Facts About Stress:Reduce Your Stress

If your experiencing high levels of stress and worry then it is something you just cannot just ignore, besides all the health problems it can cause for you and most experts estimate that it is responsible for ninety five percent of all illnesses, it is also not a pleasant feeling and state to be spending your time in.

Stress is a state related to the fight or flight process, it's primary function is to prepare you to take action giving you more energy and strength to run away from or fight off an attacker.

This means your body is fueled with adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol, your body chemistry changes, blood is pumped away from your stomach and sent to your major muscle groups, for your body to achieve this your heart has to work extra harder to get you through a difficult situation. 

This is fine in a real life situation, but it is no use in a everyday none threatening one, when we are not encountering danger our body is supposed to return to a relaxed and balanced state of being. 

Stress was designed to get us out of trouble, we are not meant to spend long periods of our lives stuck in this negative state but far to many people are suffering with too much worry and stress in their lives. 

This means they are responding the same as they would do if they were being attacked by a ferocious tiger or dangerous predator and they are doing this on a daily basis to trivial situations that pose them no real threat.

Not only is it bad for your health but it will also stop you from performing and functioning at your very best not to mention it blocks your creativity, disrupts you ability to concentrate and reduces your intelligence. 

It will keep you looked into a very narrow focus of attention which will prevent you from experiencing fun and enjoyment, when you become stress free you will feel so much better and your attention will expand so you can enjoying all the splendors and opportunities this wonderful world has to offer.

Find Out What's Causing The Worry And Stress

Millions of people around the world are searching for ways of how to reduce stress and rightly so. Stress is now regarded as the number one cause of people's ill health and emotional problems, yet most people are still ignoring the warnings or they just don't know what to do about it. 

Stress is related to fear, and the two go hand in hand, most negative stress starts off as a needless worry, this leads to fear and fear manifest itself in the form of physical stress and symptoms in the body.

Most stress is emotionally driven, we all experience stress in our lives and a little bit now and then is not going to harm you, when people talk about dangerous levels of stress they are referring to long term and chronic stress which occurs on a daily basis. 

This is often known as negative stress which is triggered by negative thinking, if your always find yourself worrying then this means your focusing your attention on things you don't want. 

The obvious answer is if you know what's making you feel bad then all you need to do is think about what you do want, this will soon begin to change how you feel. 

Our thoughts create pictures in our mind and our body responds accordingly to these images, what we focus on also becomes part of our experience, create positive images in your mind and you will switch from feeling bad to feel good.

The secret to preventing negative emotions is to catch it at an early stage before the stressful feelings gather to much pace, the key is self awareness, if you have allowed the negative emotion to gather to much momentum then you have let it gone to far. 

The only thing you can do then is to meditate or find some other way of relaxing and get an early night. On awakening immediately make a conscious effort to take control of your thoughts before the negative emotion has chance to gain any momentum. If whatever your worried about is not going to harm you, then accept it and let it go. 

Stress also happens when you constantly trying to push yourself to hard in order to meet deadlines and schedules. 

People think they have to rush to get things done, this approach however leads to stress and another day ruined. You can still get as much done if not more without all the rushing and working yourself up over things that are not always even in your control. 

Behind most stress and worries lies a fear. Lets say for instance you are late for work and you have become stuck in traffic, why you are feeling a bit hyper is because deep down your worried about being late for work, all worry is fear related and they are all linked in with the fight or flight process and response.

Fear is designed to make you take action, if your going to be late then then there is nothing you can do about it, so accept it. The same applies if your stuck in a traffic jam or your in a long queue. 

If your fear is worry related, ask yourself is the situation a danger to your life, if not be aware that you do not need or have to do anything, therefore you simply have to learn to ignore your feelings and the scenarios being played out in your mind.

Most stress treatments only treat the symptoms, this approach is exhausting and none productive. It is a bit like trying to get rid of the weeds in your garden, if you cut off the tops it will temporary get rid of the weeds but because you have left the roots they will keep on coming back over and over again. 

However when you eliminate the roots of the weeds they will no longer appear, the same principal applies with stress. By just tackling the surface problem and symptoms you will only temporary mask the problem, but when you resolve the root source of what's triggering your stress then you will return back to your natural blissful state of calm and peace.

Way To Reduce Stress 

For years now what was thought to be the best way to reduce stress was by treating it as a chemical imbalance. If you are looking for ways to reduce stress then you should be focusing on finding ways to learn how to relax deeply as well as quietening and taking control of your ever racing and worrying mind. 

Exercising is a great ways of reducing stress, but unless you deal with the actual root cause the problem will just keep on recurring.

Hypnosis and meditation have been around for centuries and they are still probably the two best ways of reducing stress, you should spend around twenty minutes a day deeply relaxing. 

By doing this on a regular basis you will reduce your stress and you will cope with life's ups and downs so much better. one of the best things we can do for ourselves is to de-stress. 

Meditation and self-hypnosis will help you to calm down and restore inner peace and balance. You will gain many benefits from living a calm and relaxed lifestyle, not only will your physical health improve, your state of mind will also change for the better as you start to take control of your emotional well-being, meaning no more overwhelm and feelings of a loss of control. 

Hypnosis and meditation sessions will help you to relax and reduce your stress, when your calm and at ease your thought processes will change to more pleasing and general ones. Soon you will begin to perceive yourself and the world around you from a more optimistic and positive perspective.

Stress is often environmentally linked, when you are stressed and your body is full of tension, the primitive part of your mind associates this as there is danger present in your surrounding environment and your body will scan for a threat that does not even exist. When your calm your body will relax and you will feel less threatened. There are several triggers of stress, 

  •  Responding badly to external circumstances and events
  •  Over working and over doing things
  •  Not getting enough relaxation  
  •  Rushing and hurrying 
  •  Negative thinking and worrying

You cannot always legislate for what happens around you, but you can learn to control how you choose to perceive and responds to your outside circumstances and events. 

Stabilizing your breathing to it's natural rhythmic level is also essential to help reduce to relax you and restore your bodies natural balance, exercise will help treat the symptoms. 

By taking some slow deep breaths before you enter a stressful and challenging situation will in time train your mind and body to relax in those once difficult situations.

Visualising yourself in a relaxing, tranquil and peaceful location on the very onset of the start of a stressful or fearful response will also help you to calm down and replace fearful feelings to ones of calm. A little bit of effort can save a lot of misery and emotional pain, the best anti-dote though to stress and worry is learning how to control those stress and anxious provoking unwanted thoughts. 


 Once you learn how to catch those negative thoughts early you will have the tools to stop stress in it's tracks before it has time to gain any momentum. By controlling your thoughts you will put a stop to the adrenalin release which activates all the physical and chemical changes in the body.


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