Relaxation Techniques To Move You From Stress To A Place Of Calm And Inner Balance

Relaxation is a necessity that is required to help us to unwind, de-stress and to bring our mind and body back to its natural state of calm and balance. 

Relaxation is natures way of recharging your batteries, empowering you and giving you more energy and zest for life.

Regular deep relaxation, will also help you to improve your mood and make you happy as well as improving your overall well-being and your general health.

During your designated relaxation time or session you can start to detach yourself from all your worries, issues and negative and unwanted thought patterns.

Regular relaxation and being mindful should be added to everybody's lives, because it can help you to reduce your stress and anxiety, by restoring inner calm and balance, plus it can also help you to lower the arousal in the part of your emotional brain that is responsible for the stress and fight or flight response.

Our mind and body requires ample amounts of deep relaxation so it can rest and restore itself, relaxation is something everybody needs to do.

When you restore balance to your mind and body, then you will be able to perform and function at your peak performance best, it will also allow you to be able to tap into your inner genius and creativity.

Although people tend to associate relaxation with the odd mini break or weekend away now and again. 

Relaxation is more essential in your normal everyday life because you're more likely to be stressed or exhausted on the days you're at work or if your looking after the kids at home so these are the times when relaxation is required more. 

Positive benefits of relaxing

Regular deep relaxation will improve your health and well-being, relaxation techniques are essential to help you fast track your vitality levels as well as supercharging your energy, but the benefits of regular short relaxation sessions don't stop there. 

The relaxed and calm states and emotions can all be found in the positive emotions range, they are opposite to the negative emotions and you cannot feel calm and negative at the same time, so the more you can stay calm, the better you're going to feel.

Relaxation techniques, will allow your body to restore and repair itself as well as helping you to calm your mind and body, helping you to restore inner balance and flow.

Regular relaxation will sleep better, and if you keep it up, not only will you have a better life experience, but you can even increase your life span. 

Because of your new found calm, you will experience a better mood and you will feel less irritable, so the people that you surround yourself with will also benefit. 

Relaxation can make you look younger because it reduces frown lines caused by tension and it is the number one best way to help you relieve stress and a stress free life means a happier and more positive life. 

Some people claim they have not got time to relax, others have forgotten what it is like to experience those sweet calm feelings.

The truth is though, because of the many health and well-being benefits that regular relaxation can bring you, you cannot really afford not to relax.

Once you start to relax for about twenty to thirty minutes a day you will really begin to benefit from it and you will soon begin to reap the rewards. 

Because, when you are relaxed you perform better and it helps put you in control of yourself and your life, you will be more creative and new exciting idea's and opportunities will come your way.

Relaxation techniques will leave you feeling more balanced and in general they will help you have a more positive outlook on life plus your body will feel more flexible and agile.

The more relaxed the less problems you will have, life will become a whole lot easier and the better you will handle those once difficult situations, meaning less stress and anger.

Relaxation and the brain and body

Relaxation should happen naturally and it is the most natural state of both balance and harmony in the mind and the body.

If you observe animals in the wild, they know how to relax and when they should relax, as humans tend to ignore or override the signals the body gives off to let us know, it's time to take a relaxation break or a quick power nap.

Animals will alternate between all the physical activity they participate in and relaxation periods and they listen to what their bodies are telling them. 

Unlike humans who just try to carry on, dosing themselves up with yet more caffeine and high sugary foods and snacks, when their bodies are screaming at them, to slow down and take a rest.

There will be measurable changes in a person's body when they are relaxed or stressed. When we are calm, are muscles are more softer, our heartbeat is normal and we breathe freely and naturally and our emotional state is positive and calm.

When we are stressed, angry or anxious, then the body will take on many changes both chemical, emotional and physical.

Our muscles will become tense, we become emotionally aroused, our heartbeat increases, the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline will be released into our bodies and our breathing becomes rapid and shallow.

Research also tells us, that beside all the chemical and physical changes that take place when we are stressed or experiencing negative emotions, our mood is also affected.

When we are relaxed, there will be an increase in the release of the feel good endorphins, such as serotonin which promotes feelings of calmness and happiness.
The activity of  your brain, and the state of your body can provide you with valuable feedback and information to let you know how relaxed or how stressed you currently are.

Your brainwaves and thought patterns can tell you, what you're thinking about and how your allowing outside influences to affect you. 

Your physiology, such as, how much tension you are holding in your body, your breathing and heart rate can also give you a good indication of whether you're in a state of calm or stress.

Normally in an ideal world, we would get most of the relaxation that we require from a good quality night's sleep, and then just top the relaxation up at given periods throughout the day. 

The reality is, most people don't get a good night's sleep, this is because their mind is racing with worry and stressful thoughts and their body is stressfully aroused and tense. 

To make matters worse, if you go to bed in a stressful or negative state, then not only will you have a broken and restless poor quality night's sleep, but you will also bring with you you're negative state and emotional baggage into the new day.

Most people are not even aware of how un-relaxed and stressed they really are, and for some it can reach a stage where they think it is normal for them and they fail to realize that they need to slow down or take it easy and they continue to push themselves to the limits.

Guided imagery to relax

Visualization is an excellent relaxation technique and it is a very quickly way of calming you down, the best method to achieve this is to use your imagination to visualize yourself in a very peaceful and tranquil location such as a paradise beach or tropical rain forest.

somewhere where you dream of going. But it does not have to be a place of beauty it can also be somewhere where you have visited or frequent often. 

Visualization can instantly reduce stress and anxiety and it is something you can learn and apply in any stressful of fearful situation you may have to face. You can also buy relaxation or guided visualization cds which are excellent ways for stress relief and calming your mind down.

A great way to relax is guided imagery where you imagine yourself relaxing in a tranquil location of your choice. 

To get the best results don't visualize and picture yourself in this calming paradise actually imagine it as you are actually there for real because the nervous system cannot different between what is real and what is imagined. 

The advantage of this is you can use your imagination to calm yourself any time place or situation you choose; this gives you the power to relax at will. 

Find somewhere quiet and close your eyes and take some slow deep breaths making sure the out breath is longer than the in one. 

To start, vividly imagine yourself in your ideal place of peace and calm, imagine that there is no one else there bar yourself and the place makes you feel totally safe and secure, this can become your ideal safe spot of peace and tranquility.

As you begin to imagine yourself in your dream location engage all of your five senses because when you are stressed or anxious your senses become heightened and more alert to warn you of the perceived dangers but it works both ways and with the aid of your senses you can soon reduce your stress and anxiety levels. 

Use your imagination in a flowing story like description of where you are dreaming about, as an example we will pretend were on a paradise beach and you would imagine it something like this.

"I am lying on a beautiful tropical beach, as look ahead I can see the beautiful relaxing aqua sea, I can see the clear deep blue skies and the bright white sandy beach. 

I can hear the relaxing sounds of the ebb and flow of the waves in the distance rolling onto the sea shore in a never ending sequence, I can hear the soothing sounds of the birds singing above me, I feel so calm and secure. 

I can smell the fresh salty sea air and I can smell the beautiful fragrance of my coconut sun cream oil on my skin. I can feel the warmth of the sun on my body and there is a gentle sea breeze caressing my skin. I am sipping my cool tropical fruit juice it taste delicious”

You can add more to it than this, practice using this every night for five to ten minutes for several week and then any time you notice yourself beginning to feel stressful or the first onset of anxiety or fear imagine yourself at your ideal place. 

This is a great way to wipe out any stress or anxiety if you catch it quick, so on the onset of feeling anxious or stress, just imagine yourself in your ideal location.

Use hypnosis to relax and change

Hypnosis is one of the best ways to achieve deep relaxation and regular rest and repair, the big advantage of hypnosis is not only is it a great way to relax, reduce stress and combat tiredness it can also help you to change and improve your life at the same time.

Self hypnosis deals in thoughts, feelings and behaviours, so when you use self hypnosis and guided imagery you will engage in the type of thoughts, feelings and actions that can get rid of unwanted fears, thoughts and destructive habits and behaviours and much more. 

A short fifteen to twenty minute hypnosis session can give you the equivalent amount of relaxation as several hours of sleep would, along with meditation there is not a better way to relax and unwind. 

The beauty of hypnosis is the more often you use it the quicker and deeply relaxed you will become, the feelings of hypnosis can take you to a level of relaxation that you will not have experienced before. 

Standing and sitting with the least amount of pain

Although people generally class relaxation with things like meditation or resting and chilling out, you can improve your relaxation sessions and generally feel less tense, by making sure you have a nice poised, balanced and aligned posture.

Because it is hard to feel relaxed and balanced if you're standing or sitting in uncomfortable, painful or tense postures.

If your body has become out of its natural alignment with gravity, then it is going to make you feel tense, irritable and tired, because your muscles will have to compensate for your out of aligned body, which will cause stiffness, a loss of flexibility, aches and pains as well as depleting your energy resources.

The video below will show you how to align your body, so your muscles will relax and you will experience a better feeling mood.

Natural ways to relax

Although there are many modern and traditional ways to relax, you can relax in many other ways and forms. 

Walking and observing nature is like an outside natural way of meditation and it is a great way to unwind and relax and forget about your troubles of the day.

Relaxing on a beach or at some other scenic or beautiful, tranquil and peaceful location, will quickly bring down your stress levels.

Some people find doing their hobbies can help them to relax, such as reading, gardening, fishing, photography or painting to name a few.

Listen to relaxing music

Listening to relaxing music is another great way to relax, piano and classical music can help to reset the mind and body to a more relaxed energy state.

When we listen to relaxing music, our brainwaves and body will mimic the beat and relaxing sound of the music and it will entrain the mind and body to match up with the calming energy of the soothing music.

Another relaxation technique which is easy and effortless is binary beat and brainwave cds, These are guided relaxation CDs, sounds of nature CDs and brainwave CDs and they are some of the best relaxation techniques on the Internet.

Chill out with the sounds of nature, the brainwaves, relaxation cds obtained at the link below are very powerful relaxation techniques to easily help you to unwind, reliever stress and turbo boost your energy.

For Deep Relaxation Cds visit

Meditation for the ultimate state of relaxation 

Meditation is another age old tradition that is a great relaxation technique, but the positive benefits of meditation go way beyond just the relaxation properties.

1) Meditation can help to boost your health. Regular meditation can reduce inflammation and it can help to improve your immune sytem and even lengthen your life expectancy.

2) Meditation can help to reduce stress and anxiety by helping you to regulate and manage your emotions as well as helping you to solve problems and worry less.

3) Meditation can help to improve memory, give you a better focus, improve your concentration, increase your intelligence and boost your creativity. 

4) Meditation will help you to let go of negative emotions and baggage as well as helping you to keep your mind in the present moment. You can use your new found skill of mindfullness and bringing yourself back into the here and now, during your daily life, should you find yourself engaging in negative thoughts and emotions.

5) As well as lowering your stress levels, meditation can improve your mood, which will make you more productive and efficient, and the more you practice relaxing, you will find you will have less trouble with negative emotions and your focus and awareness will expand. 


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