How To Improve Your Mood And Enjoy A Fantastic Day

Everybody experiences low or bad moods from time to time, you know the ones when some days no matter how hard you try you find you just cannot seem to improve your mood. 

But when you slip into a bad or low mood, do you accept it or do you make an effort to improve your mood, because you have a lot more control over your mood than you might have thought.

If you want to start each day feeling good, then your preparation for having a fantastic day should begin the night before.

Because how you feel as you awake in the morning has a lot to do with what emotional state you're in when you go to sleep.

Although it is important to get adequate amounts of sleep, it is not just the sleep and rest, which is important. 

What your mind and body really needs the most, is good quality sleep where you have no resistance as you drop off to sleep, which will leave you free to have a peaceful and restful restorative sleep.

The reason why we have poor quality and restless sleep, which can have a negative impact on your mood, is because many people go to bed in a negative state and whatever state you are when you fall asleep, you will usually find is the state you will feel when you wake up.

The whole idea of sleep is for you to let go of all your negative emotional baggage and worries, so you can begin each new day feeling relaxed and energized. 

The whole idea of sleep should be for you to let go of all the things that have been bothering you, so you can benefit from a few hours of zero resistance which will allow your mind and body to return to its' natural flow state.

If this is not the case for you, then you will carry your emotional baggage through into the next day, which will not only set you up in the wrong frame of mind for the new day ahead, but it will drain all your energy and put you in a negative mood.

The formula is simple, if you go to sleep in a negative mood, then you will wake up in a negative mood, however, if you do a bit of preparation the night before, and you go to bed feeling relaxed, then you will wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Things that you can do to get you into the right state as you go to sleep are.

As you lay in bed, appreciate of all the good things that you have no matter how large or small, most people become so focused on all the bad stuff, that they fail to appreciate all that is good.

If you struggle to find things to appreciate, just appreciate or love, your pillow, the air that you breathe, being alive, the food on your table, the cloths you have, etc.

Because it does not matter what you're showing appreciation for, it is the feelings you will get from being thankful, that really matters.

When you focus on the bad, you will feel and experience more of the bad, steer clear of appreciating the things that have been making you feel bad, for example, if you're not happy with your job, it may not be a good idea to appreciate that you have a job.

Another great way to put you to sleep in a good feeling and relaxed state of mind and body is to meditate or listen to some soothing and relaxing music just before you drift off to sleep.

Then practice, letting go of all your worries and concerns and just allow those thoughts to enter your mind and then sail on bye peacefully. 

Hypnosis and guided visualization are another great way of calming your mind and body at the end of each day, hypnosis is both therapeutic and relaxing.

Another thing to be aware of, is the onset of any bad feeling or negative thoughts.

The things that you observe and experience in your life or the thoughts and imaginings that take place in your mind, all carry with them an active emotional response.

The trick to help you control your mood, is to start to be mindful of all the things and imagings that are causing any negative emotional arousal.

Because if you allow one negative thoughts to take hold, another one will follow and before long the negative emotional momentum will get going and it will end up spoiling your day.

Try to avoid responding stressful or badly to things that occur in your daily life. If you notice and negative or anxious thoughts, try to break up the thought patterns.

You can simply ignore the thoughts and let them enter your mind and let them pass on bye peacefully, or go for a walk, put your attention on to something else, meditate or replace them.

If you have allowed your bad feeling thoughts to gather momentum and emotional arousal, try to slowly ease your way back to a relaxed state.

You can do this by, challenging the thoughts or by gradually decreasing their intensity, by switching to less general bad feeling foods, then go to general thoughts. 

Then switch to better feeling thoughts, question, is the actual situation as bad as you're perceiving it to be, is there a positive lens to the situation or ask yourself are they just beliefs or facts, if they are beliefs, replace them with more supporting beliefs..

Start the day as you mean to go on

Then on awakening, set yourself up to have a fantastic day, start the day by being thankful for what you have and appreciate the day ahead before it has even happened. 

Write down or say to yourself what you are grateful for. If you have a gratitude diary use that. If you do not have a gratitude journal, then start one. 

Because, this can really help to ground you in a better feeling place of the peace of the present moment and after doing this for a while, you will be astonished, at how it can build your positive momentum.

Make it a habit to start the day off with some positive affirmations or statements about you and your life, assume and act as if you're going to have a fantastic day.

Tell you, that you're going to have a great day and nothing or nobody is going to spoil your day, each morning, let you know that, each day I am going to get better and better and make it a habit to use positive statements of intent.

Morning is also a good time to have a quick meditation session, or do a short exercise routine to get the blood and feel good energy flowing.

Feeling good is all about doing the right things repeatedly until they become a habit and a natural part of your daily routine, because when you make some new positive habits, everything will become better and better.

Feeling better and better is a progressive process, changes can be subtle, but if you keep working at it, your bad days will be better and your good days will get better and more frequent until, one day, feeling good will be your natural state of being.

Take control of your mood

When you do notice yourself slipping into a negative state, do you ever try and do everything you can to improve your mood or do you just accept it and then go on to feed it with more negative self talk. 

Sometimes there might be a genuine reason for your low mood other times they can seem to happen for no obvious or apparent reason, one thing to bare in mind is, if you're feeling really tired and exhausted it can make you feel low. 

If you find yourself experiencing a stubborn negative mood, accept how you feel, you can then put a time limit on it, tell yourself I will only put up with this for say two days, then I am going to begin to feel better. 

We all get periods of low moods, the difference between the positive and the negative types is, the positive will not tolerate or put up with them and they know how to quickly return to a better mood.

Whilst the negative type just keep on allowing their inner voice to repeat I am feeling low without attempting to change their inner dialogue. 

The truth is there is nobody else who can affect your mood, the only person that has control of how you feel is yourself, so look at be mindful of what', you're doing that is making you feel bad then correct it.

When people try to feel better they very often search for reasons to validate why they are feeling sad or miserable, this is fine if you know what exactly causing you to feel down, because if you know the reason that's triggering your low state then you can do something about it. 

The obvious solution is to usually do or think the opposite to what's causing you to feel bad, after all, if you know what you don't want you must know what you do want. 

If you're feeling low for no obvious reason,then it is far better to focus on finding ways to boost your mood rather that just analyzing and focusing on why you feel so down. 

Because the more attention you give to how bad you feel, the more negative momentum you will give to that negative state and ultimately the worst you're going to feel. 

Often we need to change the story in our mind, be mindful, avoid falling into the trap of endlessly reinforcing to yourself how lousy you feel, otherwise this will keep you stuck in the unwanted emotion.

So it is far better to try and switch your attention to feeling better or try to think of and return to past happy times and occasions, your goal is to do anything that will make you begin to feel better.

If you are experiencing regular low moods then you may need to make some positive and healthy changes to your life. 

This may involve changing your lifestyle, switching to a healthy and varied, balanced diet or taking it easy for a while and find ways to deeply relax as burnout can be the reason behind a low mood.

You may need to exercise more or be more active as well as being more optimistic and positive about yourself and your future combined with keeping your mind active and positively engaged. 

Feelings of low mood are usually and indication that your mind and body are out of balance and although sometimes environmental factors can lower our mood. 

The root source of persistent low moods can mean that there is an imbalance in your body, and it is more often than not an accumulation of several different things.

When you have an imbalance in the body, it can have a negative effect on the mind, and many people assume that bad moods and depression are a mental issues when much of the time it is a problem or imbalance in the body.

Low moods and depression are often a result of a combination of nutritional and vitamin deficiencies, imbalances or inflammation in the body.

If you are stressed or exhausted this can cause an imbalance in your body, if you eat a poor diet, then this can have a negative influence on your mood.

Slouching or having an out of aligned body posture, can put you in a negative state and standing and sitting too tall or straight can cause muscle tension which will leave you feeling tense and irritated.

Exercise or just keeping active can boost your mood, as can taking up hobbies like painting, photography or outside leisure activities, nature is a great relaxant and mood booster.

Foods that can affect your mood

Inflammation in the body can have an influence on your mood and overall well-being.

Inflammation is not all a bad thing, as it can help your body to heal itself, but for some it can get out of control.

Stress and tension can cause inflammation, but the majority of inflammation is caused through eating too many bad foods.

Some of the inflammation causing foods are believed to be

  • Too much sugar, 
  • Trans fats or foods, 
  • Too much processed
  • Too much junk food  
Foods that you may be intolerant to, such as dairy, egg, nightshade group of vegetables, yeast, wheat or gluten (Check with your dietician or medical advisor) may also cause inflammation.

If you have a food intolerance, which may take time to surface after you have eaten the food that disagree's with you.

Then it has been suggested that it can cause such things like fatigue, weight gain, gas or bloating and mood swings and disorders, skin conditions and many more things.

As far as food intolerance goes, each person's trigger food can vary, so it may be a case of trial and error to try and pinpoint which foods may be affecting you.

If you suspect that you are suffering from inflammation, you could try eliminating the suspect or bad foods from your diet for a few weeks.

If you notice an improvement and you feel better, you could then try introducing the suspect foods one at a time for a few weeks to try and find out which one is the culprit. 

There is also a range of cooling foods that can help you to reduce inflammation.

Vegetables, especially the green leafy vegetables, fruit, herbs and turmeric are full compounds that reduce inflammation, other good anti-inflammatory foods are whole grains, olive oil, nuts, seeds and legumes. 

Omega 3 fatty acids are a good source of nutrition and anti-inflammatory properties.

Good sources of omega 3 can be found in the healthy fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel.

A magnesium deficiency has been linked to anxiety, low energy, stress, mood swings and depression. 

Magnesium has been shown to help relax the muscles, calm the body and it can also help to improve your mood and it has been suggested that it is an essential mineral for feeling good.

Although magnesium is an essential mineral for maintaining your energy levels, helping to improve your mood, relax your muscles and reduce your stress and anxiety. 

Consuming too much magnesium a day has been linked to causing diarrhea, so you need to strike the right balance.

It may pay you to consult with your doctor about the recommended daily dosage, a rough estimated guide is listed below

  • 65 mg/day for children of the ages 1-3
  • 110 mg/day for children of the ages 4-8
  • 350 mg/day for adults and children ages 9 and over
Foods that are a rich source of magnesium are

  • Spinach 
  • Pumpkin seeds  
  • Dark leafy greens
  • Avocado  
  • Chard 
  • Yogurt/Kefir 
  • Black beans 
  • Bananas 
  • Almonds 
  • Fish

Other things that can affect your mood are dehydration or medical conditions, so if you're experiencing frequent and prolonged low moods then it may pay you to visit your doctor. 

It is also important to eat a varied and well balanced, healthy diet, when the body does not receive the right nutrition, it can affect how we feel.

The feel good endorphins serotonin has been linked to our moods, serotonin helps to control our moods by helping us to keep anxiety and depression at bay. 

You can get a serotonin supply from foods, relaxing or by doing things that make you feel better, exercising and a bit of positive and optimist thinking will also give you a serotonin boost. 

Try and avoid the quick food boosters such as high content, sugary snacks, they may give you a quick and temporary boost but that is usually short lived.

To maintain a good healthy balanced diet you need a mixture of the right balance of both proteins and complex carbohydrates with a slower rate of sugar release. 

Foods that have a good source of serotonin are turkey, buckwheat, free range eggs and bananas. Whitefish and salmon are good to keep you alert, whilst too much high sugary or fried foods can leave you feeling sluggish.

Control Your Emotions And Your State

How we feel is not all about the mind, our physiology can have a big impact on how we feel. 

If you want to improve and control your moods then you also have to work on your body, because how you feel has a lot to do with your biology.

Because to feel good, your whole physiology, posture and all the other functional systems have to be in alignment and balance and operating at its peak efficiency.

Our physiology, diet and posture can have a big influence on our moods and behavior so if you want to improve your mood and remain in a good mood you may have to address all of the key area's.

To consistently feel good you need a relaxed and balanced mind and body, having a relaxed and tension free body is equally as important as controlling your thoughts. 

We experience various physical and emotional feelings through our body, you can divide these sensations into two categories, physical and nonphysical.

You could split us up into two categories, physical and emotional, and both of these can and does affect each other.

Many of the spiritualists only see us as energy beings, and although this may be true, we are still operating in what we know as a physical body.

Therefore, if you want to feel emotionally good you also have to feel comfortable, relaxed and balanced physically.

Our emotions and our state of vibration is the nonphysical part of us, we also experience physical symptoms and chemical changes in the body which can affect how we feel, 

The physical part of us that can make us feel discomfort, include, adrenaline, breathing, stress related symptoms and tension.

The main things that affect how we feel are 

  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Our focus of attention 
  • Our physiology, posture 

It's all about feelings and sensations, our emotions are not local to one part of the body, different emotions come from different parts of the body. 

The more relaxed and at ease you feel both spiritually and physically the better you're going to feel. 

Our physiology and posture has a massive bearing on how we feel. 

It can also affect our thought process, when we are stressed and tense we think more stressful and worrying thoughts, stress and worry in the mind will manifest themselves as emotional, physical and chemical reactions in the body. 

You cannot feel good if your body is tense and out of alignment that's why it is crucial to take care of your body as the old quote states. " Your body is your temple". 

Massage, is still the best way to ease your body of any tension and tightness. 

To improve your mood all you need to do is relax your body, get adequate amounts of quality sleep and quieten and then focus your mind on what you want and like. 

Meditation and hypnosis are two great ways of accomplishing both of these at the same time, you can also instantly begin to feel better just by relaxing and aligning your body by adapting a nice upright and aligned relaxed posture.

Laughter is a great mood booster, if you're feeling a bit low, watch some funny movies, comedians or comedy shows. 

Try and surround yourself with positive and happy people and avoid the negative type, if that's not always possible, make sure you don't allow them to drain your energy and your good mood. Avoid trying to compare yourself to others.

Whenever you notice yourself slipping it a negative state, don't just accept it, return to a happy memory and keep reliving the memory until you feel better. 

If nothing works get an early night and on awakening force yourself to think more pleasing thoughts so you give the bad mood no chance of gathering any momentum.

Make sure you get plenty of rest and relaxation, because exhaustion and tiredness will lower your mood.

Have a high regard for yourself 

Having a high self worth and regard for yourself is always a must, after all, if you don't feel good about yourself you will struggle to feel good about anything. 

Try not to let anybody or anything control and dictate your mood, sometimes we have to learn to switch off from the world around us so we can go inside and make our inner world a more pleasing and peaceful place for us to be. 

Far too often we give all our focus to what's going in our surrounding environment, the key is let your inner world control how you feel instead of the outside dictating things. 

When things are not going too well externally for you, try not to let it bother you, because to find inner balance and that sort after feel good state of flow sometimes we have to ignore events on the outside. When you can learn to smile in the face of adversity you will gain so much emotional freedom, control and bliss.

There is no such thing as a problem free life, but it is important to try and not to let your problems drag you down. 

This may mean that you have to accept what's bothering you and let the matter go to release any negative resistance. 

You can still feel fairly good despite your current problems so long as you accept and come to terms with your troubles first. Once you do this, in that more relaxed state you can work through your difficulties more easily without you slipping into a deeper negative state.

Some helpful tips to boost your mood

  1. Smile for several minutes because smiling is a natural and proven mood booster
  2. Drink an adequate amount of water remember approximately 70% of our brain and body is water, dehydration affects our emotional state and water will give you an energy boost as well. (Important  do not drink too much water in a short period of time)
  3. Listen to or hum your favourite uplifting and upbeat feel good emotions, songs or tunes or listen to your favourite music as long as they are not depressing tunes.
  4. Take a short 7 to 10 minute power nap, especially mid-morning and mid-afternoon 
  5. Exercise has terrific mood- and energy-boosting benefits, aerobic exercise has been found to produce endorphin's  the body's natural feel good chemicals. Or you can go for a long, but not too strenuous walk in natural surroundings
  6. Do some deep breathing exercise for a few minutes as this can help reduce stress and tension, make sure you do not keep tensing your muscles especially the shoulder region.
  7. Eating small amounts of dark chocolate can elevate your mood according to research. Chocolate contains phenyltethylamine which is a mood regulating chemical which is produced naturally within the brain, it may also increase the production of serotonin the brains natural feel good chemical. 
  8. Having the right aligned and relaxed posture can have a massive impact on how good you feel 
  9. Being in love and have an intimate, loving relationship can boost your mood 
  10. Watch a funny movie or take part in activities that are fun, stimulating and empowering 
  11. Show some gratitude, be grateful for what you have instead of feeling bad or depressed about what you don't have or what you have lost and cannot get back 
  12. Focus on your strengths and good points instead of dwelling on your perceived weaknesses or imperfections 
  13. Helping others can make you feel better, do all the things that make you happy 
  14. Listen to your emotions, avoid trying to suppress, stop or resist your feelings, accept and acknowledge your feelings, If you feel anxious, let you know that. "Yes, I am feeling anxious right now", then start to go the opposite way, "How I want to be is peaceful and calm", again if you're angry or sad do the same. 
  15. Start the day as you mean to go on, seize the door of opportunity the moment you wake, tell yourself your going to have a great day, avoid rushing about in the morning, ditch the news channel and listen to some upbeat music, go for a walk or spend ten to fifteen minutes meditating to set you up for the day ahead 
  16. Don't take yourself too seriously, let yourself go and try and look on the positive side of things, grow in strength from your mistakes 
  17. Yesterday has gone so do not allow it to hurt you anymore, you cannot predict what might happen tomorrow, so stay in the now because that's the only place where you can feel good

Use Technology To Improve Your Mood 

We've all been left feeling pretty low at one time or another. We try to fix it. We work out, we eat healthy foods, we get a good night's rest and follow the usual ways to feel better but sometimes we just don't seem to get the results we expect.

If so, then those days of unhappiness and feeling down could now be over for you. Because for the first time ever technology is replacing some of the more traditional ways of helping you to feel better.

 The world's most powerful "digital drug" has been launched. This powerful music recording uses special audio patterns to influence your brainwaves, helping to increase your mood and give you an uplifting boost. It's completely safe* - and 100% proven by science. 

All you have to do is just slip on your headphones, hit the "play" button, sit back for 30 minutes - and enjoy the benefits of this brilliant "audio pill!"

For More Information About The Improve Your Mood Recording

The information provided on this page is for information use purposes and it is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use this information for the diagnosing or treatment for health conditions. If you suspect that you have a health condition, consult your doctor.

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