How To Be More Funny

Why do so many of us want to be funnier? Because a good sense of humour can get you a long way in life. For men it can help them succeed with the opposite sex. 

Many surveys have been conducted with woman and apart from being sensitive and understanding having a good sense of humour has scored high on their wish preferences. 

Many female list it as one of their criteria when they fill out forms or adverts for dating. They will often state on what they are looking for must have a good sense of humour and in many cases it has scored higher than money and looks .

This is good news for the majority of us, the quick witted person will always have the upper hand over everybody else and who knows you may even go on to making a career and make lots of money out of it by becoming a comedian. 

Being able to make people laugh is a great way of breaking the ice when you are striking up a conversation with people you don't know, it can help you to be more popular which can give you the distinct advantage in your career and social life.

Some people just seem to have the natural born gift to make people laugh, they don't take life so serious and this is a trait we could all benefit from, some people try too hard to be funny and that does not work most of the time.

To be naturally funny it needs to flow from you without having to make to much effort on your behalf but the rewards for being more funny can really benefit you socially, some people have the knack to make you laugh through there mannerisms and natural behaviours.

 Picture by Wel-Chie via flickr

Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

Laughter not only makes you feel better it will make everybody else feel better, laughter is a health tonic which we all need more of and there is far too much doom and gloom in the world today. 

Everybody needs to lighten up and learn how to not take life so serious; when you learn how to make people laugh you will have a very powerful social tool. 

Another advantage of being funnier is it will give you the ability to come back at people with a witty remark when they try to put you down however you should not use wit to put other people down there is a difference between having a joke and making people feel small. 

Another powerful trait is to be able to poke fun at yourself, being funny is inside of you all you need to do is to bring it out. Getting the right laugh is often about the timing of the witty remark.

The top comedians have spent years perfecting their skills and sense of humour and like everything else in life you have to teach yourself on how to be funny, this can take years for the average person to do however the subliminal cd has been designed to fast track your sense of humour without spending hours trying to think of funny one liners or sayings. The session can help you to be funnier and help you to become naturally wittier. 

Yes there are many eBooks available that will teach you how to be funny but you still have to spend time developing your sense of humour a book can not actually teach you how to be funny it can only guide you and the rest is down to you. 

Being able to make people laugh will make you become more popular and people will warm to you because you will be giving them a much welcome boost of feeling good, it is also a great way to keep a social event enjoyable for everyone.


How To Be Funny Course



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