Help Get Your Ex Back And More Importantly Keep Them

You want your ex back and that is perfectly understandable and it is a normal reaction to any relationship breakup.

A relationship break up is one of those situations that can instantly shift you from a happy and content, place of love and bliss to a dark and heartbreaking place of pain and a sense of deep loss.

It is one of those rare situations where you can very quickly have your whole life suddenly turned upside down by a few spoken devastating words from your partner.

It usually starts with something like those gut wrenching words, "We need to talk" or "I am not happy"

The thing with a relationship breakup is, it is not just your partner that you're losing, it is your whole way of life that gets affected, including your social life and some of their friends and family that you have become a part of.

Breaking up is not easy, and it can be one of the hardest things emotionally, to deal with, there is no switch where you can turn off those feelings of love, so breaking up can be a long and slow process that you may have to go through.

Therefore, if you think it is possible, then the easiest option would be to try and win your ex back.

Sometimes they can be some warning signs, but this is not always the case, because one moment, everything can appear to be alright, then the next minute you find that your single again.

One of the hardest things to contend with is, one minute you are spending most of your time with your partner, then you're told you may not ever see them or speak to them again.

Suddenly you can go from having mainly all good days to having bad days, to make matters worse, every radio station seems to be playing the hurtful emotional love songs and everywhere you look you notice happy couples you seem deeply in love.

All you're left with is the now painful memories and the only way of seeing your ex is through your imagination and in your dream world.

Then there is all the having to explain to everybody that you have split up. 

On top of that, you have to face all those awkward questions when you're out on your own, like, why are you on your own or where is your partner.

Love, when it is running smoothly is one of natures all natural highs and feel good emotions, we all seek it.

But there can be a downside to it, because when you lose the love of your life, it can rip out your heart and fill your life and body with a pain and hurt that you're not equipped or prepared to deal with. 

Therefore, it is no wonder that you want to get your ex back, because not only will it give you your life back, it will end all the pain and hurt that you're currently going through.

There is a good chance that you can get your ex back

There is not a hundred percent guarantee that you will get your ex back, and you may have to consider the option of moving on and living your life without your ex.

A lot will depend on the situation and the circumstances, if they have met somebody else, then this will reduce your chances, but even if they have met somebody else it does not necessarily mean that it is the end.

However, with most relationship breakups after an initial cooling off period most relationships can be saved and rekindled and even made better. 

If you do get back together, then it has to be on mutual terms, and you both have to want to make it work this time.

Although most broken relationships can be salvaged if your going through the heartache and pain of a marriage or relationship split then there are some situations which are irretrievable. 

If your partner is determined they want out for good, then you have to accept it is out of your control and there is nothing you can do.

You also have to consider yourself and your own deep down needs and wants, ask yourself, do you really and truly want them back because at this moment in time your well-being is far more important than what they're doing. 

Relationship break ups are emotionally difficult and painful and unlike physical pain, the hurt takes a lot longer to subside, there is no pill you can take to numb the feeling of you ex leaving you. 

When people spit up they go straight into a panic state, this is basically a state of fear which can cause you to react irrationally and out of character, your pride can take a tumble, but the best way for you to deal with it is to take a step back for a while and try and come across as calm and in control. 

If you want your ex back then the worst thing you can do is to come across as too pushy or eager, this just sends out the wrong signals of desperation. 

Do not try too hard, just take a break and allow things to happen, at the moment your main concern is your own well-being, trying too hard pushes people further away.

There is no point in begging, crying or telling them how much you love them it won't work, you want them back on equal terms and because they want you back, the last thing you want is sympathy or them to have you back because they feel sorry for you, those terms never work.  

Yes, you will feel like crying, the sudden loss and change of your life situation hurts and it hurts badly, but if you want a good cry do this when you're on your own. 

When a relationship goes wrong, we have to examine ourselves, but sometimes it's not our fault, people can just fall out of love.

Allow Yourself And Your Ex Some Cooling Off Time

Even though deep down you want them back always play things cool, even if you feel initially hurt or angry, bite your tongue and agree to the separation, give them a bit of time and space. 

If you act in desperation, then they will know that they can walk all over you, by doing that you will give them the option of having the best of both worlds if they choose.

You should not blame yourself unless you have behaved badly, also avoid beating yourself up or going over and over the same ground in your mind, 

Because, there is no point in living in the past, what's done is done and you cannot change it, so avoid punishing yourself and wishing you had done things differently or behaved differently.

If you know it was partly your fault, then if you do get your ex back you need to change how you act and don't fall back into your old ways and habits, we all get things wrong so you need to learn from your past mistakes and behaviours

If you know you could have behaved and done things differently then you need to change your ways otherwise if you do get back together, then before long you will slip back into your old ways and you will run the risk of splitting up again.

Perhaps you could have done more romantically or listened to your partner and been more considerate or maybe you started to take them for granted, what you should never have to do is change your personality or do everything they want just to please them.  

If your ex has already left you, then don't go chasing them or pestering them with text messages, pleading letters or phone calls, give them and yourself some time and space. 

When our ex leaves us our natural reaction is of shock and then panic, and it can be hard to adapt to the prospect of life on your own or having to go through the whole process of having to meet somebody else. 

It can be especially hard for you, if all your mates are in a relationship of their own and suddenly you find yourself on your own with nobody to really go out with and socialize.

Some people may advise you to meet somebody else, however, this is not usually a good idea, especially if your emotions are all over the place.

If you have to enter into a new relationship, then you need to be in the right positive frame of mind and you need to feel right on an emotional level and that can take time.

You should not have to try too hard

Be careful not to try to hard, rushing out to buy them chocolates or over apologizing or going completely over the top being too nice does not always work. 

A relationship should be a two way thing, there may be things leading up to your split that may have contributed to the break up, sometimes we are not always aware when things are not right.

You may need to work on your own insecurities, because if you're insecure about yourself or your relationship then it can hurt your relationship without you even knowing about it.

One of the best ingredients to go on to enjoy a loving and a happy long term relationship is, to make sure you're happy with yourself and to build your own self esteem and self worth.

Therefore, you want to make sure you feel balanced and happy on the inside and you need to release and anger or resentment you may now have about your partner.

Because, if you're focusing on not getting your partner back, or you are imaging what you think they might have done or what they're doing now, then you're going to just torture yourself and make things work.

Sometimes the less you think about them and when you let it go, then you will actually increase your chances of getting them back.

Be civil and try to be agreeable with, them, but you have not got to hang on to their every word, avoid any arguments if possible, nobody gains anything from arguing, do not hold any hatred or resentment either. 

Even though you want them back let it happen naturally, if they tell you those dreaded words, we need to sit down and talk, be careful how you react, stay composed, if they suggest breaking up, agree with them say it is a good idea even though it is hurting you.

Because if you start begging them to stay or you come across as too pushy then you will be handing them all the options and choices, all you will have is hope and desperation that they will take you back. 

You're better than that so think of your pride because you don't want to put yourself in a position where they keep rejecting you, so agree with the trial separation and get on with your life and see what happens. 

Avoid the urge to plead or beg for them to come back, you must avoid giving them all the options, you don't want them calling all the shots, act as if you are not bothered and try and get on with your life.

The best thing you can do is to try and accept the breakup to begin with, show yourself some respect, you need to learn to love yourself, because when you love yourself others will pick up on that love and they will give you love back. If you do not love yourself then how can anybody else love you.

Just remember, they might think it is a good idea to leave you at the moment, they might even enjoy themselves for a few weeks, but the grass is not always greener on the other side and very often they will start to miss you once they realize what they have lost.

Think of yourself and your own well-being first 

Your first priority should be yourself and your own well-being and happiness, try not to allow your happiness to be determined by someone else. 

It is a good idea to learn to be OK whether you're with them or not, work on your own happiness first, although it can be hard not to think about them you need to focus on yourself and your own emotional state.

Try to be happy on your own, you have to come to terms with the breakup, this is by know means easy, the emotional hurt can be very overwhelming. 

Although people mean well with their advice, there is little anybody can say to you to make the hurt go away. 

Often others close to you will say time is a great healer and there a plenty of more fish in the sea, but that won't take away the pain.

Getting over a relationship break up is something you need to mainly learn to deal with yourself, yes you want them back, but you have to also prepare for the worst case scenario.

The ironic thing is once you sort yourself out and you start to feel good about yourself and you picture a positive future, whatever happens then you will have a better chance of getting your ex back, and if it does not work out at least you can get on with enjoying the rest of your life.

Although friends and family mean well, they are not always the best people to advise you, yes you will need full support from those close to you but sometime if you feel too overwhelmed it may may you to seek professional unbiased support and counselling to help you through the initial difficult period. 

Take some of the pressure off the situation 

Allow yourself some space to start with to adjust to the situation, spend some time on your own if you need to until you feel ready to face the world. 

Did you realize that there are very few relationships that cannot be solved no how bad or irretrievable the relationship may appear to you at this present moment, even if one partner has been unfaithful as long as you allow a cooling off period. 

But getting your ex back hardly ever happen by accident, there are usually a series of events and circumstances that win people their ex back, make the wrong moves too quickly or saying the wrong things at the wrong time can make the situation worst.

You can learn to rekindle the passion and get your ex back, maintaining a good strong relationship can be a hard thing, after the initial passion we tend to take each other for granted. 

One of the biggest mistakes most people make is they become complacent, they think they will live happily ever after so they stop doing the things they did when they first met and they begin to make less of an effort.

Love gives us great pleasure, but it can also turn in on us and cause us so much hurt as well and it does no matter who you are, how mentally and physically strong you are, you will still feel the hurt and suffering, this is why we all want to get your ex back.

Ways to get your ex back

When your partner decides to call time on the relationship it can leave you in a state of desperation, you cannot think straight or get your ex back out of your mind, this can lead you into a state of depression. 

If you can, try and take your mind of your ex for a while, take up a new hobby or do something you enjoy to give yourself a break.

It does not matter how long you have been together, whether it is six months or forty years the loss of your ex can be as equally hard to deal with, It is a life changing event and people don't know what to do with their life or themselves when it happens. 

Your whole life is suddenly turned upside down, all of a sudden you can go from seeing them on a daily basis to not seeing them at all, this can be very hard to come to terms with, you can be thrust into a new way of life you did not expect and you don't want. 

Reclaim your happiness and then rekindle those flames of passion 

The first thing you need to do is to take a step back from all the emotional upset and turmoil and sit down and decide is it worth your while fighting to get your ex back. 

If deep down you know that your ex is adamant that it's over then maybe you should accept it and focus on rebuilding your life and finding someone else and starting again.

Having said that, in the majority of cases after a short cooling off period, which may take several months a majority of people realize that splitting up was a mistake and things tend to sort themselves out in the long term. 

You will certainly need a temporary break if you have been arguing a lot or you have not been getting on.

Sometimes we say the wrong things in the heat of the moment, we tend to make rash and more often than not the wrong decisions during a full blown argument which can have a negative influence on our actions and behaviours at the time. 

Sometimes what we say and mean can be different, we tend to try and hurt the ones we love to keep our ego's intact. 

We need to look at ourselves and try and work out where we have gone wrong and more importantly,  we need to ask ourselves what can we do to make things better next time.

The first you need to do is to give them some space, don't try to rush to get them back, try and keep active after the break up, there is no point in you mopping in the house dwelling on losing your ex while, you know they are out enjoying themselves and having fun. 

Because sometimes that is what your ex will want and expect you to do. 

Even if the situation seems hopeless at the moment and even if your partner has entered into another relationship, it is still possible to get your ex back if your desire is strong enough and you still believe that the relationship can be redeemed.

A lot will depend on your mental attitude and approach, although you cannot force someone to love you all is not lost if you have enough love for your ex. 

There is rarely a relationship that cannot be worked out and there is no such thing as a hopeless case as long as there has been no physical or severe mental abuse,  if you really and truly believe it and want to get your ex back. 

Getting your ex back is not just about one person if there are children involved making up can also re-unite whole families and benefit the children as well. 

A relationship break up can be a very traumatic and emotionally difficult time for all those involved.

Take one small step at a time

Before you rush back into your relationship you both need to get together and sensibly talk things through and try and understand each others needs and concerns. 

Many relationships break down as soon as people start taking each other for granted, remember you are dealing with real people with real feelings.

An initial separation is a good idea because you and your ex will need to step back and have some free time, especially if there have been a lot of arguing. You need to allow your ex some free time to make them realize if the grass is greener on the other side. 

Try not to overreact and do not under any circumstances put any emotional pressure on your ex, in fact,  instead of coming across as desperate try and play it cool even if deep down you are really hurting, because if they sense you are desperate they might have you back for all the wrong reasons or they will walk all over you.

The best thing you can do to get your ex back is pretend your fine about break up and let them know in a subtle manner you intend to get on with your life and make the most of it, wish them luck with their new life and say you still would like to remain friends. 

Do the opposite to what your mind is telling you and give the impression you agree with the separation, don't immediately start to bombard them with emails and text messages. 

Your ex may be some what surprised by your casual and agreeable reaction especially if they were just telling you they wanted to split up do each you a lesson or it was a spur of the moment decision on their part. 

Because you may not be appearing to respond how they thought you would, they can even start to worry about actually losing you, especially if they too deep down don't want to split up, ex this can make your ex start to question their decision to leave you. 

How do you get your ex back, first it is important to be positive and optimistic. 

Although everything may seem hopeless at the moment, things and circumstances can quite quickly change. 

Just remember that nearly all relationships can be saved, you just know what you should do and more important what you should not do

If you are really serious about getting your ex back then you just need to learn how to do and say the right things at the right moment and at the most appropriate times.

Timing can be so critical, it can be the difference between make or break. You need the knowledge to seize the right opportunity and it is even possible to make your ex want to get you back. 

Play It Cool And Keep Your Pride Intact

If you want to have your ex back, although you should not be to pushy, you do need to learn when is the right time and what are the best steps to follow. 

Sometimes our over eagerness can become transparent and off putting, and although you don't want to come across as looking totally uninterested you also don't want to appear as desperate.

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and in our desperate state, we make all the wrong same moves, when people split up their first reaction is to virtually beg and plead or they get angry and say all the wrong things. 

On top of this their timing and rush to get back together, usually just adds up to make the situation worst and yet sometimes all we need is a bit of cooling off period, some good advice, techniques and guidance so we know when to make an approach and how to go about it. 

You have to let go of any grievances you may hold, sometimes the best way to get your ex back is to release any resistance you're holding against them, let it happen without you analyzing or keep going over the same negative ground. 

Time and patience is the key and try and take your attention off thinking about them and just focus on things that make you feel good.

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