No More Shy Bladder Or Pauresis

We've all been there. You have to use a public toilet, there are quite a few people in their or perhaps you feel the toilet is a bit unhygienic.

You desperately need to go, perhaps you have already had a few anxious related thoughts. And when you try to empty your bladder, nothing happens.

You wait, but still nothing. Perhaps you eventually go in trickles, perhaps you rush to go as fast as you can or perhaps you just give up and wait.

Although it is known as shy bladder, pauresis is really linked to anxiety especially social anxiety, it can even be related to an inferior complex. 

In the majority of cases however it is a nothing more than a mental block you have developed and once you break the mental block you will be able to go to the toilet freely again without any effort.

The thing with paruresis is, the harder you try to go the more you think about it the more difficulty you will have, going to the toilet should be a natural effortless process you don't have to think about. 

Although shy bladder is not an illness it may benefit you to pay a visit to see your doctor and discuss it with them. 

As shy bladder is strongly related to social anxiety it is more of a physiological barrier and a fear that you have developed of your surrounding environment, 

There is nothing mentally wrong with you, it is just a learned behaviour where you have associated using the urinals with fear and what can be learned can be unlearned.

For some reason or another something has triggered a fear of standing next to some else whilst your attempting to go to the toilet. 

It can be very frustrated and embarrassing knowing you want to go but nothing is happening and like anything else in life the more you focus on it not happening and the more you try and force it the worst it becomes. 

The golden rule in life is what you focus on you get more of, with shy bladder your consciously focusing on not being able to go to the toilet so this is what happens. 

Some people have a fear of using public toilets, this is more to do with hygiene and worrying about catching something.

Going to the toilet should be a natural thing you do, you should not have to think about it or make any conscious effort on your behalf, because it is a subconscious automatic process that should just happen automatically.

But once the conscious mind starts to interfere you cause an inner conflict of the mind which develops into a subconscious block and in general the subconscious mind always wins. 

Because going to the toilet should not require and conscious effort, when your deliberately trying to focus on going coupled with the anxiety which just adds to the problem you start to interfere and interrupt the natural process. 

Like any fear, your subconscious mind has come to believe that going to the toilet whilst your surrounded by others has become an issue for you, so it is doing what it can to stop it. 

The easy option is to wait to go in one of the cubicles, to your mind this is safe so you go into a relaxed mode and it becomes no problem again.

However this is not always appropriate and it won't be long before your friends and acquaintances are going to start to notice or even worst their going to make a comment or ask you about it.

 If you carry on trying to avoid the situation or you keep training yourself to use the cubicles all you will be doing is reinforcing to your subconscious mind that the fear is justified and the problem continues. 

The natural thing most people do to try and alleviate the feelings of anxiety is to try and avoid the situation, the problem with this approach is avoidance is part of the fight or flight process, we come to fear more the things we avoid.

You Need To Relax And Allow Things To Flow Naturally

The only way over your pauresis is to learn how to relax and switch off so when you have to go it just happens naturally without you even having to think about it. 

The harder you try or the more you try and force yourself to go, the less likely you will go to the toilet.

This is easier said than done, but it can be achieved if you change the subconscious programming.

Sometimes bashful bladder is only a temporary problem or a brief nuisance and you will soon overcome your toilet shyness. 

However for some it can turn into a real problem to such an extent that you become toilet shy or you can even go onto develop a fear of urinating in public toilets.

 Shy bladder is a psychological problem, a mental blockage, so to overcome it you need to fix the problem that is running in your subconscious mind.

Bashful bladder can soon become a habit or learned behaviour driven by the anxiety, you should not have to think about going to the toilet but it only takes a brief thought or focus of attention and suddenly your whole system starts to cease. 

Do Not Live Your Life Dictated By Your Bladder

In the most severe of cases there are some people who can only urinate when they are on their own and once you reach this stage you’re allowing the paruresis to dictate and control your life. 

The most common age for paruresis to develop is often around the teenage years however this is not always the case and it can strike at any age.

Shy bladder is typically associated with men because they can feel more exposed when they are using the toilets mainly down to the fact they are more open and intimate, but bashful bladder is by no means confined to males it also affects some females and there have been a lot of reports where woman share a similar problem.

People have formed varies ways of trying to cope with shy bladder, some try and hold their urine in others go to even more extreme lengths such as cutting back on the amount they drink especially if they know they might need to use public toilets while others will attempt to plan their day or find single toilets or ones that are empty. 

All these coping methods are not the answer to the solution and some are actually unhealthy and somewhat uncomfortable approaches. In the most severe of bashful bladder cases it can restrict both people’s standard and quality of life leaving them unable to travel far from their home. 

You can try relaxation methods, the secret is not to try to hard, you need to forget about trying to go to the toilet. Take small steps at a time, you can use a gradual approach, find a toilet that is relatively quiet, when your about to go you can try distracting yourself, hum or sing to yourself or just think happy thoughts or you can imagine that your in a relaxing location. 

Let your mind know that nothing bad is about to happen, finding ways to relax and reduce your stress will help lesson the symptoms of your anxiety. When we are stressed we feel more threatened in our environment and even though you might think, well I don't feel threatened.

Unfortunately your subconscious mind has no idea the situation your in is not dangerous and your subconscious mind is the part of you that controls the fight or flight process and all your bodily functions. All fears resolve around your subconscious mind perceiving that something bad is about to happen.

 When we are relaxed and at ease we start to perceive our surrounding environment as being safe. You can also try imagining yourself going to the toilet before hand easily and effortlessly. The answer to this problem is to relax and allow it to happen without you getting in the way.

Specialist Treatment To Overcome Shy Bladder

If you have difficulty using public urinals, when others are around? Or have you ever felt desperate to pee - but your bladder just locks up on you. 

If the answer is yes then do not despair because you are not alone. In the US alone, an astonishing 20 million individuals suffer from this social phobia related condition which is known as shy bladder syndrome with the medical name being paruresis.

That's 7% of the population -or 1 in 12 individuals! For some it's only a brief problem and they soon grow out of it however this is not always the case and unfortunately for others it can develop into a permanent psychological issue. The good news is that you don't have to suffer like this anymore!

To overcome shy bladder you need to deal with the psychological side of things because this is the root cause of the issue and you can now achieve this by using special NLP techniques which will help you to overcome shy bladder for good and it does not take long to achieve the results you desire, in fact you can be free of bashful bladder in just one week.

 Imagine what it would be like to be free of this limiting condition where once again you will be able to enjoy night's out with friends without restroom panic. You will no longer have to stop making excuses whilst you’re at work or your out socializing, the more you worry about it the more it will happen, the program below will help you to change things on a subconscious level.

 In a very short period of time you will have all the confidence you need to go to the toilet in peace no more having to duck into the cubicles every time you need to use the toilet. The "Bashful Bladder" course can sort it all for you and it can do it very quickly, in some cases it can be cured in about a week or just over.

The overcome pauresis program can change your life forever for the better because you cannot afford to plan your life around your toilet requirements and bladder shyness. 

Conventional treatment and therapy can prove to run expensive for people on low incomes, the program below offers you a cheaper solution which can fix the problem permanently.

How To Overcome Pauresis