The Law Of Attraction And Manifesting

These days just about everybody has heard about manifesting, you may have already tried things like visualizing, positive thinking and saying affirmations, yet for the majority of people who try it it just not seems to work or they may enjoy a little bit of success.

There are countless books written about manifestation and the law of attraction, so why doesn't it seem to work for most people?

Having all the correct information is one thing, but to enjoy the success that you want and to start living the life you want to live you have to be in your natural manifestation state of inner peace, balance and harmony, before the manifestation process can take place.

The universe is always trying to guide us and give you subtle hints and nudges, but to take advantage of the universal guidance and intelligence you have to be tuned in and alert, so you can spot the opportunities and guidance.

When you become physically and emotionally balanced and you practice falling into alignment with your true self, who you really are and how you're meant to feel.

Then the opportunities, synchronicity and coincidence will start to happen and the wheels of the universal processes will start to spring into motion.

We all have access to unlimited potential and information, and information and creativity are the key to designing the life you want to live.

The universal intelligence is your best mentor and helper, but in order to get the most out of this magnificent creative energy force, you have to be able to speak the language of the universe and the language of the universe is feelings.

When you're able to tune into the frequency of all that is good and positive, then the magic will start to happen.

Developing an abundant mindset

Most people want more abundance in their lives, usually when they think of abundance they speak in terms of material possessions, like manifesting a new car, moving to a bigger house, promotion at work or having a lot of money.

Although it is good to have material possession, what many neglect in their pursuit for material possessions is, abundance cannot be measured in material things, abundance is a form of energy and a state of being.

Having new things is great, but after a while you'll want something else, so the material possessions will not sustain your happiness.

If you want to keep on manifesting and experiencing all that is good and you want good things to continue to come your way, then you will need too cultivate an abundant mindset and a state of inner peace and balance.

Because, the means to happiness is not all about having new things, but happiness is the means to manifesting what you want, because you do need to be happy and in the allowing state, to manifest at your full most powerful potential. 

If you want to change things and start living the life of your design, then you have to first change from within.

We all want better things and more money, but the ultimate goal of life is to feel good and to live the best and most enjoyable life experience possible.  

To achieve this, you need to feel abundant in all area's of your life, both spiritual and physical.

So the first step to manifesting should involve doing emotional work and letting go of all your old negative emotional baggage.

Because, when you start to remove your old barriers and limitations, and you stop the self sabotage and think in terms of abundance and plenty, then you will start to draw to you all the things that you want.

Most people do not have an abundance or success mindset, they see a world filled with lack, struggle and scarcity, because that is how they have been conditioned to perceive their world.

When they aren't getting the things that they want, they think that the answer is to try harder and harder, yet things go much better and things begin to happen,when we stop trying so hard and we just do things intuitively and naturally.

Unfortunately, if you perceive your world and your life through a negative lens of lack and not going to happen, that is what you will experience in your world.

These limiting beliefs and mental blocks will push away all the things that you want and prevent you from spotting new opportunities or stop you from taking action on your goals and desires. 

But, if you start to develop an abundant mindset then you will start to see a world full of new opportunities, and new idea's will flood to you and new doors will start to open up.

Be grateful and appreciative for what you've got, is one way of changing your energy from lack to abundance.

Another way to create an abundant mindset, is to give to others, this could be a small donation to charity, or even giving something away to help others as this will help open the door to future abundance for you. 

Treating yourself or your family, is another way to create an abundant mindset, you have not got to spend a lot of money, always spend to your means, this is all about developing an abundant mindset.

Looking at new things in magazines, scanning through holiday brochures, visiting car showrooms or viewing new houses is another way to create an abundant mindset.

On top of creating an abundant and success mindset, you will also need to feel abundant, because to be abundant, you have to feel abundant.

As we have already mentioned, abundance is a feeling, which is the same feeling and frequency as being happy and in the zone, without the feeling you will struggle to attract the rewards or things that you're wanting.

Your biggest hurdle to overcome is yourself

Many people fail at the first hurdle, one of the reasons for this is because they allow what is from preventing what they want. 

We are own worst enemy, and the biggest battle in life that you will have, is the one that you have with yourself.

Another common mistake is, people focus more on what they don't want or what they don't have, which holds them in a state of negative resistance which blocks off all their desires, they too easily allow their self defeating ways to ruin their chances.

Manifestation is not all about mindset and emotions, and depending on the size of your dream or desire.

Although the emotional side of things is important, with most manifestations, some sort of physical action is usually required.

The universe will supply you with the means and the how, however the action work is down to you, and before you even start off with the action work you will need to do the emotional work, because only then can you can start to create the life of your choosing.

You will struggle to access all the things that you want if you're coming from a negative place of lack, scarcity, not happening or negativity to access your true powers and creativity you have to be in a calm, happy and peaceful state, the trouble is, most people aren't.

In fact, most of the time, most people are in the exact opposite state to what they need to be in to be able to manifest all the things they want, so they continue to struggle.

Then to make matters worst, because they cannot access all the things that they want, they become even more frustrated, negative and disappointed which makes it even harder for them to achieve their goals and manifest their desires.

Vibration of manifesting

To access all the good things that you want,you have to be a vibrational match to them, so you flip yourself in alignment with what you want to manifest.

Basically, the emotional state and the mindset have to come before the manifestation can materialize from the non physical to the physical experience.

If you're coming from a negative place or you find yourself more focused on what you don't want or the not happening then you will cause a negative emotional attachment to the things that you want to manifest which will block off all the good that you're seeking.

Before you can manifest your desires and wants, you have to practice holding yourself in your natural abundant, allowing and receiving state.

The moment you focus on what you don't want, what is or what is not happening then you will cause resistance to the very things that you want which will repel them away from you.

When you have negative emotional attachment going on then this can cause negative attraction and you will draw towards you more of the things and situations that you don't want.

It is easy to allow your old limiting beliefs, your bad habits and your emotional baggage to to trap you in a negative thinking trap and cycle.

If you want to begin to manifest the life of your choosing then you have to have the right positive supporting beliefs and matching emotions which will need to be backed up by positive action steps.

Because it is your beliefs, intentions, feelings, and actions that create your reality, and that is all there is to it. 

Many people overlook the importance of taking action, the universe can guide you and bring about all the idea's and opportunities, but it cannot do the action work for you. 

The how is the job of the universe, but the action is your responsibility, you will also need the right skill levels.

You create your own beliefs and then your beliefs and actions create you and your reality, your reality is a reflection of the current beliefs that you hold.

Limiting beliefs will sabotage and destroy your chances of success, confidence and happiness.

If you want to manifest the life of your dreams and desires, then your belief systems need to have no limits or restrictions.

Do not carry on living your life by any beliefs that are limiting you or holding you back.

If you have any limiting or negative beliefs, challenge and change them, ask, is there any evidence to support these beliefs, has anybody else achieved what you want, because if they have, then there is no reason why you can't succeed as well.

Do they belong to you or where they given to you by others, including your parents.

Are these beliefs fact or just beliefs, idea's and opinions, if they are beliefs, change them.

Even when you have started to have some success with manifestation, you have to be careful that you do not slip back into your old habits and negative ways otherwise you will start to activate all the negative emotional attachment.

When things are going well, then it is easy to stay positive and optimistic, the hard bit and the part of things that you have to be mindful to is when things aren't going so well.

The best way to avoid falling into a negative emotional spiral and mindset, is to accept what is or what has happened, and then focus on putting things right or looking ahead with a positive mindset and attitude of, things will get better and better.

If you want to replace any limiting beliefs with positive supporting beliefs, then the best way and time to change them is when you're feeling relaxed and balanced.

Controlling your brain waves and emotions

Negative thinking, worry, stress and anxiety will hold you stuck in a state that will stifle your creativity and rob you of your manifestation powers.

Most people spend most of their time trying to battle with and control their thoughts, feelings and emotions and it never helps, in fact the more you fight with your thoughts and feelings the more emotional arousal you will be greeted with.

The best way to manage your thoughts and emotions, is to give up trying to control them or suppress them, and just acknowledge them, feel the emotions and then decide what you want to do.

Sometimes, you may need to give your mind some reassurance that, everything will be OK, you can handle the situation, or just override the thoughts with something positive, then just feel the emotions and let it pass or you can take any action, if action is necessary.

There are four different types of brain waves

  1. Beta-The beta brain wave frequency can range from being alert, concentrating, stressed and anxious
  2. Alpha-Alpha is still in the waking state, but if your brain waves are in the alpha range, then you will be feeling more relaxed and balanced
  3. Theta-Theta is often known as the drowsy state, this is like the state that you're in, in between awake and falling asleep. This is the state induced by hypnosis and meditation state, and the theta state is where all the powerful changes are made, in this state you can design the life of your choice and you can access all the creativity, idea's and information that will help you to manifest the life you want.
The theta state is where you can shape your life and your future, create new positive and helpful beliefs and reprogram your powerful subconscious mind so it will start drawing towards you the life that you want.

The alpha state, is the relaxed good feeling state, this is the ideal state that you want to be in during your awakened state.

Because, when you're in the alpha state, you will be more efficient, solve problems easier, perform better, overcome challenges, you will be more creative and in this state of zero resistance, you will be in the allowing and receiving state to let in all that is good into your life.

Things that can help you to stay in the alpha state are

Most of the information about manifesting resolves around the power of the mind, and although your mind is a very powerful tool when it is used and programmed correctly, do not underestimate the importance of the body.

Because if you feel uncomfortable, tired or stressed, then it will make it virtually impossible for you to feel good and in the zone.

It is important to think positive, but it is hard to think positive and it is hard for your mind to absorb all the positive information, if you feel tense, stressed or your body has a nutritional imbalance.

Tension in the mind and body is mankind's biggest enemy, and because of the mind body connection, if your body is tense, then you will tend to have more tense thoughts, and if you're having tense or anxious thoughts then your body will become more tense.

Our thoughts tend to mirror our feelings and emotions, when you're sad, you will have more sad thoughts and imaginings and you will tend to think about sad memories and times.

When you're negative or stressed, you will worry more and you will have more anxious and worry thoughts and imaginings.

When you're angry, you will have more angry related thoughts and imaginings and you will tend to focus on events or people who have upset you.

Emotions are the power behind the creation forces and manifesting, negative emotions will attract negative circumstances and situations, whilst positive emotions will draw to you all resourcesthe and information that you need to create the life you want.

The good news is, when you're feeling happy and relaxed, you will have more positive thoughts and you will remember the happy times, plus you will feel more optimistic and new idea's and opportunities will be presented to you.

We all know by now that to manifest the life and things that you want, that you have to be in emotional alignment with what you want, or in other words, you have to feel good and balanced.

Because when we are in a balanced and flow like state, we are at our most powerful and peak creative best.

There are several things that can affect your vibration,

  • Your focus of attention 
  • Environmental factors 
  • Your stressors, rushing and time deadlines
  • Posture and physiology
15 Minute Manifestation

By utilizing your brains naturally occurring theta waves - the same waves that occur in sleep and deep meditation, you can reprogram your thoughts to get rid of those that have been making you miserable and keeping you from moving forward. 

15-Minute Manifestation uses theta brainwave technology to bring your brain into the theta state almost instantly. And this is where the magic happens. This is where the subconscious is most receptive to messages. 

You may experience, vivid imagery, long forgotten memories, and intuition leading to creative ideas. 

When we are feeling stressed or negative and most people have picked up many unhelpful and limiting subconscious beliefs, then you will struggle to tap into the universal intelligence and all its powerful guidance and creative information.

But when you're in the calming theta brainwave state, then you will find the information, idea's and solutions that that is way beyond what you're usually able to receive during your normal waking hours and state. 

Many people try to think themselves into feeling good, however this can take a lot of doing, and most people quickly sink into their old negative ways.

The easiest way to feel good and to boost your manifesting powers and your creativity, is to change the feelings and emotions, and the 15 minute manifestation program technology, will help you to achieve that.


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