Why You Should Practice The Act of Gratitude

Everything in the Universe is made up of conscious energy, including the human body which vibrates at various frequencies rages. In a nutshell, you see what you believe and feel. 

To get the most out of your life you have to fully understand how your mind, body work in relationship with your reality and the Universe.

To quickly sum life up, your present and your past circumstances and experiences from your beliefs, idea's and judgments. 

When you think about your current results or you allow your past conditioning and experiences to dictate your thoughts, then you will produce and activate feelings that match up with what you're thinking about.

In life we have mainly two sets of focus of attention, you will be either thinking about what you don't want or do want or but you don't yet have but you really want or what you do want. 

When you think about anything you don't want, you will activate negative feelings which will flip you over into your negative files which will hold you in the frequency of all that is not good.

When you're experiencing negative emotions you will move towards the thing you don't want and because you will produce negative emotions you will block the path off to all that you do want and you will draw towards you all that is bad and unwanted.

The good news is if you flip over into your positive files by thinking better feeling or positive thoughts, then you will begin to pull towards you all that is good. 

One of the quickest ways to switch your energy to the positive emotions is to practice the art of gratitude because it will start to align you up with and let in all the good that you are seeking.

If you're feeling badn then the chances are your looking at your present results from a negative perspective or your allowing your lack of current results or the not having what you truly want to dictate how you're thinking and feeling.

To change your current results you have to first acknowledge that this is not what you want and then accept what is or what has been and then you need to immediately focus on what you do want and then build the momentum of positive energy and keep it going.

If you have been focusing on what is unwanted or you have been allowing your present results to make you feel bad and stuck then you need to recognize your current results are a reflection how you've been previously thinking and feeling and the only way to change your current situations is to start focusing on what you want.

Your past experiences and your focus of attention will dictate your thought, your negative thoughts or positive thoughts will have and active negative or a positive emotion attached to them and these feelings will influence your actions, what you attract and the results you get in the future.

Gratitude opens the door to all that is good

You have heard the saying that like attracts like, when you express and feeling gratitude for something it will set the Universal wheels in motion to attract more of it.

It is the law of consciousness to attract towards us more of what we give out and expect and everything in the Universe at its heart is made up of energy and consciousness. 

The idea of showing appreciation, is to let go of all resistance so you access that free flowing creative energy, where you will have access to information, idea's, opportunities and help, that you cannot access when you're in a negative state of resistance.

This means when you're grateful and thankful for something or you're showing your appreciation, then you will enter the state of allowing, when you love something, then that takes your energy and attracting powers up a notch higher.

Love is the most powerful of all emotions, without love they would be nothing and loving something is the quickest route to attracting what you deeply want and desire.

Gratitude leads to appreciation and appreciation leads to love and love leads to everything you desire, love is the magnet to all positive creation and it is the frequency that leads to peace and all things that are great and wonderful.

To attract more of those things you desire, all you have to do is to make it a habit to focus your consciousness on being grateful, thankful and offering more love for everything.

Although you should be grateful for all the big things you will also generate the same potent feelings for the small things in life, you should also be grateful for yourself and your life and you should show more love towards yourself.

When you practice appreciating the little and small things, then in time you will move towards attracting more of the bigger things, because if you want a better life and you want to manifest your desires you will need to generate and sustain that positive energy. 

If you have not got a lot at the moment by showing gratitude towards the little things you will be setting the path for the future growth of the bigger and better things in life that is always on offer and available and no matter how bad your current situation is there is always room to grow and have more.

The emotion associated with appreciation will open the doorway to the life you desire, it will also allow you to leave the negative emotions and the bad experiences behind you. Other ways of expressing gratitude are when you say a statement starting with the words thank god for that or I am lucky.

Practice the act of gratitude 

Learning to practice the act of gratitude on a daily basis, preferably last thing at night and first thing in the morning can change your state from feeling bad to feeling good. 

Being thankful can free you from the stranglehold of your negative past by transforming you into the peaceful state of the here and now.

We have two layers of reality, our inner spiritual world which is private, variable and only accessible to us and our outer physical world which is fixed and observed by everybody. 

Thinking is productive, creative and meaningful when it is positive, but when you go inside your mind to watch the negative stories you are telling yourself, then it won't be long before the negative emotions engulf you and break your soul.

Once you put your attention on yourself, you will experience negative and physical states such as fear, stress, anger or depression. When you are in a negative state it will keep your focus of attention narrow, tunnel vision and turned inwards.

This will rob you of your creativity, because negative thinking is the minds blinkers, in these states you will only observe the world within yourself. 

Focusing on your problems all the time will make you become blind and oblivious to all the natural beauty and wonders that surrounds you which often goes unnoticed in times of stress and negativity. Sometimes it is better to think less and observe nature and mans natural creations more.

We are after all observers, we have been granted eyes to view our natural surroundings, yet far too often we follow the inner world of chaos created by our imagination. 

When you spend so much time viewing this alternative inner scary world or you have illusions of pessimism which is taking place within your own mind, as you constantly try to analyze and wrestle with all your problems and concerns your body and your nervous system will correspondingly respond to your overactive imagination with negative matching feelings. 

This inner world of ours is based on your past experiences and the insecurities you hold for the future, your mind can only work off what it knows so far. 

Our past negative experiences and worries can dominate our focus of attention and how we feel. Our imagination is like a dream, it does not always represent the truth and we respond to it emotionally, both in a good and bad way.

You know that you can be happy should you choose to be, but sometimes it can be hard to lift yourself out of a low or negative state, the stagnant negative energy that has descended on you can leave you feeling tired, suffocated and unmotivated.

Everybody desperately wants to shift to a positive, energized state of joy and inner calm but our mind can keep playing the same old record and story. 

But you do have the power to change your inner dialogue so you can come out of that dark inner closet, like a Caterpillar transforming itself into a beautiful butterfly and suddenly becoming free of the confinements of being trapped in a cocoon to observe the beautiful world that was awaiting. 

So do not allow your past or your distortive illusions of the future from preventing you from being the person you want to be and you can be today. 

First of all, there are always going to be events and circumstances that happen in our life that we have no control of. This leaves us with one other option which is to accept and let go of what has happened and then try and apply a new perspective and positive meaning to each event which will help you learn and grow from all your experiences.


What You Give Out Comes Back To You

The universe responds only to your thoughts and feelings it cannot pick and choose what's right or wrong for you. So this a double edged sword and when you're mostly feeling negative and focused on what you don't want then you will attract more of the things you don't want. 

When your thoughts, attitude and your state changes, then what happens to you in your outside reality will begin to change with it.

One of the best ways to cancel out the feeling of lack is to practice the art of feeling gratitude. It is already well known that gratitude and the law of attraction go hand in hand. 

Why it is so important to show appreciation and gratitude is because it will change your energy to a more positive vibration and it's the feeling that you're after. 

Don't just use gratitude for the things you desire, also use it to be thankful for all the blessing you already have in your life both big and small. 

To get those good feelings and joyous emotions show plenty of gratitude, be happy with what you have got then ask for more, if you can learn to be happy with having very little then you will have taken a big step in having a great life. 

If you're feeling frustrated and you catch yourself, saying negative things like, " I do not appreciate", change it to, "I would really appreciate if", just get into the habit of flipping a negative into a positive.

Once you're happy with what you have already got the universe will reward you with more good things and opportunities. 

Live each day as if it was your last, release your problems and negative emotions and observe the world around you, live every day, like a dragonfly who only has 24 hours to live, they have no time to fear, because there are too many more important things to do and see.

Make Gratitude A Positive Daily Habit

Make it a habit, the secret is to show gratitude and try and remain positive even at times when things appear to be going not so well in your life, this can be easier said than done.

We all experience our ups and downs, sometimes making changes can prove too challenging for some, but it is important not to spiral into a long term negative state when you feel everything is going against you, big success often lies right behind the point of giving up.

One of Bob Proctors most potent and powerful affirmation's starts with the words. "I am so happy and grateful now that" (state your desire). You may ask? How can I be grateful for something that doesn't yet exist in your life yet.

You have to first state your intention before it can exist in your physical reality. The fact that you have set your intention to create it is the first stage of the manifesting process. The key here is the moment you have set your intention it now does exist in a consciousness none physical form. 

This is how things work, it is the origin and starting point of all that creation, take a look around you everything that exist in our physical reality started off as an idea in the mind. 

The act of gratitude is important because it can help to determines how good you feel at the moment, it creates feelings of positivity. When you come from a state of lack your going to feel frustrated, unhappy and miserable.

To start to reverse the feelings of lack one thing you can do is to focus on and be grateful for what you do have or the good things that are coming your way, count your blessing and be thankful for what you do have and you will be rewarded with more of the good things. 

Gratitude can help to raise your vibration and bring you into the right alignment to match you up with the things you have been wishing for. 

We should all show a bit more thanks and appreciation now and again, there seems to be a lack of thanks in the world today.

Each morning or night, start to spend a few minutes and focus on everything in your life that you can be grateful for. Practice being grateful for what you already have. 

Be thankful for all the good things that's on the way to you and be grateful as you wait and observe the universe lining up for you all your desires and wants, also be patient and believe with certainty that what you want is already on it's way to you.

The universe gives back more to those who show appreciation, the next time you have a problem or you find yourself struggling with something. Instead of struggling and becoming emotionally involved with your difficulty just calm down and ask your mind and the universe  for help.

Tell yourself things like I would appreciate it if you would help me state what you want help with) or you could try, it would be really helpful and beneficial if (state what you want).

No matter what's going on in your outside experience, no matter what cards life is dealing you, no matter what emotional place you are at right now, dust yourself down apply a little gratitude to your life, bounce back and be grateful for all that is and all that can and will be, if you just let go and allow life to happen as it is meant to be.


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