Reasons Why You Should Not Have An Affair

If you are researching reasons, why you should not have an affair, then you already know, that it is wrong and it shows that you may be feeling a bit unhappy but you do have a conscious.

The most important thing to be aware of, there is always a price to pay, when you do wrong to others, this is a universal law, however, some people mistakenly think, that they're an exception to the universal rules and guidelines.

Affairs wreck people's lives, and the bit of pleasure and excitement you may get, will be overshadowed by all the pain and suffering that you will inflict on others and your family.

Do you really want to be known as a liar and a cheat.

People who have affairs, can be emotionally insecure, and they can sometimes get confused between physical sexual attraction, feeling the need to be desired and love.

Very often the adulterer will blame their partner and their circumstances for the reasons why they're having or thinking about having an affair, when really, they may need to take a good look at themselves.

If you're thinking about having an affair, then this suggests that, you either have relationship problems, you're feeling bored and unsatisfied with your partner, you don't feel loved or appreciated or you have little consideration for anybody else but yourself.

Before you set about ruining your own life, the life of your family and the family and the person of the one you're thinking about having an affair with, then it may be a lot less painful to first try and save your relationship or it is beyond saving, then end it, and then find someone else.

Take a look beyond the passion

If people who have affairs knew beforehand the amount of emotional hurt, pain and damage they inflict on themselves and the people they're supposed to love including their family, children and their partners as well as all shame that they cause then they would not have them.

If all those people who have had an affair would have just stopped for one moment and put aside the physical attraction before they embarked on going ahead with having an affair.

And they just considered for a minute the consequences of their actions and the emotional damage and torture they will inflict on their partners their family and themselves, then they would probably not continue to proceed with having the affair.

There are no winners in affairs, only hurt, anger and resentment, when people set goals they have a vision of what they want and they visualize the outcome and they look ahead at what the future holds with optimism. 

If you would put in the same amount of effort and passion into your relationships as you would if you were having an affair then you would find out you already have what you're searching for.

Sometimes those who are thinking of embarking on having an affair need to take a deep look at themselves more and perhaps take some positive steps to make their own lives better rather than thinking that having an affair is somehow going to make their obviously troubled life better.

When people have an affair they don't consider the long term picture and outcome, they just act irresponsibly in the moment and then they suffer the disastrous consequences later. 

If you did a survey of how many people regretted having an affair afterwards, especially those who got caught I would imagine most would say they wished they had not done it.

1. Affairs Can Be Costly Both Emotionally And Spiritually 

People spend years buying and paying for their homes, it can take a long time to gather all your personal material possessions, you are both supposed to work together, "for better or for worse", yet all it takes is one moment of madness and you can lose everything you have spent years building up, including the mutual trust and the respect that you had. 

Divorce and relationship break ups can be very expensive and costly, it is far better and financially cheaper to work at your relationships. 

If you insist on having an affair, before you go to far make sure you have put enough money to cover the legal costs of a divorce, counselling and having to set up in a new home.

2. You Will Have No Idea The Hurt You Will Inflict On Your Partner

If you're considering having an affair have you ever consider the pain, anger and emotional hurt not alone the shame and embarrassment that you will inflict on your partner. 

You might think you're getting away with it but more often that not your partner will become suspicious even if they don't say anything too you straight away. 

This will cause them great emotional and psychological pain and suffering which can scar them for the rest of their lives, is it fair on your partner to cause them to never be able trust anybody again for maybe the rest of their lives. 

If you want somebody else, then it is better to spare them the physiological trauma an affair can cause and end the relationship first. You cannot have the best of both worlds, that never works out in the long run.

3. You Will Be Branded A Liar And Cheat

Do you really want to be branded a liar and cheat, affairs may seem exciting for a while, but are they really worth it, once the novelty wares off you will have to deal with all the betrayal, lies and cheating. 

Not only will you be hurting your partner, you will make your own life stressful. 

Everybody hates the cheat, not matter how bad your relationship has become your partner does not deserve to be cheated on.

4. If You Have Children They Will Resent You

If you have children, then you will have to consider their feelings too, you might not think it, but your children will not be happy to find out that their mother/father is having an affair. 

You're basically telling them you don't think their mother/father is a worthwhile person, children often copy the actions of their parents and they might go the other way and think it's OK to cheat on their partners when their old, lead by example.

Usually they will immediately side with the victim parent, affairs not only destroy family life they can seriously affect your children both emotionally and mentally.

Plus, you will bring complete shame on your children, you run the risk of other children teasing and ridiculing them at school, older children can become very angry with the parent who is having or had an affair 

Children are smart, and they often know or sense what is going on, this can leave your children feeling angry and resentful of the offending parent.

When you get caught, who side do you think your children are going to take?

5. Unwanted Pregnancies OR STD

When people embark on an affair the passion is running high and logic and rational thinking goes out of the window. 

When people rush into things they make quick and rash decisions, affairs can lead to unwanted pregnancies and even sexual related diseases. 

This is not a good idea, especially as it has been disclosed that the antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhoea is on the rise.

6. The Other Person Might Want More

Most people only have an affair because they want some fun and excitement brought into their lives, they don't usually want any emotional involvement. 

However the longer the affair goes on the more chance one or both of you will start to become emotionally attached, this is when you become involved in a three way triangle and someone if not everyone is going to get hurt. 

You have to ask yourself is the reward worth the risk and suffering to you, your partner and the hurt and shame you will inflict on your family, don't get into something that may prove hard to get away from.

7. People Get Hurt Emotionally And Physically

When affairs come out into the open people get hurt both emotionally and physically, you must be aware of the fact that when people realize their partner is having an affair they become angry and enraged. 

They can act totally out of character and affairs to violence and outbursts of anger, in the worst case scenarios people get seriously hurt. Ask yourself this question, how would you like it done to you.

8. Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery

This is one of the ten commandments, whether you believe in God or not, adultery was understood to be a serious offense back in biblical times even before the ten commandments was written by the finger of God on the stone of tablets. 

If you listen to the stories of those who have encountered a near death experience they will nearly all mention about the past life review with a higher powerful spiritual being and they get shown any hurt they inflicted on others. 

They question they get asked is? What did you learn to love, were meant to love more and hurt people less.

This is not about moral preaching, but anybody who is thinking of having an affair should bare in mind the seriousness of their actions, giving in to temptation is a sign of weakness and loss of self control, it often leads you down the path of personal misery and suffering. 

Adultery usually starts off as a thought or idea, so pay attention to your thoughts, it would be far better to put in as much effort as you can to improve your relationship and sorting out any difficulties you have between you and your partner without arguing or shouting at each other.

9. You Will Join The Cheats That In The Past You Have Condemned

People are very hypercritical, before they have an affair they have probably slated and criticized others whom they know have cheated on their partners, ironically if you proceed with having an affair then you will join the group of people who you once despised. 

If you have watched the Jeremy Kyle or the Jerry Springer show, you will observe that everybody hates the cheat and the liar and everybody show empathy towards the victim, affair stir up a lot of emotion. 

Do you really want everybody pointing the finger at you, damning you and classing you as a cheat and a liar.

10. Affairs Are Tacky And There Is A High Risk Of Getting Caught

Everywhere you go you will be looking over your shoulder, you won't be able to go out in public like normal couples because of the risk of getting caught, do you that class that as having fun and exciting. 

It is a small world and no matter where you go you will run the risk of being seen, especially these days with all the camera's people have on mobile phones. 

If you have an affair with someone at work or someone locally, when it all goes wrong life can become very awkward for both of you. 

The third party in the affair is often only being used for physical gratification by the adulterer. 

It is far better in the long run to try and work on or save your relationship, if you feel that it has gone beyond the point of saving them for everybody sake and feelings the best thing to do is end the relationship and then look for somebody else.



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