Reduce Your Stress, Feel Calmer, Happier And Live Longer

"There are no stressful situations, only stressful responses". 

What causes much of people's stress is how they perceive the situation and how they have trained themselves to respond to their stressful situations.

As a baby, you naturally knew how to express your emotions and you knew how to relax at will.

You have never lost this natural ability to relax and you can begin to live a happy, peaceful and enjoyable life, regardless of the challenging situations that you find yourself in, once you begin to relearn your skill of relaxing.

Because you can learn how to slow down and train yourself to relax, anytime you feel you require it, which will stop the stressful momentum from building up and ruining the rest of your precious day.

Negative and damaging effects of stress

These days, many people have lost the ability to relax and more and more people are accepting stress as a normal part of their life.

But, too much uncontrolled stress is not normal. In fact stress is the root cause of many physical health issues, therefore if you're experiencing high levels of stress it is incredibly important that you find ways to reduce your stress.

Stress gets in the way of your life, it destroys your ability to focus, robs you of your creativity, makes you stupid and prevents you from performing efficiently and it is potentially, very damaging to your health and well-being.

Stress and tension in your mind and body is the biggest enemy that you will ever have to face. 

If your mind and body are stressed, then this will cause disharmony and an imbalance in the body, which will manifest itself into an uncomfortable feeling or symptom in the body.

The stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, will be released into the body, which become toxic to the body.

The body can cope with short burst of controlled stress, but it cannot handle long periods of stress, and eventually something has to give.

Causes of stress

Everybody has their own stressful triggers and we all experience stress in many different shapes and forms, however even though we all experience stress differently. 

The emotional and physical symptoms of stress are the same. Some people's stress may be caused through worrying and emotional triggers, whilst others it can be caused from a direct external situation or learned response.

Rushing and striving for unrealistic deadlines is a big cause of stress and tension, as is:

  • Being late 
  • Bringing up children 
  • Impatiens 
  • Worrying 
  • Perfection
  • Body consciousness  
  • Not accepting yourself
  • Not accepting your situation
  • Relationship issues
  • Not accepting, uncertainty
  • Bad time management
Sometimes stress is more noticeable where it can build up quickly, but sometime it can be less obvious, where it can  creep up on you over a period of time. 

Some of the signs of stress are:

  • Exhaustion and burnout
  • Low energy
  • Mood swings
  • Feeling unmotivated
  • Worrying a lot
  • Loss of sexual interest
  • Irritability and feelings of frustration
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Unpleasant and highly uncomfortable feelings and sensations
  • Insomnia and restless sleep
  • Depression, anxiety or anger
  • Tense muscles, aches and pains
  • Upset stomachs
  • Skin conditions
  • Frequent colds and viruses 
  • Unable to enjoy yourself
  • Comfort eating and weight issues
Benefits of reducing your stress

As you start to reduce your stress and release any tension in your body. 

You, will notice your muscles will begin to relax, and as you enjoy the sweet feeling of your muscles relaxing, your frown lines will start to disappear or become less deeper and prominent, making you long younger and feel better.

When we are tense and stressed, our breathing becomes shallow and our heart rate increases which causes our blood pressure to rise.

As you begin to relax more and more, your blood pressure will drop, you will breathe deeper, easier and more rhythmic.

Oxygen and blood will rise and flow more freely to your muscles and tissues, helping your cells to repair and work more efficiently.

One of the first parts of the body that is affected by stress is our digestive system, and stress and tension can play havoc on your digestive system.

One you begin to eliminate your stress and tension, your digestive system will return back to its most efficient state.

Stress, alongside a poor diet can also cause many skin related conditions, so reducing your stress can help to give you more glowing, clear and radiant looking skin.

When you feel calm, relaxed and balanced and at peace with yourself. Your self esteem and self confidence will increase. You will also find it easier to handle and cope with life's challenges and ups and downs.

Your concentration will also improve, you will perform better, you will feel more in control, your mood will improve, you will be more likeable, you will become more smarter, things will go better and you creativity will increase.

Stress can lower your immune system, age you prematurely and knock years of your life expectancy. 

Therefore the real big incentive, for reducing your stress is:

It can make you look and feel younger and it can boost your health. Leaving you feeling more energized, empowered, motivated as well as helping you sleep more peacefully, as well as potentially add years to your life expectancy.

How to reduce stress

Everytime you notice the onset of the build up of any stress and tension, it is an opportunity for you to instantly train yourself to relax so you can bring your mind and body back to its natural state of calm and balance.

Mindfulness is one of the key elements of eliminating your stress.

Controlling your breathing and learning how to relax is the holy grail as far as stress management is concerned.

When you notice the onset of any stressful responses or every time your mind wanders onto negative, thoughts of worry or stressful and imaginings.

Immediately, put all your attention onto relaxing.

As you inhale and exhale. Smile, and think of the thoughts. 

"Breathe in calm and breathe out tension".

Watch your chest rise and fall.

Breathing is your life force energy. Learning how to control and regulate your breathing can help you to stay calm, cool and composed in all those situations where before you might have responded with stress, anger and anxiety.

Any kind of tension in your body can interfere with your breathing which can change your whole physiology.

Anytime you have to face a stressful or challenging situation. Take some deep breaths.

Take a deep breathe in, and breathe all the way in. Then, just release, without forcing your breathe all the way out, and repeat as many times as needed.

As this, will learn to train your mind and body to remain calm, in those once previous, challenging situations.

Imagining yourself on a tropical beach, on the onset of any stress, can also quickly calm you.

The secret is to act and take control of your body, before the momentum as a chance to build. Catch it early and change it.

Exercising and relaxation to get rid of the symptoms of stress

Stress and tension are a physical symptom that cause a build up of pressure in your mind and body. Therefore, if you have already become tense, angry or stressed. 

Then it is important to burn off all that adrenaline and extra energy, otherwise you won't switch of the stress responses and you will remain in a stressed and tense state of being.

Exercising or working out, will help you to burn off that harmful adrenaline and high levels of energy.

By far the best antidote to stress, anxiety and negative emotions is to develop the therapeutic and self healing art of relaxing.

Many people regard relaxation as waste of time or a luxury thing or something they give themselves as a treat.

If you think that there are much better things that you could be doing with your time, rather than relaxing, then you couldn't be further from the truth.

Relaxation is not a indulgence, it is a necessity and it is absolutely vital for your health, performance levels and well-being.

Regular relaxation, is necessarily to manage and reduce your stress, help to repair and recharge your body, help you to sleep better, empower you, boost your self confidence and bring about blissful feelings of inner peace, balance, flow and harmony.

When our mind and body is calm and balanced, your mood will improve, it will reduce the chances of you catching colds and viruses and you will be more able to deal with life's challenges and adversities.

If you live a busy and hectic life and you think that you have not got time to relax deeply each day. Then, you need to find the time, because it is that important. 

Hypnosis and meditation are great ways to relax deeply, reduce your stress, solve your problems, change your feelings, improve the quality of your sleep and repair your body.

Other ways of relaxing are:

  • Walking and observing nature
  • Taking a long warm soak in the bath
  • Living in the now
  • Listen to relaxing or classical music
  • Deep breathing exercises
Stay out of your negative past, stay in the present moment, be grateful for the now and create positive expectations for your future.

Try and eliminate any stressful responses or tense habits, that you might have developed

  • Take time to chew and eat your food
  • If you feel the urge to rush, pause, let the wave of tension and stress flow through you, then proceed slowly with what you were about to do
  • Try and release any tension, apply less tension and force and move with poise, grace and balance
Release stress and negative emotions, by expressing your emotions

Thought and emotional suppression is one of the single biggest causes of stress, obsessive negative thinking and negative emotional trauma and suffering.

Therefore, learning how to express and release your emotions is an important skill to have to help to reduce your stress and eliminate your emotional suffering.

Otherwise, if you continue to suppressing your thoughts and feelings then they will always find an outlet in your body.

Because all suppressed thoughts and feelings will express themselves negatively in your body in some unpleasant physical form or feelings of physical and emotional discomfort.

If you suppress your thoughts and feelings. Then you will never process the emotions, eliminate them and move on, and your body will have to carry the burden of your suppressed emotions.

Always acknowledge and express your feelings and admit to yourself, that you're feeling negative emotions. 

Because by doing this you will process the emotion ad you will begin to free yourself from your feelings of discomfort and emotional suffering.

Acknowledge how you're feeling and then state, how you would like to feel:

  • "I am feeling hurt. How I would like to feel is happy and at peace" 
  • "I am feeling anxious. How I would like to feel id peaceful and calm"
  • "I am feeling angry. How I would like to be is calm and assertive"
You can also write how you're feeling down on a piece of paper or how you were feeling in a previous stressful situation as this is a great way of expressing and releasing your emotions.

When things are going wrong all the time, you can end up in a vicious and continuous stressful and worry cycle.

If this is the case. Then it is very very often, a lot easier to change your feelings rather than trying to change your thoughts.

A change of attitude or an attitude of accepting your situation or not caring to much is also a good way of expressing and processing your emotions. 

When you're coming from a negative, stressful or bad feeling place. Focus on relaxing and feeling good, then start to change your thoughts.

A better way of controlling your emotions is by teaching yourself how to respond in a more calm, assertive and controlled manner, so you don't become stressed, anxious or angry in the first place.




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