The Experiment That Transformed Ordinary People Up To Genius Level

Have you ever wished you could be more like the people you admire or do you want to possess some of the talents of those who have become good at something.

All skills like increasing your confidence, becoming a great artists or sports star have to be learned and mastered and if the greats have learned these skills and talents this also means you can do it to. People are under the misconception that some people are naturally born more intelligent, confident, skillful or creative. 

But we all start off on the same level as babies, what happens to us after that and what success and performance levels we achieve is based on the thoughts we have and the amount of time and effort we practice something.

Geniuses and successful people are not born that way, they are self created and they do this by modelling their hero's as well as repeatedly developing their new skills both mentally in their mind and by doing it through physical practice and repetition. 

Use Your Mind To Become A Better You

In fact it has been proven that you can become better at something through imagining yourself performing the task or skill you want to improve on compared to the traditional way of physical practice. Why this is so is because when you rehearse something in your mind you only visualize it going right.

For example if you want to improve your golf through visualization techniques your only going to imagine yourself taking a shot and seeing yourself getting it right, you never mentally program yourself to miss or do a bad shot in the rough.

Then through repeatedly imagining the shot going well it then becomes a well practiced habit and a program in the mind, this method of using your mind to improve your skill levels has been proven to improve your success levels.

If you do it the other way through practicing on the golf course your going to miss some shots so your not training and conditioning yourself for things to go right every time, doing it all the physical way also causes more stress and frustration.

Many leading successful people would spend hours modelling themselves on the people they want to be like. By copying the successful you can begin to develop some of their skills and genius mindset, but instead of doing the physical practice you can achieve much higher levels of success through using your the power of your mind to hack into their mindset and copy their talents 

Model Yourself On The Success Of Others

So what if you could fast track your way to developing a genius mindset or take on the talents and skills of those who have already acquired the genius level you seek without the years of hard work and training that your role models had to endure in order to reach their peak performance levels. 

This is not just some science fiction fantasy, this method has been derived from some pretty extensive experiments in the early 1960's by two highly regarded psychologists Dr Vladimir Raikov of Moscow and Dr Milan Ryzl of Prague and it has since been improved and updated over the years and it is now been honed into a easy to use technique for anybody to advance their skill levels.

The NLP method originated from one of their experiments which they were testing out on a young  lady. This involved using a simply hypnosis technique. First she was hypnotized into a deeply relaxed state. 

She was then entranced into believing she was a powerful classical violinist. After her second violin lesson she'd ever taken.  Her instructor was so blown away by her new found level of skill, she was immediately enrolled into the advanced class.

How did she do it? Find out here: Another test subject was hypnotized into thinking she was Raphael, the artist. Before being hypnotized using this secret experimental method, she couldn't even draw a "smiley face." Within a month, she had the artistic skill of a professional designer.

Through these experiments and many more that followed and through endless hours of trial and error, a secret mental technique was developed. They discovered that you could still reach the same skill levels without even having to be put into the hypnotic trance state. 

The now shortened version of the original experiment was still yielding the same astonishing results and to their surprise the updated technique was helping people to become:

  • More business savvy 
  • More confident 
  • More creative 
  • More artistic
  • Better at sports 
  • And much, much more.

Now for the first time ever you can also possess this secret mental technique that allows you to "pretend" and "adapt" the genius skills of absolutely anyone. Try this little exercise and imagine for a moment that if you could be anyone and you were able to acquire the skills of any person you wanted, who would you want to be and what would you want to excel at more than anything else?

Download The Skills Of Great Men And Woman 

Because by regularly using this NLP technique you will  learn how to quickly and easily take on the positive mindset and the genius talents of anyone you desire. 

It can help you to better yourself in many area's, like developing more confidence or razor-sharp business acumen. You can learn how to paint like a famous artist, learn the creative skills of a musician or become a profound writing talent to name a few examples. 

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