The Power And Benefits Of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can transform your mental life, boosting your daily happiness levels and guide you on your path to success. Your thoughts are very important and they will either make or break you depending on whether they are good or bad feeling thoughts. In fact your thoughts are everything as they are linked to your emotions and your physical state.

Your thoughts start off an emotional and physical snowball effect and all it takes is one seed thought to cause a disruption and imbalance of your free flowing energy which will accumulate in physical and emotional chain reaction in the body. 

The emotional arousal soon attracts more of the same type of thoughts and the momentum then starts to build.

This process is great if your thoughts are mainly positive or general thoughts because the results of the right type of thinking can be, you will experience feelings of joy, happiness and inner peace. 

You will look and feel younger, you will have more success and more opportunities will be presented to you and you will generally experience better health.

But if you get stuck in a train of negative thoughts, then the consequences to your emotional and physical state of being can be soul destroying not to mention the damaging toll it will take on your health and well-being. 

Your own thoughts if they are negative can drag you down to the brink of despair and anxious and negative thoughts can demoralize your state of being and cause decay in your body.

Your body follows and obeys the thoughts you have, this means prolonged periods of worry and stress can seriously damage your health, sap your energy, lead to feelings of weakness, hopelessness and insecurity and generally make your life a misery.

However, by changing your focus of attention to positive thoughts and outcomes can soon start to increase your happiness, plus it can give your self-esteem a boost. Positive and general good feeling thoughts will promote good health and a good sense of self worth and self value. 

When you persistently and repetitively practice positive thinking you will feel better, you will have more success in every area in your life, you will have more energy and you will become more creative and more intelligent not to mention things will work out much better for you. 

All your actions, your character, your successes or lack of successes and your behaviours are all tied into your experiences and the thoughts you have had, especially the thought process that have followed and been influenced by your past experiences, successes and failures.

Your body will respond favorably to positive thinking and you will be rewarded with those good feeling emotions and good physical health. The good thing is because your body responds to your internal thoughts, you don't need a reason to validate your positive thoughts. 

Therefore if you cannot think of anything positive to think about you can make things up or go virtual if you want.

This means no matter where you are in your life right now or how bad you feel or what your current situation is, if you make a conscious effort to focusing your attention on something positive by spending a few minutes a day focusing on you and how good your life is or how good it can and is going to be it will start shift the way you feel. 

The trick is, don't allow what is at the moment or your current results and situation to control your thought processes, because you can, you know ignore what is and start to change and shape your life from within. 

This may prove hard to do at the start, but you will need to persist and when you start to take control of your own mind, then good things can begin to happen and in time you will find your outside situations and circumstance will change for the better. 

Success and living a great life are all hinged on how good you feel and persistent positive thoughts which will be backed by good feeling emotions combined with taking positive action steps is the simple formula to success.

Set your right intentions every morning because positive thoughts and attitude equals a positive and peaceful day and a positive life, it is the simple formula to more success, joy and happiness.

Write Things Down

There are lessons to be learned from all our experiences both good and bad and each experience will have an active emotional response attached to them which can drive your perceptions and thought processes.

In every experience good or bad, every success or failure, mistake or triumph or opportunity you may have missed or followed through successful they will be lessons to be learned, but you should not allow your setbacks of the past to control your now or your future.

Writing things down is the simplest way to express your feelings, releasing negative emotions and then letting them go, when you express negative feelings you can even burn the piece of paper afterwards. It is also a very effective way to plan your future and watch your progress.

Weaknesses and thoughts of hopelessness and despair can be soon turned into strengths and personal growth by changing your thought processes, positive or just general neutral thoughts can help to boost your spiritual and emotionally and even aid the healing process making you the master of your feelings and life.

Jotting things down in a journal can help you let go of all those suppressed emotions as well as helping you to reduce your stress and improve your self-esteem. Writing is a good way of expressing yourself and giving your mind a positive blueprint and direction to follow. 

It helps build your self-esteem because you are recording your progress and reaffirming the positive benefits you are achieving as you get closer to your goals.

Take a few minutes each day writing down in your journal, list such things as your attitude, emotions, goals, responses too situations and circumstances in your life, how you handled things and how you would like to handle things better in the future and always record any progress you have made. 

It helps too paint a positive picture every day of who you are becoming and how well your progressing because when you see positive results as they happen, you will become more energized and inspired with optimism.

You can process events and situations, reflect on past experiences and your feelings, recording lessons to be learned, setting new goals and track your progress so you can look back and reflect on how far you have come and remember to write every success no matter how big or small.

 Positive Thinking Reduces Stress Levels

Studies conducted on positive thinkers suggest that the people with a positive attitude are far better at coping with stress and instead of spending all their time worrying and fretting they are far more likely to spend time focusing on constructive solutions to problems. 

Cardiovascular tests on optimists and pessimists show that optimistic people’s bodies return to a relaxed state at a much quicker pace and it is believed that their ability to handle stress could lead to significant health benefits, including living longer.

We all know that high stress levels are known to increase blood pressure and stress is related to an increased risk of health problems and illnesses so it pays to spend some time learning how to manage your thoughts.

Some of the health benefits of positive thinking seem to be related to the fact that positive thinkers seem to live healthier lives, they tend to eat healthy foods and do regular exercise as well as generally taking better care of themselves. 

The Power Of Positive Thinking 

Research is beginning to reveal that positive thinking is about much more than just being happy or having an positive and upbeat attitude. Positive thoughts can actually create real value in your life, 

They can also help you to take on new challenges and go on to develop a new set of skills that can begin to transform your life and improve your financial situation for the better. 

Thinking positive will unleash your creativity as well as helping you to set and achieve your goals, your life will change your life for the better, positive thinking will take you out of the gloom and doom scenario and point you in the right direction. 

It can make you more successful, it will present you with more opportunities which will begin to filter your way, but by far the biggest advantage you will gain from positive thinking are, it will make you feel better and it is the best feeling emotions that are all so important. 

Positive thinking will reduce your stress levels, when you develop a new upbeat attitude, it can reduce the amount of colds and viruses you catch, when you're thinking positive you cannot experience negative emotions such as fear and sadness.

When yours is a positive energy state, you will have more energy, you will feel more vibrant and alive, this will give you a greater zest for life, things will work out so much better for you in every area of your life.

When you give out positive energy you will attract back even more positive energy and circumstance. Feeling positive will give you more courage, inner strength, power and confidence, you will become more creative and enthusiastic. 

Everybody seeks joy and abundance and as you look forward to your life with a new found optimism in life will begin to treat you well, because the more positive feelings you give out the more positive things you will begin to manifest back into your life.

Never allow yourself to dwell on a negative thought, let the past go, learn from your mistakes and from now on seeing all your stressful situations as a challenge you need to overcome. 

The more you let go of those negative thoughts and focus on the positive side of all situations the more opportunities and good times you will draw towards you. All it takes is for you to start to replace the words I can't to I can and your energy and belief systems will change with it.

As the positive momentum grows stronger you will begin to believe you can achieve whatever you desire it still requires action, but as your self belief will increase as more abundance and good things start to appear in your experiences. 

You Can Feel Good Or Bad Depending On Which Thoughts You Choose To Think

You have two choices, you can think negative thoughts and experience a life of misery or you can think positive or more general thoughts and feel good, so it makes sense for you to choose your thoughts that will benefit you and your life.

Why positive thinkers can overcome problems so quickly is because they accept what's happened, they ignore what is and they focus on what can be. 

Bad things happen to all of us, the difference between the optimist and the pessimist is, the optimist does not dwell on things for too long. They know the benefits of positive thinking so they don't allow negative thoughts to remain in the head for very long.

The difference between positive thinkers and negative thinkers is when things occasionally go wrong as they sometimes do positive minded people don't allow the doom and gloom to take over their thought patterns.

While on the other hand negative and pessimistic minded people over exaggerate every little problem, they analyze about what's gone wrong or what might go wrong as if it's the end of their world. Positive thinkers will search for a positive solution or a successful way to get over their setbacks, they won't allow any obstacles to prevent them achieving what they want.

Think Positively And Enjoy The Benefits 

Our baseline level of happiness depends on the thoughts we think and the actions we take, when we think positive then in time positive things will happen. But do not just wait and hope things will get better, change your thoughts and make it happen now, thoughts can only hurt you if you give them your full attention.

If you know what's making you feel bad then you know if you think the opposite you will begin to feel better. Because there is always two ways to perceive most situations, one will make you feel good the other will drag you down to a place you do not want to be.

Always remember what ever your current situation, except for extreme devastating bad news, you always have a choice to see a positive outcome and conclusion. Have you watched a sad film with a happy ending, there is always light at the end of a tunnel if you keep moving forwards with hope, enthusiasm and optimism. 

Make it a habit to choose only positive thoughts, some examples could be, when you wake up each morning, tell yourself, good things are happening to me, all is well, everything always works out for me. 

When you get a setback let yourself know, only good will come out of this situation, because there is always a positive statement and outcome to nearly every negative situation.


Only Choose None Resistant Thoughts 

It is important to think positively for many reasons but that does not mean you have to spend all your day thinking positive and happy thoughts because that's to much like hard work. 

You can eliminate negative thinking and learn how to think more positively with a little amount of effort, it won't be long before you have left the negative mindset behind and you will actually soon start to begin to enjoy life again. 

If you want to achieve more success and feel good in the process you need to develop the powers of positive thinking, no one achieves much by negative thinking. 

There are very few benefits of negative thinking, negative thoughts serve no worthwhile purpose, they will make you feel bad and they will cause you fear, stress, anger and frustration, they will also make your life a complete misery.

We all have negative thoughts from time to time, they are a natural reaction when things go wrong, what you must do is quickly put the breaks on them before they take hold and they start to destroy your life, at times when we are run down and tired we can also tend to think more negatively.

Try and take something positive out of all your negative situations because you cannot live a happy and successful life if you have a negative mindset and attitude.

Quickly Change Any Negative Thoughts

Catch those negative thoughts and learn how to break the negative patterns immediately, ask yourself are these thoughts helping me, your goal in life should be to feel good, ask yourself is theses thoughts making me feel good, if they are not change them to good feeling thoughts.

Tell yourself I do not have to think about this right now, these thoughts are not beneficial to me so I will choose to think or focus on something more helpful that will make me feel better. You have the choice to think about what you want and the ability to reject any negative thoughts or unhelpful beliefs.

Either think the opposite to the thoughts that make you feel bad or choose a new set of thoughts that are going to help you to get what you want or thoughts that are going to make you feel better. 

Think about why your good enough and what you can achieve for a change, the more you force yourself to think about why you can achieve something the more you will start to believe in yourself and your capabilities, this will steer you to more success and take you away from failure and self destructive patterns of thinking.

Once you start to believe you can do or achieve what you want your subconscious mind will work with you by creating the circumstances and the situations that will help guide you towards achieving your goals. 

Most people feel bad because they are allowing old experiences and unhelpful beliefs to rule their thinking and feelings. Start to enjoy who you are, life is a journey it is supposed to be fun and a learning process. 

Begin to look forward to where your going, stop focusing and analyzing what's already happened, just accept whats already happened otherwise it will start to control you.

You can also think neutral based thoughts which are any thoughts that are not negative based, such as hobbies, things you like doing or even just fantasizing about your dream life or allowing your imagination to take you to a place where you would like to go. 

We spend to much far to much time judging and criticizing ourselves and others, sometimes what we see wrong in others is the same things we need to correct with ourselves.

In other words you can get stuck in these unhelpful thought patterns without even stepping back for a moment and deciding enough is enough and I am not going to put up or be dictated by that inner negative voice anymore.

Look Forward With Optimism To Your Future 

The difference between positive people and those who are negative are, positive people look forward to the future while people who worry and are dogged with negative thoughts day in day out dwell and live in the past. Learn to look forward to new challenges and ventures, feed the mind with good and interesting information and idea's.

Do new things, change your routine, go different places, we are meant to keep mentally active and stimulated, when you spend all your life living of past memories they will control your present circumstances, your moods and behaviours.

We all talk to ourselves on a daily basis, the secret is to say nice and empowering things to yourself. Many of us fail to recognize that we do have a choice and we are allowed to think outside of the box type limitations that we and our society has imposed on us and conditioned us to believe. 

More and more people are starting to become aware of the mental and health advantages of using positive thoughts and having a more positive outlook of life, it is not so much the negative thoughts that affect our health but the stressful response that they evoke. 

Research has suggested that our thoughts can change our DNA, negative ones shrink them whilst positive ones bring them back to their healthiest state. 

You Can Only Feel Good From Thinking Positive 

But are you aware just how much your thoughts can affect your life. A research conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto revealed evidence of how people can affect the energy of objects around them. 

Dr Emoto took water and exposed the water to varies objects and different environments. Next he projected a particular thought onto a glass full of water and then he placed the glass next to specific objects. 

He then projected different thoughts of which we either positive thoughts or negative, After projecting his thoughts the water was then frozen. Then each of the resulting water crystals were frozen and once they were frozen they were placed under a microscope.

To his amazement when a glass of water had a positive word written on a piece of paper and then had the piece of paper stuck to the glass the resulting water crystals formed some beautiful patterns which were pure in colour and displayed patterns of perfect symmetry. 

While on the other hand the glasses which had a negative word written on them and stuck to the glass showed the opposite with the crystal displaying dull colours and they formed rough edged patterns. This proves how the power of our thoughts and feelings can affect our feeling's and the world around you.

Relax your body and your thoughts become more relaxed, think positive and calming thoughts and your body will become more relaxed. 

People who are depressed tend to slouch their body's this is the posture associated with low spirits evoking more negative thoughts, when we develop a upright and relaxed posture it becomes hard to think negative. It is also just as bad if you stand in a tense and ridgid posture.

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When You Focus On All That Is Good You Will Create A Healthier, Happier, More Successful And Longer Life

You may be totally unaware of this fact, but very often, we become bogged down with our own thinking. People tend to become negative and stressed under the constant pressures of the workplace and our daily lives.

Because by changing the way we think with subliminal messages, we can actually transform our thought processes to become more positive, and this positive change affects all areas of our lives. 

There are three main ways to induce positive thought with subliminal messages. These are: Subliminal audio files Subliminal text and words Subliminal images.

Using audio files or simply positive, upbeat music or sound effects, you can alter your entire mood throughout the day, changing it to one that is more positive. 

The power of music cannot be underestimated, and it undoubtedly has an effect on our moods. The power of words as well, whether they are through audio or text, is another method of changing thoughts from negative to positive to create a happier, more content state of mind. 

Subliminal images can come in the shape of pictures placed around the home or office, or simply by changing your office view to a window or scenic image. This way you can remind yourself subliminally of the natural world throughout the day, creating a calmer and less cluttered frame of mind. 

Or you can put pictures around the home or office that remind you of positive things, such as family, nature, or anywhere that induces a positive frame of mind for you. Subliminal messages and their amazing power to create positive thought should not be underestimated. 

You can find ways to surround yourself with positive subliminal messages at online stores and websites that offer products of this nature. A bit of research goes a long way in creating a happier, more positive frame of mind that will benefit you for the rest of your life, no matter where you may be. 

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