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How To End Blushing And Relieve Social Anxiety

Have you had enough of your excessive and intense blushing? Do you feel frustrated and fed up of those anxious thoughts and all the constant worry, fear and dread of the next time you might go red?

Is most of your thinking time consumed with how to stop your blushing and does your mind constantly anticipate blushing inducing scenarios and is it flooded with the what if thoughts and imagings that cause you endless stress, worry and anxiety.

The first thing to realize is. Your chances of going bright and uncontrollably red are significantly increased, if not virtually inevitable, when you're in a anxious, tense and stressed state of being. 

The reason why you're researching how to stop blushing, is because your subconscious mind or your inner self. 

Is trying to communicate with you, because your inner self knows what is best for you, and it is trying to tell you're on the wrong track at the moment and you need to use your emotional guidance it get yourself on the right road.

The solution, can only be found when you're in a relaxed and stressed and tension free state of mind and being.

Because, it is very hard to go bright red if you're in a calm, relaxed and feel good state of mind and body.

This tells you that it is all to do with your focus of attention, your physiology and your feelings and emotions.

However, you cannot relax and have fun socially if you constantly fear the thought of going red, which can actually be a lot worse than the actual facial redness itself.

And you cannot end your intense facial redness unless you learn how to relax your body and you teach yourself how to calm your anxious and worried mind.

The reasons why you blush is due to. The emotional and physical state that you're in at the time it happens and how you have taught yourself to respond.

The emotions that are responsible and what trigger the redness in your face and body are.

The emotion that is associated with fear and the emotions that are associated with low confidence and feeling unhappy and low.

What this means is. If you want to cease the excessive and intense redness and heat in your face, then you must work on learning how to manage your mind, feelings and responses.

Blushing is a part emotional issue, but it is also a physical state of being.

What this means is. If you are feeling stressed then you will have a greater chances of going red. The same applies if you muscles are tense as this will push more blood into your face.

If you fear and worry about going red. Then your body will respond with feelings and sensations of fear and stress and your muscles will tense.

Also, everytime you negatively think about blushing, you will strengthen the fearful neural associations in your mind and body

Each time you worry about it happening or you don't want it to happen, you are visualizing and projecting future blushing type scenarios in your, which will be followed by sensations of fear.

This is also conditioning your mind to learn to associate the worried social scenario as being dangerous and something that you need to avoid. The mere thought of this will cause you endless stress and anxiety.

Then if you have to face that type of social situation, people or person for real.

Then your mind and body will switch over into a fearful state of anxiety and nervous anticipation, making you feel like wanting to avoid or get away from the social situation so you avoid going bright red.

If you're in a fearful state of anticipation and you find that you cannot escape from the situation. While you remain in this negative state.

The slightest bit of attention or pressure put on you, will put you in the fight, flight, freeze mode and you will almost inevitably end up in you turning bright red. 

Most people fail to overcome their excessive and blushing because they give all their focus of attention onto the problem rather than treating the root cause of it.

If you continue to fight with your blushing, feelings and emotions you will prolong your suffering and ultimately you will make your problem worse.

It is perfectly understandable to fall into this trap. Because you just want this problem to end.

Excessive and uncontrollable blushing can make your life a misery and it can run your ability to relax and socialize.

Most people just want to stop the redness in their face and they are desperate to just end the redness in their face.

What is important to understand is. You simply cannot just think this problem away, get rid of it with logic and reasoning or somehow force it away or make it just stop happening.

You are dealing with feelings and emotions and the only way to get rid of negative feelings and emotions is to replace them with calmer and good feeling, emotions and physical states. 

Overcoming your blushing requires a certain amount of effort

I am a firm believer in telling people the truth. 

If you want to overcome your blushing you're going to have to make some changes in your life and you'll need to stop doing all the things that are causing your facial redness and social anxiety.

This means out with the bad stuff and introducing the good stuff and implementing daily positive strategies and habitas that will help you to get better and better and in time, free you of your blushing and your social anxiety.

Because, despite some of the claims. 

There are not miracle shortcuts to ending this problem. Short cuts just lead to coping strategies or temporary ways to mask the problem and they very rarely fix the real root cause of the problem.

In fact they usually prolong the problem and make it worse. 

But now the good news. 

There is a solution, if you're prepared to learn and then apply the right strategies and techniques, which will require a process of elimination and daily rituals and lifestyle changes for the better.

But if you are prepared to put in the effort and you keep on learning, doing and repeating. Not only will you find that you start to overcome your blushing and social anxiety. 

You will also feel happier, calmer and more in control of your feelings and emotions which is going to to help you in many other areas of your life.

The reason why this problem can become so bad and you're searching for a quick solution, is because you cannot hide your bright red face from all those around you and makes you feel helpless, self conscious and exposed.

What you have to realize though. The redness in your face is the end result of a pattern and a emotional, chemical and physical response in your body.

Therefore if you want to end the redness in your face you have to break these patterns, neural associations, processes and cycles that proceed the eventually redness in your face.

This will require. 

Learning how to reduce your stress and tension as well as making some permanent positive lifestyle changes. learning how to relax, reprogramming your mind, eliminating your social anxiety and change the way you respond.

When it comes to fear and anxiety. Most people cannot not see beyond their current problem and they end up holding themselves stuck in the mental prisons and negative emotions of their fears and anxieties.

This mindset and attitude holds you back from freeing yourself from your current, stress and emotional pain of your problem.

Sadly most people remain stuck in the emotions of their blushing problem which keeps them going around in circles, that's how anxiety works.

When focus on your blushing or you carry on worrying and fearing it happening. 

What you're doing is putting all your energy on what you don't want or what you dread happening.

Because you don't want to blush or you don't think you have to confidence or composure to handle the situation or prevent yourself from turning bright red.

This just cultivates more fear, stress and anxiety.

You may not have to confidence at the moment to handle your stressful and challenging situations, but you do have the ability to learn and teach yourself how to manage your mind, feelings and emotions.

Like anything else, it is a skill and technique that you need to work on and master.

Visualizing yourself having already overcome your social anxiety or imagining yourself having already handled your feared social situations, whilst feeling calm, cool and composed can help reduce the anxiety and change your beliefs.

A solution oriented mindset is much better than a problem oriented mindset. 

For those who are prepared to put in the time and effort then you will be the one that eventually reap the rewards for all your work.

You will do better if you see this as work in progress and you should make it your goal to aim for progressive improvements.

Yes you will have your ups and downs on your journey to recovery. 

If you have an off day or set back. To don't get disheartened or down nobody is perfect and it is OK if you do not feel confident or on top of the world all the time. 

Everybody has bad days, just carry on with your plan and strategy and see if you can learn something positive or find out where you went wrong so you can try and avoid the same thing happening again.

Your aim should be to keep growing and keep getting better and you will if you persevere. The last thing you want is to put to much pressure on yourself by adopting I must never blush again attitude.

If you're interested in treating and fixing the root biological causes of your blushing and your social anxiety and the two are closely linked together.

Then there is a all natural solution that will teach you how to Stop Blushing - created by Jim Baker.

Jim Baker, a former blusher. 

Recounts the story of how he suffered for years, and he reveals how his problem became so bad that he reached a point where he hid away and avoided virtually all social interaction because of the perceived shame, fear and embarrassment that his facial redness was causing him.

Jim reached a desperate stage where he decided he had to admit he had a problem that he needed to resolve and he vowed to himself.

Rather than living a life of daily suffering and just putting up with this problem.

He was going to find out exactly what was causing his problem and what was needed to do to overcome it.  

After much research, learning, applying and trial and error he finally come up with a strategy and set of techniques that would help him beat his blushing and social anxiety which enabled him to take his life back.

And now you can learn the same techniques, exercises and lifestyle changes that can allow you to tackle the root causes of his problem and finally overcome your blushing and your social anxiety/

Jim Baker's. Blushing Breakthrough Program is an 100 page ebook that will help you understand blushing and it will teach you how to break the fear loop and help you take back control of your mind, body and train you how to stop a blush when it is in the process of happening.

All the fear, negativity, worry and anxiety you're experiencing is being cultivated because you're not getting what you want or you not feeling or responding in social situations as you would like to be.

The program will help also teach you how change all this and prevent your fear and anxiety of blushing from getting in your way of overcoming it and preventing you from making your own blushing breakthrough.

There is a solution if you want it

Fixing the root causes of your blushing problem

There is always a root cause to every problem and there is always a solution available and your blushing and social anxiety is no exception to the rule.

Blushing is perfectly natural and it can happen to anybody.

It only becomes a major problem when you won't accept and you make it your dominant intention to stop it or make it never happen again.

What you need to understand is. Your mind soon learns to fear anything that you want to avoid, what you don't like, what you want to avoid and what you don't want to happen.

When you don't like something or you don't want something to happen. Like you don't want to go red.

Your mind will try to alert you or get you to avoid every conceivable blushing inducing social situation.

All your mind has got to do this, is through using the sensations and emotions that are associated with fear and it uses unpleasant feelings and emotions because that is the only way it has to grab your attention and get you to take immediate and decisive action.

The trouble is there is no action necessary, because there is no real threat only a threat to your ego. 

And the emotion that is associated with fear is one of the emotions that triggers the heat and redness in your face.

In their desperate attempt to stop their excessive blushing, many people take drastic measures to try and prevent it from happening.

Some people, will hide away from the world, others will use makeup, drink alcohol or deploy avoidance or coping tactics.

A lot of advice focuses on dealing with the symptoms rather than fixing the biological, emotional, psychological and physiological root causes.

The trouble is, when you use coping tactics or avoidance tactics, you're not learning the mind anything, that teaching it, that there are better ways of doing and perceiving things.

Have you ever wondered why you blush so easily and excessively? Could there be more underlying issues and root causes of your blushing problem that you have been overlooking?

Have you ever noticed that you go red more often, when you're anticipating a blushing situation in your imagination or at times when you're feeling anxious, stressed, feeling low or when your body is tense?

Is your obsession and fixation to stop blushing, helping you to go red less or is it making things worse?

Are you getting the picture here? Because, the redness in your face is the last part of an emotional, chemical and physical process that is taking place within your body.

What this means is. If you want to stop the excessive and intense redness in your face, then you have to prevent the emotional, chemical and stressful reactions and changes that take place on your body.

If you're still a bit unsure. Ask yourself this question, what comes first. The redness in your face or the anxious and negative thoughts, feelings and emotions?

Of course, there are other factors that come into the equation, like your physiology and posture.

Blushing is linked to insecurity and negative emotions.

We all know we should not slouch, as that is the posture of insecurity, but it is just as bad, if not worse if to tense and stiffen your muscles.

Like when you stiffen or contract your neck, or you lift up your chin, force your shoulders back and you lift up your chest.

Ideally your posture should be poised and balanced and you should sit and stand comfortably with the least amount of tension.

Blushing happens much more when you're experiencing stress or your body is tense and rigid, so these are two area's that you need to work on.

Making that all important decision, that you're going to do something about your blushing

Does your fear of blushing leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and forever anticipating and worrying about the next time it might happen?

If this applies to you. 

The trouble is. This is what holds the fear and anxiety in place and perpetuates a cycle of more bad feelings, negative thoughts and stressful responses, which are responsible for the redness in your face.

The average person, will leave it a long time before they finally, do something about their excessive blushing and social anxiety, and the majority of people will do nothing at all.

But why carry on suffering, when you can learn how to overcome your blushing and your socially anxiety?

From the moment you wake up, until the moment you fall asleep. Your whole day revolves around.

Worrying and trying not to blush. 

Where you try and plan your day to military precision. 

So you either avoid any situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, where you scare yourself to death or you want to get away from any social situation.

Just because there is a chance that you might go red.

How crazy does that sound, when you stop to think about it?.

If you are suffering with an excessive blushing and anxiety problem.

Then this indicates that you have got sucked into and trapped and lost in the emotion of the problem.

When you start to give your blushing too much emotional significance and attention. And you start to live your life in the emotion of the problem.

You will keep and prolong the problem and the problem will expand and get worse. 

This will keep you focused and fixated on your blushing, instead of putting all your energy and attention on to the solution. 

You may ask yourself. Why you have a problem, and you probably analyse over and over again the reasons why you go red and feel anxious so much and so easily.

When you spend all your time focusing on the problem and how anxious and uncomfortable you feel.

It will keep you stuck in the negative energy and fear, that is causing you the problem.

You have to fully understand. Why you have a blushing problem, before you can overcome it.

One of the reasons why you go red so easily, happens because you won't accept it, you worry about and you don't want it to happen.

Blushing is linked to insecurity, and it can happen, purely because you fear and expect it to happen.

I am guessing. 

Any time you are put under a bit of pressure or attention. You immediately check and focus on whether your face is warming up.

Do, you do that. It becomes a habitual response, after a while, doesn't it.

Your senses, are directly linked to your fight, flight freeze response.

Your skin and feelings are one of your senses. 

What this means is.

Once you have attached fear and danger to heat in your face.

Everytime your emotional brain, detects warmth in your face. 

It can immediately, make you feel self conscious and trigger your fight, flight, freeze response, which will pump more blood into your face.

Not, what you want.

Also. When you become sensitive and overly aware of heat in your face. This can cause you to tense your body, which will force more blood into your face.

Again, the exact opposite to what you want.

Tension and stress in your body and mind. Are the blushers worst enemy.

Blushing is linked to your fight, flight freeze response, which causes tension in your muscles and sensations of fear and stress in your body.

Calming your worried mind and cooling your core body temperature

Blushing and anxiety is also linked to heat in the body and blood flow to the face.

This means. Blushing is triggered by an emotional and physical response.

What this means is. If you want to end your blushing and anxiety.

You need to cool your core body temperature, calm your mind and relax your body.

Wearing loose clothing, and trying not to get to hot, can help. It is also important to drink adequates amount of cool water.

Avoid any stimulates, like to much sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Also, try not to allow yourself to get over stimulated by external situations or devices.

Keeping your emotions in check and keeping your body poised and relaxed, will help to cool your core body temperature.

When you're holding tension in your body. You will also have a lot more tense and blushing related thoughts.

After a while, emotionally tensing your body, when you feel worried about going red, can also become a habitual response.

Reducing your stress and releasing your tension, eliminating your anxiety, combined with feeling good, calming your mind and relaxing your body.

Will significantly help you to reduce or end your excessive and intense blushing.

You may also ask yourself the question. Why me, or why can't I be like everybody else.

Well, I have some good news for you.

There is nothing wrong with you that cannot be fixed and you are no different to anybody else.

This negative and one way of thinking can lead you into that there must be something wrong with you or there is no way out of this living nightmare.

You maybe feeling that you just cannot seem to move forwards or make any sort of positive progress.

But, you can actually start to address the root cause of it and you can begin to get control of it and your mind and body.

Another mistake nearly all blushers make is. 

After it happens, then beat themselves up or you just feel like hiding from the rest of the world.

When you dwell on it or be hard on yourself. You will create a fear of that type of situation.

A shift in your attitude, will begin to reduce your anxiety

If you make it your goal that you must not ever blush again or you refuse to accept that it might happen, you will be asking for trouble.

A simple shift in your attitude, so long as you mean it, to one of. 

"I couldn't care less if I blush, it is no big deal" or " It is OK if I blush" or "it is OK if I feel anxious"

This will help to stop all the emotional arousal, stress and anxiety, and quickly return you back to a state of calm.

I you keep on letting yourself know that. You do not care if you blush and you do not care who notices then you will start to fear it less.

Although it is your external stressful social stimuli and trigger situations, which are causing you to go red.

You cannot change what happens on the outside. The only thing that you can change, and the one thing that you have full control over, and the one thing you must work on, is you, your mind and your body.

These are the area's that you need to work on
  • Managing your mind and emotions 
  • Your neural associations and negative memories 
  • Changing the way you respond (Learning how to prevent yourself from going bright red)
  • Balancing and calming your body 
  • Reducing your stress and tension
By reading this article you’ve just taken your first step to overcoming your blushing problem 

If you've searched for and found this article, then the chances are that you’ve asked yourself this question many, many times. 

Why do we blush? What purpose does this useless thing have? Why is it ruining my ability to maintain normal social interactions? 

There are many elements and situations that are linked to social anxiety, blushing and embarrassment are two of them. 

The first step to overcoming any problem is to realize that problem exists and accept that you have to solve it.

There are many symptoms of social anxiety, blushing being more outwardly noticeable than many. 

Although blushing and the fear of blushing are often what the sufferer considers to be the ‘major problem’ this is not true. 

The blushing sufferer, because of their social anxiety, is at a major social disadvantage in all situations from finding a partner of the opposite sex, through negotiations with salesmen, to job interviews – actually in almost any social situation. 

Social anxiety is preventing you from reaching your full potential.

The consequences of the problem are more embarrassing and more frustrating than the biological root source of the problem. 

So you may feel like understanding how blushing works is trivial and unimportant, and a detour on your journey to achieving a blush-free lifestyle. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth.

Understanding what physically happens to your body when you blush is a crucial step in undermining the blushing thought process.  

Why?  It’s very simple. 

Humanity is conditioned to be afraid of what we do not understand. It’s helped us survive countless situations in prehistoric times in which there literally was danger around every corner, and it helped our survival to fear what we didn’t know was already safe.

This is the source of many of our modern-day problems. Our bodies are still programmed for pre-society, for living in the wild with predators and surviving off the land. 

There’s no way for us to tell our bodies which evolutionary features we don’t need any more, except through the process of evolution, and it could literally take tens of thousands of years for our genes to realize that we don’t use specific functions. 

No matter how hard we may yell at our bodies, they will still continue executing their natural functions, believing that they are keeping us alive.

If you fear your blushing because you do not understand it, then it’s easy to create a dark closet for blushing in your mind. 

However, if you understand your blushing, then you will see the bare closet for what it truly is: harmless!

Also, being terrified of blushing can make blushing attacks more intense, and will make you more likely to blush. 

If you understand that the first step to stemming the blushing tide is to cease being afraid of blushing, and the first step to cease being afraid of blushing is to understand blushing.

Your primary goal, should be to feel good, calm and balanced

Blushing is also triggered more, when you're in a low mood and negative mindset.

This is why. If you want to blush less. Then, it is important that you focus on your mindset, feelings and emotions.

How you feel, and taking good care and attention of, yourself, including, supplying your body with all the basic requirements it needs.

Like. Relaxing deeply, quality sleep and activity, and focusing your attention off what you don't want and only focusing on what you do want.

Which should include. Wanting to be cool, calm and comfortable, socially.

Will all help to reduce your anxiety and help you to feel better.

The first step to take is. If it does happen, try not to see it as an end of the world scenario. Otherwise, you will make a fear of that situation.

Accepting, it might happen, and not caring or being OK if it does happen. And not caring what people think or say, will also help to reduce the emotional arousal.

You blush because you worry about it happening, and then you feel bad and worry, because you blush.

Whether you go bright red or not. Has a lot to do, with your current mindset and the emotional and physical state, that you're in, at the time it happens.

Because, you don't just blush or feel anxious for no reason, because nobody, reacts with fear or goes bright red, without a physical, psychological or emotional reason.

Blushing is triggered by an inward emotion, which activates, a physical response in your body and face.

The two main emotions, that trigger the redness in your face and body are
  • The emotion associated with fear 
  • The emotion that is associated with low confidence, feeling insecure, and run down
Instead of, spending all your time, thinking about and fixating and obsessing about your blushing and anxiety, and just causing yourself more emotional arousal and stress.

Because, when you try to fight with and defeat your blushing, feelings and emotions. 

You will lose everytime, and not only that. You will stir up more unpleasant feelings and emotions, and you will create a bigger problem.

Causing you to go red more often, and the redness will be more intense and longer in duration. 

But you don't have to live your life like that. Because, rather than just accepting you have got to put up with this.

Working on and finding ways that are going to, reduce and end your blushing and your social anxiety and daily suffering. Not to mention, all the redness in your face.

Other things that contribute to your excessive blushing, can be
  • Your social anxiety 
  • Stress/physiology 
  • Low moods 
  • Tension/muscle stiffness 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Negative mental programs and neural associations, running in your mind
Even if you can manage to make a 1% improvement and progress each day, then in a few months from now, you will have made giant strides to overcoming your blushing and your social anxiety.

If you keep going backwards by 1% each day, in a few months time, you will be in a much worse situation than you are now.

This is why it is vitally important to accepting that you have a problem that needs addressing, and you begin, taking action steps to achieve your goal.

The fear is an outright lie and hoax

Fear and anxiety, will confuse you, and trick you into acting and responding, as if something bad is about to happen to you, when it is not.

Making you think that you need to avoid or escape from the perceived blushing scenario. If you allow it, the fear and anxiety, will start to control, your decisions, actions and behaviors. 

Anxiety, leads to fear, and the fear causes you to freeze or panic, when you sense you're about to go red, or you might have the spotlight of attention, focused on you.

Making you want to avoid or escape from any social situation, where there is a remote chance that you might blush.

The first thing to be aware of, Is the anxiety and fear, is a lie, the reality is, you're not in any danger, and the danger and fear only exists, within your mind and imagination.

We all feel a bit uncomfortable at times. The trouble starts when you start to feel uncomfortable about being uncomfortable or you will not accept, that it is perfectly normal, to feel uncomfortable at times.

The more you try not to feel anxious or fearful, the more trouble you will have with fear and anxiety, so try not to get caught up in the fear game, hoax and lie. 

And never avoid a situation, because of a few unpleasant feelings. 

What normally happens. When you first start to feel the sensations of fear, it confuses and alarms you, causing you to panic and react with more fear, and you then act as if something bad is happening.

If you can begin to accept, that is OK for you to feel anxious. 

When you do start to feel fearful.

Accept the feelings and sensations, feel them, allow them to carry on, and let them rise yup through you and away.

Because if you carry on reacting badly to your uncomfortable sensations and you pursue to fight with them, then this will trigger your fight or flight response.

What will happen is, you will go, from an easily controllable, mild bit of discomfort, emotional arousal, to a high level of anxiety, fear and panic, and ultimately, a bright red face.

Unless you start to break, the blushing fear and anxiety cycle, you will carry on feeling stressed, fearful and anxious, this will also change your whole physiology.

Because you're constantly stuck in a state of worry, anxiety and stress, merely because of the embarrassment and dislike that a blushing attack causes you and the fear of blushing.

This will also cause tension in your mind and body, unfortunately, tension puts you in the startled mode, making you have more tense and anxious thoughts, as well as making you feel even more anxious.

Tension in the body confuses the mind, and your mind interprets, the stress and tension sensations, as something bad is about to happen. Tension also forces more blood into your face.

Another problem that you will have is the fear of blushing. If you carry on fearing blushing, you will be constantly worrying and dreading, the next time it might happen.

This will cause you, more anxious thoughts and feelings of stress and anxiety, you will also be conditioning yourself to associate the worried blushing scenario as being threatening.

When you do this, you will automatically freeze and react with fear and panic, in the situation, for real, and again, turn bright red.

Then there is another problem, you bad blushing memories and previous embarrassing experience, that are responsible for all those what if imagings blushing type scenarios.

Blushing is always preceded by, negative and anxious thoughts, fearful or low confidence emotions, stress and tension.

Sometimes you don't always have the anxious thoughts and imaginings, but whether you blush excessively and intensively, depends on the emotional and physical state you're in, at the time it happens.

This is why if you want to cease your blushing. You need to train your body, to react calmly, you need to be able to manage and change your state, and reduce your stress and tension.

The less stress and tension, the better.

So it is not just the blushing that needs addressing, you have also got to tackle the biological, physical, psychological and emotional root causes of it.

Changing your state

Why you're responding with fear is because your mind is perceiving the situation ahead or the stressful situation, that you're already in through the filters of the possibility of danger.

This is putting you in the survival mode and holding you in a negative and stressful state of hyper alertness and awareness to any social situation or trigger stimuli, that might cause you to go red.

All of your social anxiety and fear responses are a result of your mind attaching the fight, flight or freeze response to any situation where you have previously blushed or where you have been embarrassed.

Or any type of social situation that might cause you to be put in a blushing inducing type of situation.

Your fight, flight or freeze response becomes activated any time your mind perceives a possible threat, and even though you logically know. Your social triggers aren't really a threat. 

Your subconscious mind, which is the part of your mind that controls your fight, flight and freeze response. Has no idea that your social blushing triggers and stimuli are not a genuine threat.

Therefore, everytime your mind perceives a potential blushing inducing situation. Adrenaline is released into your veins. 

Your heartbeat increases, your muscles tighten, your breathing becomes shallow and rapid. The blood vessels in your face open up, which causes all the redness and heat in your face.

What is happening is. 

Your whole system has been switched over to survival mode. When your fight or flight gets activated, it is preparing you to either fight, run away from or avoid the threat that your mind is perceiving.

But as you know in the case of blushing and social anxiety. There is nothing threatening to fight, run away from or avoid. Therefore the fear and stress response is neither needed or appropriate.

What this means is. Even though you think that your blushing is the only thing that you feel, that you need to stop.

It is not the only problem that you need to overcome, and there are many other factors and root causes of your blushing that you will need to address and fix.

The reason why you have social anxiety which is the cause of much of your excessive blushing, is because.

Your subconscious mind has come to associate, blushing and the social trigger stimuli and situations, as being unsafe and something that needs avoiding.

Any time your mind perceives danger it will automatically activate your fight or flight response, that will cause you to freeze or make you want to avoid or escape from that feared blushing inducing situation.

This will make you feel more anxious and it will induce feelings of panic and emotional overwhelm where you will freeze and inevitably, turn bright red at the slightest bit of attention.

Because your social anxiety and your blushing are a direct result of your mind and body being primed for danger and action.

Trying to beat, fight with or defeating your social anxiety and blushing won't work, in fact, it will make your problem much worse.

Trying to treat the symptoms or employing coping techniques, without addressing and fixing your fight, flight or freeze response, also won't work.

It would be a lot better for you if you give up trying to fight with your feelings, emotions and your body's responses, as that approach will defeat you every time. 

Plus, it will lead to more anxiety, stress and more excessive blushing. This then becomes a pattern and automatic way of responding, that will keep on repeating itself over and over, until the problem is fixed.

If you only put all your efforts into trying to just stop the redness in your face, without fixing the underlying root cause of your blushing which include your social anxiety and the root causes of your social anxiety.

Then your problem will keep on returning. 

Have you always worried a lot

Before you developed an excessive blushing problem. Did you worry a lot, or were you experiencing a lot of stress?

Because, we often develop an anxiety issue or a blushing problem. At times, when we have already been experiencing long periods of worry, stress or low self worth.

The blushing, often becomes the new thing to worry about or a by-product of other issues, like social anxiety and high levels of stress. 

The trouble is. The more you worry about it, the more it will happen and the more you will begin to fear it and the situations where there is a remote chance it might happen.

A far better approach, is to develop a. Couldn't care less attitude.

Blushing is linked to insecurity

If you have a chronic blushing problem, then you know how embarrassing and traumatizing it can be, not to mention how weak, vulnerable and insecure it can make you feel.

An excessive blushing problem, is not something that you just suffer in your teenage years and you grow out of it as you get older either. If left untreated, it can linger on indefinitely. 

As you know, it is not just the blushing that is your only problem either, there is all the worry, stress and anxiety that comes with it, which can actually be much worse than the blushing itself.

Blushing has its roots in social anxiety, the two are linked, many blushers train themselves to anticipate a blushing situation, which causes them endless stress, worry and anxiety.

Why so many people have a problem with blushing is because they cannot hide it, you probably feel as it exposes you and your perceived weaknesses and how you feel, to all those around you.

You may feel that it reveals a vulnerable side of you that you don't want others to know about, or you think people will judge you negatively if you go bright red.

When blushing becomes a big problem to you, then it can start to diminish the quality of your life and in extreme cases it can spoil your chances of forming a relationship, socializing or getting and keeping a job.

This is not a good or healthy way to live your life.

Solving your blushing problem, is not just about preventing the redness in your face. If you have an extreme blushing problem, then there will probably be a combination of things that need addressing.

This may include. Learning to manage and reduce your stress, tension and anxiety, as well as, building your confidence and self esteem. 

In some cases, it is believed, that people who are under a lot of mental, emotional and stress issues, can develop poor working or overactive adrenaline glands. 

Chronic emotional stress and anxiety, which most blushers experience, can play havoc with your digestive system and your immune system, making you more prone to pick up colds and viruses. 

When you're under a lot of stress and anxiety, you digestive system virtually shuts down.

Stress and tension, are also linked to your fight or flight response, which is responsible for much of the excessive redness in your face.

A poor diet or food sensitivity, can also add to your problems. A lack of sleep and a poor and unhealthy lifestyle can also make your blushing and anxiety more extreme.

People who blush excessively, don't just develop this problem overnight. It can have its roots in your early childhood and the problem can lay dormant for years. 

Often difficult and stressful times and personal issues, can trigger it. 

As a young child, especially if you were a bit shy, when you start school, you can soon learn to associate, being made the center of attention or being put on the spot, as being threatening.

There is a high chance that you are the sensitive type who worries a lot.

People often ask. How do you stop worrying?

The answer is you don't. Otherwise, it causes more emotional arousal and stress. Instead, when you mind starts worrying. 

Leave your mind alone, feel the feelings, and just leave your mind to carry on thinking the worry thoughts, and it will quickly calm down by itself.

Then focus on solving your problems, instead of focusing on your problem. You fear blushing because you don't want to go red. If you change your attitude too. "I couldn't care less if I blush, so what".

Then you will begin to fear it less, and when you fear it less, you will go red less.

Years of untreated stress and worry, are also a recipe for an excessive blushing problem.

Blushers can become so fixated on stopping the redness in their face, that they give little thought to the health consequences of all the stress and anxiety. 

Excessive blushers also develop a fear of blushing, which creates a self perpetuating cycle of more stress, worry and anxiety. Fearing blushing, will also cause you to blush more.

The best way to beat a fear of something, is to accept it and be OK with it. 

The options available to stop your blushing

There is an operation available, called ETS surgery.

However, this is the most drastic measure to take, and it should only be considered when all other options have been explored.

The operation, costs thousands of pounds, one patient who had it said it cost her £4500. 

The operation involves a surgical procedure where the nerves in the face that widen and cause the facial blood vessels to dilate, causing the rush of blood into your face, are cut.

However, for some, there are side effects and risks involved, like excessive sweating, possible injury to the chest and droopy eyelids, a small risk of a disfigured face, and in some cases, the blushing returned. 

The success rate of ETS is estimated at about 80 to 90%, statistics say that about 70% of people who have had the operation, are happy with it.

With all the potential risks, the operation should be a last resort option.

Excessive blushing can be treated and overcome naturally. 

Blushing is an emotional, psychological and physical symptom and problem triggered by a stressful outside stimulus.

The more you blush and react badly afterwards, the more you will hard wire yourself to fear it happening again in that type of situation.

Because it is a psychological problem and a learned behavior, this means it can be unlearned, but it takes time and effort.

If you can begin to blush less and it is less intense, and you start to reduce your anxiety, then that is progress, and so long as you keep learning and doing, you will eventually reach your desired outcome.

You cannot overcome your blushing and social anxiety, until you know, what you need to do to getter better.

Once you know what steps you need to take. You need to keep applying until, your excessive blushing stops and you learn how to manage your feelings and emotions.

If you have an excessive blushing and social anxiety problem. Then you have to accept, there are no miracle fixes. 

It will take time and effort on your behalf, and you must allow for setbacks. Think of it as, progressive and steady improvements, which will eventually free you of this problem and make you a better and stronger person.

Any progress, is a step in the right direction. Once you know it is treatable, it will give you the inspiration, to do the necessary action work.

The effort you put in, will be well worth it. Because only will you cure your excessive blushing and social anxiety.

You will also be improving your health and emotional well-being, because we all know the health risks of too much stress, worry and anxiety.

Once you have trained and programmed your mind to anticipate a blush and react with fear, if will become an ingrained pattern of behavior.

These will become mental learned patterns and responses. What this means is. Anytime you have to face the anticipated worry social situation for real, or a similar one. 

You will automatically and involuntarily react with fear and panic, and a bright red face will be almost inevitable. 

If you want to permanently cure yourself, from your facial flushing, then this mental patterns and associations, which are the social anxiety, needs undoing and relearning.

This does not have to be a lifelong problem, because there are many things that you can do, to cure this problem. 

If you stop doing the things you shouldn't and you start making the right choices and doing the things you should be doing.

What can be learned can be unlearned?

Blushing and social anxiety, is a learned behavior. This means there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, and it is something that can be unlearned and relearned.

When you experience an embarrassing or negative social experience or you have blushed and felt bad about it after, your senses take in all the context of your surrounding environment and it relays, what happened to you, what was said and all settings and people back to your emotional brain.

At the same time, your brain will store what you were emotionally and physically experiencing yourself at the time, and how you reacted to your situation after.

Your amygdala's, which are two tiny organs within your brain which are in charge of all your emotional memories and fearful responses, will then classify your embarrassing experience as being emotionally significant.

Your amygdala's and your emotional part of your brain will then store and use this data for future reference to gauge how you should react in the future social situation and trigger points, 

Your brain does this to try and make sure you don't have to endure the same embarrassing experience or a similar type of blushing experience again.

Shortly after your embarrassing or negative experience, your brain will soon start to create and build a series of neural networks and connection, to your bad memory. 

So everytime you have to face the same or even similar types of social situations, you will react with fear and anxiety, which will also result in the excessive redness in your face.

The more you try to resist it or you try to fight with your blushing, anxious thoughts and imaginings, the more you will re-enforce and strengthen your negative and emotional neural connections and emotional connections.

All your blushing reactions, fears or anxieties are a learned experience and an automatic, involuntary response and pattern of behavior.

Once these neural connections and learned behaviors are formed, they become hardwired into your brain and your physiology, causing you to react with fear and stress, even at the mere thought of being put in one of your trigger, blushing situations.

The more you fear blushing or being embarrassed and the more you worry about blushing and want to avoid any trigger social situations, the stronger you will make your fears and neural associations.

Self hypnosis to help stop your blushing

Self hypnosis can also help to retrain your mind to react differently in all those situations where before you would go red.

Self hypnosis is a useful tool to use alongside other relaxing techniques. The self hypnosis session below is designed to help you change the way you respond as well as, training you not to fear it anymore.

Are you making the common mistake that is making you blush more?

Constantly holding yourself in a stressful state of fear, anxiety, anticipation and dread, just because of the shame, humiliation and the embarrassment a blushing episode can inflict on you, is not a healthy way of living.

Did you know that an estimated 99% of people who have an excessive blushing problem, do nothing to try and overcome it, my first advice to you is, don't be one of them, because nothing can change until you decide to change it.

The only way to a cure is to take action, and keep learning and keep practicing repeatedly doing the right things that you should do.

There are a few things that you will have to know and do, before you can begin to stop your excessive blushing.

An invaluable tip that I can give you to get you started and something that will either determine whether you start to reduce and overcome your blushing or you will continue to make your blushing worse.

It is impossible to cure your blushing and social anxiety, if you continue to fight with it, therefore, unless you surrender your fight with it, you will have little chance of ever overcoming it.

You never fight your feelings and emotions, you just allow them to happen, if you fight with them, you will whip up a bigger storm.

If you embrace them and remain calm and unconcerned, then the storm that is brewing, will quickly lose its energy and pass bye quickly with little disturbance.

The first thing that you want is a bit of relief from your daily battle with your feelings and emotions.

Accepting that you might go red, and being OK with that and having the attitude of, If I blush, so what, I don't care what people think or say, will help you to start to reduce the fear, you can even give yourself permission to go red.

After years of fighting with their blushing, the penny suddenly dropped

Every successful person who has ever treated and overcome their blushing and social anxiety, reached a point where they realized that, what they were doing was actually making their problem worse.

Your turning point will only happen, when you suddenly start to understand the reasons why you have an excessive blushing problem and what you need to do to start to overcome it.

They also made an important decision, which was, instead of carrying on fighting with their blushing and anxiety. 

They made a conscious decision, to free themselves from their blushing and their daily struggle and battle with their emotions.

The simple formula is, when what you're doing is not working, then you need to start to change what you're doing.

The magic words are caring less and feeling calm and comfortable. 

But you cannot feel calm and relaxed, if you're constantly worrying and dreading blushing or you're reacting with fear at the mere thought of it happening, because what you resist you will hang on to.

Change the feelings> change the way you react to your thoughts and feelings>change the way you react in all those trigger situations where you would normally go red.

Therefore, the first step to overcoming your blushing is to cease fighting with it and your feelings, otherwise they will defeat you everytime and make your problem a whole lot worse.

At the moment you're focusing on what you don't want instead of focusing on what you do want.

The second step is to try to stop worrying about, because the more you worry about it, the more you will fear it happening and the more you fear it, the more it will happen.

Worrying about blushing creates more stress and anxiety

Why, because blushing happens much more and it it more tense and harder to control, when you're stressed, tense or anxious.

You cannot force yourself to stop feeling anxious nor can you force your face to stop going bright red.

Any form of thinking about trying to stop your blushing or your anxiety will induce more of the same stressful and anxious feelings and responses.

Did you know, that wanting not to blush will cause more anxiety and make you go red more, it is far better at the point you feel you're about to go red, to let you know, several times, that you want to blush.

Things like mindfulness can help.

This is where you observe your anxious thoughts and feelings, without judging them or reacting or doing anything other than carrying on observing your thoughts and sensations. 

All you need to do is embrace the thoughts and feelings and just allow them to come through you and away by themselves.

At the moment, your stressful and fearful reactions and the thoughts that you're having are taking over your mind and putting your body in a state of fear and stress, which is leaving you feeling defeated and uncomfortable.

The anxious thoughts and imagings that you're having and not wanting to blush, are actually fuelling your fear of it and making it more likely to happen.

No doubt you will also have a lot of those anxiety provoking what if thoughts.

You're what if thoughts are your mind posing you a question if it recognizes that there may be a chance of you going red in the near future.

Always, answer your mind when it is doing a risk assessment.

If your mind asks you, "what if I blush"

Immediately reply to, "so what", or " If I blush, I'll be OK, or I can handle it"

Turn those negative what if thoughts into positive ones, like "what if everything goes well".

Blushers and people with social anxiety, tend to imagine the worst case scenario. 

So instead, put your imagination to good use, and imagine you, being cool, calm and comfortable, see yourself handling the situation well.

So what are you doing wrong?

You are focusing on what you don't want, which is to stop blushing, instead of focusing on what you do want, which is to be cool, calm and composed.

You probably think, I just want to stop it, or why cannot I stop going red?

You can, but you won't, if you keep trying to stop it.

Why, because when you try to stop your feelings and emotions and your blushing, you will create a resistance to them, and what you resist, you hold on to and it will expand.

Resistance, evokes negative feelings, such as fear, anxiety and stress, these are the emotions and physical feelings that are linked to insecurity and blushing.

The other emotions, that causes the redness in your face, are, the low confidence and sad emotions.

What this means is, blushing is an outward manifestation of an inward emotion, and the end result of a chemical and stressful response in your body.

Therefore, the last thing that you want, is to create feelings and emotions such as, fear, anxiety, sadness, tension and stress.

Wanting to stop blushing and your anxiety, will trigger more negative feelings such as stress, anxiety and fear.

The trick, is to do the polar opposite too, what you have been doing.

The way to end your blushing and social anxiety is to pinpoint the emotions that are causing it, and then work on those emotions and learning how to manage your state.

You cannot find inner peace until you let go of your emotional attachment.

Emotional attachment is a condition that happens when we cannot let go of our thoughts, feelings and emotion.

The strong emotional responses that trigger your fight of flight responses, arises from emotional attachment.

When you become emotionally attached to your blushing and social trigger points, you will create bad memories, strong neural association and mental programs and blushing inducing images in your mind.

These will become habits and automatic responses, that will result in the feelings of anxiety, nervous anticipation and fear, and ultimately more intense and frequent blushing episodes.

Your previous embarrassing experiences and your dislike of them, will feel like they're still happening, and you will continue to feel the pain.

The emotional attachment and resistance will cause you to react with stress and fear, which is responsible for your blushing and anxiety cycle and much of the excessive and frequent redness in your face.

Until you let go of the emotional attachment, you will continue to fear the thought of going red, which will create a self perpetuating cycle of more anxious thoughts, panic and anxiety.

When you are put under a bit of pressure or attention, this will cause you to freeze, panic, your muscles will tense, you will start to become self conscious, all your attention will turn inwards on the rising heat in your face, which will cause more blood to be pumped into your face.

You cannot stop your blushing, until you break this pattern and remove the emotional attachment.

Without the feelings and emotional attachment, your bad blushing memories and mental programs, which are the root cause of your excessive blushing and social anxiety, will lose their power.

Stress and negative emotions and blushing arise from attachment, and then your bad feelings and bad situations spread to over area's of your life.

Peace and emotional freedom, can only happen, when you let go of your emotional attachment.

Detaching, your fight response

Why you are having a problem with excessive blushing and social anxiety comes down to one thing, which is.

You have managed to attach and connect strong emotions such as fear and embarrassment to your fight or flight response.

What happens is, at some point, because you have managed to link your fight or flight response to blushing and your social triggers.

Everytime you're put in one of your social trigger situations or you think you're about to be put in a possible blushing inducing situation. 

Then your mind will activate the release of adrenaline into your body, you will freeze, your mind will be flooded with blushing thoughts, your heartbeat will increase, your muscles will tense and blood will be pumped into your face.

The hotter your face feels, the more intense and overwhelming the emotions will feel, causing even more blood to be pumped into your face, leaving you feeling self conscious and wanting to leave the situation.

The more you want to avoid blushing and the social  situations where it has happened the stronger you will make the emotional connections and the more you will fear it.

This will thrust you into a never ending repetitive cycle of anxious thoughts, worry, stress, fear and anxiety which leads to more blushing.

Things what make your blushing and anxiety worse


You will blush more frequently and, excessively if you are feeling stressed, so you will need to relax and work on reducing your stress levels.


You will have more trouble with both anxiety and blushing if your muscles are tense, because tense muscles are associated with the fight or flight process.

The things that cause tense muscles are stress and negative emotions such as anger and anxiety as well as bad postural habits.

Many people, either slouch or they stand in rigid military postures where they lift up their chest, pull their shoulders back and lift up their chins or they stand and sit out of alignment.

If you have been experiencing a lot of anxiety you may find that you have got stuck in the fight or flight reflex posture where the head protrudes forward and the back of the head gets pulled down.

If your body is tense, then it will play havoc with your confidence levels. Ideally you want to sit and stand with the least amount of tension.

Low confidence emotions

Low confidence emotions are one of the emotions that will trigger the redness in your face.

We experience low confidence and negative emotions when we are feeling tired, mildly dehydrated, unhappy or we are feeling mentally and physically exhausted and drained.

Slumping and slouching, will also cause you to feel underconfident, sad and insecure.

However, do not attempt to sit or stand up straight, as this is just as bad, and it will increase your anxiety levels, avoid, lifting up your chest, your chin and elevating your shoulders, the key, is relaxed, balanced and poised.

Your confidence levels may also deep when you feel like you don't have the ability to cope with or handle certain social situations or people.

Work on improving your confidence, what knocks are confidence is when we react badly to situations that have caused us to blush or slouching, leaning forwards and slumping.

Learn to accept setbacks and learn and grow from them and trust in your own ability to be able to develop the confidence to handle the situations that previously have caused you to go red.

Why avoidance will make your social anxiety worse

Many blushers after a while, can feel like resorting to avoiding any situation that may cause them to go red or make them feel anxious.

The bad thing with avoidance is, avoidance is one of the main causes of your blushing and your anxiety, and when you deliberately avoid a situation or you think about avoiding them, then you unconsciously create a fear of that situation, person or persons.

Avoidance is linked to your fight or flight response, so what you avoid you learn your mind to fear more.

Don't try to hide your blushing 

For those who develop a blushing problem, it is natural to want to try and hide it from others, because it makes you feel ashamed and embarrassed.

You will have probably already tried or thought about ways to try and hide your red face from others, maybe you sit with the lights dimmed or perhaps you try and sit out of view of others or find something to cover up your face like your hands or a book.

Some will even consider or even use heavy makeup to try and conceal their red face, others will grow their hair long so they can let it fall across their face, and the men might even grow a beard.

Part of your recovery will involve, conditioning your brain that you do not have a problem with blushing, but when you attempt to hide it, you're signalling to your brain that you still have a problem with it, which will condition your brain to carry on associating fear with it.


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