Getting The Law Of Attraction To Work For You

A Step By Step Guide To Mastering The Law Of Attraction

A simple formula that may help you better your life, so you can turn your dreams, wants and desires into physical reality.

Is to give up trying to control or resist the things that you cannot control and then start to take more control over the things that you can control.

What you do have total control over are. Your thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, life and your destiny.

The times when you really start to see and notice, major positive shifts and profound transformations in your life. 

Often happen, when you release the need to control, you get out of the way and you start to allow life to happen and take you in the direction, that you won't to be heading. 

Because when you can get your positive energies flowing. This will get the positive momentum going, which will naturally, allow the Universal Infinite Intelligence to help you manifest your inner, dreams desires.

Release all emotional resistance and attachment

The reason why most people struggle to get what they want and desire in life is because the consciously try to control the how part and even the outcome.

Sometimes you have to forget about the hows, why's and musts and you have just got to go with the flow and see where life or the situation takes you.

When people want something or they try to achieve a goal or dream. The natural tendency is to try and analyse or figure everything out themselves.

Often they will use or fall back on old limiting beliefs to try and create a better version of themselves or a better situation.

Hard work stress and struggle seem to be the standard approach. This can work, to help you get what you want, but it is the hard way of doing things, which often yields a low success rate.

The trick is to take the path of the least resistance where you hand over the how part of what you to the universal infinite source of knowledge.

If you want things to workout in the best possible way. It is better to state what your intention or what is wanted. Then you release it and allow source to bring it to you in the most beneficial and effortless way.

Because, the letting go, is one of the most important processes of creating and manifesting the life or things that you want.

If you do not release and let go of your intention, it will create stagnation and negative resistance. Because if you become to fixated or focused on what you want.

It can soon transform into lack, scarcity, desperation, fear, doubt and not having, which are all low vibrational states of being.

Therefore, after you have told the universe what you want. Release it and let it go. Do not try and overthink things, over complicate things or try and figure out or workout, things by yourself.

Because if you want to increase your chances of manifesting your desires and dreams, you have to free yourself of any negative emotional attachment, by releasing the how part and let go of all emotional attachment.

The last thing you want is to create and doubts or fears.

Once you have set your intentions, there is nothing further for you do, until the ideas, opportunities, people and circumstances, are revealed for you.

Your many accomplishment in life, should be to feel good and have fun. Once you have mastered that, then getting the law of attraction to work for you, should be easy and effortless.

One way you can state your intention and then let go is by using a phrase like the one below

First, decide what it is you want. It is important, to focus on what you want rather than focus on what you don't want, like so many people do.

If you wish.

You can write what you want down on a piece of paper or card and then you can either carry it around with you and look at every now and again or you can place it somewhere, where you can see it, periodically.

Just, write down, pray or state what you want or what you intend to happen. 

Ask, yourself what outcome do you want, what is your end result you would like or what kind of things or life would you love.

"I desire to .... now. I let go and surrender and I accept this is done.

Although it is important to state your intentions and think positive. Creating your best life possible, is not all about the mental side.

The often missing link, that does not always get mentioned is your vibration/energetic frequency.

Because, if you want to create the life and thing of your desires. 

You have to align your energy, with your desires. Because, to get the best out of the law of attraction, you must keep your self vibrating, as much as possible, in the higher vibrational frequencies ranges.

Sure, you have to know and state what you want and you have to believe it. But, the true creative force, is the positive and good feeling energy.

Because, you don't attract what you want, you attract what you feel. It is those negative and destructive low vibrational frequencies, that prevent you from living the life that you want.

Focus on your true powers and greatness

There is no doubt that your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions, create your life experience. After all, there is nothing else.

When you start to change from within, the world around starts to change with you.

Before you can manifest what you want, you have to clearly know what it is you want and you have to believe that you can have it.

A, "I can have it, attitude" is a must.
You want to fill your mind with positivity and put into your consciousness, all the good things you would like. 

Far too many people fill their mind with negativity, lack or limitations, where they spend much of their time thinking about what they would like, but they don't have.

Many people spoil there chances of manifesting the things and life that they want because they spend so much of their time putting themselves down or fighting and battling with themselves and their negative programming.

Instead of focusing on your perceive weaknesses and limiting beliefs. Spend more time focusing on your greatness and worthiness.

Because many people have blocked themselves off from how truly powerful and great they really are.

Count your blessing, love yourself the way you are and learn to be happy with yourself and others. Still want to better yourself, but love yourself, life and others with all your heart.

Otherwise, if you hold negative and false beliefs about yourself, what is possible and others. Then this will create negative thought patterns and negative energy attachment.

If you're feeling insecure about yourself or you're focusing on your own flaws and weaknesses, then you will look to find fault in others, to help you feel less insecure.

If you accept and love yourself, for who you are and you learn to bathe in your own glory, worthiness and greatness. 

Then, you won't feel need to find faults or flaws in others.

The moment you focus of how great, incredible, capable and powerful you are and you begin to focus on your flaws, limitations and weaknesses. 

You'll start to disempower yourself and you will slip into negative energy and negative attraction.

When you feel insecure, angry, sad, helpless and not capable. Then you will start to present and reflect the bad copy of yourself to the world.

Negative thoughts, feelings and reactions, represent the bad version of you. Positive thoughts, feelings and reactions, will reveal the good version of you.

For every negative thoughts and perception, there is an alternative, positive possibility and perception. Everytime you focus on what you don't want, there is an equal, what you do want to focus on.

When you move your beliefs, you find that you will be able to move mountains.

Decide, what you want, decide how you want to feel and decide how you want to live your life.

This process of creating what you want, is a lot simpler, than most people make it.

Flood your consciousness full of optimism and positivity

Many of us have been programmed and conditioned by others, ourselves and through our experiences to think negative.

Therefore, for a while, it is a good idea to spend a few minutes each morning or as you go to bed visualizing your desired outcome, as if it has already happened and then focus how great it feels and how proud and relieved you feel.

If you have a specific goal or dream that you want to pursue. Each night, focus or tell yourself, what action steps or things you want to accomplish, for the new day ahead.

Once you have done your visualization or said your affirmations, you can say.

"So be it, it is done"

Then let it go and just get out of the way and focus on enjoying the rest of your day.

Try to enjoy your day and make it run as easily and smoothly as possible. 

Avoid negativity at all costs. Recent research as revealed, that just by watching the News for about fifteen minutes can cause us to have negative thoughts and feelings.

Although it is good to think positive and constructive thoughts.

This does not mean that you have not got to try and think positive all day. Just practice ignoring the negative and focus on thoughts that don't make you feel bad. 

The how, part is the job of the universe. All you then have to do, is take action on the ideas and opportunities that come to you or what you're guided to.

Your job is to sew the seeds of what you want in your mind and then you allow the universe to arrange and bring to you the people, circumstances, events, ideas, good things and opportunities.

Learn how to tap into the awesome knowledge, power and creativity of the universe, god or the source of creation. 

Because it is the universes job to provide you with the ways, means and hows.

A lot of people advise you to constantly focus on what you want. 

But, this can work against you. Because, it can force you into thinking that you have to try too hard and you have to make things happen, causing negative emotional attachment and resistance.

Yes you need to focus on what you want and you need to back that up with action. 

But, you don't want to spend all your time focusing on what you want, as it will start to appear unnatural and forced.

To much focusing on what you want. Can leave you in the mindset of. Not having or it's not happening. You want to approach each day with faith and positivity, not fear and doubt.

The ideal combination is to take action with the least amount of negative resistance. You want to be in the feel good, flow state as much as possible.

All you have to do. Is to spend a few minutes, sewing your positive thoughts and intentions, then get on with making the most of your day.

The winning formula is to come from a place of faith, optimism, positive expectation and gratitude. 

Most people are coming from a place of fear, feeling unsure and negativity.

People start off all pumped up and full positivity and optimism. But when something negative happens or what they want does not show up straight away. 

Their mindset and emotions become negative. They start to return back to the default settings and they end right back where they started from.

Another thing you have to be careful off, is listening to, negative minded people. 

Always, ignore the doubters and cynics, and follow your intuition and what you know, in your heart.

Trust in yourself, trust in the process and trust everything will workout, just as you want it, to.

Your inner being knows what is best for you. You have been given your own personal guide and mentor. Deep down, you know what is right for you, what is best for you and what you're truly capable of.

Follow your faith, follow your passion and move forwards with optimism and positive expectations and not fear and doubt. 

If expect, good things will happen, they will. Therefore, expect, with confidence.

When those negative voices creep in or people on the outside try to put you off or talk you out of following your dreams, ambitions and goals.

Ignore them and refuse to tune into them. 

Refuse to allow external circumstances to mess you up on the inside

When things go wrong on the outside or you have to overcome a problem, obstacle or challenge. 

Deal with it in the best and most calm, efficient and productive way you can, then let it go.

Surrender to what is bothering you or upsetting you. 

Don't bring your problems within, avoid letting the things that happen to you on the outside to mess you up on the inside.

Learn from your negative experiences, setbacks and failures. Because, if you don

Allow no one or nothing to affect you on the inside.

Also, beware of the stories and negative thoughts that come into your mind. If your mind starts to take you to a place where you don't want to go or the stories of your mind are negative and self destructive. 

Then ignore them, let them go, and then change them to how you would like things to be or how things will be.

Everytime something good happens to you, be thankful, count your blessings and appreciate what you've already got and be thankful, for all the beautiful things that nature provides us with.

It's all about bringing yourself into alignment with what you want. Everything in nature happens naturally, without any effort.

The trouble with most people, is they are not in alignment. Learn to raise your vibration and get in alignment with yourself and this world.

Expect and assume, what you want, is going to happen.

When you order something from Amazon. You don't question or doubt, whether it is going to be delivered. You, just naturally expect and trust, that it will be delivered to you. And, that's how life, should work.

Set your intention, or put out to the universe, what you want, and just assume, expect and allow it to happen.

Before you can manifest what you desire, you first have to believe it will happen and you have to believe you can have it or you can achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.

When you truly believe, in your heart. That something will happen, it will become your reality.

The moment you doubt, interfere with the process or you add negative emotional attachment. Things start to go wrong, something happens or something gets in your way.

Learn to recognise the universal guidance, clues and subtle nudges

The universe is always trying to give you subtle nudges in the right direction, so make sure you start to pay attention to what the universal intelligent mind is trying to reveal to you. 

Faith gets the wheels in motion, feelings attract what you want and action gets results.

It is incredibly important for you to learn how to operate in a state of strong faith, appreciation and positive and calm emotions.

Idea's, guidance and information can come to you in many different and various forms and ways.

Such as:

  • By thought
  • Through music and songs, both externally or songs and lyrics that come into your head
  • Through TV, youtube video, radio and films
  • Via a website, book or article
  • Through emails
  • From other people (even constructive criticism, can be a form of guidance) 
  • From a billboard or advertisement
  • A numerology reading
Although there are many ways that the universe can try and give you a subtle nudge or guidance. Be aware of negative advise, scams or get rich quick schemes.

If you want more money. Don't just focus on the money. 

Focus on developing your skill levels. Focus on ways of helping people solve a problem, focus on ways of entertaining people or give them as much value as you possibly can.

The most successful people, like the wealthy, actors, the best performers, entertainers, high achievers and athletes, believe in the power of the mind and the power of feelings.

Your mind and feelings are powerful and limitless. So use them wisely. 

Your goals and dreams should have a purpose. Then you take one step at a time, focusing on each step as you go. 

Things may not always go as you plan and you might not always get the results that you want. But if you persist, learn and persevere, with faith, betterment and optimism. 

Then you will one day, arrive at your destination. Many successful people have had to go through many times of failure, adversity and setbacks.

The things is to keep going, never give in and keep growing stronger from within. When you have eliminate, everything that doesn't work, you will find out, what does work.

State your intentions or what you want, then hand it over to the universe to figure out the how part, for you.

You have to learn to listen to and trust your intuition and your inner guidance, because your inner guidance knows what is best for you and what is bad for you and your intuition is always right.

Allow your intuition and the universal guidance to be your guide, mentor and helper.

Maximize the law of attraction by raising your vibration

Why so many people struggle to live the life that they want is because they allow their problems and external circumstances to affect them on the inside.

Sometimes the harder we try or the more we attempt to solve a problem on the surface or on the outside. 
The more we tend to create an imbalance of energy on the inside, which very often makes our problem or difficulty, worse or even bigger.

The root causes of some of our problems and issues on the outside, often stem from our past negative programming, our perceptions and the way we have conditioned ourselves to overreact.

Other times, they are an outward reflection of how we are thinking and feeling on the inside. Even though, on a conscious level, we may not be fully aware of it. 

When our inner energetic levels are out of balance. We slip into a negative state of resistance, which causes disharmony in the body as well as disconnecting us from our true powerful creative self.

Many people, blame everything and everyone even though. Their energy imbalances on the inside are the real root cause of their external or physical problems or the lack of their desired results.

Once you start to calm your mind and fill it full of positive and constructive thoughts as well as rebalancing your inner energy, so you are vibrating in the higher frequencies.

You will start to see a positive shift and transformation for the better, on the outside and good things will start happening for you.

To try and simplify the law of attraction

  1. Know what you want
  2. Believe that you can have it
  3. Keep focused on what you want
  4. Become a vibrational match to what you want
  5. Take the necessary action
  6. Allow it to happen
Living your life by your design 

Many of us, at some point, want to be more successful, have better relationships and follow our passions in life by doing something we enjoy doing.

The trouble is. Many people limit themselves, where the perceive themselves as being this small and ordinary individual who is not meant to live an ordinary and normal lives. 

Most people are coming from a mindset of 

  • I can't or I can never have or do that
  • Good things don't happen to me
  • There is nothing I can do about
  • Life is unfair
  • Nothing goes right for me
  • I am not smart enough
  • There is something wrong with me
  • I'll never be able
Once you develop that kind of self limiting mindset you are closing the door to many new and fulfilling opportunities and possibilities and you will only be using a small fraction of your really true potential. 

But, you are far from that. Because you have the power to create your own reality and you have the ability to have, do and become almost anything that you want.

We are all one consciousness and you are everything that exists. 

This makes you a very powerful creative being and it will allow you to break free from the sense of limitation once you start to harness your true creativity and talent.

Your outer world to a large degree is a reflection of the thoughts you're having, the stories your telling yourself and what you're feeling from within.

When you change from within. Your outside reality will start to reflect, those changes from within. What we create and feel on the inside, is what we externally create on the outside.

If you look in the mirror and you see yourself frowning. You, don't go up to the mirror to try and make yourself smile.

You change your expression from within. If you smile from within. The reflection in the mirror will change as well.

Our inner self, our state of being, our thoughts and our attitudes. Determine our vibrational frequency.

When you change your attitude, your focus of attention, your physiology and your perceptions you energy frequency changes.

When your energy frequency changes. The world around you changes with you.

The negative emotions have their own low vibrational frequencies. The positive and calm emotions have their own higher frequency ranges.

Negative and positive emotions also have their own matching set of thoughts, attitudes and perceptions. We think with our emotions and feelings.

Change your feelings and your thoughts, attitudes and perceptions will change to reflect their specific energy frequency.

The vibrational information and energy that we put out will draw towards its reflection of itself. This means, what we create and draw towards us on the inside will be a match and a reflection of what we think and feel on the inside.

When you constantly, vibrate in the positive and calm energy frequencies and you set your intentions and focus on what you want. 

The right information, synchronicity, solutions to your problems, idea's, opportunities, people and situations will start to appear in your reality. 

One important thing to be aware of. The law of attraction does the how part for you.

The one thing that the law of attraction cannot do for you and that is the action work.

Change your thoughts and feelings from within and create the life you desire with the 

All your power lies in the now

If you want to be at your peak creative best then you should practice putting all your attention on the present moment, because the now is where all your true power lies.

When we look backwards to visit or examine our negative past and what was or we look forwards to worry and fear the future. 

Then they will prevent us from feeling the peace and calm of the now and it will switch our vibration to the negative low frequency levels.

Many people carry around a lot of negative emotional baggage. If we focus on our old negative thought patterns and we continue with our same bad habits and patterns of behaviors. 

Then this will prevent us from having new positive and helpful ones.

To live your best life and to be at your creative and most talented best. You need to be in the zone and in that free flowing, calm and balanced state of being.

Because, to get the law of attraction working for you. It is important for you to feel good and to feel as relaxed as as possible. 

This does not mean that you want have your ups and downs or challenges to overcome.

There is much debate about expressing and managing your emotions.

Whilst it is a bad idea to repress and suppress your emotions. 

Does expressing them help?

Expressing your emotions can make you feel better and it can certainly give you some temporary relief, but it will not fix or resolve your problem.

If you want to control your emotions, then the better option would be to learn how to solve your problems or learn how to change the feeling or the way that you respond.

Lets say. Somebody is reacting angrily to the same person or situation on a frequent basis.

Expressing their anger, won't stop getting repeatedly angry every time they face that situation. 

In fact, expressing our emotions to much can backfire because it can reinforce to the brain that the expressing of our emotions makes us feel better.

The more we think it is a good idea to express our feelings the more we learn to feel those negative feelings. 

It is almost as if. In our brains pursuit to move us towards pleasure. It makes us feel negative because it learns that after we express our emotions we will feel better.

A far better choice would be to train themselves. Not to get angry in the first place, reduce our stress or find ways to improve a negative mood..

Our emotions act like our inner guidance and advisors.

Some of our emotional responses may be valid and they could be an indication that we have a problem that needs resolving or we have some negative or limiting beliefs that are holding us back. That we need to change.

Other negative emotional responses may not mean anything more than we just need to give our attention to something more pleasing or something that does not make us feel bad.

You cannot experience to emotional states at the same time.

This is why it is a more wiser choice to learn how to change the emotion. 

Because .

  • When you're feeling calm and relaxed you cannot be anxious, angry or stressed
  • When you're feeling happy and positive, you cannot feel sad or unhappy
We are always experiencing a particular emotional state at any given time. Our emotions are just ways we are currently feeling at the time.

The best way to change your life and change the way you feel. Is to practice working on changing the feelings.

You may have some bad memories or past emotional conditioning that may be responsible for your current emotional patterns and problems.

This may require doing a bit of emotional clearing and healing work if they are persistent and repetitive.

But in many cases. All that is often needed is to find ways to calm or change your current emotions or physical state of being.

Things that can help you change your state are

  1. Self hypnosis
  2. Meditation
  3. Rest and relaxation
  4. Posture
  5. Exercise
  6. Mindfulness
The good thing about feelings and emotions is. Everybody is the captain of their own ship and everybody has total control over how they wish to feel.

Once you believe you can change your own mood. You will put all your effort into changing it. 

After all.

Who would want to feel negative when you can feel good?

What strategies do you use to change your mood when you feel negative and down what do you do to help you  raise your vibration so you can feel great and you can begin to create the wonderful and amazing life you deserve?

Once you have proved to yourself that you can change your mood and how you feel. You will want to take full control over your feelings and emotions.

And once you have become the master of your feelings and emotions. You, will win at life and you will boost your manifesting powers.

Gratitude, love and appreciation

To boost your chances of success in life it is important to try and vibrate in the positive and feel good emotions as much as you possibly can.

Love is the highest frequency, so finding things to love will quickly help to raise your vibration. You don't need anybody or anything specific to love anything will do, as it is the feeling that you're searching for.

Loving your family, loving your car, loving yourself, loving your pet or loving anything else is a great way of raising your vibration.

Gratitude, thanks and appreciation will also help shift your vibration to the feel good frequencies.

Gratitude means, counting your blessings, being appreciative or being thankful.

Again you are searching for the feelings.

Therefore you do not need a specific reason, situation or thing to be grateful for. 

Just being thankful for simple pleasures or acknowledging and showing appreciation for all the good things you recieve or all the good things that you have on a consistent and continuous basis is sufficient.

When we are being grateful or appreciative it shifts our focus off your problems, negative thinking, lack and limitations.

Psychological research has shown us that positive life transformations and betterment can stem from the regular practice of showing gratitude and thanks.

Being grateful, appreciative and thankful transforms our energy frequency to the positive frequencies. 

With repeated practice, being grateful can make you happier, reduce anxiety and stress, lift your mood and improve your general health and well-being.

Everything, including us is energy and everything has its own waveform energy which can be affected and impacted by outside influences.

The late Japanese researcher Dr Massro Emoto perfected a way of photographing and showing how words can affect the waveform frequencies and vibration on water crystals.

Like everything else in the universe. Water has its own waveform energy field which can be impacted by other waveform influences. 

Words and thoughts have their own matching waveform energy frequency. Positive words have a high frequency whilst negative words have a low frequency.

Dr Emotos's experiment involved placing both positive and negative words of love and hate on the side of a canister filled with water.

He would then quickly freeze the water canisters, before photographing the the crystals.

The difference between the formation of positive words and the negative words on the water crystals were astonishing and amazing.

The positive words of love and thanks that were written on the canisters produced beautifully and perfectly formed, symmetrical crystals.

The complete opposite happened to the negative words and words of hate that were written on the other canisters, which produced distorted and looking crystals.

This goes to show that the words you speak and the thoughts that you have affect your energy field and your reality.

Positive intentions of love, gratitude and appreciation can help to rebalance your bodies energy fields and help to raise your vibration.

Make it your dominant intention to feel good 

Your thoughts create all your wants, intentions and desires

But it is your feelings that attract

  1. You create through your imagination 
  2. What you give your attention to expands 
  3. What you feel you create
How you feel largely depends on how you react to your circumstances and your past experiences, and then how much attention you give to your circumstances, what is, your situations and your past conditioning.

We all want the perfect relationship, wealth, material possession, better career and good health, but what really matters is those feelings of inner peace and balance.

Everything that you do is aimed at making you feel good.

What you feel and believe you will become. The important thing to be aware of is, there is a higher power than you. 

We all become what we believe.

This is what has been described as the all knowing energy and network of intelligence an information, that is always waiting to guide and move you in the direction that you seek.

When you know how to tune into that energy frequency, then you will become aware that you don't need to try and struggle or figure things all out by yourself anymore.

You will realize, that no matter how stuck you feel or how bad things are for you at the moment, there is always the possibility of better things.

You can overcome all obstacles, problems and challenges that you face, with the knowing that you're not alone and there is always a greater intelligence and energy force there to help and guide you. 

If you know that you cannot fail or that everything will work out well, because you are being guided by a higher power, and something that is far greater than yourself.

Then you will start to understand, that there are no limits to what you can achieve and become.

Some people just wait and hope that they will feel good and be more successful, whilst the wise, condition themselves to feel good and they take inspired action to be successful.

When you understand that you can create the life, of your design, with the guidance of the higher powers, instead of being at the mercy of your experiences, circumstances and limiting beliefs. 

Then there will be nothing that can stop you or hold you back. 

We all need help and guidance, know one can create or live their ideal life and be successful without the universal guidance, we are just not capable of doing it, by ourselves.

Creation, created you, and this all knowing energy force, is always present and available to guide and help you, through, and out of the bad times and into to the good, as well as supplying you the idea's, information and opportunities. 

It is up to you, to learn how to tap into this information and guidance source, and use it to motivate you to take inspired action.

Learn from the children

Children come into this world in their natural manifesting, happy, and joyous state of being.

If you watch the young children, then you will see them at their most natural creative and imaginative best.

Children, don't need teaching how to manifest, because they already know how to do it naturally and effortlessly.

Therefore, the law of attraction is not so much a skill that you learn, but more of a case of a skill that you have lost and need regain.

A young child sits, stands and moves with ease poise and balance, you won't see them sitting or standing, in tense and uncomfortable postures, and they bend at their hips and knees.

Why is this important, because to be at your creative and powerful best, you need to feel emotionally and physically calm, comfortable and balanced.

When a child attempts to try something new, the keep trying with enthusiasm and excitement, until they master it, and they never lose faith, fear failure or give up.

They also do not allow their setbacks and failure to create a negative memory that prevents them from succeeding.

They expect to succeed, if they fail, they do not let that deter or affect them, they learn something new and try again. 

When they do finally succeed, they feel proud of themselves, they celebrate with excitement and a sense of achievement.

A child, lets their imagination roam, a child's imagination has no limitations, and they fantasize, dream about and role play what they want or what they want to be, and they get excited about the thought of having it.

When a child asks for something, they expect to get it.

Young children like to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Overcoming the battle with yourself

We are our own worst enemy and the biggest battle that you will have with trying to create the life of your dreams, is the battle that you have with yourself and what is. 

Many people fail to live their life by design because they cannot bypass their old negative self and way of perceiving things, when the going gets tough, most people give in.

The hardest part of manifesting the life that you want, is not about learning the law of attraction, the real difficulty most people will face is, the battle with themselves, their negative and limiting programming and what is.

You have the ability to make more money, have the perfect relationship, better health and to a live a life of joy and happiness, because you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

This does not mean that life is always easy, bad stuff happens to everybody, you cannot always escape that, and everybody experiences hard time, challenges and bad days.

Nobody can feel positive and happy all of the time, because things do not always turn out as good as we would like them to.

It can be hard when you have been trying to create a business or better your life, and after all your hard work and effort, you don't get the results that you think you deserve.

When this happens, you have to allow a day or two, to brood and feel fed up and frustrated, but then see if you can learn something or do better next time.

Because when things don't go to plan, the key issue then is not to try and pretend everything is fine, or even worse, try to override your feelings and emotions, with positive thinking.

Our emotions act as our inner guidance system, they let us know whether we are in alignment with whom we truly are and what we want.

Negative emotions are an indication that we are out of alignment with our inner being, our wants and desires.

When we are experiencing negative motions, this suggests that all is not well on the inside or we are allowing our circumstances and situations to throw us out of alignment. 

Positive thinking and feeling good is important, but there is right, time to think positive, and it is not advisable to attempt to think positive, if you are in a bad place or when bad stuff has just happened to you.

Some people even feel guilty, when they're feeling bad, or they blame themselves when things go wrong.

This is often happens, because they have been told that it is their fault, because they have set negative intentions or they're somehow to blame because they were feeling bad.

The truth is, we are all human, and we all feel disappointed or upset, especially when we are not getting the results or outcomes that we want.

Of course, you want to try and avoid being negative and down for too long, because if you allow what is to continually affect how you think, feel and act, then you will struggle to get from what is to where you want to be.

But it is also important to feel and express your emotions and allow a little bit of time to process your disappointments, sadness or frustration, before you start the positive momentum going again.

We are starting to live in a culture where we think it is wrong to experience negative emotions, and we must do everything that we can to not feel them.

However, trying to suppress or repress your emotions, makes you feel worse.

Some people suggest overriding your negative thoughts with positive ones, but again, this can be counter productive.

It is OK to feel a bit uncomfortable at times, it is OK to feel sad or a bit angry or frustrated.

Life can get you down at times, so instead of repressing or fighting with your emotions, it is much better to feel them, process them and let them pass.

If you feel anxious, let you know it is OK for you to feel anxious, feel the feelings and give yourself permission to feel anxious, observe them and the thoughts, let them carry on, let you know, whatever happens you can handle it, then imagine, your worried scenario but imagine everything going well.

If you feel sad, allow it to happen, listen to some sad music and have a cry.

If you're having negative or worry thoughts, don't resist them, instead allow your mind to think them whilst you just observe the thoughts calmly.

We all go through a range of experiences and feelings, and it is perfectly natural to feel negative emotions from time to time, what you want to avoid is to allow those negative thoughts and feelings to linger on and gather momentum.

Why all the inconsistency with the law of attraction?

Even with all the information available, and even though the law of attraction is a universal law, there is still so much inconsistency in people's results and why it seems to work for some and not for others.

You would think that if it was a universal law, then it would work for everybody, so if that is the case, why isn't everybody living a fulfilling life of abundance, happiness and joy.

To try and clear this up, you could say, that it is always working for everybody, but it is not always working the way people want it to work.

There are also other things that come into the equation, if you want to make more money, you will normally need a good product, idea or service.

If there is no market for what you're doing, or if you're not supplying value or giving people what they want, then this is going to reduce your chances of making more money.

Then there will be other obstacles to overcome, like raising capital to get your service, business or product up and running, and doing your market research.

Many people lose a lot of money because they plough a lot of investment and time into a product that is never going to sell that much.

Anybody can make more money, and there are thousands of ways to earn a bit more cash, how much you make will depend on you, how committed you are, your skill levels and the quality of your idea or service.

Avoid any get rich schemes, because all the highly successful and wealthy entrepreneurs will tell you that it takes time, the right mindset and attitude, effort and inspired action to become rich.

And even then, there is no guarantee, that you're going to be the next multi-millionaire, but it is possible.

Depending on your situation and ambition, it may be a better idea to aim to make more money, start a second source of income or get a promotion or a higher paid job.

There is nothing wrong with thinking and dreaming big, but not everybody wants the same thing and not everybody has the time, do what suits you the most.

Of course you want an open mindset, with no limits to what you can achieve, instead of a mindset of lack and not having.

Whatever you decide, the law of attraction can assist you to get what you want, and it is not all about money, what is more important is, enjoying what is, so you're satisfied and grateful with what you've got, but you're eager for more.

Then, you can have positive attraction and negative attraction, and most people are trying to manifest a better life, whilst they're coming from a place of negativity, limitations and not enough's.

Not all negative thinking is a bad thing in small doses if you use it to help guard yourself against any pitfalls or use it in a constructive way to help you solve your problems or overcome any challenges.

These days there is always a missing piece of the puzzle that you are told that you need to learn or a new and better way of applying the law of attraction.

Yet the reality is, the law of attraction is a basic and quite simple process that has been with us from the dawn of time.

To break it down into four simple steps
  1. You ask the universe for what you want 
  2. The universe will line up the means and the how 
  3. You take action 
  4. You get into the receiving mode
Follow the path of least resistance

You have to feel it, to be it.

To get from where you are now, to the place you want to be can take time, if you want success and wealth, then you will have to go on the journey, first.

Ideally, you need to make your journey as enjoyable as possible, as you will get to where you want a lot quicker if you take the path of least resistance, rather than following the path of the resistance, stress and frustration.

Very rarely does great success and wealth happen overnight, and it usually requires action, a strong work ethic and a persistent and positive attitude.

Most people fail with the law of attraction, because they expect instant success or they want the money straight away.

Few people have achieved high levels of success or amassed great wealth without, learning, practicing and doing the right things on a consistent basis.

Although visualizing, having a dream and seeing yourself already successful or wealthier is important, it needs to be backed up with inspired and persistent action combined with obtaining all the necessary skill levels.

As most success requires action, it is far better to feel good and to be in the flow whilst you do your action work, so you're coming from a state of positive inspiration than it is to do it when you feel negative, you're procrastinating or you don't feel like doing it.

The action should be fun, it is part of journey, the last thing you want is to feel uninspired, stressed and frustrated.

Things work out much better and run more smoothly when you're coming from a place of non resistance rather than being in a place of resistance.

This is why it is always better, the focus on feeling good both emotionally and physically, before you do the action work.

Because it is far better to build your inner strength, resolve and resilience and put yourself in a flow state of inner peace, before you have to face any challenges and goals. 

One of the hardest parts for most people is the transformation from what is still unseen and just a dream to getting to the seen and being your actual reality.

By learning how to master your feelings and emotions first, it will give you a huge advantage when you do the action work or when things start get demanding or challenging.

This is where a strong faith and a positive focus of attention is needed, to keep you positive and focused on what you want, even in those difficult and challenging times.

Very few get it right the first time, there will be tough and challenging times on your journey, you will feel like giving up at times, sometimes you will have to go back to the drawing board and start again or reevaluate what you're doing.

If what you're doing is not working, then you need to change what you're doing.

A lot depends how you react to the challenges, failures and setbacks, ideally you want to learn a valuable lesson from them.

In the face of adversity, to stop all the frustration and feelings of disappointment, let you know, that you will figure it out and everything will work out right for you.

Focus on how you were feeling or how you can do things better.

Your focus of attention is the key to your success.

It is so easy to fall into a negative spiral, when you're not getting the results that you want or expect.

The key is to try and quickly put a stop to any negative momentum, because once those negative feelings take hold, the stories and thought patterns in your mind will change with them.

Many people have picked up negative and limitations, and when things aren't going well, these limiting beliefs and self sabotaging thoughts can soon rear their ugly heads and jeopardize your chances of success.

If you have any limiting or negative beliefs that are holding you back, ask yourself, what are your limiting beliefs and then write them down on a piece of paper.

Then, you can start to challenge and change your limiting beliefs, ask yourself are they facts or beliefs, are they true or false, have other people already achieved what you want to achieve.

The key to manifesting what you want is to focus on what you want and to find inner peace and balance with yourself, so you feel calm, happy and in a state of inner peace.

Without having any emotional attachment to what is, what has happened, what you want or your desired outcome.

Although it can be helpful to visualize the things you want as if you already have them, this should only be done when you're already coming from a state of feeling calm and happy.

The same applies with affirmations.

If you visualize or affirm a better future or a better you when you stuck in a negative state, then they won't have the same effect, in fact, it can make things worse, because it is sort of telling your mind, that you're not happy at the moment or you are coming from a place of lack or fear.

To speed up the things you want, you ideally need to already be in your natural manifestation state of feel happy and calm and back these good feelings and emotions with a positive focus of intention.

15 Minute Manifestation

Within your mind consists of all the things that you want and all the things that you don't want, both have their own matching vibrational frequency,

The reality that you will perceive and experience will largely be determined by, the thoughts and feelings that you are omitting.

Many people spend years trying to rid themselves of their old negative programming and destructive thoughts patterns whilst at the same time, attempting to feel good, so they can start living the life of their choice.

This can take years of conscious effort and practice, and you only have to have a slight setback, and all those negative and destructive thoughts will start to crop up and sabotage all your good work.

The quickest path to the things you want is to, focus on what you want and stay in the zone at the same time.

Most people get tripped up by their old negative beliefs and thought patterns that keep them stuck in a negative state and focused on what they don't want.

Fortunately, the technology is now available, to change your destructive and limiting subconscious programming, and it does all the hard work for you.

15-Minute Manifestation uses the latest cutting edge theta brainwave technology that will bring your brain into the theta state, and it can do this very quickly so you can delete the reality that you don't want and you can replace it with the experiences and things that you do want. 

The theta state is the relaxed dreamlike state, where the magic happens, this is the same relaxed state that you enter during hypnosis, in the theta state your subconscious is at its most receptive to messages and positive changes.

During this deeply and highly enjoyable, relaxed dream like state, you may experience, vivid imagery, long forgotten memories, and intuition leading to creative ideas. 

To become wealthy or to be able to solve a troublesome problem or to find the solution to a challenge that you have been facing, you will need to extract the right information from the universal intelligence.

You may have heard about the great artists, inventors, writers, discoverers or musicians to name a few, who had their greatest inspirations or idea's, at times when they were feeling deeply relaxed.

Often, we are unable to receive this life changing inspiration and information during our waking hours, often because people are stuck in a negative or stressful state. 

15-Minute Manifestation is a tool that can switch you into your most creative and peak manifestation state.

And this latest technology, only takes 15 minutes a day.

There are no long and tedious books to read, no theories to understand and nothing to memorize.

All you need is a pair of headphones and a comfortable place to relax.

This technology, will help you to eliminate all your old destructive negative thoughts, subconscious programming and limiting beliefs, that are holding you back and preventing you from living the life you desire.

This new technology works by utilizing your brains naturally occurring theta waves - the same waves that occur during sleep and deeply relaxed meditation.  

15 minute manifestation can help you to reprogram your thoughts to get rid of those deep rooted self destructive and limiting thoughts that have been making you miserable and keeping you from moving forward.

15-Minute Manifestation is easy and inexpensive, and the benefits you will receive are enormous. 

If you feel that your past conditioning is holding you back and leaving you feeling you’re unable to live a life that’s fulfilling your dreams and purpose. 

Then the 15 minute manifestation program can help to free you from the shackles of your past and help you to become the person that you want to be and it can do relatively easily and quickly. 


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