Happiness Without A Reason

Most people's have been mislead into thinking that you need material things, perfect looks, situations and possession to be happy.

But these are all illusions that might bring you a short term burst of happiness, but it won't be long until the novelty wears off and you will be looking for something else to make you feel happy.

Others will follow the same old patterns of looking forward to the weekends, which will cheer them up.

But then when Monday morning comes around again, their mood will take a sudden dip, and again they will wait until the following weekend to feel happy once again.

The reality is. You need very little to feel happy, but you want to feel happy as much as you possibly can, including the times you're at work, school or doing your household chores.

Of course, you need good nutrition, a roof over your head, feelings of security, water, warmth, keeping active and plenty of rest, sleep and relaxation.

And it helps if all your emotional needs are being met, and naturally it is nice to have and do things.

But real happiness should not be based on external conditions and circumstances. Real happiness has to be cultivated from within.

If you put conditions on your happiness, then your conditions will determine your levels of happiness.

But if you can learn to be happy without a reason or without any external conditions. Then your inner happiness will start to determine your external circumstances for the better.

So it is win, win both ways.

Apart from your basic needs. The main ingredients for real happiness are, a nice big smile, and a calm and balanced, efficient and well functioning mind and body.

What is happiness?

Happiness is a state of being, it is your natural state, which can mostly be accessed, when you are in the present moment.

The only exception is, if you're thinking about pleasant memories or you're creating a positive and compelling future.

The first rule to happiness is, do not try and chase it and do not rely on material things or physical situations before you can feel happy. 

Because, if you need things to make you happy or you are waiting for things or your circumstances to change before you can be happy, then you're going about things the wrong way.

Sure, our external situations and circumstances can influence and affect our short term happiness levels.

If you become too emotionally engaged in the news and all the bad stuff, then this can have an impact on your mood.

Problems in your relationship or at work, or if you have money worries, can all cause you stress that can grind you down and affect your levels of happiness. 

And we all have difficult decisions to make and challenges to overcome, if you have a problem, rather than dwelling on the problem and making yourself feel unhappy.

Write down what you want to overcome and ask yourself or again, write it down, what is the best way, then add in what you want.

Write down and devise yourself a plan for overcoming your problems and planning for a better and brighter future.

Making positive plans is a great way to get your life moving in the right direction, plans get the wheels in motion.

We all make plans, especially in our minds, sadly, most of the planning we consciously make, are planning and preparing for things to go wrong.

Get the basics right first, then work on the material things

If you watch young babies, then you will notice that the majority of the time they are happy, active, content and they enjoy themselves by observing, learning and playing.

As a general rule, the only time when they aren't happy and life starts to overwhelm them, is usually when they need to sleep, they need to eat or they need to drink.

This suggests, that the many foundations and ingredients for underlying happiness, are good healthy food and nutrients, enough good quality sleep and staying hydrated.

If you want to feel happier and you want the strength and energy to be able to confront the stresses and strains of life, then you will need to rest, repair, stay hydrated and getting all the vital and essential vitamins that both your brain and body require.

If you want to feel generally happy nearly all of the time, then you have to see that your brain and body is one whole organism, and to be happy your brain and body needs to be functioning at its peak performance best.

This is why material things, will not necessarily address and fix your mood and happiness levels, to experience true long term happiness, you need to make sure your mind and body are in balance and all your basic bodily needs and requirements are being met.

Because of the mind and body connection, good brain health and functioning depends on good maintenance and good upkeeping of the body.

Getting enough quality sleep can profoundly affect your mood, if you have had a restful and restorative night's sleep, then you will find it a lot easier to cope with and work out your problems and difficulties.

If you have a problem you're struggling to deal with, then it is not going to help you on single bit, keeping yourself up late worrying, analyzing and going over your problem in your head over and over again.

All that will do is, it will leave you feeling more unhappy and more stressed, so when you wake up you will feel poor mentally, emotionally and physically.

This will leave you feeling terrible and tired throughout your day and your work, schooling and home life will suffer as a result of this, not to mention your happiness levels.

You will gain nothing trying to figure out your problems in your head, the best way is to get a good night's sleep, then focus on finding the best solutions or answers to your problems and challenges.

Put your problems to bed, then relax and get yourself a good night's sleep, otherwise you will end up feeling more stressed, angry, anxious, worried and negative the next day which will deplete your energy and happiness levels.

Diet can also play a huge role in your physical, emotional and mental state, try to start introducing more of the good foods, that are high in nutrients and cut back on some of the bad stuff.

If you are sensitive to certain types of food or if you have a food intolerance, then this can have a profound impact on your mood and levels of happiness.

Staying hydrated is also a must, things like caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, so it may pay you to limit them, or at least make sure that you have plenty of water as well.

Although you should stay well hydrated, be careful not to consume excessive amounts of fluids in a short period of time.

Part of being happy depends on how well we get on with our own selves and how comfortable we feel with ourselves, especially when we are by ourselves.

Many people tend to focus on their troubles or they search for a pill or a quick fix to solve them, and they tend  to resist taking a long hard look at what is the root cause of their unhappiness and problems.

Most of us overlook or we are unaware of the fact that the real source of our problems could be from, a lack of sleep, exhaustion or a nutrient deficiency.

Babies also keep active and they move, sit and stand with ease and grace, free of tension and stress.

So although it helps to have enough money, a good job and a good circle of family and friends, combined with plenty of free time to do the things that you enjoy.

Do not overlook and neglect the other important things like diet, rest, water, keeping active and sleep, because when all these basic needs are being met, life will no longer become too much for you to handle.

Of course, all these basic needs aren't going to change your life overnight and resolve all your problems.

But what it will do is, it will give you the strength and ability to confront, handle and overcome all your difficulties and challenges as well as leaving you feeling happier and relaxed at the same time and when you feel happy, the world treats you better.

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Change your perceptions

Your happiness can change just by changing your perceptions. 

You can have a situation where two people can be in the same situation yet their perceptions about the situation and their levels of happiness can be at opposite ends of the scale.

This points to the fact that true long term happiness depends on how you perceive a situation and how you react to circumstances and events and it is a reflection of your inner world and self talk. 

Feeling good, however, is not all about your mind, it also depends on your physiology and maintaining a healthy and balanced body and lifestyle.

Happy people also have bad things happen to them, they too go through difficult and challenging times but they have learned how to master their thoughts and emotions.

The difference between happy and unhappy people is how you react to the situation, how quickly you bounce back and pick yourself up, plus how long you allow what previously happened or what could happen to affect you.

Happy people also don't care about what others think or say about them. When you allow the words and opinions of others to have a negative influence and effect, then it can drain your energy and lower your self esteem.

Although there are always some exceptions to the rule and sometimes we all have to face sad situations.

Try to look for a positive in nearly all situations, because how you feel and the life that you experience will largely depend, on how you perceive a situation and how much meaning and focus you give too it.

What Science Has To Say About Happiness

Research has proven that happy people generally live longer, they have better relationships and things generally go well for them, so with this in mind it is your utmost priority to make your happiness your number one dominate intention above everything else.

The latest scientific research about happiness states that our levels of happiness are not fixed, so the good news is that with a bit of effort and you can soon increase your levels of happiness.

Research also suggests that contradictory to what some people think your happiness levels actually increase as you get older and wiser. 

People who are consistently happy do not think or give any attention about things that they know will make them feel unhappy

Follow These 21 Tips To Boost Your Happiness

When were talking about happiness were not talking about laughing all the time or that joyous fun type of happiness or being too cheesy because that can be too hard to sustain.

Of course your goal should be is of course aim to have more fun, enjoyment and laugh and smile, more and there is always something you can find to smile or laugh about.

Bur what you should be working on is your overall background levels of happiness as well as learning to be more content, satisfied, gratreful and at peace with yourself and the world.

1) Do more of the things that you enjoy 

We spend a lot of time trying to please others. But it is just as important to do more of the things that you enjoy and to do things to please you a bit more often.

Do what you like doing and set yourself goals and challenges. But try to enjoy your goals, hobbies and interests.

We all have families, friends and partners to consider. But you also have yourself and your own well-being to consider.

Many people allow their happiness to depend on other people. But nobody or nothing should be a condition of your happiness.

Do things that you love and enjoy rather than doing things because you want more money and the funny thing is when you're happy and you do the things you feel passionate about you will probably make more money anyway.

The real secret to sustained happiness is to learn to become spiritually happy because when you achieve that and you make peace with yourself, then nothing can ever take that kind of inner happiness away from you.

2) Make a choice to be happy

Your first step to feeling good, is to make a decision that you intend to be happy and feeling good needs to become your number one priority and dominant intention, tell yourself that you want to feel good right now, and then you want to carry on feeling better and better. 

It's not about what you have, it's not about material possessions or other people, it's all about you, your needs and how you feel

It is the choices that you make which will decide your happiness. 

Do not put up with a negative mood for too long, if you feel low, then you need to do whatever it takes to increase your happiness. 

This may mean changing what you do and the way you do things, it may mean changing your thoughts and perceptions or just learning how to relax more and do more of the things you love and enjoy doing.

3) Release all your negative thoughts and negative emotions

Happy people don't worry too much about the future and they don't allow their past to control how they feel in the present. 

They are also mindful of the damage of destructive negative thoughts so they can stop being sucked into the vortex of negativity.

If you want to feel good, then you need to let go of the past man, what has happened has happened and for your own sake you have to learn to quickly forgive and let go.

The past is now nothing more than an illusion so try not to keep on digging up or raking over the things that just cause you more pain and suffering.

It's not your situations or circumstances that actually cause you the emotional pain and trauma, what cause all the hurtful emotions and feelings is the thoughts your still having about the situations.

Allowing yourself to keep thinking about what is or what has happened will just keep on making you feel bad, the thing to remember is you can only suffer after the situation has happened if you think about it.

So if something bad has happened, try to accept the situation, release the emotion, then try and learn something and look for the silver lining in the situation, then let it go and focus on a better future and only think about things that don't make you feel bad.

Planning and goal-setting is good to activate some positive and optimistic feelings, but make your goals enjoyable and try not to put too much high expectations on yourself just take things as they come both the good and bad.

Don't take your negative or unwanted thoughts as being the truth, negative thoughts are just an illusion and although the feelings feel real the thoughts are not. 

Dismiss and ignore all negative or unwanted thoughts, let them come into your mind but do not react to them. 

Just tell yourself they are just thoughts and I wish to release them, then let them pass on bye or allow your mind to carry on thinking those anxious thoughts whilst yourself, you can carry on but I an not interested and if you keep doing this your mind will also lose interest in those troublesome thoughts. 

Don't just do things for the sake of doing, do things because you feel passionate about them and to whatever it takes to stay in the present moment.  

4) Show a bit of gratitude and appreciation 

Gratitude is an important ingredient to feel good, just by spending a few minutes being grateful for the things you have can increase your happiness by more than 25% and you can achieve this after only one month. When we're thankful our energy shifts into positive emotions.

Showing gratitude and be grateful for who you are and what you have got can have a profound impact on your state of well-being. Write down or let you know all the things that you are thankful for. 

Every morning state five things you are grateful for no matter how small they appear. 

A research suggests that gratitude and appreciation will improve your emotional state, health and well-being, the more you moan, criticize and complain the more unhappy you will become.

5) Listen or dance to upbeat music everyday 

Listen to music every day, because music is a great way to flip you into a positive feel good and happy energy, music can help you to raise your vibration. 

Try to listen to more upbeat and uplifting music or calm, relaxing music, other good alternative mood boosters are brainwave entrainment which will match your energy in sync with the good feeling sound frequencies.

If you want to further improve your mood and happiness, then put on your favourite uplifting tunes and then spend some time singing and dancing too them, because dancing is a good form of exercise. 

So combine that with the rhythm of the music and you will get double the release of those feel good endorphin's.

Avoid watching too much news, it's all right watching the news so long as you do not allow it to affect your emotional state, other things that will help to make you feel good are, good healthy foods and learning to love and accept yourself more.

6) Laugh and smile more 

Laughing and doing the things you enjoy will also raise your happiness levels, because laughing is well know to increase your vibration, so does smiling regularly, force yourself to laugh more and make a conscious effort to smile for several minutes every now and again.

Your mood will respond to your facial expressions and your physiology, frowning activates a negative mood, whilst smiling boost your happiness. 

Make an effort to watch more comedy programs and comedian video's or show on televisionDo not allow your happiness to depend on other people no matter who they are.

Make an effort to engage in activities that make you feel better, make a list of all the things you enjoy doing it does not have to be big things either. 

Try to look straight in front of you or even look up with your eyes, because looking down can lower your mood. 

Go for a walk, read, watch funny films or comedy shows, spend some quality time with your friends or by yourself, exercise, paint, write or take up photography, meditate or listen to some good feeling music just do some fun or relaxing activities.

7) Quick Mood Booster 

If at any time you notice you're beginning to feel a bit low, find a place where you will not be disturbed for a few minutes, then perform a quick visualizing technique, just take a few deep relaxing breaths and return to a past time or place when you laughed a lot or you felt very happy and at ease. 

Revisit that happy memory in your mind, focus on how good and happy you felt, engage all your senses and use all your senses to make that memory vivid and real, see what you saw, smelt, felt or heard. 

Vividly imagine your surroundings and the people or the things that were around you. Keep focusing on the memory for a few minutes and how happy you felt. 

Experience the laughter and good feelings again, feel the big smile on your face, notice how great you feel, then once you have evoked those good emotions, imagine you're back in your current situations feeling just as good and happy even in the situations that previously made you feel unhappy.

8) Master your emotions

Your happiness will totally depend on you, learning how to master your emotions. Many people struggle to find true inner happiness because they have not learned to become the master of their own thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Everything you do, everything you want is geared around your quest to feel good and to be happy, but sadly many people spend the larger part of their day silently torturing themselves.

We all go through bad times, the difference between happy people and unhappy people is the happy ones know how to quickly bounce back.

Try not to get emotionally engaged or hooked up into bad situations. We all experience difficult times and we all experience a wide range of emotions during our day as our mind flips from one series of thoughts to another.

To control your emotions you need to filter out the thoughts that evoke negative emotions and start to become the detached observer of your thoughts and feelings instead of getting yourself emotionally involved and engaged in anything that makes you feel bad.

9) Accept yourself

Another thing that stifles people's inner happiness is when they refuse to accept themselvesSelf acceptance of ourselves is an important step to finding inner peace and contentment

We all have our own imperfections and flaws, things happen from time to time, so we sometimes just have to accept what's happened or what might happen and let it go. 

Remember that you are a spiritual being as well as physically being and although it is important to look after your body it is equally important to look after your spiritual self.

Let yourself know that on the inside you're a beautiful and a special multi talented person so do not let your eyes or the comments of other people to be your judge. 

Another important step to complete happiness is to stop putting yourself down and begin to start to love and like yourself, each morning stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself a few times that you like yourself.

Start to get to know yourself better and be nice to yourself and learn to enjoy your own company, you will find your inner being will start to reward you with good feeling emotions.

10) Use your body to feel good

Feeling good is necessary if you want to be happy and it's not all about the mind your body posture plays a big role in you good you feel.

These days more and more people are living sedentary lives and spending to much time sitting down which can cause tension in muscles and prolonged periods of sitting can restrict your breathing and compress and restrict the blood flow around your body.

The human body is designed for movement and activity, if you look after your body you will feel better.

Your mind and body are linked and they can both influence each other. If you think stressful thoughts, then your body will tense and if you're tense your body you will have more tense and fearful thoughts.

If you slouch and you allow your head to drop and your shoulders to go rounded then before long you will have more unhappy and negative and insecure thoughts and feelings.

If you're having predominantly negative and sad thoughts, then your body will slump a bit and your head will drop and your shoulders will become to rounded.

If you tense your body and stick your chest out, lift up your chest and pull your shoulders back then you will have tense and threatening related thoughts.

It is important to look adapt a nice upright, but relaxed and poised, aligned and balanced postureavoid a stiff or rigid posture. Try to look ahead with your eyes as much as possible as looking down with your eyes can lower your mood.

11) The importance of your physiology

The two main factors to feeling good are our focus of attention and our physiology. Our cells, chemistry, muscles and organs are all one thing and when they are all working in sync together then we will feel happier and balanced.

Although, what you focus of attention on will have a massive influence on your happiness, when you feel unhappy it is also a physical state.

From a spiritual point of view, your state is energy, from a physical point your state is chemical and physical, but whatever your belief the important thing is you need to keep your body calm, healthy and balanced.

When you're stressed or anxious your body will be flooded with adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol, which will cause a physical stressful response in your body.

When you're calm and happy, your brain will release good feeling endorphin's and many other neuropeptides that are essential for good mood feelings.

If you want to be happy you need to feel good and although there is a bit more to happiness feeling good is the biggest factor.

Things that are associated with stressful and negative states and poor moods are

  • Worrying, pessimistic and negative thinking 
  • When we feel our emotional needs are not being met
  • Tiredness and exhaustion 
  • Rushing and setting unrealistic deadlines 
  • Poor diet and lack of physical activity 
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals 
  • Drug or alcohol abuse 
  • How we react to our external circumstances and situations 
  • Low self esteem and negative self talk 
  • Dehydration

Aim to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle and do things in moderation. Exercise regularly, try and play uplifting music to your exercise routine or listen to relaxing music as music is a great way to boost your mood as well as being a great relaxation technique.

If you have low self esteem work, stop putting yourself down and learn to like yourself and although socializing is important enjoy being in your own company. Use encouraging and self praising positive self talk.

Avoid dehydration, your body is made up mainly of water, when we dehydrate it affects our mood and even puts us in a anxious state, the secret is to drink smaller amounts more often, drinking too much water quickly does not work the same and it can be dangerous.

Get plenty of rest and try to eat a varied and healthy, well balanced diet because the foods you eat today can affect how you feel emotionally tomorrow.

12) Learn to relax

Get plenty of deep relaxation from techniques like meditation and hypnosis. The body needs deep relaxation once a day, spending twenty minutes a day deeply relaxing will boost your mood and increase your energy levels, being tired and run down can put you in a low mood. 

It is well known that getting enough good quality sleep is required to boost your energy levels and improve your mood. It can be hard to feel blissfully happy all of the time, but if you can find inner peace and calm then you can nearly always feel good. 

13) Stay positive and optimistic 

Even though there is so much good going on in most people's lives and there is always a new opportunity awaiting if you seek it out with a positive optimism.

Most people focus on the one bad event and then they give it their full attention trying to find ways to not let it happen again or over analyzing it, instead of taking the easy option of letting it go. 

Try and think more positive and better feeling thoughts, if you have a dream follow it, do not allow anybody to talk you out of going for your goals because that's sure to make you unsatisfied, as they say, " It is better to try and fail than it is to fail to try".

Mix and surround yourself with positive and fun people, avoid the negative type and develop and keep a positive and always optimistic attitude and approach to life because life is really what you make it

14) Learn to problem solve 

We all have to overcome challenges and everybody has problems. What you need to do is to learn how to problem solve instead of endlessly going over the same problems in your mind day after day.

As Einstein said "We cannot solve or problems with the same thinking we used when we created them".

If you're stuck in the a worry and negative energy then all you will achieve is you will make your problem bigger and you will create more problems.

You cannot experience happiness if you're stuck in a negative mindset, learn how to forget about the problem and concentrate on focusing on relaxing and searching for the solution.

To resolve a problem, you need to accept what is not in your control and analyze and change what is. Research and ask keep asking your mind questions.

The brain is a biological computer if you pose it a question it will have to give you an answer back. 

Avoid all the why me self questions, such as why does this always happen to me or why am I so unhappy. When you ask yourself these questions, your mind will be forced to reply and fill in the gaps. 

Negative self questions will have a negative answer and your mind will tell you something you don't want to hear like you are useless or you don't deserve to be happy.

On the other hand, if you ask yourself positive based questions like what things makes me happy then your mind will have to focus on things that make you happy.

15) Reduce your stress and anxiety

One thing that's sure to rob you of your happiness is stress and tension. We tend to attach fear, stress and tension to nearly everything we do, take the pressure of yourself to be perfect and slow down and relax more, because when you find inner peace life becomes easy. 

You cannot feel good if you have any stress and tension in your mind and body, when you're feeling tense or stressed, not only will you feel feelings of discomfort you will also feel more prone to anger and anxiety.

16) Follow Your Heart 

Follow your heart's desires instead of your head, we tend to be dictated by our old logical ways of thinking or other people's idea's, your heart always knows what you want to truly bring you lasting happiness. 

Use your imagination to help you create a fun and peaceful state. Try not to take your life and yourself too seriously.

Start giving your mind clear instructions, decide you are going to be happy and make it your number one priority and intention. 

But don't tell yourself how you should be or what you believe you need to make you feel happy.

Let your mind understand that you don't have to have or be anything to be happy, once you start to focus on what you want your mind will come back to you with the answers and ideas it thinks that you need to make you happier.

It's all about doing the little things on a daily basis, which in time we help you to build a state of more general background happiness, ignore any negative thoughts that make you feel bad and deliberately change your thoughts to something more pleasant, doing this once or twice won't change how you feel but practice doing it on a daily basis will.

17) Trick Your Mind

At times when you're feeling unhappy it is very easy for you to focus only on the negative, our thoughts match our moods, when you're in a negative mood you will have more and more negative thoughts. 

When you're feeling down and out it becomes very easy to interpret events or your circumstances the wrong way. 

Return back to think about the last thing that made you feel unhappy, where you focused on the worst case scenario, most people do and then they just focus on the bad side of things, over analyze it and they categorize the situation as the end of the world. 

Once you return to the situation, see if you can come up with a more positive or realistic outlook, if you have a problem look for a solution, if there is nothing you can do accept the situation and let it go. 

Always affirm to yourself things will get better, everything always works out for me, good things are coming my way.

18) Declutter and observe nature 

Get rid of any old clutter, possessions or photographs which you have now associated or they are constantly reminding you of any of your bad memories and negative emotions such has thing's related to ex-partners. 

Research by the Finish Forestry Research Institute suggest that a walk through a forest can help lift your spirits, reduce stress, relieve anger and raise your happiness levels. Get out and observe nature, absorb all the natural beauty around you, smell the scent of the flowers. 

In the winter still get out in the fresh air, it can be very tempting to stay in the warmth of your home. Breathe deeply from your belly, as deep stomach breathing can raise your vibration and increase your happiness levels.

Keeping yourself occupied and your mind active can increase your happiness, according to the latest research in Psychological Science, keeping your mind occupied with something positive or meaningful can fight off negative emotions.

19) Set yourself up for the day 

Happiness is about following a series of daily rituals and it is important that you start the day off in the right frame of mind so you can set the tone for the rest of the day.

Your preparation for the next day should begin the night before. If you have had a bad day then you want to let go of all that negative energy. 

If you make an effort to listen to some relaxing music, meditate or listen to a hypnosis track not only will it help you to calm your mind and body, letting in those good feeling emotions, but you will have a more relaxing sleep and you will wake up feeling calmer and more energized.

Then, as you wake up feeling good this is the time to seize the moment and to keep that positive momentum going before your worrying mind has a chance to wake up.

Start the day stating five things you're grateful for then tell yourself this is a great day and it's going to get even better. 

Again, you can mediate or listen to a hypnosis session first thing in the morning. Get up, have a good stretch and if you have time do a quick exercise routine, listen to some upbeat music or go for an early morning walk.

20) Stop caring what others think

Happy people don't care or worry too much about what others think about them. You will not always have control over other peoples comments or opinions, but you do have total control over how you choose to react to them.

Learn how to reject others peoples destructive comments or negative suggestions and do not fear or spend too much energy and time thinking about the words and thoughts made by other people.  

Remember, they are not real or accurate and true friends may offer you constructive criticism and advice, they would not deliberately try to hurt or upset you.  

You can make the odd allowance for your friends and family having a bad day, but if they are repeatedly nasty or hurtful to you ditch them.

People who spend their time judging and criticizing are usually unhappy or insecure themselves and they only to it to try and distract themselves from their own unhappy life and negative moods. 

So stop caring what others think and take no notice of what they say otherwise they will drain your energy.

Remember, the more happier you begin to feel, the better you treat yourself and the more you value and love yourself, then the more you will find that others start to treat you better because when you feel good life treats you better in every way.

21) Try not to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders

Reading negative articles or getting too emotionally engaged and involved with everything you hear and see on the news can have a negative impact on your mood.

Sadly, there are a lot of disasters and bad things happening to innocent people and although you should help a little or donate if you can, try not to allow or the doom and gloom around to affect you emotionally. 

We should all care to a degree, but not to the point where you let it get to you. Sometimes in life you have to accept the bad stuff and focus on the good as well as blocking out some of the bad and terrible things that are not in your control.

Just by being nice and showing a little bit of kindness, consideration and bringing some cheer to someone who is suffering is sometimes all you need to do your bit to help make the world a better place. 

Even, just be radiating and projecting a happy and positive energy will do wonders to the people around you

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