Apply The Law Of Attraction To Transform Into A Better You And A Better World

We all live in a thought and feeling based universe. Through this invisible and unified force field and intelligent mind, we're either moving towards or forcing back, the things and life that we want. 

The universal law of attraction, states that like attracts like, therefore we attract or create into our experiences a direct match to our most dominant and persistent thoughts and the feelings that match them.

The law of attraction, is the principle by which you attract into your life that which is in vibrational alignment with your thoughts, your attitude, your feelings, your opinions and the words you speak. 

Your thoughts set the universal wheels in motion, they direct your mind and they let the universe know what you want, or don't want, depending on whether your focus is on what you want, or what you don't want, as this is a two way process. 

Although, mastering your thought processes is important, it is more important not to pursue negative thoughts, than it is to think positive ones, and although you want to think positive, you do not have to spend all day trying to be positive, general thoughts that have no negative emotions attached to them are fine.

It is actually your feelings that do all the attracting, because although there are many different languages, it is our feelings that hold all the power of deliberate creating.

Because, feelings are the language of the universe, and therefore, feelings are what the universe responds to, because no matter who you are or where you live, you may speak a different language, but everybody experiences the same range of feelings and emotions. 

The starting point on the road to success and deliberately manifesting your desires is to become aware of your thoughts and feelings because they create your individual experience, behaviours and actions, therefore, it is in your interests to take responsibility for how you feel and your future reality.

If you can put aside any old beliefs and limiting thought patterns, and be none judgmental with the understanding that you have no limits, because you're only limited by your imagination, your beliefs and the beliefs of others, then anything becomes possible.

Knowing that you are responsible for your life and how you feel should empower you and fill you with optimism.

Because, it is important to realize that you are connected to source energy, guidance and information, which has no limitations, only choices and endless possibilities and on the contrary, to what you might think, or what you have been told, you're not a victim or a subject of your circumstances and your previous conditioning.

You hold the keys to unlocking your true potential

You are so more powerful than your everyday mind could ever possibly imagine, however, this does not mean, that everybody can just feel good, say some positive affirmations, and instantly become highly successful, and manifest millions of pounds, out of the ether, without any form of action, skills or effort on their behalf.

But it is a means to a better life, where things will run more smoothly, things will go well for you, you will become a better you, you will be healthier and you will have the ability to be able to start to create and modify your life on your terms. 

How successful you end up becoming, how wealthy you become, will largely depend, on how much effort, learning and action work you're prepared to put in, but by applying the law of attraction, you will get to where you want a lot quicker and easier, and you will feel a whole lot better as well.

Negative emotions and stress, block your creativity and stifle your other mental faculties, they keep you small, stuck and focussed on your problems, survival and safety.

All your power lies in the now, and it's important if you want to live a healthy and fulfilling life, that you maintain a positive mental attitude, and you have a purpose or objective to follow, to keep you alive, full of energy, optimism, enthusiasm and inspiration.

When you awake to your true power and abilities and you realize that you're not alone, and you're always backed up by an all-loving, intelligent universe force, and you learn how to tap into this all knowing, creating energy life force and intelligent mind, then you will be universally and emotionally guided.

When you engage in co-creation, and you set your intentions, which are backed up by a burning desire, and an unwavering faith that what you want will happen, which are fueled and backed by positive emotions, without any judgements, resistance or doubts.

Then the wheels of the universe will set in motion, and all the synchronicities, coincidences, opportunities, the information and the answers that you're seeking will fall into place.

Many people are still unaware of the law of attraction, they struggle to change their lives for the better and they do not know where to begin or how to move away from where they are at the present and get to where they want to be.

Learn the secret that will bring more success, wealth, peace and joy so you can stop being a product of your experiences and you can start to have, be or do what you want.

Get into the receiving mode

Your brain literally has a receiving mode and a resisting mode and which side of the dial your mind is pointed at will determine what you receive or don't receive. 

If you're stuck in the resistance state, then no amount of affirmations, effort or how hard you try to apply the law of attraction nothing will work out.

The allowing is the hardest part, this is because people stay stuck in the energy and place of what is, and if what is, is not what they want or it is not where they want to be, then they find it difficult to see beyond what is.

Sometimes, you just have to surrender to what is, and ignore it, then focus on what can and will be, or just do and focus on anything that makes you feel good, so you can move yourself into a vibrational place where you can begin to move forwards to where you want to be.

People in their eagerness for immediate success and a better life turn to the law of attraction, believing it will help them achieve this without doing the emotional work first and without doing the action work, but very rarely do you get something for nothing.

Life is about consistently getting better, putting in the focus work and effort or progressively developing and improving their skills, but if you do not implement and apply it correctly then it will lead to future disappointment and frustration.

Unfortunately, when things don’t happen has quickly as they had expected, they just dismiss the concept of the law of attraction as not being true. 

The law of attraction is always working for you or against you depending on what you give your focus of attention to, what beliefs you create, what feelings you're omitting and what actions you take.

The law of attraction can be broken down into 

  • Positive thinking and positive believing 
  • Emotional
  • Mindset and attitude 
  • Skills, talent and learning 
  • Application and action 
  • Allowing and receiving

We live in a vibrational and belief universe

The principal behind all manifestation and creation is that all human life is governed and controlled by the universal law of attraction. 

We live in a thought and feeling orientated universe, but due to a lack of information most people fail to recognize or use the law of attraction to benefit their lives. 

This law of attraction can be defined as a powerful belief and feeling force that attracts or draws to us the things we desire in life, but the law of attraction is a two way process and when used negatively it can also draw to us the things that we don't want and the things we fear happening.

Although the human thought is a powerful creating force and it can determine what frequency our bodies vibrates at, it is your actual feelings that have that magnetic property and pull that attracts to us all the things we want like a giant magnet or all the things that we don't want depending on your current set of beliefs and the feelings you are omitting.

Whatever we give our attention too expands and it sends out a matching vibration, sometimes things in our surrounding environment, our circumstances and the results we are currently getting in our life at the moment will have a large bearing on how we are thinking and feeling. 

These vibrations we send out are powerful and the universe will respond accordingly to your emotions, in other words we attract what we feel

When we think about something, we send out vibrations that are a match to our thoughts which draws back to us the things we want to show up in our experience.

It's a bit like the parallel universe theories where there is already an infinite amount of possibilities running simultaneously side by side and all you have to do to perceive the experiences you want is you have to become a vibrational match to them.

What you have to remember is, you cannot access the life you want if you're vibrating at the wrong frequency, when you understand the principles of the law of attraction you we will develop the ability to use them to your advantage in your daily life.

When most people learn of the law of attraction their thoughts switch to gaining as many materials and physical possessions and circumstances as they can.

But really to succeed and to make the law of attraction work for you it has to become a way of life, because if you're flipping from positive emotions to negative ones throughout your day then all you will do is push and pull the things you want back and forth.

The main principle behind the secret law of attraction is to focus on feeling good and having more fun, inner peace and enjoyment and there is no place for negative thoughts, but once you get the spiritual side of things right then you can work on having all the things you desire.

You have the power to control your thoughts, feelings and actions

So the good news is you have the ability to filter what you want to attract, if you think of love, your thoughts will start to attract the love of other people to you and people will generally respond better to you. 

But if you think angry thoughts, then that will attract more angry situations to you and the same principal applies with negative thoughts and thoughts of fear.

Negative and fearful thoughts and emotions will switch your mind to the survival mode, this will start to reduce your creative abilities as your minds primary job will turn to trying to protect you so your senses and mind will spend all their time scanning for threats, your focus of attention and awareness will narrow too endless thoughts of danger.

But when you switch back to thinking positive and constructive thoughts your energy will change to a better feeling. 

Your creativity and all your other mental faculties will improve, meaning you will perform better and your intelligence will increase and as your awareness starts to broaden your anxiety levels will begin to decrease as your mind and body switches back to a calm safety mode. 

Because when you relax and you reduce your stress levels and you become more positive than the anxiety center in your brain reduces and your mind will start to flip out of your negative files and into the positive files which will stop you getting so frightened all the time. 

The simple rule is, if you don't think about negative situations and experiences, then they cannot hurt you.

Attitude is everything 

Your attitude is everything so you will need to develop a strong positive mental attitude, if you think thoughts of failure.    

Then you will attract negative circumstances because, once you think about failure, pessimism and not being good enough or capable enough, then your brain produces failure thoughts and vibrations which will block out happiness and success. 

Therefore, the brain waves of success will not be produced so you will not take any action on potential opportunities, but if you approach life with a strong and determined mentality, then in time if you take positive action steps then you're going to be more successful in your life. 

Because as your brain starts to produce thoughts of success you will soon start attract success and draw more opportunities and circumstances towards you. 

As your optimism, desire and positive energy starts to build momentum and as long as you have a firm belief and faith that you can and will succeed, you will become more and more inspired. 

Then, if you keep up the positive input and optimism that you can succeed you will increase your chances of success and attracting the things you want, because to succeed in life you first have to think positive.

Thought produces ripples of vibrations, which spread out, just like when you throw a stone on a pond. Your thought waves will then reproduce more of the same type of thoughts.

What this means is your thoughts have a knock on effect and if you give one strong thought your attention, then that thought both positive or negative will trigger another matching thought and the energy will begin to gather momentum. 

What you don't want is to allow negative momentum to take hold. So you want to adopt the attitude of you believe you can, because you will trigger your thoughts to send a matching positive energy and belief that you can. 

This positive mental attitude will motivate you to do everything that you can both spiritually and physically to go ahead and achieve your dreams and goals.

Set your goals and intentions

To get the law of attraction in motion you first have to start to dismiss any negative thoughts because from now on there is no room for negativity so do not invite any negative or anxious thoughts into your experience. 

Next, you need to state your intention and goals, because you will need a strategy and a plan of action to follow. 

Your goals should be defined by your thoughts or your words, your intentions should be clear and concise, you can write them down on a card and carry then card around with you so you can read it every now and again.

Because to apply the law of attraction correctly, you need to know what you want, why you're doing it and where you're heading and you want to begin to head away from negativity and limitations and move towards hope, optimism and success.

The law of attraction is a very important law in our day-to-day lives, after all, if you have the ability to design the life you want then why not create the best life experience that is possible and achievable for you.

Those who master their thoughts and emotions win in the game of life and people who remain calm and still hold positive thoughts even in times of adversity, mistakes or when things are going wrong for them in their surrounding environment quickly bounce back from setbacks and become stronger and more powerful for it.

Start to make goal setting and positive planning a way of life and if you do then you will find that you will become better at the things you do and your life will become easier, this will make you more organized, efficient and successful. 

Always bare in mind that when you do not deliberately plan and create your life, you will run your life by default and you will be totally reliant on luck and chance.

Your worst enemy is yourself

Your biggest enemy in your life can be yourself and your thoughts and feelings, if you have developed many limiting beliefs, then at first it can prove difficult to make that transition to a better life and even when things do start to pick up for you it can be very easy to slip back into your old self defeating ways and habits of thinking.

You should never allow yourself to be affected, by any adverse or negative thoughts or situations, everybody goes through tough times even the most positive of people have setbacks and challenges, to overcome and negotiate, so if you allow your external circumstances or your current results to weaken you they will be your undoing.  

Because as soon as that negative emotion kicks in your mind will be flooded with thoughts of failure and the victim mentality, such as it's never going to happen. 

The law of attraction does not work, everything is going wrong, what's wrong with me and I have had enough and I am going to give up trying.

Personal development and success is a habit and it takes is practice and gradual improvement, especially at the beginning because the resistance you will get to change your way of thinking will prove to be difficult and challenging, but it's something that you must master because if you're persistent and you keep on practicing it gets easier and it becomes more natural.

Then as you find that your thought process starts changing and you begin to see gradual improvements in your life, especially when you start to feel better you will start to push away the negativity and the mundane lifestyle and bit by bit you will begin to attract more opportunities and more good things will start to show up in your experience. 

There will be off days to begin with and you have to watch your negative mind does not try to weaken you with negative stories, beliefs and thoughts, but in time as you realize you can control your feelings and the direction you're heading in you will get less and less bad days and more and more good days.

By building your mind, you will become the creator of you and your destiny until you reach a point where you stop allowing others to influence your feelings and your life, so you won't be affected by what other people say or think and you can learn to remain in control in all situations.

Build your confidence 

Confidence is the key to success and all confidence is a feeling, it is when your in the zone and you're present in the now. 

When you become confident, you block out the fear in you and your mindset changes to that of expectancy. 

Such as, the expectancy that everything will work out well, the expectancy that good things will happen and you will begin to expect that positive things, and good times are destined for you.

You will have more faith in your own abilities so your attitude shifts to "I can and I will " mentality, this form of thought process will fill you with a new found courage and optimism and that will attract happiness and the winning mentality knowing you cannot fail.

Fear is just a state, it is when you're expecting something bad to happen, but in reality fear does not exist, it's just a state of mind and body. 

But you can switch out of the fear state more and more by learning how to deal with your fear and thinking only positive or neutral thoughts. 

You cannot stop your feelings, but you can learn to watch the feelings whilst staying calm, not bothered and you turn your attention back onto what you're doing, fear of failure will stop you from doing what you want. 

But you are bigger and stronger that your fear and if your mind is made up, then there is nothing that can stop you and failure no longer become an option.

Be yourself and be you, do not pretend to be something you're not and do not wish to be somebody else because you're already unique and special and you already possess everything you need. 

Instead, work on being the best version of you and start to develop a strong inner mental resolve and courage, the only things you need to develop and bring out is your own personality and character as well as learning new skills and information. 

Applying The Law of Attraction

The key to success is applying what you learn to your daily life to make your life better and other people's lives better, because if you program your mind towards courage, success and confidence, in time you will attract like situations, people and circumstances.

Remember that life is what you make it and your results and achievements will depend on the work and effort you put in now and in the future. 

The law of attraction is always working either for you or against you so it is vital that you start to use it to your advantage. 

Bad things to happen to everyone, the difference is how you handle those difficult times and situations and how you turn these low times around in our life and how quickly you bounce back from setbacks. 

Although you cannot always fully control all your outside circumstances, events and your environmental society upbringing, you can control the way you choose to respond to them and how much you allow them to affect you and hold you back. 

Most of the things that individually happen to you and the results you're are currently getting and the situations that you find yourself in are however down to your past thoughts and perceptions and it is your responsibility to change the course of your life.

Another thing you need to avoid doing is, don't fall victim to the victim mentality way of thinking, otherwise you will have the belief that you are not in control of yourself and your life. The self sabotaging victim mentality is a very repetitive way of negative and unproductive thinking. 

This way of thinking will get you trapped in a sense of hopelessness and doom and gloom which will keep you stuck in the. 

There is nothing you can do to help or better yourself attitude and you will begin to believe that you were born to struggle and worry so even when you do attempt to change, the slightest setback will probably cause you to give up too soon.

This way of negative thinking sets people up for failure and it can cause people to give up everything before they even get started merely because they wrongly assume that their own destiny is out of their hands and it is already decided for them. 

When you settle for the idea that you have no control over your life and the results you achieve then your actions and results will be based on your old limiting beliefs ways of negative thinking.

The way to break free of the victim mentality is to accept you are totally responsible for how you feel, what you think and the actions and choices that you make. 

It does not matter what your situation is at the moment or how bad your past was because you can choose to take full control of your thoughts, the direction you're heading in your life, what action you decide to take and how you respond to situations.

This means beginning to become more mindful over your thoughts, to keep in the positive frequencies for every negative thought you have immediately come up with three positive counter thoughts. 

Become a problem solver not a problem victim and start to become more proactive because by just taking a few daily steps in the right direction can make a huge difference over a period of time.

Work on yourself and build the positive emotions

To get the most out of your life you first have to do all the mind and spiritual work before you move onto the manifesting stage. 

This means getting to know yourself and learning to be nice to yourself because you will want inner peace and clarity instead of inner conflict and resistance, always try to take the path of least resistance in your life. 

Learn to love yourself and put an end to all the blaming yourself, beating up yourself and criticizing yourself. 

Regardless of what others may have said about you start to develop the habit of believing your good enough and capable enough, this means trusting in your abilities by declaring you can and you will do it because you have to believe you can do all the things you want or the things you attempt so therefore you will do them with the attitude of never giving up.

Decide what your true chore values are and work at these traits of yours, because by doing this it will help you to make new and helpful guidelines that you will begin to follow and adhere to.

Get that positive emotion going and then do everything you possibly can to sustain and keep that good feeling momentum going.

To move forward you have to release and let go of all those negative images and thoughts that you were holding onto and try to forgive and forget the wrong doing's of other people because if you hold onto negative feelings the only person you're going to hurt is yourself.

Emotions and beliefs do all the creating, when you hold an image in your mind and you add emotion to it then the chances are you will manifest it. So dismiss and negative images and only focus on creating images of what you want, and then add as much intense positive emotions to it.

Take your life to the next level 

We all have goals and dreams that we want to achieve, but sometimes it seems that no matter how hard you try we struggle to make headway and advance forwards. 

There could be many reasons for this, like you, still holding onto some limiting beliefs, self doubts or you're allowing what is and your current results to dictate your thinking and your vibration.

To get started you have to stop living your life by your old beliefs and you will need to move ahead into the next chapter of your life with a more open mind otherwise the chances, breaks and opportunities that you're looking for will not be presented to you.

This is, because your old ways of thinking and feeling will limit and block all those lucky breaks, idea's and opportunities thus keeping away all those good things you want to manifest.

When you develop a more open mind with the new belief that anything is possible so long as you believe it is possible and achievable to you then you will be opening the door to new idea's, better ways of doing things and more opportunities will start to come your way.

When you do not believe in yourself and your abilities, then you will be limiting your possibilities and you will not make the most of your true creative potential and inner talents that are lying dormant, you still probably don't realize the hidden potential and genius you possess.

To grow and expand, you first have to summon the courage to face fear and let those feelings pass and fade away because once you realize that fear cannot hold you back then you will learn that there is nothing that can stop you. 

The less attention you give to fear the better and the less bothered you become by it the less it will bother you.

By keeping an open mind and thinking outside the box instead of listening to and following the masses you will look at things differently and you will start to consider new possibilities and idea's. 

So if you want to better yourself and improve your life you need to have a more open mind and a positive outlook.

There is always plenty of new exciting opportunities that are always available to you, but very rarely is anything handed to you on a plate. 

It is up to you to learn how to spot new opportunities when they are presented to you then you need to take action on those idea's and opportunities to bring them into physical form.

When people first learn about the law of attraction they think success should happen overnight, some even want all their desires without even doing the action part, but in most cases there will be action steps that you will need to take, the law of attraction will just help and assist you to accomplish your dreams and goals. 

Trust The Process 

When people first learn about the Law of Attraction, they start off all enthusiastic and they have high hopes, but deep down many still hold underlying limiting beliefs and negative thoughts of doubt and skepticism. This is not your fault it is how you have been mentally conditioned.

So when they start to apply the workings of the law of attraction if they don't start to see the results they expect or want within a few weeks they will usually start to ask questions like, where is the money or whatever else they have been trying to manifest. 

This causes the underlying doubts and negativity to surface which will put you in a negative energy of not having or it does not work which is one of the biggest manifesting killers.

You will manifest the things you want when you let go of desperation, frustration and need. You can have what you want when you're in emotional alignment with it, 

But you will struggle to manifest what you desire when you desperately need it because it will create images in your mind and feelings in your body of not having and the universe will respond to the energy your giving out. 

To get what you want you have to feel good and just have trust and faith, then focus on having fun and enjoyment. Because by doing this your letting go of all resistance and the need to try and control the how. 

By living in the now and being in the flow you will send off this energy of love, of detachment, and desperation. By letting go and allowing you will increase your chances of manifesting what you want much quicker.

There is a bit more to success than just feeling happy 

To be successful you have to first feel successful, to be abundant you have to feel abundant, to have a successful, loving relationship you have to feel love for yourself and give out love. 

This means the first stage of getting what you want should start off with the mind and feeling work, because it's all about building up the positive momentum and expectation and then once you have done that you have to keep that momentum going.

Although the spiritual work is highly important there are a few other factors that you will need to follow, like

  • You need to know what it is you want 
  • You need to have a clear vision of what you want
  • You need to keep your mind focused 
  • You need to expect with confidence 
  • You need to feel passionate about what you're doing 
  • Think positive 
  • Focus on the solution instead of the problem 
  • Spot opportunities and take action 
  • Learn and study all you can about what you want to do 
  • Believe in yourself and what you're doing
  • See yourself having already become successful, see yourself winning
  • When things are going bad keep hopeful and optimistic and make it your mantra that "things will get better"
  • Never quit, see all failures and setbacks as an opportunity to learn an to do things better 
  • Always remain focused even when you're already successful 
  • Give value and be good at what you do


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