Problem Solving-Focus On The Solution Not The Problem 

We all have problems, life seems like it can be a constant challenge and an uphill battle especially if you let things get on top of you. One minute your up then the next minute your down, but life isn't meant to be a struggle yet we constantly seem to make it a lot harder than it really should be. 

The trouble is most of us have no idea how to problem solve, it's not your fault because no one has ever told you how to do it. Behind every problem lies a solution and a better way of doing things but the first thing to be aware of is the answers to your problems can never be found in the energy range that's been causing them.

If your like most people, then your current approach to dealing with your troubles will probably lead you to endless stress, worry and frustration. Trying to figure out what to do can leave you emotionally overwhelmed and drained of energy. Even if we do eventually overcome a difficulty another one seems to follow along shortly afterwards.

 When you first develop a issue or challenging situation, always catch it and deal with it straight away, never allow a worry to gather momentum and negative energy and manifest itself in an even bigger concern, the real trouble starts when we become emotional involved with our worries and challenging situations.

Why we have so many prolonged periods of worry, pain and struggles is because when we first develop a issue we don't tell ourselves right I must either disregard the issue if it's something trivial. 

Or secondly, we should think to ourselves, well I have got this problem, there is no point in worrying and dwelling on it because that approach will not help me at all. What I must do is relax and then once my mind is calm and clear I will search for the best solution possible or currently available.

 The trouble is most people do exactly the opposite and make matters worst. The typical approach is to focus even more on what's causing us a problem. This attitude is immediately met with negative resistance which activates negative emotions, frustration and stress, this can cause us to give the worry more focus of attention which will make it a bigger issue or difficulty.

The first thing to remember, whatever it is that is bothering you can only remain a problem and cause you grief while your focusing your attention on it. You cannot worry or become stressed about something if your thinking about something else. 

Each Morning Is An Ideal Chance For A Fresh Start

OK if you have a project that needs solving you still need to pay it you attention, but the only attention you should be focused on is the solution. If you all flustered and your minds racing, it is a good idea to forget about what your doing for a while, do something more pleasing, have a good nights sleep then start a fresh again in the morning with a clear head and a more positive attitude.

This does not mean we should just ignore and do nothing about all our difficulties, but you have to realize you will always struggle to find a solution or answer to your problems whilst your still focused on the issue because you will stay stuck in the same energy that's causing it.

If you want to find a solution to your concerns then you must shift into a positive and relaxed energy state, your optical performance levels always occur when your in a relaxed but alert mental state, when your in the zone. 

All answers to life's problems, all creative problem solving and all solutions come to people when they are in a relaxed and clear flow state of mind and being.  Often the answers your looking for will come to you at times when you least expect them, such as when your lying in bed, having a bath or at times when your chilled out. 

Help For Problem Solving

When you develop a problem and things do go wrong in life from time to time, try and shift into the now. The first step to solving your problem is to get out of the energy that's holding you in the problem. 

Sometimes what ever it is that your struggling with or worried about is not always under our control, the solution and how you react to your problem is. Most of the time our troubles are partly our own fault, when things go wrong we like to blame everything and everyone but sometimes we need to look at ourselves as well.

If your concern is emotional, quit trying to over analyse, solve and fix your issues for the time being and just get into the now. When your in the now your emotions have to shift from negative to positive and neutral feelings, just staying in the now can solve many of your emotional battles because it ends all negative resistance.

Once you are calm, if you then choose you want to end a worry try and view the worried situation differently, try and see it from a more realistic perspective. change the story in your mind. Again worry cannot exist in the now because it keeps you out of perceiving the future or living in the past.

Change your perceptions and attitude from worrying to not caring. To begin to start to shift your energy, start using more positive thoughts like, everything is working out, all is well, things are getting better, my life is getting better and better, I know everything will work out, it always does in the end.

If you don't already know what's causing your trouble, identify it and evaluate it, prioritize your worries and challenges and them put them in order of preference, how significant they are and how important. Any thing trivial which has no grounds in your reality, disregard it.

The universal intelligent mind already knows the answer to your question, it is the best source for solutions and cures. The law of attraction will help you and it will present the solutions and cure to you in some form or another, as long as you ask. 

Ask Through Your Thoughts And Feelings

Humans are not very good problem solvers and were not meant to figure everything out for ourselves either. We think we have to problem solve but as were not very good at doing it because we become too emotionally involved in what's actually bothering us instead of looking for a solution it soon causes us to spiral down into a negative state when we cannot find an immediate solution.

The good news is, we don't have to know how to work things out, there is a far greater higher intelligence that will do all the work for us, to find a solution to a problem just focus with a positive energy on the desired outcome as if it has already been accomplished.

 When your emotionally in alignment with what you want the universe will do the rest for you and the solution which is outside of your conscious awareness at the moment will soon come to you if you get out of the way and allow it.

How do you ask ? through your thoughts, by just asking yourself or you can write it down on a piece of paper. We can ask through our positive feelings and emotions and positive focus of attention.

Ask yourself a question and the universe has to answer, just like typing in your query in Google. You receive an answer through your intuition, the universe responds to you vibration and focus of attention, the answer to your difficulties can only come when you stop focusing on the problem. 

It's al-right to focus on the solution whether you do it physically or spiritually but avoid giving the problem any of your attention. Too change your vibration or energy to a positive creative problem solving mindset you have let go of the issue or negative energy of things going wrong or things not going very well. 

To do this you have to first accept what is and you current situation or accept the worst case scenario to what your worried about. Once you accept it you will shift from the negative energy and the downward spiral of everything going wrong to a more positive energy and a much more clear focus of mind.

Yes you want to keep focused on what you want, but don't focus on what you don't want. Avoid the negative energy based self questions like, why don't things ever work out for me, why does every thing keep going wrong, things are not working out, because when your asking negative question the answer will not come. 

You can use positive and constructive questions like, how can I, what's the best way to. Negative focus of attention will bring you negative results and answers while positive focus of attention will yield positive results and solutions.

Change your energy, ask for what you want and then focus on something else. Go for some long pleasing walks, try and have some fun, listen to some upbeat music, watch or read something inspirational just practice taking your mind of your difficulties. 

Stop The Downward Spiral 

 We all go through it, your not getting what you want even though you try to create and build a better life. You may work with different programs, try  different techniques but nothing seems to work. Here's why. 

It's because you have negative attraction. And you develop negative attraction when your energy isn't tuned in with what you really want in life. If your not tuned into what you do want the chances are you will be focused on what you don't want, this is the frequency range where most of our troubles manifests from. 

Instead you have negative energy that attracts negative situations. It does not matter what you try, because unless you shift from a negative based energy nothing will change. You will just end up getting more of what you don't want, more negative situations where things just seem to go from bad to worse. 

Why we experience so many difficulties is because we allow external circumstances to control how we feel and how we perceive things, yet it should be the other way around and we should let our inner world control our outer world. 

More often than not things are never as bad as we think and perceive them to be, we over exaggerate and over analyse ever little worry instead of living in the moment and allowing the future to take care of itself.

If things don't always workout it does not mean it's the end of the world, we create our own lives so you can begin the process of designing yourself a better life any time you wish. This is why you have to change your vibration to a positive feel good energy, if you can achieve this you will be surprised how quickly things can start to turn around and change for the better.

This applies both in your personal life and situations as well as your relationships, finances, career and work related challenges and difficulties.

Do Or Think Something That Makes You Feel Good 

If your working on a goal or project and your not getting the results you want or things are not currently working out, take the pressure of yourself for a while. Have a massage or do some meditatingDo or think something that makes you feel good, give yourself a break, take a mine holiday, pamper yourself. 

There are many different ways the solution might present yourself to you. Sometimes the solutions will appear in front of you in the form of information, it maybe something somebody else might say to you.

It can come to you in the form of thoughts, intuition or idea's, you might come across it while your searching the internet, either randomly or deliberately.

 You could hear it on the radio or see it on television program, you may find it in a book. There are many other forms the universe can try and deliver or subtly bring you to what you need, but be open and be aware, sometimes the answer is screaming at you but you can still miss the opportunity. 

Once you spot the solutions when they are presented to you, then you must be ready to act immediately, the universe will help and guide you but it cannot do the action for you.

We all have the ability and capabilities for creative problem solving and thinking skills, the more you practice and develop your thinking skills the better you will become. Use your vision, mind and inner guidence to search for better ways of doing things or look for ways to improve on what ever it is your working on.

For overcoming challenges, designing, solving business or practical problems you need to instruct your mind to come up with new ideas, you will need to be able to access your creative imagination, you will also need high levels of concentration and focus. 

Those who cannot hold their focus of attention on a task or project will find it harder to come up with new ideas. It is a good idea to reduce your stress levels and be able to control your emotions. 

Stress and negative emotions will block your creativity, if your worried, anxious or stressed your focus of attention will be fixated onto your worry instead of focusing on a solution, idea or cure.

 If you have a difficulty or trouble, you can do some research, look it up on the internet or you tube. Seek help from others, read a book on what you searching an answer for, study and learn from some one who has already found a solution to what your searching for. Never stop learning or trying to better your life.


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