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Stay Forever Young

Posted by Steven on Tuesday, December 20, 2016,

You may not be able to stop your 
chronological aging process, but the good news is, you can slow it down considerably and even reverse it.

Because you have the choice and control to stay and feel youthful as well as improving your quality health, life and fitness. 

The one thing that will slow you down and make you weak and tired is the thought of giving up and quitting and jumping on to the escalator that will age you way before your time.

Well-being, fitness and health should be the most impor...
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Changing And Replacing Bad Habits

Posted by Steven on Sunday, December 18, 2016,

An essential ingredient for success, living your best life possible, change or growth is developing the right habits.

The reason why habits are so important is because over ninety percent of all the things that we do are controlled by our habits.

Bad habits can make your life difficult and some bad habits like addictions can be bad for your health.

Most of our negative behavior and bad habits, which are all the things that we want to change are all being controlled by a part of our mind that for...
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Lose Weight And Get Beach Ready For 2017

Posted by Steven on Sunday, December 18, 2016,

Statistically the success rate for diets is very poor.

Many people waste a lot of their precious time and energy trying to starve themselves or force themselves to follow an unrealistic and unsustainable diet program, where later they frustratingly end up piling all the pounds all back on.

This can leave you feeling disappointed and it can make you feel like what's the point in trying.
Losing weight is the number one new year's resolution is to lose weight so you can look good and be more healt...

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Take The Short Cut To Success By Having A Mentor

Posted by Steven on Sunday, December 18, 2016,

The single biggest reason why people fail to achieve their goals or to make the changes or progress that they want is because they don't have a mentor.

A good mentor already knows what you need to know and do, they will help to keep you motivated.

They will pick you up when you're procrastinating, they will keep you positive even at times when you feel negative and you feel like giving up.

A mentor will also make sure that you stay productive and focused and they will help you to make progress b...

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The 3 Week Diet

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