, outrun, defeat, suppress, numb or eliminate your feelings and emotions. 

This approach will cause you to become stuck in a most vicious negative cycle and loop, where you will allow your bad feelings and stress to gather momentum causing you to replay the very thing that you just want to forget.

This will trigger immense stress and emotional suffering for you which can lead to addictions and well-being and health issues.

Everytime you focus negatively on your bad memory, the negative emotions will become stronger and your bad memory will keep on disempowering you.

Trying to defeat, resist or suppress your bad memory, will end up defeating you every single time.

2) You can develop a positive attitude

Where you gather as much information about bad memories and your mind, feelings and emotions.

Then you can combine what you've learned with natural techniques that can help you to change the way you feel and respond.

So you can start to take full control of your feelings and emotions which will allow you to change the way you respond as well as learning you. 

How to turn down all the emotional intensity that has been attached to your bad memory.

Each time you reduce those bad feelings, you will feel more empowered, more in control and more relaxed, calm, happier and balanced.

Again, you cannot change the past, but you can change the way you respond to it.

The self hypnosis session 

Will, first, deeply relax helping you to bring back your body to it's natural relaxed and balanced state. This will give you some much needed rest and relief.

Secondly. With regular use, it will help you to turn down the emotional intensity that has been attached to your bad and painful memory, allowing you to leave the past behind you and move on to enjoy your life again.

The real important, thing to understand about bad memories are.

Very often, they do not get better with time, in fact in many cases they get worse and spread into many other area's or they trigger other emotional trauma issues and suffering.

The longer you remain stuck in these bad feeling, negative state. 

The more damage you can potentially do to:

  • Your health, 
  • Your quality of life 
  • Your well-being
You are the solution

At the moment you are going through a hard time. You might be feeling scared and worried that you are stuck with the pain of your past forever.

But this is simply not true.

Only you know what you're going through and nobody else will know the amount of pain, hurt and stress that you're living every single day.

Luckily, suffering is not the only option and you have to ability to heal your own emotional wounds.

It is a basic, flawed and damaging human belief that most people have come to think that they have no control over their own mind, feelings and emotions.

These beliefs can lead people into wrongly thinking that they need to rely and totally depend too much on:

  • Other people 
  • Addictive substances 
  • External things
To try and help, give them some temporay relief from their bad memories, feelings and emotions

These negative assumptions will also take away all your powers, leaves you feeling hopeless and at the mercy of your negative past. As well as blocking off all other natural and alternative options and paths.

Of course, you should always work with your doctor or counsellor if you're seeing one.

But, as far as feelings, memories and emotions are concerned you have more power and control over them, than you might have thought.

There is a direct link between your thoughts, imaginings, feelings, emotional responses and your physical feelings and behaviors.

There is also a connection between your emotional state, your physiology and your health. 

When your body is in a state of disharmony and imbalance both emotionally and physically this can lead to other symptoms and issues like obsessive behaviors, depression, anxiety disorders and health related problems,

There are also some natural techniques available. That can help you decrease the emotional intensity away from your bad memory which will help you to begin to restore emotional and physical balance and harmony.

Two of the great natural and helpful techniques that can help you ease and reduce all your emotional pain, suffering and stress are:

It is bad and cruel enough to be a victim once. Please, do not remain a victim.

Emotional Freedom Techniques-Help you to release and dissacoiate energy blockages and emotional associations caused by bad memories.

Healing your emotional wounds

There is a universal law of life that goes like this.

"What you focus on, expands and you create more of it, what you resist persists"

What this means is:

If you don't want to feel anxious or fearful, you will feel more anxious and fearful. 

If you want to forget about your memory, your mind will return to it more. 

If you try and suppress, avoid or resist your feelings of discomfort you will generate more of them and they will become your normal way of feeling and responding.

The thing with fear, anxious thoughts and negative emotions are:

It is impossible to be free of them if you keep on resisting them or you dread the thought or next time you might feel anxious or fearful.

However. If you embrace, accept, observe and feel your uncomfortable feelings and you just allow them to rise up through your body and away, they will quickly pass on bye, with a minimal amount of discomfort.

The more you fight against something or the more you try to resist something, the longer you will hold onto it.

In other words, you tend to get the opposite of what you don't want.

When you instruct your mind to think about your bad memory and be OK with thinking about it. Your bad memory will become less and less emotionally significant.

What you want to forget about, don't want, avoid or suppress your mind learns to attach more emotional significance to it and it learns to fear it more and that includes your bad memory and your feelings and emotions. power and control it has on you.

Next time you begin to feel anxious, don't fight it, relax, take a few deep breaths, embrace and feel the feelings and let those anxious thoughts and feelings carry on.

If you practice doing this, those feelings and thoughts will quickly subside. They only persist when you resist or fight with them.

With this in mind a new approach and attitude is needed.

Only focus on what you want. 

Which is to feel calm, happy and balanced, and then work on feeling calm and balanced.

Because nobody, ever overcomes their bad memories, fears and phobias by trying to think them away, force them away or trying to fight them into submission.

The stages of emotional trauma

There are several stages that form bad or traumatic memories.

The first stage is the actual negative or unpleasant experience itself.

Then you go through the emotional stages after. 

Such as.

  • Anxiety 
  • Embarrassment
  • Shame 
  • Anger 
  • Sadness 
  • Fear 
  • Jealousy 
  • Guilt
Which can negatievely impact your actions, mood and behaviors.

You can also, attach your fight or flight response or bad feeling responses to the emotion that your experiencing.

This means. Everytime that you have to face the situation or any of your bad memories triggers. It can trigger your fight, flight, freeze response.

Acceptance can be a great way of releasing emotional suffering.

But acceptance can also have an negative impact on you.

Especially. When you accept the way you feel and you accept that there is nothing that you can do to treat and heal your emotional wounds.

Because why accept your bad memory and all the emotional suffering it causes you. When you can treat it and eliminate all of your emotional hurt and suffering.

The one thing that makes people feel, react and behave the way they do are their emotional patterns and associations.

The reason why you're having those emotional responses is because your brain is trying to protect you and keep you from avoiding further pain.

Unfortunately in your minds attempt to protect you it is causing you immense emotional pain and stress and you get more and more locked into these negative states of imbalance and disharmony.

When we feel negative emotions we cannot control what we do and they determine how we think, feel and behave.

The only reason why people carry on suffering with emotional trauma, stress and suffering is because they don't know what to do and they don't know how to control their feelings and emotions.

Once you know how to break and change these subconscious emotional patterns, responses and associations that are linked to your bad memories.

You will start to reduce your emotional stress, hurt and suffering.

If you think back to the times before your bad or negative experience.

Then you will see that you were happy and at peace with yourself.

At some point in your life.

You knew how to have fun.

And it is OK to think about your happy memories and the times you used to have fun and enjoyment.

Thinking of the good times certainly feels better doesn't it.

And there is no reason why you can't have fun and enjoyment again and there is no reason why you cannot feel good and calm again.

How bad memories can lead to other emotional and behavioral issues

The thing to understand about bad memories and emotional trauma are. 

Unless you treat them and you processs the emotion and let it go, and the sooner you do this the better and easier they are to treat.

The negative impact that they will have on you will be progressive and accumultive.

PTSD and emotional trauma. 

Can lead to 

  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Insecurity
  • Depression
  • Chronic stress
  • Obsessive thoughts and behaviors
  • Addictions
  • Health related issues
  • Tiredness, insonmia and fatigue
When trauma or bad things happen. Most people do not understand it or what is happening to them, especially the emotional and stress side of things.

Niether do they know how to address it and treat it.

Once you have experienced a negative experience, especially if it has hit you badly and it has negatively impacted you and transformed the quality of your life.

Then it can cause your mind to always envisage the worst case scenario first, which will cause a strong negative emotional and physical response.

This can lock you stuck in a never ending and self perpetuating vicious cycle.

Emotional trauma at its worst

According to John Leach who is a senior research fellow at the University of Portsmouth. There is now a genuine medical condition which occurs when some people just give up on life.

Leach said that the condition often occurs after a person has suffered severe emotional trauma. 

It appears that some people seem to reach a point where they feel that there is no escape from their mental and emotional torment, imprisonment, stress and pain.

Dr Leach believes that giving up on life after experiencing a major truama can lead to disintergration of the person which can be fatal in some cases.

The research seems to point towards the theory that severe trauma can lead to a lack of motivation and a belief that the person no longer has any control of their situation and over their mind, feelings and emotions.

Which can lead them to a disinterest in life and a deep sense of hopelessness.

When we lose faith and hope in our ability to free ourselves from our emotional trauma and negative past.

It can lead to feelings of depression and a sense of feeling trapped, isolated, alone and stuck.

Motivation and faith that you can heal your past and you have the ability to take back control of your feelings and emotions are a key ingredient which is necessary to heal your emotional wounds and to regain your interest in life.

Once you start to believe that you can heal and let go of your emotional wounds and trauma.

Dr Leach said the most common interventions were physical activity or the renewed faith that the sufferer was able to see that their situation was partially within their control.

Both of these would activate the release of the feel good endorphin dopamine.

Relaxation, mindfulness and natural tenchiques that will bring down the emotional intensity and energy charge that is attached to your bad memory. Will also help to put you in control of your feelings and emotions.

Although most people do not give up on life, after they have had a traumatic experience.

They spend years and years of mental, emotional and physical suffering.

If left untreated, This can begin to take it's toll on you, eventually grinding you down both mentally and physically and making your life, feel as if it is not worth living.

You cannot change what has happened.

But, when you feel as if you're ready.

You can use your bad or upsetting experience as a catalyst for you to make something good come from it.

Make this your moment and vow to yoursel that you're going to come through this dark period of your life and you're going to create a better life for yourself.

If you feel ready. Make that all important decision.

That, you're going to use your bad experience too catalyst you to do something great or to achieve something great despite what has happened to you.

Decide, you have every intention to make your life worth living doing the things that you love doing or you feel passionate about.

Everything changes after a traumatic event or experience

When trauma strikes your life changes and your physiology, attitude and your pshchological state changes.

This state of mind and body, then needs reversing and chaning, before you can return back to a normal, peaceful and happy life.

Those who do not address and treat their 

  • Bad memories
  • Emotional trauma's
  • Emotional suffering
  • PTSD
Remain stuck in a negative and dark place of emotional, physical and psychological imbalance, distress and disharmony.

In this state it is impossiblle to 

  • Feel calm and balanced 
  • Experience joy and happiness
  • Enjoy the moment
  • Reach your highest performance levels
  • Be yourself
And it is not just the major traumatic experiences that can negatively impact us. 

Even the smallest negative experience can affect you and haunt you for years and years to come.

Everybody is resourceful enough to come through the most horrfic and terrible life situations and it is amazing what strength we can summon up inside of us when we really need it.

"You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice"

-Bob Marley

Real strength and power is when you learn how to control your emotions and you reach a turning point in your life where you allow nothing or nobody to rob you of your inner peace and happiness.

And when you rise up and keep moving forwards in a positive direction, despite what has happened to you.

Because you were born free and you can return to that inner calm state of emotional, physical and psychological balance.

Emotional trauma rarely goes away by itself. 

But all emotional trauma can be overcome once we adopt a new approach and attitude.

When we concentrate our mind and we learn to change the way we feel and react to our mind and feelings.

Then anything becomes possible.

But we cannot change until we accept what has happened and we decide that we are going to do whatever it takes to free ourselves from our negative past.

You cannot change what has happened but you can change the way you perceive it, what you choose to do about it and how you choose to react it.

Sufffering is not your only choice.

  • You can give in and become a victim of your past
  • You can refuse to be a slave to your past and you can give it all you have got to heal your wounds
Surrender to what has happened

Whatever it is that is bothering you, upsetting you or making you feel bad.

Surrender to what is and what has happened as acceptance is the first step to emotional healing and freedom.

Most people try to fight and defeat their feelings and emotions.

The trouble is. Fighting and resisting your feelings and emotions just feeds the beast. 

You cannot win the fight within your mind and body by waging war with your mind, feelings and emotions.

The real answer to your problems is to tame the beast from within you.

Because no matter how bad somebody has hurt you or how much horrific things or events that you have had to endure and witness.

The only person that can really diminish you, make you a victim for life or hold you in a dark and bleak place of pain and suffering is yourself.

Situations and people can temporary harm or hurt you, both physically and emotionally.

But they cannot keep you there if you choose otherwise.

Healing your emotional wounds is possible.

To achieve this

  • You have not got to try and forget
  • You have not go to deal with your past
  • You have not got to find closure
  • You have not got to eliminate your feelings
  • You have not got to suppress or numb your feelings
  • You have not got to fight with or try to defeat your mind and body
  • You have not got to get over anything
  • There is no need to hold onto your past
Many people who have been badly treated hold onto a lot of anger or hatred.

But the only person anger and hatred hurts is yourself.

Seek justice if it is needed. Use your anger to drive you to seek justice if it is needed. 

But never hold onto your anger.

When we are reliving our painful or negative past or we are trying to resist or suppress our feelings and emotions.

This causes the body to enter a low vibrational state which causes an imbalance in your

  • Mental state
  • Emotional state
  • Physical state
This can lead to strong negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.

When you start to relive your bad memory or you are reminded of your bad memory by an external trigger stimuli.

You can immediately begin to feel the gamet of emotions.

Everybodies emotional response will vary depending on their bad memory, so how you react will also vary.

It could be

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Nervousness
  • Sadness
  • Resentment
  • Frustration
  • Jealousy
  • Guilt
These psychological, emotional and physiological state can lead to other unhealthy and sometimes obessive behavioral habits, addictions and behaviors.

It is important to try and pinpoint which emotion you're feeling. It can help to write down how and what you're feeling on a piece of paper.

Bringing it out onto a piece of paper can help express and release the emotion.

When our bodies are constantly stuck in a negative state of imbalance and disharmony. Then this can lead to health related issues in the future.

Give up the fight and feel better instantly

The primary two jobs of your brain is to move you away from any pain, both physical and emotional and to move you towards pleasure.

At the moment you're stuck in the emotional pain state of being, feeling, thinking and behaving. 

The reason why you are looking for ways to ease your pain is because your brain is trying to push you towards finding ways that are going to help you move you away from your emotional pain and move you towards pleasure.

Some people rely on alcohol and other addictive substances to try and numb and blockout their emotional pain, suffering and to try and help them forget about their bad memories.

The reason why some people become addictive to these harmful substances are. It gives them relief from their pain and suffering, all be it, only temporary.

You may ask yourself. Why, would your own brain get you addicted to things that are potentially harmful to you?

The reason for this is. Your brain works by gauging and monitoring your feelings and emotions. Therefore, it does not see addictive substances as being harmful. 

The feedback your brain receives and uses is. 

Because, what you're taking or consuming in your body is easing your emotional pain and suffering and because of the pain, pleasure syndrome it will associate the harmful substances as something the thing that brings you pleasure. 

Therefore it will overlook the health risks and dangers. And it will push you to carry on taking the addictive substances

Your brain will then use strong feelings and urges of compulsions because it has learned to  associate them as helping you to feel better and helping you move away from your emotional pain.

The same thing applies if you avoid the situations or things that make you feel, sensations and feelings of discomfort. 

The more you avoid the things that you fear or the things and situations that makes you feel anxious or uncomfortable. The more you will reinforce the anxiety ad fear.

The best way to permanently heal your emotional trauma.

Is to start to reduce your emotional stress and ease your emotional suffering is by beginning to reduce the emotional intensity and stressful physical responses that have become attached to your bad or traumatic memory.

This will require learning how to listen to your body and working with your mind, body, feelings and emotions.

Learning how to pay attention to your mind, body and emotions so you can recognize the triggers that cause you all that endless stress, fear and emotional discomfort. 

Which will allow you to quickly switch on your relaxation response. 

Fighting and trying to defeat your feelings and mind, just hols you a hostage to your past and keeps you a victim of your circumstances.

This just forces you to go to battle with your bad feelings place within yourself. Which creates more imbalance and disharmony in tyour mind body. Which just feeds and fuels your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.

And it is a battle that will have many negative consequences with no possible positive outcome, victory or escape.

So instead of resisting and suppressing your feelings and emotions. Only focus on calming your mind and body.

Because that is the only possible solution and road to emotional freedom.

Your dominant attention should be to restore yourself to a state of inner peace, harmony and emotional balance. 

Because. The antidote to anxiety, fear and anger is calm and relaxed and the antidote to sadness is happiness.

You can, heal your emotional wounds and you can go on to live the best life you possibly can.

The inner peace, happiness and emotional balance that you want, already exists within you. It has just been replaced by negative feelings.

Coping strategies won't help you clear your emotional wounds. 

The best ways to heal your wounds is to use tools that can lower and remove your emotional intensity and to learn the art of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is where you learn to spot the triggers and thoughts that cause an emotional response.

The reason why it is important to be mindful is.

It will help you to control your emotions which will stop all the negative and stressful momentum from going to far and spoiling your whole day.

If you notice the onset of any fear or anxiety

  • Don't react or judge
  • Don't run with your emotions
  • Don't fight or resist them
You don't even have to try and change your thoughts and feelings either

Just practice 

  • Observing your mind and body
  • Allow your mind to carry on reliving your bad memory
  • Feel the feelings and let the feelings rise up through your body and away
  • Let the thoughts and feelings be
No need to do anything other than focus on your breathing, smile and release any areas' of tension that you're holding onto.

It is a lot easy to change the way you react to your mind and feelings, rather than all that tedious fighting, avoiding or resisting.

Every bad memory or traumatic experience will carry an active negativve emotion.

Everytime you try to resist, oppose, forget or suppress your feelings and bad memory, you will trigger your bad memories active strong emotional response.

The same applies if you get upset, annoyed or irritated.

If you're responding with fear, anger, anxiety or stress due to your bad memory.

Then all you have to do is work on relaxing or exercising. Prerably both as fear and stress are a physical symptom.

If you're bad memory is causing you to feel sad.

Then you should focus on doing anything that cheers you up or what you enjoy.

Remember the happy times, but don't dwell on the bad.

The best way to release and heal your emotional wounds is by changing your energy. 

You can change your energy by thinking about, putting your attention onto engaging in a physical activity or focusing on something else.

To change your energy permanently. You have to detach your negative energy away from your bad memory or your emotional trauma.

If you are looking for a natural way to change your feelings and bring down your emotional intensity which has stuck itself solid to your bad memory like a clam sticks to a rock.

Live in the now, not the past

Today is a wonderful time to be alive.

There is no reason why you cannot enjoy the now and plan for a great and fulfilling future once you change your inner world and you break free from where you are being held hostage to by the illusions of your past and your mind.

And that's exactly what a bad or traumatice memory is. It is nothing more than an illusion of your mind although the feelings feel very real to you.

Because there is only the now. That is all there ever is.

The past is in the past and the future never arives. Because you're always in the now.

The only way you can access the past and the future is to go there in your mind.

The now is where all your true powers are and it is the point of your attention where you are always free from all your emotional suffering.

If you focus on enjoying the moment, then nothing can hurt you.

Lets say, for a short while. 

You become so engrossed in a book that you're reading or a film that you're really enjoying and enthrawled in.

During that time, you forget to feel bad or you forget to focus on your bad memory, and because you're not thinking about how bad you feel or what happened to you. 

You, enter a state of being where you're so engaged in the now, you automatically feel calm and balanced.

To access the now you have to let go of your past and keep out of your future. Life is all about going with the flow and being in the zone.

The only way to be in the zone is not to allow anything to affect you.

The mind often gets in our way of our attempts of being happy. 

The only time you should visit the past is when you are reliving happy memories and times and the only time you should take a look into the future is when you're percieving a positive one.

You cannot drive out fear, negativity or stress with more fear, more negativity and more stress.

The only way to drive out fear and negative feelings is to replace them with calm and feel good feelings and emotions.

That's the only way you can do it.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that"

"Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that"

-Martin Luther King

If you have an emotional bad or traumatic memory that is causing you stress or emotional suffering.

You have to change the strong negative feelings and emotions to happy and calm feeling emotions. 

Because there is no other way of doing it.

You cannot feel happy and calm and stressed and negative at the same time.

Change your physiology, change your focus of attention and change your feelings and you will be free.

The calm and positive feelings are where all your power lies.

Negative thoughts and feelings will disempower you tremendously, demotivate you, drain the life at of you and ruin your ability to interact and function efficiently.

Stress, tension and negativity are toxins to your mind and body. They destroys lives and rob you of your happiness and enjoyment.

Positive and calm thoughts and feelings will empower you tremendously. They are your state of ultimate power and they will unlock your ultimate true inner potential.

You have two directions to go

  1. You can carry on living a life of emotional suffering, limitations and stress
  2. You can motivate yourself to change your feelings and you can go on to live a wonderful and successful life
Love is the most powerful of all emotions and love, calmness, joy, happiness and the other positive emotions will suffocate fear, anxiety, worry, stress, anger and all the other negative emotions.

But love is not all about the relationship love.

Love is about.

Loving yourself. Loving your life, loving all the little things that you have and loving standing up for yourself, your rights and your beliefs.

True happiness is where you can stand tall and strong.

Despite all the bad things that life throws at you.

Where you can feel peace and inner calm. 

Regardless of what was, what is or what might be.

Where you reach a place of inner calm, harmony and balance and you remain in a state of inner calm and balance so allow nothing or nobody to hurt you, affect you or bring you down to your knees.

You might have your temporary setbacks and challenges. But you don't stay down for long.

Because. Once you learn how to control your emotions and you learn to let it go of your past. You win and you start to move forwards and live again.

Taking responsibility for how you feel

The first thing to be aware of is. You may have been the victim of a bad experience or you may have been physically or emotional abused or treated very bad.

However, the belief, mindset and mental trap that you must be careful of, avoid falling a victim of is. 

Believing that you have to remain a victim to your bad or traumatic experience or perpetrator.

Otherwise you can start to think that life is against you and there is no escape from your mental imprisonment.

The big difference between someone who is a victim of a traumatic, negative, horrible or abusive experience and someone who remains a victim is.

How you go on to react to your traumatic or negative experience after it is over and how much you allow it to dominant your focus of attention. 

There is no escaping from the fact that decent and good people, have bad and terrible things happen to them.

What keeps you a victim, is the belief that you cannot overcome your trauma or bad experience or trauma.

If you are going through a tough time or if you are really struggling and suffering, at the moment. You may feel a sense of hopelessness and you may feel like you have lost control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

But no matter how bad you feel, never feel defeated or accept that this is something that you have to live with and put up with for the rest of your life.

Because, all suffering passes, once you know how to process the emotion and let it go.

Unless you are the guilty one and yes guilt can create a bad memory. 

You are in no way responsible for that bad things that happened to you, but you are responsible for healing your emotional wounds and you are responsible for the rest of your life.

  • If you think like a victim you will remain the victim
  • If you think that there is nothing you can do, then you will do nothing
  • If you think and you believe that you can overcome your bad experience, then you will get there
A strong faith is required that you can heal your emotional wounds.

Having hope might help you change your attitude. 

But hope alone will never get you there, because hope is always in the future and one step ahead of you.

Faith, optimism, determination and courage, will help you get there.

Focus you attention on what you are good at, and become the best you can

You possess limitless talents and abilities and there is nothing that you can not overcome, do or achieve with the right positive mindset and attitude.

Once you let go of your past, and you channel all your focus of attention and energy onto how you want to feel and what you want to do, become and achieve, so you can be the best you and live the best life possible, rather than carrying on remaining a prisoner and victim of your past.

When you focus on your bad memory, it will take you out of the peace of the here and now. Negative feelings expand when we either venture into our past or we fear the future.

By focusing your attention on doing the things that you want to do, it will help relax you and bring you back into the present moment.

Although you may be hurting or feeling annoyed or upset. Practising a bit of gratitude can help you to reduce anxiety or negative feelings and even showing a bit of forgiveness, for you sake, and not the person that hurt you, can ease feelings of anger.

People relive their bad memories each day, playing the same old vivid images, sounds, repeatedly. Putting themselves through the same unnecessary emotional pain, torture, stress and suffering.

If your point of attention remains on your bad memory, it will continue to activate those same old painful feelings of discomfort and emotional pain.

Endless and repeated negative experiences that are being replayed over and over in your mind will lead to no positive outcome, only more emotional suffering.

It is not going to set you free, and it will only serve to make those already unbearable negative neural associations and feelings of discomfort stronger and stronger.

Although it will do is reinforce those negative memories, further disempower you and further empower your negative or upsetting experience and feelings that are holding you stuck in a negative perpetual, vicious cycle.

How is holding on to your bad memory, constantly reliving it, suppressing it, failing to process and release the strong negative feelings and emotions and resisting it going to set you free?

The truth is, it is not, it is just going to keep you stuck in a negative cycle of physical and emotional imbalance and disharmony.

When your body is out of balance and sync, you will become emotional and physically imbalanced and that just creates a breeding ground for more emotional trauma and feelings of a loss of control over your thoughts, mind and feelings. 

Which can lead to emotional overwhelm, obsessive behaviors and unwanted repetitive thinking, addictions, anxiety, stress and physical illnesses and emotional further suffering.

Recurring negative emotional experiences are not normal, so you should never normalize them, all they do is hold us in an emotional prison of the mind. 

A bad memory, will hold you in a bad place and a negative state of suffering and misery and the mental and emotional trauma will manifest itself in the body in the form of feelings of discomfort and unease.

Bad memories and experiences are not meant to teach us a lesson or for us to learn something from either, although we can use them to make sure we avoid making the same mistakes or to motivate us and drive us on achieve great things.

They are an indication that we need to release them, change our focus of attention and its time to let it go and move on with our lives.

If think we think that we need to somehow suffer, deal with or to find closure so we can grow or our we think that our suffering is a necessary part of life, then we are wrong. 

Anything that makes you feel bad or brings you emotional suffering is not normal or necessary, is just the result of negative energy and attachment.

What is going to set you free, is learning how to reduce the intensity of the feelings and emotions that have become attached to your bad or negative experience.

If you have a bad memory that is ruining the quality of your life and causing you endless stress, emotional pain, restless sleep and unpleasant feeling, symptoms and sensations.

Instead of just putting up with or trying to just cope with, deal with, live with, put up with, suppress, avoid or fight with your mind, feelings and emotions.

Why not decide to do something about ending your daily emotional and physical hurt, sadness, grief, stress,  discomfort anxiety and suffering, because you have the power to let go of your past and move on? 

By learning and teaching yourself how to reduce the intensity and let go of all those bad feeling emotions and physical responses that are attached to your bad memory. 

How bad memories work?

Your subconscious mind stores emotional memories and information in a specific way. By using your five senses, such as.

What you saw, heard and smelt at the time of your negative experience. The feelings that you felt, such as fear, anger sadness, guilt or grief during your bad experience. And to a lesser degree taste.

Your senses are always gathering information from your surrounding environment and then they relay that information back to your emotional control panel of your brain.

Your brain then uses the incoming data to gauge how you should react. Should your senses detect anything remotely similar to the contextual images, sounds, smells, feelings and tastes in your external environment.

It will activate all of those painful emotions and unpleasant feelings and stressful responses over and over again.

To make matters worse. Because, feelings are one of your five senses. If you feel tense or stressed, your mind will associate these feelings with your bad memory, triggering even more unpleasant thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The problem doesn't end there. Because your nervous system cannot tell the difference between what is real or imagined.

Everytime you talk about or think about your bad experience. It will again, trigger unpleasant and stressful feelings and emotions.

This can become a repetitive and an mentally and physically exhausting and deliberating vicious cycle, pattern and an habitual way of responding.

What many people are unaware of. Because, this is the only way the mechanisms of your mind and body operate and store emotional memories.

You can use the same process and mechanisms to your advantage. Allowing you to reverse the process, distort and fade the bad memory and reduce the emotional associations, physical responses and the intensity of the negative and unpleasant feelings.

When you successfully achieve this. You wont get the same high levels of stress, discomfort and bad feelings anytime you think about or you're reminded of your bad memory.

And the good news is. Because you will reduce the emotional intensity and the unpleasant physical responses, you will begin to forget about your bad experience, allowing you to feel relaxed, happier and able to move on.

Many people use coping tactics, addictive substances or things like alcohol to try and process or cope with their emotional pain and trauma.

But, there are natural and much better ways that can help you to remove, release and let go of your negative emotional bad memories, feelings and your emotional pain and truma's. 

That use the same process and mechanisms that created your bad memory in the first place. Each time you resist your bad memory or you relive it, from a place of fear and sensitivity.

You will strengthen the already strong neural associations and physical responses which will continue to disempower you tremendously.

The good news is. Once you begin to reduced the intensity of your feelings and emotions that have become attached to your bad memory.

You will begin to feel less stressed, anxious, angry or sad. And the more you reduce and bring down the emotional and physical feelings of discomfort. 

The more you will begin to free yourself from your self imposed mental prison and self torture.

As this process takes place you will begin to feel a great sense of relief as you surrender the fight allowing you to finally begin to free yourself more and more. 

If you stick at it and persist, your mind will become free and your body will return to a state of inner balance and peace.

A philosopher once said: "It is the memories of the past and the fear of the future which make our present so difficult."

Never repress your emotions

When negative feelings and emotions become attached to a bad experience, they become your most dominant feelings which make it very hard for you to focus on anything else.

The more you get into a fight, hooked up with and engaged with your negative feelings and emotions, the longer they will persist and the stronger the emotional intensity will become.

There are many positive and good things going on in the world around you. You have probably experienced many happy and good times.

Yet, we give all our attention to the one bad event, then we give it all our undivided attention, as we try and defeat it, outrun it, deal with it, look for closure, hide or fight it.

But, the reality is. No matter how hard you try to defeat, resist, suppress or deal with our feelings and emotions. It never results in a resolution or cure.

In the end, it just defeats you and breaks your spirit and resolve and takes you further and further away from a solution and deeper and deeper into the pain, hurt, suffering and stress of your past.

Have you ever noticed that the more you try and suppress, resist, talk about it or forget about your bad memory. The more your mind thinks about it and the more anxiety, negative feelings or sadness you feel?

Your mind works in a funny way. What you try to resist, suppress or forget about. Persist and gets stronger and more intense, causing endless destruction and unbearable discomfort.

Yet, what you embrace, feel and accept, without reacting or becoming engaged in, does not hang around.

As far as our thoughts and feelings go. You sort of get the opposite to what you don't want. If you don't want to think or feel a certain way. You will get more of the anxious thoughts and feelings, you don't want.

Yet, when you couldn't care less about the anxious thoughts and feelings you would normally resist and want to get rid of, and you give them permission to carry on. They quickly subside.

The truth is. You have not got to deal with your past, you have not got to try and forget, supress or forget your bad memory. 

All that does, is it causes more emotional attachment and it will make your bad memory more emotional significant.

"The root of all suffering is emotional attachment"

The Buddha

Why try and fight the beast. When it is much better to tame, out smart and calm the beast?

Your negative feelings are powerful, but you are far more powerful.

You cannot find the solution or experience the inner peace and balance that you desire and deserve, whilst your stuck in the negative energy that is fuelling your problem.

The solution to your problem. 

Is for you to give up the fight, use mindfulness and emotional intelligence and put all your focus and energy on to calming your mind and body and reducing the emotional intensity then put all your energy on to creating a happy and fulfilling life.

It takes time and effort. But once you get started, you will move more and more away from the pain and back to a place of happiness and inner peace.

Taking action will take you towards the solution and healing. Hesitation or delay leads to more intense suffering and they are potentiallly very bad your health, your quality of life and your well-being.

Making a daily effort to relax deeply, combined with good quality restful and restorative sleep and keeping active are all essential steps and positive habits that will help you to heal your emotional wounds.

The most important thing to realize is. You cannot stop negative thoughts or feelings, once they have been activated.

But although you cannot stop your thoughts and feelings. You can learn to change the way you respond to them.

The more you react badly or you become engaged with your negative thoughts, the images and sounds in your mind and your bad feeling emotions and physical responses.

The more your mind will keep you focused on them and the more emotional arousal and negative feelings you will generate.

What you want is to become mindful to those anxious or obsessive thoughts, so you can quickly halt the emotional arousal and short circuit those patterns and cycles, that would normally snowball out of control and ruin your day.

Did you know. When your mind thinks you don't want to think about or react negatively to something. It will create a fear of that situation or imagined situation.

This means. If your try and stop or blockout your thoughts and feelings. Your mind will perceive your thoughts, imaginings, memory and feelings as the threat that needs defeating.

Even getting frustrated or annoyed with your thoughts, the contents of your mind and your feelings, will cause a stronger and more prolonged negative and stressful reaction.

So how do you stop your thoughts and feelings?

You take away their power, by removing the emotional attachment. Then you learn how to be mindful and change the way you react to them.

This is where mindfulness comes in.

Because you now know that trying to suppress or resist your thoughts and feelings only makes you feel worse and prolongs your suffering.

It is time for a new approach, it is all about being aware and mindful of the situations, triggers and the content of your mind that are responsible for your bad or uncomfortable feelings..

1) Mindfulness meditation

Have a workout and burn off and stress, tension and adrenaline. Then, find somewhere where you can relax and unwind. 

Maybe you could listen to some relaxing music or have a nice warm relaxing bath or go for a long walk in nature.

Then, lay down somewhere quiet. Again, listening to relaxing music can help calm you. Then, just take some deep breaths, making the exhale breath longer and slower.

Do not try and force yourself to relax, just let it happen. If any negative thoughts enter your mind. Do not attempt to resist or stop your thoughts and feelings.

Instead, allow your mind to carry on thinking them and your mind will calm itself. Just invite the thoughts to carry on and let them sail right on through and away peacefully. No need to react, judge or analyze.

Let your mind see, that you are OK with these negative thoughts and feelings. Once you have released your tension and calmed your mind.

Deliberately bring to mind your bad or traumatic experience. Allow your mind to think about, all you then have to do is to remain calm and change the way you react. 

This will help you to reduce the emotional intensity and reduce the emotional significance. 

The more you can think about your bad experience and react calmly, the less it will trouble you.

You can even begin to change the memory and the sounds and context of your negative experience.

Your mind soon learns to fear the things that you want to 

  • Suppress 
  • Stop 
  • Resist
  • You don't want
  • You try to forget about
  • You try to numb or blockout
This includes your unwanted thoughts and feelings.

If you try to stop your thoughts, feelings and images of your mind.

You will create an internal fear of them and you will create a fear of anything, any person or any situation which might acitivate a fearful response.

The more you try to stop your thoughts. The more emotional significance you will attach to them and the more you will your mind will think them and the more intense your fearful responses will become.

Soon, your thoughts and feelings will be seen as the enemy that needs defeating and avoiding and you will create a fear of your thoughts, feelings and imagination

If you can learn to relax around your unwanted and fearful thoughts and feelings.

The fear will soon subside with the least amount of discomfort.

Any time you feel anxious or you notice the stress building up.

Relax and imagine that you're lying on a tropical beach or an exotic location as this will dilute those strong negative emotions and physical responses.

Engage all of your senses.

After any time you have been experiencing negative emotions.

Write down on a piece of paper how you were feeling at the time as this can also help to dilute and express your emotions.

The more detail you add and the more you describe how you felt, the better.

There are many unpleasant symptoms that are caused by trauma, bad memories and negative experiences

  • Confusion
  • Memory 
  • Lack of focus
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Anxiety 
  • Worry
  • Unwanted and repetitive thoughts 
  • Obsessive behaviors-compulsions
  • Fears/phobias
  • Panic attacks
  • Flashbacks/nightmares 
  • Addictions
Stress and negative emotions block off your creativity, makes you stupid, keeps you focused on your problems and disrupt your mental abilities. 

Why it is important to take good care of yourself and build your energy

It is not uncommon for people who are suffering from PTSD and negative memories to lose their appetite as well as having trouble sleeping. 

To make matters worse, negative memories that still have emotional attachment and significance. Will hold you stuck in a negative and stressful physical state, preventing your mind and body from switching back to its natural resting calm and balanced state.

All of these, will continually drain you of your energy. Which is the last thing that you need, because you need energy to help you heal your wounds and get your life back on track.

Especially if they are also suffering with depression, stress and anxiety. 

A negative experience can change your whole physiology and mental state. Prolonged periods of stress and negative emotions can also deplete your body of the essential nutrients that it needs to function efficiently, further depleting your energy.

If you're suffering with a stress or negative emotions. This can also cause emotional eating, and when you emotionally eat. 

People tend to reach out for the empty calorie and low in nutrition, sugary and junk foods.

It is hardly surprising that people cannot heal and let go of their past. 

When they are feeling so depleted of energy, suffering from a lack of sleep and their body is constantly stuck in a heightened and negative state of being.

If you are suffering from PTSD or the negative effects of a bad memory. It is important to reduce and remove the emotional attachment away from your bad memory so you can free yourself from your pain, anxiety and stress.

But it is also important, that you supply your body with the healthy and essential nutrients to keep your body strong and functioning at its most efficient physical best.

Getting plenty of deep relaxation and quality restful sleep, should also be one of your main priorities.

The problem you now have is the tape recording that you have of your bad memory. That has been embedded in your subconscious mind and classed as an emotional significant memory.

This tape recording of your bad experience is being played over and over in your minds eye, which is triggering negative emotions and unpleasant feelings in your body.

Every bad memory you have, is a recording of your past negative experiences. 

Each bad memory that is stored in the emotional part of your brain is attached to your nervous system and your nervous systems controls the negative feelings and responses you experience in your body.

Once these negative neural associations and bad memories have been created they will remain active. 

Your brain just wants to protect you from being hurt or traumatized again, it does not care how bad you feel or what is right or wrong for you it only cares about what might go wrong. 

All your brain cares about now, is making sure you don't experience the same negative experience again. Unfortunately, by trying to protect you, your brain causes you more suffering.

And no amount of logical thinking or pleading with your brain, is going to help. 

Because, your brain only responds to and deals with feelings and emotions. When you take the strong emotions and the significance from your bad memory, you memory losses all it energy and power.

The same applies if you start to want to avoid or stop the thoughts, sounds and images being played in your mind, because they are causing you negative feelings and emotions. 

The most essential thing to be aware of as far as feelings and emotions work. What you focus on, expands and increases.

What this means. The more you focus on your feelings and emotions, or out a better way, the more you resist your feelings and emotions, the stronger they will become.

What causes negative resistance is. Wanting to stop your negative feelings and the contents of your mind, wanting to avoid any situation that may trigger your negative feelings. 

And trying to defeat, fight with, get rid of, stop or suppress your thoughts and feelings. 

Yes, you will suffer less by allowing your mind to carry on thinking, what you don't want to think about and embracing and feeling your feelings and allowing them to carry on.

As they say. "What you resist, persists"

You cannot escape from the contents of your mind nor can you outrun or defeat your feelings and emotions.

If you try, it will become a self perpetuating cycle of more anxiety, stress and unwanted thoughts and imaginings.

Self Hypnosis To Erase A Bad Memory

If you are like many people. You may have developed the misguided concept and myth, that hypnosis messes, with your mind, or you will somehow, lose control, under hypnosis.

The real truth is. The only thing that messes with your mind, and unbalances your body, is your bad memory. 

Hypnosis, is nothing more than, being in a deeply relaxed state, of which you will be in full control all of the time.

Hypnosis has been around for centuries, and it is still widely used today. The reason for this is because, it works.

By reprogramming these traumatic memories, the hypnotherapist helps you, to interpret the events in different ways, as well as replacing the negative emotions and physical responses with calm and neutral feelings.

Self hypnosis for removing bad memories, shock and trauma, is not a new concept.

It was first used during World War 1, by the German military. 

Because the Germans had come to realize that they could use the power of hypnosis, to help treat the victims who were suffering from shell shock and post traumatic stress disorder.

The hypnosis was so successful. That the soldiers, who would normally be unfit to function effectively after their post traumatic shock and stress. 

We're amazingly, able to forget and let go of their shock and trauma, and return straight back to the battle grounds.

So self hypnosis is perfectly safe and natural, and it has been proven to be effective to treat bad memories and traumatic experiences.

Alleviating your stressful, anxiety and distressing feelings and emotions depends on identifying your traumatic event and then integrating the emotions that were not processed at the time your negative or traumatic event happened.

For this to happen, you must first create a safe and relaxed space that enables the you to enter the time and place where the trauma occurred, which will then allow the expression and release of your previously repressed emotion,

With the assistance of self hypnosis this can be achieved through the reliving the experience that caused it in your mind.

To the extent that the you feel safe to do so, which will hopefully help yourself transform your relationship with  the trauma, and integrate the experience into your being.

Some people may need extra work, but self hypnosis for PSTD has helped most people alleviate their emotional stress, suffering and distress, so it is well worth you giving it a try.

The big advantages and benefits of self hypnosis are 

  • It can help relax you and restore a sense of balance and calm 
  • It can reduce the intensity of your strong feelings and emotions 
  • It will help you sleep better 
  • It can give you the relief you have been looking for 
  • It can remove you out of your negative state and return you back to your calm natural state
Each time you listen to the remove bad memory hypnosis session, you should progressively reduce the emotional intensity and attachment away from your traumatic experience. 

Over the years, there have been many scientific studies which have analyzed the benefits of hypnosis.

These studies have revealed that it is one of the best alternative treatment for many ailments, including fears, phobia's, letting go of your past and trauma's.

The reason why more and more people are using self hypnosis is because, it is one of the fastest ways to get life changing results.

If you follow this program for three weeks, then hopefully, you will experience for yourself, how easy and effective, self hypnosis is.

It uses specially formatted and skilled techniques, that work by instructing your subconscious mind to forget what the conscious mind would love to let go of. 

The opposite state of stress, anxiety and anger, is calm. Instead of trying to cope with, resist or deal with your bad memory.

You should always focus on returning to a state of calm and balance. 

This is why self hypnosis is so effective, because it puts you into a deeply relaxed state, and then it will help you to heal your bad memory, so you cannot lose.

Many people who suffer with stress and trauma, struggle to get to sleep, even if they do, often they are awoken by flashbacks or nightmare.

One possible reason for this is because, they go to bed in the wrong brainwave state that is needed for restful and quality relaxing sleep.

This is because, they are feeling stressed, anxious or negative when they fall asleep, which causes restless and a disturbed night's sleep. 

By using self hypnosis before you go to bed. It will help you to relax and enter the right brainwave state for quality and restful sleep, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed in the morning.

If you use the erase bad memory, self hypnosis recording below, it will help you sleep better and take away you emotional pain and suffering.

There are no miracle cures or magic pills, but self hypnosis, is possibly the closest thing that you will get to one.

The self hypnosis program. Removes Bad Memories is designed to help you erase your bad memory, in as little as three weeks.

If at any time, your bad memories should start to creep back into consciousness, then you can just replay the program to have a top up, as and when you feel it is needed.

Erase Bad Memories And Reduce Trauma And Emotional Discomfort With EFT 

If hypnosis is not your thing, or you're interested in trying something else, which is natural and safe.

Then there is another natural technique and solution, called. Emotional Freedom Technique.

Emotional Freedom Techniques. Does exactly what it says it does, it free's you from all your emotional pain and suffering.

This simple and easy to learn technique, is a method that you can use, to tap away your

  • Emotional blocks
  • Psychological issues
  • Reduce anxiety 
  • Eliminates Phobia's
  • Eliminate Anger 
  • Overcome depression 
  • Let go of, and heal the past 
  • And much more
The technique, involves. Tapping a sequence of meridian points around your body, whilst repeating certain set of, releasing statements, which are followed up by, self empowering statements and phrases. 

EFT has already brought, positive and life changing benefits and emotional relief, for thousands and thousands of people, around the world.

EFT, has been classed as the "Psychological form of acupuncture". And it has been proven, to bring to the surface and release, stubborn and long held, negative emotions and blocks.

It basically involves tapping on his face, hands, and torso while you focus on your bad memory or you repeat key phrases

EFt can be rapid and effective ways to relieve emotional distress, anxiety, pain, anger and sadness.

This simply yet effective natural technique works by. First, you pick and focus on what emotion or situation that is causing you all your emotional distress and discomfort.

You then tune into those negative feelings (ie: anger, sadness, anxiety or fear). And then you focus on those feelings and where they are manifesting on your body. 

The more discomfort you feel the better it works and you then give the feelings a rating ranging from 1, which is minimal discomfort to 10 which is the most maximum and intense you feel.

Then you perform the tapping technique and sequence whilst you repeat a self loving statement followed by reminders of the feelings and emotions your are feelings or you focus on the situation that is causing you distress and discomfort

EFT is all about releasing suppressed or blocked feelings and emotions that have become trapped within your bodies system.

The techniques combine a form of exposure therapy, thought and feelings restructuring, releasing and letting go and rapid emotional and physical relaxing and freeing techniques.

Nobody is quite sure how this tapping technique works. But, it gets results. 

It seems to work by stimulating certain acupuncture pressure points whilst you expose yourself and bring about your trauma or negative feelings. 

Which appears to instruct your emotional part of your brain to release and switch off all those unpleasant emotional responses and reduce the emotional attachment.

This technique somehow manages to dissociate the negative feelings away from your bad or traumatic memory by sending signals to the emotional or fear control panel of your brain to release and let go of your emotional trauma or distress.

It make take a few times to bring your emotional intensity down, and EFT, won't erase your memories completely, but each time your feelings will feel less intense and your bad memory or anxiety, will begin to feel less traumatic and less significant. 

The purpose of EFt is to help you to reduce your emotional trauma and discomfort, restoring a sense of mental clarity and inner feelings of peace, stillness and balance.

What it will do is, it will allow you to think about your memory, if you want to. Without bringing about all those intense and strong emotions and the resulting mental and physical illnesses, and unpleasant symptoms.

Now, if you have been abused or experienced a traumatic experience. You, probably, won't want, to recall the memory and images.

But, for anybody, who has lost a loved one. 

They still, might not want to block their memories of their loved ones out, but equally, they won't want to endure, all the sadness, grief and emotional pain. 

Some may, still want to think about them, and EFT, will allow you to still think about your loved ones, in a new positive way, without suffering all the immense pain and sadness.

Reduce your tension and reduce your stress

Your biggest enemy that you will ever have to face is tension and stress in your mind and body.

Trauma changes your posture and physiology causing tension in the body and physical and chemical symptoms of stress.

People often get stuck in these tense and stressful states which are also linked to their fight, flight, freeze response.

Your thoughts, feelings and behaviors are linked and they all affect each other.

Tension in the mind causes stress and tension in the body. And tension and stress in the body causes more tense and fear related thoughts in the mind which creates a self perpetuating feedback loop in the mind and body.

Calm your mind and your body will follow suit, calm your body and your mind will relax with it.

People who have been traumatised can go into a shortened posture where their head protrudes forward and is pulled down at the back of the neck.

Their shoulders become hunched and stiff and their body collapses. This type of posture is associated to the fight or flight reflex response.

This fight or flight response posture can become habitual. 

Some people even get stuck in it. In this shrinking posture, which is often known as the startled mode.

In this shortened posture. You can feel more threatened, anxious, sad, insecure and repressed.

Tensing and stiffening your body is also linked to your fight or flight response. 

If you 

  • Lift up your shoulders
  • Lift up your chin and head
  • Stick out your chest
  • Force your shoulders back
  • Arch or stiffen your back
Then this mimics the fight posture and in this stance your frantic mind will interpret this as you're being threatened.

It is hard to think about tense or anxious thoughts if you smile and you relax your body and free and release your shoulders.

Our shoulder and neck muscles in particular are connected to our fight flight, reflex response mechanism and startled mode. 

When your body is naturally aligned and balanced. You will feel happier, more at ease, more comfortable, less irritated and less anxious.

Making it feel a lot easier for you cope with your challenges and making it easier for you to heal your emotional wounds.

The belief that you can heal your wounds is the first step to recovery

Faith and expectation that you can let go of your past and create a better life and a better life is the first important step, if you intend to erase your bad memories and begin the healing process.

  • Faith leads to hope 
  • Hope leads to optimism
  • Optimism leads to action
  • Action lead to results
As they say. "You're only limited by your imagination or lack of understanding"

Just by imagining yourself getting better and envisaging how good your life will be once you have let go of your suffering, can help to transform feelings of helplessness to feelings of hope and optimism.

Because, you always have choices, and there are always better choices and better alternatives ways of doing things, you just haven't discovered or tried them yet. 

Thousands of people have overcome their adversities and bad memories and gone on too live a normal and happy life, free of their pain, so you can do it as well.

Your brain has the capacity to change and there is no reason why you cannot let go of your suffering and return back to an emotional and physical state of calm and balance. But it cannot do it by itself.

Your brain gets programmed by your perceptions, your reactions and your experiences and the only way it can change is by undoing your negative programs.

How animals quickly get over a terryfying experience

If you observe animals in the wild.

Take a wild Deer for example. 

They will happily be garazing and eating the grass, just getting on with their daily business. 

When all of a sudden, they will come face to face with a life threatening situation. Where they're all of a sudden startled and chased by an angry and hungry lion.

The Deers fight or flight response will kick in and the deer will bolt away. If the Deer is lucky enough to survive the dangerous encounter.

The Deer will quickly settle down, they will process the emotion and they will return to a state of calm and they will soon, let go and forget about their terrifying ordeal and just carry on doing what they were doing and being in the present moment.

They don't dwell on the life threatening encounter, they don't try to fight their feelings. They don't focus on it, hold on to their suffering or try to deal with what happened, or attempt to force themself to forget about it.

They just return their attention back on to the peace of the present moment and they just focus on the task they're doing.

And you to can learn how to let go of your emotions and start to focus your attention on the good things and tasks that you should be focusing on.

Using your bad experiences to do something positive

Once you have removed the strong negative energy away from your bad memory and you are starting to heal your wounds and as you begin to feel more resourceful and at peace. 

Then if you feel strong enough and ready. Can you take or make something positive out of your bad experience.

This could be. You could put all your focus and energy into helping others either, try to avoid having to go through the pain or trauma that you went through.

Or, depending on your situation or experience. 

You could perhaps set up a campaign to help others or make sure they do not make the same mistakes as you or end up in a similar bad situation or event. 

You could start a support group or write a blog to support and help other victims or help people who are still suffering the same kind of emotional pain or trauma you experienced.

If that doesn't suit you. Then you could make it your intention to achieve a goal, become successful or do something great with your life.

Because there is always many more opportunities and wonderful things that you can do. Once you let go of your painful past.

Break free from the chains that are imprisoning you

"Have you heard the story of the circus elephant that was chained to a small post and was unable to escape and free himself from the small post and his imprisonment.

The huge elephant could easily snap the chain and escape to freedom. The trouble is, even though he could easily break free, and escape is captivity.

He did not know that and so he never even tried.

The reason why the adult elephant could not escape to freedom was because of the emotional and painful associations and bad memories that were ingrained in his mind.

You, see.

When the elephant was a baby.

The baby elephants trainer, used the same simple methods. Where a chain was tied to the baby elephants leg and then attached to a wooden post.

The chain a post, were strong enough to prevent the baby elephant from escaping. Even, if the baby elephant attempted to break free.

The chain, was strong enough to hold the baby elephant. If when the baby elephant pulled with all his might.

The chain would cut into the baby elephants leg, and it would create a wound which would cause the baby elephant pain and discomfort.

In the end, the baby elephant soon learned to associate, trying to break free, with pain, after a bit of suffering, he would eventually, give up trying.

Even, when the baby elephant grew up, because of his bad and painful memory, which he associated with trying to escape. He would never again try to break free."

You are smarter and wiser than the elephant, and you have the opportunity to break free from the emotional pain of your bad memory.

And therefore, set yourself free from your internal imprisonment and find the emotional freedom, that has always, been available to you.

How you emotional past can affect your now and your future

"Somebody once told me a story about a guy who was out driving his car without a care in the world.

When suddenly a man driving a van had a heart attack and the van veered across the road and hit his car.

The van driver died, and the guy became so traumatised that he could no longer drive his car again.

Every time he then tried to drive, he was engulfed with fear and panic and he would immediately start shaking."

One moment, driving was a natural thing that he did automatically without thinking about it. Then because of his traumatic accident.

His mind had become alert and scared of the same type of thing happening again. 

And his mind was using his bad memory has feedback and triggering sensations of fear, to try and get him to avoid driving again.

Within a matter of minutes, this poor guys life had been changed.

This clearly demonstrates how a bad experience and memory can instantly change your life, indefinitely and change your perceptions, actions, feelings, behaviors and life.

It it takes is one bad experience, and it can negatively impact you in so many ways and even spread into other areas of your life.

Brain neuroplasticity and bad memories

Brain plasticity is a common term that is used by neuroscientists and self help experts, which refers to the brain's ability to change at any age.

When you are having or witnessing a bad emotional event or physical painful experiences. 

Your brain very quickly records and stores all the external circumstances and events that were related to your bad or traumatic experience at the time it was happening.

This includes, people, times, sounds and objects as well as all the emotional feelings, sensations or trauma you were experiencing or the physical pain and symptoms you were feeling during your bad experience.

All this date then gets stored in your emotional part of your brain, in the form of sounds and images all of which gets attached to the negative feelings, sensations and responses.

All your experiences, both positive and negative. Get stored within your emotional part of your brain as images, sounds, which are all linked to feelings and responses in your body.

The emotional part of your brain.Then uses these internal images, sounds and feelings as a feedback loop to gauge how you think, feel and react.

This is what is called a neural associations, pattern recognition and a learned response.

Once a bad memory and neural association has been created it will become hardwired and deeply ingrained into your brain and your nervous system. 

Any time you focus on your bad memory or you are remotely reminded of it in your external world.

Your brain will involuntary and instantly trigger of unpleasant emotional tension and responses which will activate symptoms of stress, sensations of fear or bad feelings in your body.

To make matters worse. 

The emotional part of your brain that controls your emotional responses is very closely linked to your sensory input, your memory and cognition.

Scientists have now discovered that, contrary to what many experts used to believe, that the brain is capable of changing.

Your brain can quickly create a fear or bad feeling association, to your negative experiences. 

But on the positive flip side. You can change the feelings that have been linked to your bad memory.

Now we have a better understanding of how the brain works.

Your brain is capable of changing, and you can now fairly quickly free yourself from the emotional pain and grip of your bad memory.

This is great news for anybody who suffers with the devastating effects of PTSD or those who have to live and suffer from the emotional pain and sadness, of an active bad memory.

Because it is no longer necessary to spend or put up with many painful years trying to live with, deal with or treat your bad memories or trauma.

The important thing for you to be aware of is. 

The longer you leave your bad or traumatic memory untreated or the more you resist it and the more focus of attention you give to it.

You will make the negative and bad feeling associations and neural pathways stronger and more intense.

Not only will this prolong and increase your emotional pain, stress and suffering. But the longer you leave things and do nothing, the harder it will get for you to heal and treat your bad memory.

Therefore for your mental state of being, your long term health and well-being, it is pretty important to consider treating your bad memory as soon as possible.

Because imagine how bad you're going to feel many years from now.

Living with the regret of knowing you could have found emotional freedom and you could have rid yourself of all the suffering of your bad memory, but you choose not to act upon it.

Your brain uses your bad memories and your internal representations, to gauge how you respond to your bad memory and how you react, feel and behave in the future.

How much emotional pain, stress and suffering you go on to experience and how badly your memory affects you after the event.

Largely depends on whether you process the emotion and if you remove the emotional charge and external stimulations, away from your bad memory

The longer you leave it without doing something, the stronger the emotional associations become and the harder it will become to free yourself from your emotional suffering.

Bad memories and negative emotional patterns, become hard wired into your brain and your bodily system, causing you endless emotional suffering and unpleasant feelings.

This can leave you feeling frustrated, because you cannot break free of your constant feelings and emotional patterns of stress, anxiety, anger and negative thoughts, responses and feelings.

If you want to reclaim back your life and go on to live a positive and fulfilling, happy and enjoyable life, set and achieve new goals, then you first have to change your feelings and your neural pathways ands associations.

Being mindful to the thoughts and images that cause you to feel bad, is a good place to start, so you can begin to instantly start to relax yourself, before the negative momentum gathers pace.

But if, your bad memories and your emotional patterns have become hardwired into your brain and the amount of emotional intensity that has been attached to your bad experience, has become overwhelming for you. 

Then, a bit of emotional work and energy clearing may be required.

Shocking statistics reveal the alarming truth

Alarmingly, the statistics suggest that more and more people are struggling to cope with, the psychological, emotional and physical symptoms caused by their bad memories and trauma.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, every year, millions of workdays are lost to to mental health issues, which include, stress, anxiety and depression.

Bad memories and trauma are the root cause most mental issues. Including chronic stress, sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, phobia's, unwanted thoughts and obsessive behaviors.

This clearly demonstrates that mental and emotional issues are the leading cause of sickness and absence from work. 

But it is not just the cost of mental health issues. The sufferer is also unnecessary going through periods of persistent, stress, anxiety, obsessive thought patterns, misery, emotional pain and depression.

If that is not bad enough to live with. Mental health disorders, and bad memories are linked to mental health issues, are responsible for low moods, loss of interest or pleasure and feelings of guilt or low self-worth.

The number of war veterans who admit they are experiencing PTSD as been estimated to have risen by 70% in the last five years.

But you do not have to be a war veteran or a member of the emergency services, to experience trauma or PTSD. Anybody who has witnessed or experienced a terrifying event, can be affected.

There are thousands of people who are feeling the victims of both physical and psychological abuse or bad relationships or a loss of a loved one.

In fact, any negative or unpleasant experience can lead to emotional issues further on down the line.

Because of the ever rise in emotional and mental issues. This also suggests that conventional  treatments are largely ineffective.

Many people are still unaware, that there are a lot of things that you can do, to release your emotional pain and suffering. And you don't have to remain a victim to your past or remain just another statistic.

The trouble is, many people just relying on coping methods, some of which are not healthy, or they try and treat the symptoms, rather than tackling the root cause of their problem.

Because there are natural ways and treatments, that can help to free you from the pain of your past and begin to start the healing process, so you can return back to your normal and peaceful life once again.

The truth is, you can hold on to your emotional or you can choose to let go of your suffering, by teaching yourself how to reduce the intensity of your feelings and emotions or by changing the way you react to your bad memory.

The reason, why most people hold onto their emotional pain, is because they try to fight with their bad memory and painful past, instead of processing the memory and letting it go.

Unresolved trauma and bad memories, can then lead to many other negative, stressful and anxiety related issues, obsessive behaviors and in some cases, depression.

Because, when you have been stuck in a prolonged state of anxiety, negativity or stress, which for some people can be on an almost daily basis. 

Then all the constant and toxic releases of adrenaline into your body and the bad feeling emotions, can leave you, feelings burned out, depressed and exhausted.

When this happens, feelings of hopelessness and pessimism can become your dominant emotional and physical state.

Why you probably feel so bad is because?

Your bad or traumatic memory has become so dominant, that it is causing your body to release the stress hormones.

Cortisol and adrenaline into your body, which is keeping you stuck in a negative and stressful state.

If this is happening on a regular occurrence, then your body, never has a chance to return back to its natural calm and resting state.

What this means is. 

You emotional and physical state of being, gets set and stuck at, high levels of stress, sadness and anxiety.

With you having, to contend with this each day, then it is no wonder you feel so down and defeated.

Eventually, if you allow your memory to remain active and unresolved, all the negative, stressful hormones feelings and emotions.

Can throw your whole system out of balance, which can trigger feelings of depression and hopelessness.

This is because your body is constantly being pumped with the stress and anxiety triggering hormones. 

All the bombardment of stress and negative feelings.

Will prevent, the release of your natural feel good endorphins. Preventing you from experience the feel good emotions. 

This constant state of stress and negativity, can leave you feeling exhausted and defeated.

American Psychological Association, describes emotional trauma as

"The emotional response to an extremely negative event"

The negative event can be a major traumatic experience, but this is not always the case, and you can suffer with years of emotional trauma, from just about, virtually any negative experience.

The first reactions to a negative or traumatic event are usually, the release of adrenaline, a racing pulse, shallow or rapid breathing, confusion, freezing, numbness, disorientation, all of which are part of our fight or flight response.

This is a normal response to a negative situation, and normally, after a while, you would move on and you would return back to your natural state.

However, for many, the effects of the upsetting or negative event, can linger on, long after the event is over, and this is where the problems begin.

Some of the negative effects of emotional trauma

  • Random recurrences of stressful or painful memories 
  • Wanting to avoid any reminders of your bad experience, such as people, places, triggers and situations
  • Chronic uncontrollable stress
  • Anxiety, anger, frustration, irritability, depression 
  • Panic attacks
  • OCD thoughts and behaviors
  • Mood swings
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Nightmares and flashbacks 
  • Stuck in survival mode 
  • Guilt and self blame 
  • Feelings of distress and hopelessness 
  • Negative outlook 
  • Isolation, withdrawing from society 
  • Low self esteem and self worth
If you are suffering with PTSD or you are feeling the pain and symptoms of your bad experience, and you have not yet healed your emotional wounds or processed and released the emotion from your negative experience. 

Then you will run the risk of experiencing chronic stress, emotional trauma and the possibility of physical illnesses.

The real problem begins, when you start to accept your trauma, stress, fear and emotional pain as being a normal part of your life and something that you cannot do anything about.

Emotional trauma and chronic stress, is not normal and your body cannot cope with prolonged periods of stress and anxiety, and sooner or later it will manifest as unpleasant physical symptom in your body.

Stress shuts down your digestive system, ages your body, keeps you stuck in a heightened state of alertness to danger and a tunnel focus of attention and it is estimated that it is responsible for About 80 to 85% of all human diseases.

As your body tries to struggle with all the physical symptoms of stress, your immune system will weaken down, and because your body cannot cope with all the stress. 

This is when you will start getting physical symptoms, illnesses, tension and tension headaches and high levels of anxiety.

Should you try and forget your bad memories?

The latest scientific research suggests, that memories aren't permanent as what was once thought.

But can you and should you try to get rid of your bad memories? 

Memories both good and bad are meant to be permanent and there is a good valid reason for that, as they serve us of valuable data, so we can avoid repeating the same mistakes or failures. 

The most important aspect that might be being overlooked here is, it is not actually your memories that is now really hurting you.

The big problem lies with all the meaning they have for you, and the strong feelings, neural connection, responses and emotions that have been formed straight after your bad experience.

So although our memories are permanent, all the strong feelings, emotions and connections, certainly don't have to be permanent and they certainly can be and should be changed.

And, when, you break the connections and you take away the feelings and emotions, your bad memories will then become rendered as inactive and emotionally insignificant.

Your emotional part of your brain responds to the emotional significance of your bad experience.

iWhat this means is, if your bad memory is still classified as being emotionally significant, then your brain will keep on returning to it and it will carry on responding stressfully to all your memories trigger connections.

Removing all your bad memories, feelings and connections is a bit like having a firework, without a fuse, it becomes totally inactive and devoid of the energy charge that ignites and powers it. 

Many people in their search for inner peace, attempt to try and suppress their memory, unwanted feelings and emotions.

However, that It is like burying the still active memory and emotions alive deep inside your system, and when you do that.

Your bad experience will then become a part of your whole mind and body system, and it will remain there causing you constant stress and emotional pain, until the neural connections and emotional associations have been separated from your bad memory.

So, instead of letting go of your emotional pain and classifying it in the past tense, so you can move on and get back to a normal life.

What will happen is, your memory will stay alive and active, as if it is still happening in the present tense, keeping you imprisoned in, and forever reacting to the context of the whole disturbing and upsetting event.

Why you're trapped in your bad experience

Have you ever wondered why you're having so much trouble with your bad or traumatic memory and why it is happening?

When you have endured or witnessed the pain and stress of a bad experience, your brain will record everything that is happening to you and everything that was is going on in your environment at the time your bad experience occurred.

Let's say for example.

If there were sirens or gunfire going on, or smoke and fire, during your bad experience, your brain would store the data for future reference, and your brain would attach these sounds to your fight or flight response mechanism.

These are known as neural associations and pattern recognition and they will become your trigger memories.

Any time you are walking down a street, and you hear a siren or loud bang, or you come across a fire, your emotional brain.

The part of your brain that protects you and keeps you safe, will automatically recognize these triggers as being similar to what happened during your bad experience and it will automatically link them to, you're about to face a dangerous situation again. 

Because this part of your mind does not deal with logic or reasoning, only patterns, associations, feelings and responses, it will involuntarily activate your fight or flight response.

Your brain cannot distinguish between what happened during the time of your bad or traumatic  experience and a normal everyday event, even though it has no relevance to you. 

When a person who has not had a bad experience hears a siren going off or they hear a sudden loud bang, they might be startled for a few brief seconds, but because they have not connected their fight or flight to the noise or images, they will quickly return back to a state of calm.

However, in the case of the person who has experienced a traumatic event, because their brain has learned to associate danger with the sound of a siren, things unfold completely differently.

When your senses send data to your brain and it finds a negative emotional pattern recognition and an association with danger, your mind will flood the body full of adrenaline and your fight or flight response will go off, time and time again, even in the absence of any real danger or threats.

How long does it take before your PTSD takes hold?

Normally the impact of witnessing or experiencing a traumatic, life threatening or negative experience, should start to fade away after a period of time.

But for many, this is not the case, and severe emotional difficulties and problems can soon take root and start to seriously affect the person's life and their ability to function normally on a daily basis.

This is what Post Traumatic Stress and bad memories does, it throws your body out of sync and balance.

Sometimes the effects of Post Traumatic Stress can be a delayed reaction, you may initially find that you start to recover from your ordeal after a few weeks, but the problem can lie simmering dormant under the surface of your mind, but it can come back with a vengeance to torment you at a later date.

Bad memories become more active at times when you're feeling stressed or your muscles are tight and tense.

Some of the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress are

  • Nightmares and waking up feeling anxious and sweaty 
  • Flashbacks 
  • Feelings of panic and anxiety 
  • Chronic stress 
  • Obsessive thoughts and behaviors 
  • Feelings distressed 
  • Stressful and physical reactions when you're reminded of the bad experience
You may think that your PTSD is making it impossible for you to live a normal and healthy life, it can make you feel like a prisoner in your own mind. 

But that is a belief, not a fact, and beliefs, feelings, circumstances and emotional connections can be changed.

Some people are even afraid or too proud to seek help or change, but the truth is, living the rest of your life with PTSD is far more scary than seeking a cure.

Nobody wants to suffer, all people want is help to free themselves from the pain, they just don't know what to do or how to go about it, often without realizing it, they make their symptoms worse.

Evolution is to blame

Our brains have evolved to try and keep us safe and focus on the negative. This is a good thing in a way, but sometimes this process can go wrong or get out of control, and when it goes out of control it needs to be fixed.

The trouble is, our fight or flight response and survival mechanism is still very primitive, and it can get out of control.

In order to survive when our world was once a dangerous place to live in, our mind and body had to develop a system, where we could go from a state of calm to high energy, power and strength in a matter of seconds, to give us a better chance of surviving.

This is where our fight or flight mechanism was born, its only flaw is, it does not respond to logic or reasoning, and it is a case of act first, because has far as your mind is concerned, it is better to be safe than sorry.

You cannot just tell your mind you don't want to react to your bad memory, telling your brain to fix itself is like yelling at your computer, when it has got a programming fault.

If you have had a bad or traumatic experience at some stage in your life, your conscious mind will immediately take all the information as input, which it will send to your subconscious mind for processing. 

Once you have been through the bad experience, all the information will stay locked up in your memory bank for later recall, should it be needed. 

Your mind will do everything it can to prevent you from having to endure the same bad experience again, the problem with our minds is, they cannot think logically, your brain just responds to data, physical stressful symptoms in your body and input from your senses. 

All the information that was recorded at the time of your bad experience, will then be stored in your emotional memory bank and used as data to gauge how you should react in the future.

The only thing your mind has got to protect you is strong negative emotions to alert you, which will activate adrenaline and the symptoms of stress so you can try and avoid or escape from the situation, should it happen again.

The trouble is, you cannot run away or avoid the images and thoughts in your mind, you cannot run away from the feelings in your body and it is not helpful if your fight or flight response is going off, everytime you hear or see anything that your mind remotely associates with your bad experience.

Even if you have to face that same or similar experience again, your subconscious mind will automatically return to the memory, and bring it back into your conscious awareness which will cause you to feel the same sensations as you did at the time of the bad experience. 

The reason why you cannot just think or talk your bad memory to go away is because there is an invisible barrier that lies between your conscious and subconscious mind.
This acts a safety mechanism which evolved to help protect you and keep you safe, because if you had to face a real life threat, then there would be no time for thinking logically, and your mind would act and respond instantly to give you a better chance of surviving.

Therefore, unless you change your inner subconscious programming, your mind will carry on doing what it has been programmed to do, because it thinks it is necessary to help to protect you from having to go through the.

This barrier is a bit like having your own inner security guard whose job is to protect you and prevent anything from reaching your subconscious mind that goes against your previous programming, even though it is your wish to delete the bad memory. 

This is why you will struggle to change or get rid of your bad memory, because your inner security guard thinks you need your old programming to help you avoid having to go through the same bad experience again.

Again, this can be a good thing, because it can help to keep you safe should you about to encounter a real threat or danger.
But it is no help when your fight or flight response is constantly going off when it is not needed or it is not appropriate, as in the case of your bad memory.

In order to end all the emotional pain and suffering, you have to bypass your inner security guard, so you can access your own subconscious mind.

The difference between your mind and body being balanced and out of balance, is the amount of emotional attachment and significance that has become connected to your bad experience.

Why you get stuck in a self perpetuating cycle of stress and anxiety

Everytime you're bad memory causes a stressful response it takes up to 36 hours for your body to get rid of the stress hormones, this is not good for your health or well-being.

If your bad memory is constantly being played out in your mind, your body won't even get a chance to return back to its natural resting state and your body will stay out of balance most of the time.

Bad memories can demoralize your whole quality of your life, they can cause you endless stress, frustration and anxiety, and even lead to depression or alcohol and substance abuse.

Trying to bury your emotional traumas and wounds with alcohol or substance abuse, or trying to occupy your mind with other distraction methods, is not the answer and it can make matters worse.

Alcohol and drugs may temporarily alleviate your emotional hurt and torment, but as soon as their effect wears off, the pain will resurface. 

Alcohol, smoking and drugs are all stimulants, and although they may initially relax you, when their effect wears off, you will feel more stressed and pumped up.

At the moment your bad memory has all the power over you, but it does not have to be that way once you strip away all the strong emotional attachment.

You should not be constantly punished and tormented by an unpleasant experience that happened in the past, which was not your fault.

It is a sad fact of life that very often the victim or the innocent one is left to suffer the most, usually in silence.

What you may not realize is that you have the power and control to erase your bad memory if you decide to do so.

When you get stuck in a cycle and pattern of stress and intrusive thoughts, the high levels of stress can put a strain on your adrenaline glands, and because you get stuck in a state of high levels of stress.

This can then this can have a knock on effect, which can result in other emotional issues like anxiety,  anger issues,phobia's, OCD and depression.

Your emotional brain is more powerful than your rational brain

Your nervous system cannot tell the difference between the images and pictures that are taking place in our mind and a real threatening or traumatic event.

Therefore, the internal images of your mind can change your body physiology and throw your physiology out of balance.

Then it can feel very upsetting, and overwhelming to try and hold yourself together and live a normal life when your emotions are all over the place and your body is reacting with the physical symptoms of fear.

The emotional part of your brain that processes emotions, which is involuntary, will automatically react with fear if it perceives what it thinks is a threat or if it thinks, something is causing you pain.

The trouble with this inbuilt survival mechanism is, it can get stuck in a vicious loop and cycle and it can get it wrong. 

This is true in the case of bad memories, because your stress response is being activated because it senses a threat, even though the bad situation is well in the past. 

The reason why it is happening is because, the human brain is divided into two parts, the rational mind and the emotional mind.

The rational mind controls about 90% our decisions, but when the emotional mind which is far more powerful and it is the part of our brain that controls our fear and fight or flight responses takes over, it will overpower the rational mind causing our emotional impulses to influence us.

The emotional mind, which uses strong and powerful emotions and activates the fight or flight responses, operates at very fast speeds. 

The emotional mind, will send messages to the body to release adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol into the body, to quickly prime our body with a big boost of energy so we can take action against the perceived threat, which usually, no longer exist.

The rational mind takes longer to process information, therefore the emotional mind wins everytime.

Therefore, until you break this fear circuit and response, your emotional mind will carry on triggering the stress and fear response to those internal images that are being flashed in your mind or those external triggers.

There are ways to help you to control and your panic and stressful responses, you can imagine yourself on a tropical beach and engage all your senses, at the onset of any stress or fear.

Nutrient deficiency, anxiety and stress

If you have been suffering with post traumatic stress, then it can deplete your body and brain of the natural nutrients that it requires to keep your brain and body in balance and working efficiently.

A deficiency in the key important nutrients has been associated with depression, anxiety and mood swings.

Long periods of stress and anxiety can deplete your body of all its natural vitamins and nutrients that it requires to keep your mind and body in its peak and most optimum balance and performance efficiency.

A balanced diet of healthy foods rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals can help to relax you, improve your mood and help you feel less anxious. 

It may pay you to consult your doctor or nutritionist to determine your nutritional needs and daily dosage requirements.

Magnesium is one of the most powerful nutrients that can help reduce stress and anxiety, this key mineral is well known for its natural power to calm you.

Other studies have shown that there is a link between moods and a deficiency in the B vitamin range, again if you're thinking about taking supplements, it may pay you to consult with your doctor or dietician about the correct daily dosage

Vitamin D has also been linked with being able to help reduce stress and anxiety.

How it all evolved

This procedure for storing bad emotional memories was designed to keep us safe, if we were threatened the mind would record the memory of the thing, time and place so it could warn us if we faced the same threat or dangerous situation again. 

The feelings and trauma you experienced when the life threatening event happened were then recorded and stored deep in the emotional part of the mind.

This was vital so your mind would be better prepared to respond immediately to give you a better chance of survival if ever you came face to face with the same or similar type of predator and situation.

If a potential threat was detected the mind would scan through its data to see what happened the last time you were in that situation. 

If your mind matched the perceived threat with a memory of a past bad encounter it would activate the fight or flight process over which we would have no control.

The fearful emotions are designed to feel bad, it's job is designed to alert us to prepare for action, the options available were, to run, fight, avoid or surrender. 

The world back then was a very dangerous place with a potential threat to our safety lurking around every corner. Back then our mind's primary job was to keep us safe, it did this by trying to keep us in the safety of our comfort zone. 

This was the area where man lived, here the mind new the surrounding environment was relatively safe, so therefore your mind and body could switch to a more relaxed state. 

Whenever man attempted to venture outside his comfort zone the mind would go on high alert to danger, it did not like the idea that you were going into unknown or dangerous territory, it believed that it was best to fear anything that it did not know was harmless. 

The mind had evolved to play things on the safe side, this meant caution first, logic second, this is why even in today's relatively safe world our mind still tends to fear the unknown and it hates change.

So as soon as early man attempted or even thought about stepping outside his comfort zone the mind would grab past negative memories of anything it perceived as a threat. 

It would then flash these images into our conscious awareness as an early warning system to alert us of all the perceived risks, it did this to try and make us stick in the safety of our comfort zone.

To demonstrate how your mind and feelings operates, think about a bad experience or something that makes you anxious and notice how you feel, now think of a pleasant and happy memory and notice the difference in how you feel. 

A bad memory is like being in a trance or a negative state of being, when you're having those bad and traumatic experiences playing out in your mind, you're basically stepping back into the situation for real, through the internal reality of your mind.

You become more afraid of the fear and feelings 

"The biggest fear people have is the fear of fear itself, so in time you learn to become afraid of your anxious thoughts, bad memories and the sensations that are associated with fear.

Tense muscles or the physical and chemical sensations that are linked with stress will switch your mind over into your negative bad memory files and data and all your focus will go into survival mode.

Your negative files are the place where all the negative data for your past bad experiences are recorded and filed.

When you have a bad experience or negative memory your amygdala's which controls your emotions and is in charge of the activation of your fight or flight response records and logs the memory and the associated emotions and feelings you experienced at the time.

This will include, the time, the place and all the emotional pain that you experienced at the time of the traumatic event. 

The problem is, your amygdala's never forgets anything that has happened to you, and it will keep returning to and it will keep on reacting with negative responses, especially when the memory is still classified as current ad emotionally active.

This means every time you come face to face again with the thing or situation or a similar type of situation again your amygdala will automatically trigger your fight or flight response. Your amygdala's will also fire off the fight or flight response to emotionally charged memories.

The problem being, with most people's fears there is rarely any outside dangers, as far as your mind and your senses are concerned, they think they have detected what they think could be a real treat.

What is really happening is, your anxiety is tricking you into believing you need to do something to prevent something bad from happening.

Basically, you are being fooled into reacting with fear and believing you need to take some form of avoidance measure or preventive action to what are nothing more than illusions of the mind. 

The new enemy, then, comes from within, this means your body and mind will start to respond to all those what if scenarios, your fearful thoughts or your past traumas and bad experiences. 

Because your amygdala's never forgets an emotional experience this same process gets repeated over and over again until you break the cycle. Our past negative experiences create our insecurities for the future.

Positive thinking is not always the answer

Some people try to use positive thinking to help them remove bad memories and even though positive thinking will make you feel better, the powerful emotional memory can keep coming back.

Others will try and repress them or use other techniques, but more often than not these methods fail because the subconscious mind which acts like a video and data recorder works with emotions, feelings and associations and not logic or reasoning.

Sometimes our subconscious mind will base our feelings and responses on we handled our past experiences and how those bad experiences effected us at the time and after the event.

To become free of your traumatic past you have to disassociate and detach the negative energy charge from the bad memory, but you cannot merely think it away, because thinking largely operates at a conscious level. 

If you have a film on your video recorder that you would like to remove, your not going to erase it just by talking to your video recorder in a positive manner or trying to reason with it.

That approach will probably achieve nothing, to remove the film you have to delete it from your files, once you delete it is has gone for good. 

However, trying to just delete a bad memory from your mind is not quite so simply as deleting a picture from your digital camera because unlike the camera your memories and your neural pathways are a bit more complex.

You can put it another way, if you have any old photo's on your camera which you don't like perhaps say they hold sad and negative memories for you which evoke negative or hurtful emotions you would delete them from your camera. 

If you keep on looking at the photo you will keep feeling the emotion. All of our memories have an energy attached to them, good memories have a neutral or positive energy while bad memories have a negative energy associated with them.

Because bad memories and traumatic experiences operate on a subconscious level the pain, hurt and flashbacks are being driven by emotions and feelings, therefore you cannot use words or think them away.

It is all the emotional and physical attachment that is keeping the memory active and current, if you want to be free of all the hurt and pain of the bad experience, then you need to disassociate and desensitize the emotional arousal from the bad experience.

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