Motivation Is The Starting Point Of Your Weight Loss Journey

A successful weight loss campaign is not all about calories counting and exercise, there are many other factors to consider, like motivation to get started and then staying motivated to reach your desired target.

Alongside motivation, you will need to be inspired and stay inspired, keeping focused on the positive reasons why you want to be slim and healthy, will help keep you both inspired and motivated.

You will also need to stay disciplined, because losing weight is only part of the equation, you will also want to stay at your new healthy weight once you have achieved it.

Motivation is the first step to losing weight, improving your self image is the second, because your self image will reflect you who are on the outside and desire is the third. 

Why do you need to be motivated to lose weight? Because will power alone is rarely enough, it may help you to get started, but you need the required amount of motivation to see it through to completion. 

Without motivation we do very little, everybody knows what they should do to lose weight and why they need to do it. 

But sometimes people don't always know or understand how to go about it, this can force you to rely solely on will power, however, will power might get you up an running but it very rarely gives you the sustained motivation and drive that you need to reach your end goal. 

To achieve any substantial success in life you first need positive reasons for why you need to do it. Because it is emotions that run our lives, they either, drives us or they trips us up depending on whether you are experiencing positive or negative emotions. 

Thousands of people want to lose weight, the trouble is they just have no real idea  how to do it, the only way they know is through hard work, emotional pain and struggle. 

The common approach is to use shear will power and determination with the only goal in mind to solely to focus on losing weight and watch the pounds fall off.

You may get some success doing it this way, some might even go on to achieve their target weight if they develop true grit and determination, however statistic show that most people end up putting all the weight back on. 

One of the reasons you may be overweight is because a large percentage of your daily calories are consumed not because you need it, but more to do with the fact that you are eating to help you cope with your feelings. You need to refrain from overeating and indulging just to pacify your inner feelings. 

Your aim should not just be totally focused on losing the weight side of things, because when you take this approach you are not dealing with two of the key aspects of losing weight which are the emotional side and changing your poor self image you hold about yourself. 

How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight 

Do you have no motivation to lose weight, are you fed up of trying, then perhaps it's time to stop fighting yourself and beating yourself up and to try a new approach. 

The people who have successful lost weight and then managed to keep it off have permanently taken a completely different approach. 

They basis it on sound positive reasons and benefits which will get them feeling upbeat motivated and inspired, they have other motives for why they wanted to do it, the ones which fuels positive emotions and good reasons for doing it.

Some reason for their motivation to lose weight might be. They will feel more confident, they will have more energy, they will be healthier and fitter, their relationships will be better, they will sleep better or they will be more mobile and get around easier. 

When your goal is to just lose the weight without a valid reason your subconscious mind will not really register this, it creates your life and reality through your emotions and feelings. 

When you have a real positive benefit for losing your excess weight the positive emotion will push you in the direction you want to go. Imagine how you would feel if you had your dream body, think about how much better that would make you feel, imagine how much better your life would be.

When people just use will power they are not properly addressed the negative emotions and bad habits which have kept them eating excessively. Unless you deal with the real underlying issue's you will always be fighting an uphill battle.

Also, if you have a poor self image of yourself you will struggle to lose weight, your self image is how you define yourself. If you see yourself as overweight or weak, then your poor self image will live to that negative image you have about yourself. 

This often means even if you do manage to motivate yourself to lose the weight unless you change your self image your mind will do everything in its power to get you to put it back on so it can satisfy your self image.

So to successfully lose the excess pounds you need to create some new all inspiring ways first why you think it would be beneficial for you to slim down. 

So you need to change your ways, boost your self image and let go of the negative emotion and bad habits you have accumulated.

This however is easier said than done unless you know what you're doing, what you want to do is to create some better subconscious programs which will help you to develop healthier eating habits which will also reduce your bad food cravings and replace them with healthy food cravings.

Everything we do is created subconsciously, first you need to be aware of your negative subconscious programs which are controlling your thinking, your habits and behaviours, then you need to develop new positive ones.

Change Your Thought Process

Before you tackle the weight issue, learn to change your thinking from what you have been used to. You need to make a shift in your attitude and you need to start doing things differently as well as act differently. 

Think about or write down why you want to do it and what are the positive benefits you will experience and gain by doing it. 

You need to think and act like thin, healthy people do, try and mix with like minded people, think healthier and change the way you view about exercising, you need to be able to quieten that critical and doubting voice in your head. 

You want your subconscious mind to agree,  support and back you in your mission to become slimmer. 

Sometimes it is better to break down your goals into smaller, easier and more manageable stage so it appears much less daunting and more achievable, just aim to lose a few pounds to begin with,once you have achieved that set another weight target you want to reach and so on..

A good way to keep motivated is to think about all the benefits you will experience from losing losing weight, create some new passion and excitement about your new ideal perfect body and lifestyle. But it's not just about motivation because motivation on its own is like a chore. 

What you want to know is how to keep motivated to lose weight, to achieve this long term what you need is inspired motivation. 

This means focusing on all those worthwhile reasons you will gain, like that new transformed body and the new confident and happy you. What you should be aiming for is to feel good before you even start to lose the excess pounds. 

Some of the more obvious advantages of losing weight are better health, live longer, increased self-esteem and confidence, you will be physically fitter, you will look great and feel good about yourself, plus your food bills will be cheaper food bills. 

Inspired motivation gets you up and running and it helps you to see your goals right through to the end, because inspired motivation to lose weight will make you want to do whatever is required. 

Exercise Should Be Fun And Enjoyable

If your overweight and you start an exercise it is a good idea to pay a visit to your doctors first just to get a health check at seek out their advice.

When you start your routine be careful not to go to mad to begin with, start off doing a little exercise and gradually build your way up to it. 

Do activities that you enjoy,try and make exercising fun,if you have to force yourself to do it the novelty will soon wear off.

This does not mean you have to go straight out and run a marathon any form of movement or activity coupled with a reduction in the amount of calories you consume equals weight loss. 

Start your exercise campaign off slowly and gradually increase the intensity, if you find an activity that you enjoy then it will be easier to motivate yourself.

A good brisk 30 minute walk each day can be very beneficial, you can buy yourself a dog as this will encourage you to take it for a walk each day to benefit you and the dog.

When you know you have to take the dog for their walk it will motivate you to get out of the house on those cold winter days where normally you might give it a miss if you were going by yourself. Ditch the car whenever possible and walk to the shop or if you have to take the kids to school.

Along with the standard health risks of being overweight like heart diseases and strokes, obesity has been closely linked to type 2 diabetes, especially in men, this alone should help you stay motivated. 

The latest research suggests that if you lose approximately around 7 to 8 kg of weight after you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and exercise more frequently than you can prevent it from developing into type 2 diabetes. 

How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight 

Successful and permanent weight loss begins in the mind and then transforms to the body. Most people struggle because they don't know how to deal with the emotional and thinking side of things.  

To successfully tame your emotions, break the bad habits and rebuild your self image you need to deal with the subconscious programming.

What you should be aiming for is you should naturally want to be slimmer, fitter and healthier, you need to have the inspired motivation to lose weight and so you will enjoy doing exercise and eating the right healthy diet. To achieve this you need to make a shift in your thinking and attitude. 

Hypnosis is one way of achieving all this, hypnosis for weight loss will allow you to naturally reprogram your mind so you change the bad habit. You will make the shift so you want to lose weight for all the right reasons. 

You will take action automatically because you will have eradicated all the negative bad habits and cravings and you will install new positive behaviours and thinking patterns just like the ones of slim and healthy people. Change your self image and begin to think and act like a slim person does.

Once you deal with the emotional side of things you will be left feeling inspired, optimistic and fully motivated to tackle the physical aspect which is the actual weight loss.

So you will feel fully equipped to go forth and achieve your desired weight target and more importantly, you will have less chance of slipping back into those old negative habits preventing putting the weight straight back on. 

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