Start Your Day Off In The Right Positive Frame Of Mind 

The good news for everybody is no matter how bad your day has been even if everything has all gone horribly wrong all you need to do is get an early night or chill out and have a relaxing evening by shutting yourself off from the rest of the world whilst listening to some relaxing music or a relaxation cds and forget all your problems because you have the knowledge that tomorrow is a brand new day and a chance for a fresh start.

Every morning you wake up you are waking up to a new reality and a possible new beginning if you choose where you can forget about the past because that has now gone now and you can begin your new life. Start the day as you mean to go on, set the tone and it will stay with you all day long.

Everything always seems a lot better after a good night’s sleep as long as you avoid allowing what has happened the previous day effect you; this is why it is of utmost importance to start the day off right because once you learn how to feel good in the morning you can continue to feel good for the rest of the day.

God has allowed us to sleep off our troubles so we can have the opportunity to make a brand new beginning each and every day as long as you don't carry your burdens with you. One technique you can do is every night before you drop off to sleep is to show gratitude, find ten things you are grateful for no matter how small. 

This will put you in the right mood whilst your asleep so you will wake up feeling good, then do your gratitude first thing on awakening to further boost your feel good energy, appreciation is a great mood lifter.  

Where many people go wrong is no sooner as they wake up they start to immediately focus on all their problems and how bad they feel: do you ever notice that for the first few brief moments after you awake how good you feel before you allow the negative thoughts to take hold and dominate your thinking and how you feel this is a common pattern but you have the ability to break it with some newly added positive morning rituals.

It is not long before most people start to feel anxious in the morning or they wake up feeling depressed, why this happen is they slip straight back into the old patterns of thinking about their troubles or how bad they feel. 

Just before you go to sleep tell yourself tomorrow I am going to have a better day, the next morning as you awaken start the day off by telling yourself I feel great and I Know I am going to have a great day or only good things are coming my way today.

You are allowed to be positive and say good things to yourself about yourself. Nothing can prevent you from going out of the house with a smile on your face and an optimistic mindset if you choose too. A great way to set you up for the day is to use emotional freedom techniques, a few minutes spent applying this simple techniques can but you in a positive mood.

Emotional freedom techniques is a good way to clear any negative energy, you can use it either to release any negative emotions and energy blocks or you can use it to help you feel goods whilst saying some positive affirmations to set you up for the day ahead.

Develop Some Morning Rituals 

The first thing you need to do is get up early enough so you don't have to rush around in the morning because that will raise your stress levels for a start. Allow ample time especially if you have to go to work, prepare the kids for school or you are off out for the day. 

When you wake up have a few stretches and spend a couple of minutes doing some slow deep breathing exercise as this will calm you and fill your body with oxygen.

Have a good healthy breakfast as it will boost your energy and raise your blood sugar levels. Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself to get out of bed especially at weekend so you may have to force yourself to get straight out of bed as you awaken, once you get over the initial groggy stage you will feel much better for it

Take a shower or better still go for a walk or do some form of exercising it does not have to be nothing to strenuous. If you have time listen to a hypnotic or relaxation session this will set you up for the day in the right frame of mind and it will also leave you feeling relaxed enabling you to much better handle the challenges of the coming day. 

You can now buy home massager's which are very good at relieving any tension and stress. If you have not got time listen to some upbeat or relaxing music,if any negative thoughts enter your mind just acknowledge them and dismiss them, just simply let them sale on by and avoid being sucked into the old patterns of behaviors and thinking. 

Spend five minute saying some positive affirmations each morning and show some gratitude for the goods things in life because as long as you have got good health you have a reason to be thankful for being given the gift of life.

Take Some Quality Nutrients To Energize You And Look After Your Body 

It is important to feel good both emotionally and physically we need to calm the mind and body and we also need to feed the body with high quality nutrients that it requires this will help energize you and leave you feeling good all day long and looking good. 

If you wake up full of energy and vibrant it will help carry you through the rest of the day, also allow for plenty of good quality sleep to keep you alert and focused throughout your day.

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