Cleanse Your Mind, Body And Soul

These days, many people have become more materialistic and separate from whom they really are.

Although we all have our physical needs and wants. When you become disconnected from who you truly are at the source of their being. 

Then, no amount of material things, will bring you the happiness and inner peace, that you are truly seeking.

If you can put your ego to one side. At heart you are a spiritual being, who deep down, recognizes that beyond your conscious awareness, you know that there is much more going on. 

And there is an energy force and intelligence network, which is far greater than what you're experiencing in your waking life.

There is far more to us than the physical experience that we are living. 

In my opinion. Our physical senses, interpret vibrational energy frequencies and information, and transform them into, sound, smell, taste, feelings and sight, which we perceive and experience as our reality.

From the beginning of time, we have been turning though into physical form, and we are constantly evolving forwards and expanding, from generation to generation.

From a non physical prospective. We are energy and spirit, trying to exist in a physical body and playing the physical game of life.

The late comic Bill Hicks Summed it all up with his famous quote

"All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves".

When you totally rely on physical possessions and circumstances as a condition for your happiness, it can actually rob you of your happiness and inner peace.

Although you see and respond to the world through the filters of your senses. You are so much more than a physical being, and the larger part of you, is non physical.

In this face paced world that we live in, many of us are coming from a place of fear and disharmony instead of love and inner peace.

So many people are struggling with their inner insecurities and limiting beliefs, instead of tapping into their true potential.

When we go against our true natural flow state and who we really are, we create an energy of negative resistance.

In search of happiness, we continually look for things to please us on the outside, yet true happiness, has to be first cultivated from within.

We all have our own wants and desires, but our most dominant intention, should be to feel good.

Because when you become at peace with yourself, and this world, and you align yourself up with your higher self, then there is nothing that can stop you.

When you realize that you are more than a physical being, who has unlimitless potential. And you start to accept yourself and the circumstances life throws at you.

And you begin coming from a place of love, inner peace, balance and contentment.

Then you will become more tolerant to life's challenges and upsets. You will bounce back from adversity quicker. You will handle and cope with your daily challenges better.

And what happens in the world around you, will not be able to rob you of your happiness.

Spiritual Awakening

Have you ever thought that all is not, has it seems, do you sometimes feel, something is not quite right?

Do you find yourself questioning. Who and what is God, why am I here, who am I and what is my real purpose on this earth plane?

Have you started to question, what you hear in the media, or what you have been previously told or led to believe?

Do you feel there is so much more to you, are you on the right path or maybe you are frustrated at life and you feel as if you're not following your true passion?

Are you seeking the truth, do you find yourself searching for answers, that go beyond, what society can supply you with?

Have you, been picking up on the messages, that the non physical is trying to send to you, and are you in the free flowing receptive emotional state, you need to be in. To turn your desires into a physical  reality?

If this is the case. Then you may be starting to experience your spiritual awakening or you need to begin to pay attention to your inner guidance and spiritual wisdom.

Or maybe you just want to break through the barriers and limitations that societal and self conditioning has put up for you, which has been blocking your path for happiness and success.

Spiritual awakening is all about inner growth and strength and making the most out of your inner faculties.

It is all about, learning more about you, and out with the bad stuff and in with the good stuff. This means letting go or changing any limiting beliefs and destructive negative thought patterns.

New thoughts, ideas' and using the power of positive and calm energies.

When you begin to let go of all the old negative stuff or the things that no longer serves you, such as your old bad habits, self limitations and your old patters of thinking. 

And you let go of anything that does not benefit you and you let in all the positive things that are going to benefit you, and you follow your own goals and interests.. 

Then you will be living your life with real meaning and a sense of contentment and satisfaction. 

Often we comply with everybody else's way of living your life and we fall into a routine and a mundane of going through the motions and trying to please everybody and the expense of your own wants and needs.

Take good care of yourself

Our body, emotions and mind are linked and work as a whole. For your mind and body to operate and its peak performance, everything has to be functioning and its most efficient best.

There is nothing better in life than feeling calm, at ease and balanced. When we are experiencing unpleasant and negative feelings, then this means, something is out of sync.

At our best, our energy flows freely, are mind is still and our body is operating at its natural peak performance best.

If your mind, body and physiology are out of alignment and balance, then it will throw our whole system out of balance and harmony.

The key is to start listening to your body more. Ask yourself, what does your body need, why are you feeling the way you are, are you supplying your body with the attention it requires.

Is your mind working for you or against you. Is the input in your mind positive and full of optimism, or are you feeding your mind with thoughts of negativity and hopelessness.

Looking after your body 

Are you giving your body the required nutrients that it needs and craves to renew and maintain itself, so it operates at its most efficient, to keep you feeling happy and healthy.

Raw natural nutrients are essential to keep our bodies energized, healthy and they are required to for optimal functioning of your body.

Nutrients help to support a healthy digestive system, nervous system, enzyme function and your metabolism.

Nutrients are defined as a substance that provides essential nourishment that is vital for growth and the maintenance of a healthy body. 

When you have a nutrient deficiency, your body is unable to function as efficiently.

If our bodies are not supplied with the vital vitamins and minerals it needs or if our physiology is in a state of stress or tension. Then this can affect our mind, body and how we feel.

According to the experts. The best type of vitamins and minerals, are those that are plant based, as plant based minerals and vitamins are believed to be more easily absorbed by the body.

The essential nutrients that our bodies need are

  • Protein 
  • Water
  • Carbohydrates 
  • Fats (Some fats are better than others. The good ones are the omega 3 fatty acids) 
  • Vitamins and minerals

Our bodies require both minerals and vitamins. Your body will try and let you know if you are deficient in nutrients. 

Some of the signs of a nutrient deficiency, are believed to be

  • Lack of energy 
  • Poor sleep patterns 
  • Fatigue 
  • Muscular cramps/tension 
  • Low moods/mood swings 
  • Certain skin conditions

Some of the essential vitamins are

  • Vitamin A 
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2 
  • Vitamin B3 
  • Vitamin B6 
  • Vitamin B12 
  • Vitamin C 
  • Vitamin D 
  • Vitamin K 
  • Folic Acid 
  • Biotin 
  • Choline

Some of the essential minerals

  • Iron 
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc 
  • Magnesium 
  • Calcium 
  • Sodium 
  • Selenium
  • Potassium 
  • Iodine 
  • Manganese

Stress, negative emotions and tension are all bad for our mind, body and emotional well-being. It is essential, that you pay attention to your body and give it everything that it requires.

Any form of deep relaxation is good for the body and vital to help reduce stress and anxiety. 

Although our bodies need adequate amount of rest, relaxation and good quality sleep. Our bodies have also been designed for movement.

So it is important to keep active and mobile. One of the biggest causes of aging, is the degeneration of the muscles.

Keeping active and doing some light resistance exercises and training will help to keep your body healthy, strong and toned.

It is also important to try and sit, stand and move with the least amount of tension as well as being in your natural, poised and relaxed, full height and expansion, without stiffening, tensing or lifting up your chest and chin.

Your skeleton should be holding you up, so your muscles are as relaxed as they can be. Tension in our body makes us feel uncomfortable. 

Ideally you want to be feeling that flow state, where you experience that sweet feelings, when your muscles are nice and soft, without collapsing.

Spirit and the soul

There is a lot of debate, and difference of opinion regarding the difference between the spirit and the soul.

Essentially, they could be described as two of the same thing, which is energy, that is projected through you.

Your soul, is often otherwise known as your inner being or the inner you. You have the you, that you see as the physical part of you and the inner more broader you that is connected to the collective consciousness and universal intelligence.

Other names for the inner you are, source energy or your higher self.

Our inner self is free flowing energy. Things only get thrown out of balance and complicated, when we get caught up in the thoughts, emotions and stresses of our physical reality.

Our world, situations and circumstances, stimulated thoughts, feelings and reactions, both positive and negative.

What we focus our attention on, determines our energy frequency. When we focus on what we don't want, we cause a split in our free flowing energy, which causes negative resistance.

We are non physical beings existing through a physical body, so we can perceive and interact with the material world around us.

We come into the physical world to have an experience, but the larger part of us is non physical, such as our thoughts, feelings, imagination and perceptions.

Our inner being is connected to the source of creation, everything that there is and the all knowing universal intelligent mind.

It is thought that our senses allow us to interpret vibrational frequencies and information, into physical form, which we know as our physical reality.

Many people believe that the soul, is the invisible part of us, that separates and leaves the body at the point of death.

You could argue that, there is no separation, we just leave our physical experience as we know it and transcend and merge back into the non physical or move on to another experience.

The Bible suggests that the soul, means the person or the life he/she is living.

Often the spirit is defined as another term for the soul, and the two are the same things. Again the Bible tells it differently, and states that the spirit and the soul are two different things. 

According to the Bible. The spirit is what gives life to the body, a bit like the energy power that enables a computer to function, and without the spirit, the body is devoid of life.

The spirit, could be described as the invisible force and energy, that keeps the body functioning and alive, otherwise known as. Life force.

People start to experience spiritual awakening when they start to realize that there is something bigger and greater than what they are experiencing.

Your inner being that is connected to the larger no physical part of you, always knows what is best for you.

Your inner being is the one that pushes you to take inspired action or tries to guide you to live your best life possible, to help you achieve your true potential.

Your inner being will use, thoughts, intuition and emotions, to let you know whether you're on the right path.

Our feelings are linked to what we give our focus of attention to, and how we have conditioned ourselves to perceive and react to external situations and circumstances.

When you focus on what you don't want or like, then this will create negative feelings, when you focus on what you do want, then this will create good feelings.

The same applies if you are self critical or you dislike or disapprove of yourself, which will be met with bad feelings and negative behaviors.

When you self praise, accept, encourage and like yourself, you will be rewarded with positive emotions and positive behaviors.

The mind

Our mind is a very powerful tool when we use it in positive and constructive ways capable of many things.

Through our imagination and thoughts we are able to create the reality that we live in. Animals, adapt to their environment, and humans create and develop theirs.

But when you use your mind in self defeated and sabotaging ways, it can become your worst enemy.

Fear is one of the minds, tools, and it can help to keep you guarded and safe. But fear can also prevent you from doing all the good things that you want.

Fear is designed to keep you safe, it also keeps you small and stuck in our comfort zone. 

Your imagination is another very powerful tool of the mind, capable of helping you to create, build and design. 

But when it is used in self defeating ways, it can create endless perceptions of doubt, anxiety, stress and worry.

Most of the time, fear does not protect you, love and feelings of inner peace protects you. And in most cases, fear is one of the most destructive of all emotions.

Some of the biggest fears are the fear of being rejected and the fear of failure. Ironically the fear of failure, can cause you to fail to try.

Beyond your fear lies a better you and more successful you. As unpleasant as it feels, fear cannot, nor should not stop you from being or doing the things that you want.

So, embrace fear, feel it, let it have its moment, but do it anyway, let your mind know, "Whatever happens, you'll be OK".

Clearly state to you, that the fear is not going to prevent you from doing what you want.

Your mind is a powerful biological computer, it receives and decodes information, to help create you and your reality.

You have the ability to think, therefore what you think, you can become or do. Your mind learns through repetition, and eventually, after you think a thought for a while it becomes a belief or behavior.

All the successful leaders and high achievers will tell you that. You become what you think about the most.

Your mind and body are connected and they work with patterns and associations. 

If you have a bad experience, your mind attaches strong negative emotions and neural connections to your negative memory.

Your mind then uses these negative memories, to gauge how you should handle, should you have to face the same or similar type of situation again.

The same applies when you have a good experience, and your mind will attach good feelings to that thing or situation.

The primary job of your brain is to help you to avoid pain and seek out pleasure. 

If your mind thinks that you might be about to face a thing or situation that may cause you either physical or emotional pain.

It will use strong negative emotions and it will flash images and sounds in your mind, to either try and get you to avoid or escape from that situation. This is known as anxiety.

Your mind will try and push you to seek out things that give you pleasure, even if these things might be wrong or potentially harmful to your health.

Inside our brains are a powerful mechanism center that wants us to avoid pain and urges us to seek pleasure and enjoyment.

Our brain also loves us to succeed and win, and dislikes it when we fail or lose.

Everytime we achieve something, we do something that pleases us or we win or succeed, our brain is flooded with happy chemicals and our body experiences good feelings.

Everytime things go wrong, we feel embarrassed or something bad happens. The opposite happens and we experience, negative feelings or our fight or flight response is activated.

Even the thought of something good happening or something bad happening can trigger good or bad feelings and physical changes in our body.

Awareness is the first step to becoming a better you

Awareness is the secret to becoming a better you. Having the awareness of what is wrong or where you're going wrong and more important. 

Having the awareness that you the ability that you can put it right and you have the ability to achieve, learn or overcome, anything that you want.

Your mind is also a great problem solver and it can assist you to solve problems, overcome challenges and much more.

Where most people go wrong is. They give all their attention to their problem, which causes them to live in the emotion of their problem.

If you have a problem, skip all the worrying and stressing out, and put all your attention on to the solution.

When you are in a calm and relaxed state of inner peace. This is when you are at your most creative problem solving best.

There are two parts of your mind. You have your conscious mind, that has the ability to choose and make decisions.

Then you have your subconscious mind, which is your all powerful and all knowing mind which operates by commands, suggestions, feelings, associations and instructions. 

The input you put into your mind, will come back out, this is why it is important to use positive words, thoughts and language about you, to you.

Your subconscious mind is your all powerful and knowing mind, and the part of you that is responsible for your actions, responses and behaviors.

Your subconscious mind is always listening to your thoughts and words, and it will act upon the words you speak and say, to create your version of your reality.

Your subconscious mind is known as the emotional part of your mind. If you want to get it to work for you in positive ways, then you have to get yourself in a good feeling and calm emotional state.

Your mind works like a computer, you tell it what you want, and it will have to come back with an answer, or guide you to the solution.

Your focus of attention, creates your reality and how you feel. Your subconscious mind has access to the universal intelligent mind, and when you seek help, information and guidance.

Your subconscious mind will bring to you or guide you to, all the idea's, information, opportunities and answers.

The secret is to focus on what you want and tell your mind what you want. The trouble is, most people focus on what they don't want.

Your intuition, is another powerful faculty of your mind, and it is capable of helping you to avoid making mistakes as well as capable of guiding you to make the right positive choices and situations.

We all have the ability and inner potential to do, so much more than we are currently doing. There are no limits to what you can do or achieve, only the limitations that you put upon yourself.

When you align your conscious mind and subconscious mind and get them in agreement with what you want, and you get yourself in the free flowing state of nonresistance. 

Then there is nothing that can stop you and you will have unlocked the door and gained access to your real true powers and potential.

Being mindful

Many people are dogged by negative, worry and anxious thoughts. 

Because negative and anxious thoughts make us feel bad and stressful.

Most people try and get rid of their unwanted and bad feeling thoughts. What they don't realize is, when you resist your negative thoughts and feelings, they become stronger and you hold on to them.

The aim of mindfulness, is not to try and get rid of or control your bad feeling thoughts and emotions.

The goal, is to stop allowing your negative thoughts to control you and keep you stuck in a state of stress, sadness, anger or anxiety.

You cannot completely stop all negative and anxious thoughts, but you can learn how to react calmly, when you have them.

With a bit of practice, you can soon become aware of the thoughts that make you feel bad, and you can start to practice, remaining calm and detached from your mind. 

When you find yourself having negative or worry thoughts, leave your mind alone, and you put your attention out of your head and on to what you're doing or focus on your breathing.

Do not dwell on what has happened to you in the past, keep out of the future, unless you're seeing things through a positive lens, and focus your mind on the present moment.

Restore Back The Natural Balance In Your Mind Body And Spirit

Every thought and feeling you experience is a state of mind and being. 

Anger, stress, worry, anxiety, sadness are all negative states, that evoke unpleasant feelings and emotions.

Happiness, joy and love are all positive states that we are all searching for.

Then you have the in the now, calm and peaceful state. 

This is like the "nothing state, or the all powerful state" where you're at your creative and peaceful best, free from anger, fear, ego or anything else that stands in your way.

Your unbounded inner spirit, who knows what's best for you, is always trying to guide you into the happy or inner peace states.

Once you learn how to free yourself from your negative thoughts, emotions and your past negative memories which are holding you back. 

You will find yourself able to enter into these blissful, happy and peaceful states.

There is a program devised by leading self-help guru Steve G Jones will help you to get in touch with your spiritual side.

So you can enhance and improve your quality of life by aligning your mind, body and spirit. To achieve that long awaited inner peace.

The program can help eliminate stress, worry, anger and anxiety, free you from past traumas and heal pain, while also helping you to sleep better by learning you how to focus your attention on the here and now. 

This unique program will teach you how you can naturally free yourself from the burdens of the past, leaving you able to concentrate on living your life in the peace and calm of the present.

Free of stress, negative thoughts and emotion through aligning the mind- body and spirit. 

We all need to spend some quiet time to restore our inner balance where we can practice calming and controlling the mind and body. 

True inner balance can be found in this peaceful and relaxed state.

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