Defying The Odds And Cheating Death 

One of the biggest fears is the fear of dying, this is the underlining cause of nearly all fears. But is death an outright lie something we have created to conform to our perceptions of the reality we observe and belief is absolute. Have we been worrying for nothing, is it just a belief we have accepted but we have not questioned or challenged.

 Well one remarkable lady can now answer some of these elusive question that we would all love to know. Anita Moorjani who was diagnosed with terminal cancer defied the impossible when she went beyond the point of death to the edge of heaven and came back to tell her story.

On her amazing journey which took her outside the realms of normal reality and logic she discovered the cause of her illness and more importantly how to cure it. Today more and more people are being brought back from the brink of death to tell their remarkable stories of a journey they did not expect to be going on. 

Some sceptics still dismiss near death experiences with being the chemical shut down of the brain. However this is flawed to a degree because some people have had a near death experiences when they have been clinically classed as brain dead with no bodily functions or brain wave activity what so ever. 

More and more scientists are now starting to acknowledge that there is a strong possibility that consciousness can survive without the physical body and they go even further by suggesting the mind and body exist on separate plains.

There Is More Than We Know

The story below takes the idea of near death experiences to a whole new level, This is a true story that defies belief, a near death experience that simply cannot be ignored, the best self-help book you could ever read. 

It also gives us a great insight to what causes terminal diseases like cancer and how we can prevent them from happening. It appears that the stress and the worry about developing cancer played a significant part in her developing it. This is a true account of a lady who visited a world which exists beyond our five sensory world, an existence without pain, hurt and emotional suffering. 

The land of information and healing,  she never thought she would return to her battered and weary body and she never believed she would go one step further and cure her terminal cancer. 

A young woman who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was at the brink of death, had a near death experience, where she then realized spiritually what had caused her cancer and what she needed to do the cure it. 

This is the true and remarkable story of how Anita Moorjani defied all the odds and logic and manged to cheat death and then amazingly she completely healed her cancer when everything seemed hopeless.

Anita claims she had developed a fear of cancer and a fear of all the things that can supposedly cause cancer, long before she was diagnosed with this dreaded disease.  Her obsession with becoming ill and even worse getting cancer became so bad that she went on a strict health diet to cut out any potential cancer causing foods. On top of that she would eat all the foods that  supposedly carried a risk of developing this disease.

She also explains how she also had a wide spectrum of many other fears and worries including not being liked or not fitting in socially. Anita was a kind lady who always put others first in the aim to please them so she would be liked and loved. This led her to often feel exhausted and tired which contributed along with the stress and worry to run herself and her body down.

But then a cruel twist of fate added to intensify her fear of cancer, her best friend and her brother in law both developed an aggressive form of cancer, she had to watch her friends deterioration which made her focus on the fact that even at a young age you are not immune from this disease. This increased her stress and worry levels. 

One day Anita discovered a small lump on her collar bone and after having a biopsy her worst nightmare had become true. Anita was diagnosed with cancer of the lymphatic system. Her first and only reaction was her only alternative and option she believed she had was death. 

The doctors suggested to her that the only form of treatments was chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Against her doctors advise she declined this treatment because by now she had seen her friend who had received the best treatment available in the best hospital money could buy and she and her brother in law had both died. So Anita believed if the chemotherapy was any good it would have saved her friends. (still best to go along with your doctor)

Anita opted to go to India to try alternative therapy which also took her away from the doctors and hospital environment which helped put her in a better frame of mind and she says she started to improve and feel better. 

However on her return home she began to deteriorate because she was back in the hospital environment which focused her mind bad on the cancer and dying especially with all her friends and doctors trying to persuade her to have the chemotherapy.

Against All the Odds

This again started off all the doubts and negativity and her condition quickly deteriorated. Her husband was told that she had only about 36 hours to live. Anita's body was full of fluid and her skin was covered with skin lesions caused from all the toxins in her body, she had become very weak and lost a lot of weight

She was by now under full supervision with a nurse and on morphine to ease the discomfort. One night she requested the nurse for an extra dose of morphine to help her sleep, but this was a sleep where she did not wake up. 

Anita was rushed to hospital where on her arrival the oncologist told her husband her organs were failing and she was in her final few hours of life.

By now Anita was in a coma and the situation looked hopeless. She was then had a near death experience where she drifted out of her body. Even though physically she was in a coma she says she could still here and sense everything that was being said, but not in a physical way, it was more of a spiritual experience.

She claims that she had merged into what she describes as one single collective spiritual consciousness where she became engrossed with feelings of love and free of all her emotional fears, worries and physical pains. 

Anita was in this spiritual experience and in this out of this world realm for about 30 hours. While she was in this place of love and harmony she connected with her deceased father and her best friend who had died. She was told she had a choice to go back and it was not yet her time.

Anita decided to return back to her physical body, because she now realized that it was all the fear, worry and anxiety which along with a lack of adequate rest and relaxation which caused the cancer to manifest. She now knew she must stop worrying, be happy and focus more on looking after herself and putting herself first. 

Life and Hope Beyond Cancer

On her return to the physical world four days later the cancer was 70% cleared and few days later miraculously all her cancer had disappeared and now several years later she is still clear.

What Anita discovered is that it is all our fears and worries which contribute to our ill health,  she says we now live in a fear orientated society which can cause stress and illnesses including cancer.

 She reveals that we are constantly being bombarded with cancer warnings and cancer awareness which can contribute and condition us to worry and even develop cancer.  What she realizes is that we are being programmed especially by the media and TV and even to some extent the medical profession to focus on getting cancer,  

Her advise is to attend to your true inner self and focus more on enjoying life, get plenty of rest and relaxation and instead of focusing on illness focus more on being fit and healthy. The law of attraction states we create our own destiny and to a large degree it seems like that applies to our health as well.

The important message hear is to look after yourself and stop all those worries and anxieties and learn to enjoy life and look forward to things and don't take life to serious, because it is short enough without us making it any shorter.

This real true story of near death experience to full health is now available in a book, this is by far the best natural true healing advise you could ever read, and once you pick up this book you won't be able to put it down.

Prevention is always better than a cure, so whats all this got to do with self-improvement, well from Anita's story we can learn to fear death less and it can also help us understand the true cause of many diseases which seems to be stress and worry.. 





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