Practical And Effective Steps To Help You Overcome Your Blushing And Ease Your Daily Emotional Suffering

A life beyond excessively blushing and social anxiety is possible if you are fully prepared to implement the necessary strategies and lifestyle changes that are needed.

Because you can transform yourself from a life of pain and suffering to a new you who is more confident, calmer and happier in all social situation.

If you're suffering on a daily basis and you find that you're turning bright red easily and often, then do not despair. 

Because you might be surprised to know that by making a few changes and adjustments. 

You can begin to blush less and less, until it rarely happens and even if it does it will be very mild, short in duration, unnoticeable and no longer a problem to you.

Because you have the power of choice which will enable you to turn a painful social expereince into a much more comfortable and pleasurable one.

People who do not suffer with an excessive blushers have no idea how painful and emotionally stressful and fearful you have to go through on a daily basis.

The reason why blushing can become such a huge emotional problem is largely because:

  • You cannot hide it 
  • Socializing plays such a big role in our lives 
  • It embarrasses you
  • You fear it and dislike it so much
  • It makes you feel as if there must be something wrong with you, which there is not
  • It makes you feel helpless, because you think that you cannot control it
As you know. It only takes one blushing thought or imagining to send you into a nervous state of panic and dread

Where nearly all people who have an excessive blushing problem go wrong is. They give all their attention to stopping or avoiding the redness in their face and they give little thought to the cause and solution.

Not only does this make their problem much worse it also distracts and diverts them from looking at and curing the actual root cause of their blushing and social anxiety.

What you have to realize is. Anxiety and excessive blushing feeds off the amount negative attention you give it and you're fear of it. 

This means, to a large degree. Your own mind is creating the problem internally and your body is trying to avoid, escape or run away from the perceived threat or danger that only exists internally.

In your desperation to try and stop it, defeat it or physically trying to make it go away, your actually making your problem a thousand times worse.

If you try and stop it or avoid it happening. This means you're giving it your full undivided attention.

The truth is. You'll never stop your blushing and anxiety by trying to stop it or defeat it. 

The reason for this is. 

If you try and stop it, you'll think about it even more which will condition your mind to fear it and classify it and all the social situation where it might happen as being threatening.

Therefore, your mind will see your blushing and all its possible trigger as something that must be avoided.

Your mind will then use anxiety and the emotion that are associated with fear to try and get you to avoid or escape from any social situation where there is a remote chance it might happen.

If you can begin to gradually shift your attitude to one of. 

"It's OK if i blush" or "I couldn't care less if I blush and I am not bothered who notices"

Then this will begin to reprogram your mind and help prevent all the emotional arousal.

The key to overcoming your excessive blushing is not about stopping the redness in your face. 

Because the secret to a life without blushing is all about changing the underlying emotions and stressful physical responses that triggers all the heat and redness in your face.

If you can cease caring about blushing and you teach yourself how to calm your mind and body and change the way you feel and respond in all those situations where before you would have gone bright red. 

Then you will no longer have a problem and you can go onto live a much happier, successful and enjoyable life.

Forget about blushing and only focus on being cool, calm and confident

The only thing that is keeping you stuck in a constant  state of fear and an excessive blushing loop and cycle.

Is not being aware what is triggering it and not knowing what to do when a blushing episode strikes.

Maybe you're halfway through a conversation or perhaps you're in a social situation.

When all the attention is suddenly turned on you. Which causes you to freeze, panic and feel emotionally overwhelmed as you become overly aware of the rising heat in your face.

Or maybe, through your imagination you're anticipating a social situation where you might be put in a position which could make you blush, which is causing you a great amount of stress, worry and anxiety.

As you already know. When you're stuck in a anxious, fearful and stressful state. 

Whilst you're feeling emotionally overwhelmed and paralysed. The slightest amount of attention put on you, will trigger yet another blushing episode.

This is why it is incredibly important for you to learn how to quickly change your state and change the way you feel and react. In all those social situations, that would normally make you blush.

Blushing is a physical, psychological and emotional driven problem. Therefore it needs a physical, psychological and emotional solution.

The worrying about it fuels the anxiety which feeds the anxiety and fear cycle and keeps it ongoing.

When you're engaged in something other than you're blushing, you tend not to think about it. And because you're not focusing on it, the anxiety melts away and the chances of you blushing, decreases.

The moment those blushing thoughts and what if, imaginations or the heat in your face, grabs your attention.

Those stressful feelings and fearful emotions, intensify which triggers even more blushing thoughts and feelings of anxiety.

You feel anxious because you have attached your fight, flight freeze response. Which is responsible for most of the redness in your face. 

To all those negative emotions such as:

  • Fear
  • Embarrassment (Which is closely linked to fear)
  • Shame
  • Humiliation
  • Guilt
  • Insecurity
Every time your put in a social situation that triggers any of these negative emotions. 

Your fight, flight, freeze response will become activated, which causes:

  • Adrenaline being released into your bloodstream
  • Your heart beat speeds up
  • Your breathing becomes shallow
  • Your muscles tighten
  • Your blood vessels in your face dilate which allows the rush of blood into your face
This intensifies the emotions and strengthens the neural connections and patterns in your brain and body. which further strengthens the fight, flight, freeze response and danger association.

This will make you feel like wanting to leave or avoid a social situation anytime you start to worry or fear you might blush.

The problem with doing that is. The more you avoid, leave or play it safe. The more you will intensify the fear of it.

Because your excessive and intense blushing is triggered by an underlying emotion and two of the worst offenders are.

  • The emotion that is associated with fear
  • The emotion that is associated with low moods and low confidence
The key is to start focusing on what you want instead of focusing on what you don't want

This means the solution is all about knowing how to:

  • Change your state
  • Rewiring your brain
  • Changing your attitude and perceptions
  • Changing the way you react to your thoughts and feelings
  • Working on increasing your self confidence
An important thing to be aware of is.

You cannot overcome your excessive blushing if you carry on fighting it and fearing the next time it might happen.

As far as fear goes. We tend to create more of the situations and feelings that we fear the most.

If you want to overcome your excessive blushing you have to break the fear and stress cycle.

Although we associate blushing with embarrassment. It is also linked to feelings of insecurity or if you feel threatened or intimidated by somebody else.

Natural treatment to cure your excessive and intense blushing

What nobody has ever told you, is. 

What exactly an excessive blushing problem is, what causes it and what you must do to overcome it.

Because of this lack of critical information. 

Many people suffer in silence and some even lock themselves away from the rest of the world.

Sadly there have even been rare cases, where some people have took their own life which is an absolute tragedy.

Because there is a lot you can to end your blushing nightmare and reclaim back your life and inner peace.

If you're really struggling and suffering at the moment. 

There is finally a solution to end your excessive blushing problem which has been created by a former chronic bluhers, Gary Ambrosh.

Thankfully, Gary who is totally trustworthy. Does know exactly what causes you excessive and intense facial redness and he will show you exactly what is required to overcome it, which very few people know about.

If you're fed up with having to suffer each day and you want to end all your excessive and intense blushing.

Then I would strongly recommend, for your own health, emotional, well-being, quality of life and peace of mind. That you seriously consider.

Gary's effective program named the Blush Free Cure.

The positive advantages of this program are. It can help you cure your excessive blushing problem as well as helping you to end your daily emotional suffering so you can get your life back on track.

Of course, it takes time and effort to cure this problem, but the sense of relief and positive benefits you will receive will be well, worthwhile. 

But once you start to see the progress your making it will motivate you to carry on. 

The key is all about making progress.

Because, noticeable progress will turn those thoughts and feelings of despair and helplessness into positivity and a renewed and much welcome sense of relief and optimism for a better you and a better future.

The key is to keep learning and to keep on making steady, continuous progress and improvements.

The reason why people cannot overcome their excessive blushing is because they try to fight,  suppress, stop and defeat their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The trouble is. This feeds the fear and stress cycle which is responsible for most of your excessive blushing and holds you stuck in fear mode.

Because they have not learned how to process the emotions and feelings. They get stuck and locked into their own fear, worries, anxiety, insecurities and despair.

This is why we must make the time and put in the effort. To learn and apply the strategies.

That will help us reduce our fearful, anxious, shameful and embarrassing fight, flight or freeze associations as well as learning how to discharge our stress, blushing and fear response patterns and cycles.

But that time will be well spent if you know, deep down in your gut that things need and have to be changed.

Think about that for a moment. 

Isn't it better and more effective in the long term.

To focus on building your self confidence, changing the way you feel and respond and rewiring your brain.

Rather than continually worrying, emotionally suffering, living in fear and trying desperately in vain, not to blush.

At the moment it is all the uncertainty and nervous anticipation that is fuelling your negative feelings, emotions and blushing responses.

The Blush Free Cure will help you to control and calm your mind and body, rewire your brain and teach you how to stop a blush in its tracks.

Once you know what to do and you know how to prevent a blush before it happens. 

It will put you back in control and it will kill off all those insecure and anxious thoughts and feelings of emotionally overwhelm, uncertainty, vulnerability and helplessness.

Leaving you feeling more confident, secure, cheerful, safe, comfortable and at peace with yourself and your social environment.

Blushing and the mind, body connection

Overcoming your blushing is a two part process. 

Which should involve reprogramming your mind to switch off your blushing response as well as working on managing your emotional and physical state

If you feel worry, anxiety, fear or if feel threatened, emotional overwhelm or low confidence emotions, all of which can trigger the redness in your face.

Then this is usually a good indication that you are stressed or your muscles are tense and stiff.

Stress, anxiety and tension will significantly increase the chances of you going red and it will increase your anxiety levels.

Once you have experienced a negative embarrassing or blushing experience. Your mind will create strong neural pathways and associations to that bad memory.

Your mind will then use your bad memories to gauge how you think, feel and react if you have to face that or a similar type of social experience again.

Recent research in how the brain works and which part of the brain is most active with people who suffer with anxiety disorders and obsessive and repetitive negative thoughts.

Has revealed some good news. Because the findings say that is possible to rewire the part of your brain that is not functioning properly and it is possible to strengthen that have not been functioning as they should.

If you're interested in changing those uncomfortable feelings of anxiety, embarrassment, fear and stress to feelings of calm, comfort and balance.

Then the the No More Embarrassment recording can help you shift from feelings of discomfort to feelings of comfort and calm.

There is a direct link between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and if one of your mind, body or emotions are out of sync then it will affect the other two.

  • If you're worried about going red. Then this will affect your body and emotions
  •  If you're in a negative emotional state then this will affect your mind and body
  • If you're body is in a stressful state of being or you're muscles are tense. Then this will affect your mind.
This is why. If you want to overcome your blushing. Then you have to bring your mind, body and emotional state back into balance and alignment.

Also. If you're muscles are tense or stiff. Then this can force more blood into your face.

After a while. blushers become to sensitive and aware of any slight rise of heat in their face.

When you become to overly aware of any heat beginning to rise in your face it can make you feel self conscious and anxious.

You will also attach your fight, flight freeze response to the heat in your face. 

If you think about it. Although you dread others noticing the redness in your face. From your perspective, you're reacting to the heat.

Eventually. You can convince yourself to think that you're blushing when in reality, it is just a fluctuation in your body temperature.

Although your mind is very powerful, if you program it the way you want to be, react and feel.

Whether you go red or not or how intense and long in duration the blush is. 

Largely depend on the emotional and physical state you're in a the time it happens and the mental, emotional and physical state you're experiencing, leading up to when it happens.

Because blushing is psychologically and physiologically linked.

Your mind deals with thoughts, memories and imaginings and your body deals with feelings and emotions.

When negative memories become mixed up with negative feelings and emotions. This is when a blushing problem is born.

Because of your mind and body are connection.

This means.

How you think, feel and react creates the way you feel and how you feel creates the way you think.

Trying to stop blushing or negatively thinking or reacting badly to those what if blushing thoughts and imaginings.

Means you're still thinking and focusing on blushing, therefore it will activate more stress and anxiety.

If you're body and muscles are tense or if you're feeling overly stressed. 

Blushing is not just about the mind, the body is also equally as important. If you feel tense and stressed this will significantly increase the likelihood that you will go red.

When your body is full of adrenaline, your muscles are tense and your experiencing sensations of stress, your mind will interpret this has:

Something bad is about to happen and your body and senses will seek out the threat.

Because it cannot find one.

Your blushing and social fears will become the threat that needs defeating or avoiding and your mind will start creating and playing potential blushing scenarios in your mind, which cause a fearful, chemical and stressful reaction.

This will trigger those anxious thoughts and imaginings and those fight, flight, freeze responses.

Most blushers and negative minded people usually have the same thought patterns.

Their mental, emotional and physical state of being is already negative and grounded in their painful past or focused on what might go wrong in the future from the moment they wake up.

And this cycle and this negative state of being becomes a well practised habit, that gets repeated every single day, unless it is consciously changed.

Before you can begin to overcome your blushing and anxiety it is incredibly important to understand that you're going to have to rewire your brain and change the way your body has learned itself to respond.

If you have been suffering with a blushing and social anxiety problem for quite some time now then your brain and body will have been programmed to automatically react with anxiety and fear.

Everytime you are put in or you learn that you might have to face a social situation where there is a remote chance that you might be put in a trigger situation which might make you go red.

After a while, your body learns to react automatically with fear, faster than your brain.

The more you can take your attention off yourself and off your blushing the better. 

Because we function much better and more naturally when we shift our attention from internally focused to externally focused.

If you want to cease blushing easily and you would like to boost your confidence and feel better. 

Then the video below can help you to quickly achieve that by helping you release any tension.

Because our posture is linked to thoughts and feelings of insecurity, low moods and anxiety, you can make quick and life transforming positive changes by releasing your tension and developing poise, flow and balance.

9 Tips To Further Help You Control Your Blushing, Feelings And Emotions

The secret is to keep learning and to keep on making continuous and progressive progress and improvements.

Even if you can manage to make a 1% improvement and progress each day, then in a few months from now, you will have made giant strides to overcoming your blushing and your social anxiety.

If you keep going backwards by 1% each day, in a few months time, you will be in a much worse situation than you are now.

Below are eight tips practical tips and lifestyle changes that can help you to reduce your social anxiety and help you to overcome your excessive blushing.

It all has a lot to do with learning how to relax, feel good and train yourself how to manage your physical, mental and your emotional state.

1) Ending your fear of going red

The first step to overcoming your blushing is to cease being afraid of it. Blushing is an outward sign of an inward emotion.

Two of the main emotions that trigger the redness and heat in your body are. The emotion that is associated with fear and the sad and low confidence emotions.

The reason why you fear it is because you don't want it to happen and you don't like it. The trouble is not wanting it to happen keeps the fear cycle going.

The best way to cease being afraid of going red, is to accept it could happen and let yourself know it is OK for you to blush and mean it. As this will end the emotional arousal.

One of the reasons you go red so often is because you worry to much about it happening, when you cease caring about it happening, you will begin to go red less and less.

This can be hard concept to grasp, because your current mindset is one of, you don't want to go red, but it is a pattern that you need change and break.

Even if it does happen, shrug it off as no big deal, otherwise you will create a fear of that particular social situation to add to all your other fears of it.

You want to begin to reduce your fear, not add to them and you do this through a process of elimination.

2) Low confidence emotions

The other emotion that trigger all that redness in your face and body are the low confidence and sad emotions.

Blushing is more likely to happen if your feeling low, unhappy or underconfident.

Sometime we can feel low and insecure if we have been ill or we are mentally and physically burnt out or exhausted.

Keep yourself hydrated and if you feel low or you lack energy. Make sure yout ake it easy and get plenty of rest and relaxation.

Therefore it is essential for you to work on increasing your confidence and being as happy as you possibly can.

Things that can affect your confidence and happiness are. You're posture. Avoid leaning forwards, slouching or trying to stand too tall and rigid.

People who are low on confidence, are often told to stand tall, however this can lead to muscle stiffness which can leave you feeling uncomfortable. 

Muscle stiffness is also linked to, your fight or flight reflex mode, causing you to react with fear. Also, the more tense you are, the more blood you will force into your face.

A better way of putting it would be to sit, stand and move at your naturally height and full expansion, without stiffening.

One of the reason why people suffer low confidence is because they don't like themselves enough or they think that they're not good enough or worthy enough.

Each day as you wake up and go to bed. Stand in front of the mirror, gaze into your eyes, and say to your reflection several times.

  • I love myself 
  • I like myself 
  • I am good enough in every way
And do this every single day.

Learn to like and approve of yourself, faults included. Manage your self talk, because the only person that can diminish you is yourself.

Believe in yourself, and no longer see yourself as inferior to others. 

Your diet is also important as is staying well hydrated as they both can affect your mood and your anxiety levels.

If you are sensitive to certain foods, then this can affect how you feel, it is also important that you eat a healthy balanced and varied diet. 

Having high nutritional foods, so you get the required amount of your daily vitamins and minerals is essential. Or take a vitamin and mineral supplement.

Getting enough quality sleep is also important and try to avoid burnout or exhaustion. Focus on doing the things you enjoy and make it your dominant intention to feel good.

Thinking about blushing, will never result in a solution, all it does is activate more negative energy. Pick thoughts that make you feel good or think about general or neutral thoughts and things.

Get yourself a hobby, paint, read, go for long walks or do anything that does not make you feel bad.

It is very hard to manage your blushing and anxiety if you're sitting or standing in tense postures. The video below is an excellent demonstration of how to sit and stand with the least amount of tension.

When you sit down, it is important to sit right, so you're sitting on your sit bones, but you should not try to sit up straight or tense.

When you sit down, it is essential that you don't slump or tense your body when you get in and out of your chair or whilst you're sitting in your seat.

Because when you sit with a collapsed spine with your head protruding forwards or you're in a shrinking posture. 

Then you're sending a signal to your brain that you're being threatened and you will be putting yourself in survival mode.

A shortened posture is linked to insecurity, low confidence and submissiveness and it can significantly increase the chances of your face turning red should any attention be put on you. 

In evolutionary terms. 

The red face sort of acts as a surrender signal to the dominant and confident individuals and it is relaying that they aren't posing a threat.

The person in a shrunken posture is accepting a subordinate and submissive position in the group and when you're in a submissive posture, a blush is almost inevitable.

Tensing your muscles, lifting up your chin and chest and trying to sit and stand too tall is just as bad as shrinking in stature. 

Tense and tight muscles are linked to your fight or flight reflex response. Therefore, if your muscles are tense then again.

Your brain, will interpret these signals as your being threatened, which will increase your anxiety levels and increase the chances of you going red.

Also when we sit and stand in tense and out of balanced postures or we shrink in stature and allow our chest and head to collapse. 

The slightest amount of tension can interfere with your breathing.

Then this can cause low confidence emotions or the release of adrenaline which causes more anxiety and is responsible for the opening of your blood vessels in your face.

Although there is no way of proving this. Tense or shortened postures, will make you feel more uncomfortable and it will increase your chances of going red.

One of the main reasons for blushing is anxiety and low confidence emotions, which are all linked to your body.

The reason why you go bright red has a lot to do with how you're feeling both physically and emotionally. 

Therefore anything that can help to make you feel more relaxed and confident is going to help you.

The video below, will show you how to sit and stand, with the least amount of tension. Once you have found your natural posture and point of balance.

Relax and do not try and physically hold yourself up.

3) Reduce your stress and release any tension

Blushing is much more likely to happen when you're feeling stressed or tense. 

When you're feeling stressed and tense. Your mind interprets this as, something bad is about to happen which will increase your anxiety levels.

Fear and anxiety are a physical state. Therefore it is essential for you to relax and keep active.

Exercising and keeping active is a great way to relieve the physical symptoms of stress, tension and anxiety, it can also help to boost your mood as well.

Although it is important to relax, because although exercise and keeping active is important. The best way to reduce your stress, is not to get stressed in the first place.

Try and pinpoint the root causes of your stress and begin to change the way you react. Avoid rushing and if you notice yourself beginning to feel stressed.

Pause for a few minutes, and take some deep breaths and try and bring yourself back to the present moment.

Also, when you feel stressed or you feel the urge to rush. Deliberately, stop and slow yourself down.

Relaxation is the antidote to stress. Find ways to relax, and spend twenty or so minutes each day, deeply relaxing.

Things like mindfulness, meditation, listening to relaxing music or self hypnosis are great stress busters.

Avoid any stimulants or try to minimize things that causes stimulation. Cut back or eliminate on caffeine, avoid too much alcohol or high in sugar foods. 

Have a unwinding routine before you go to bed, Switch off the TV or and electrical devices, and listen to some relaxing music or read a book, before you go to bed.

If you go to bed relaxed, You will get a relaxing and restorative good night's sleep, and you will wake up feel relaxed and refreshed.

It's all about implementing positive daily habits and sticking to them.

When your stress is chronic. 

You need take deliberate steps to break your stress cycles. 

If there is no end to your stresses. 

Then those physical feelings of stress which will make any redness in your face more intense and longer in duration and the stress will hang about making you feel bad, ill and not in control.

Making you unable to experience being in the peace and security of the present moment

Some quick ways to reduce your stress

Stress and anxiety are a physical symptom. Therefore it is important to keep active and to get moving. 

Relaxing and deliberately slowing yourself down combined with any form of physical activity are efficient strategies for breaking the stress response cycle and switching your nervous system back over to a state of calm 

  1. Run, dance, walk, workout, be active or exercise to relieve the physical symptoms of your stress
  2. Pinpoint the causes of your stress and work on resolving them or your problems
  3. Make it your goal to spend a few minutes a day, deeply relaxing. Things like self hypnosis, breathing exercise and meditation are great ways to calm your body and nervous system
  4. Yoga and Tai Chi are other good ways to slow down and reduce your stress
  5. Getting good quality and restorative sleep
  6. Getting out and engaging in nature
  7. Journaling your positive progress and writing down and expressing your negative experiences or situations that have made you feel anxious or embarrassed can help to process the emotions
4) Managing those anxious thoughts

If you suffer with blushing and social anxiety. Then no doubt, you will probably be dogged by negative and anxious thoughts throughout you day that will annoy you and cause you endless stress and anxiety.

You have been probably, wondering how can I stop these anxious thoughts?

The answer is, don't try and stop a negative thought. Because, the more you try and stop them or suppress them the more you will think about them.

You cannot stop a thought once it has been activated, so your next best option is, how to stop the emotional arousal and momentum from gather pace.

Because once you have allowed a negative or stressful thought to gather momentum, it is to late and your day is ruined.

The trick is. Do not try not to worry or attempt to stop or blockout a negative or anxious thoughts. Instead, changed the way you react to them.

If you' notice a anxious or worry thought. Do the exact opposite to what you would normally do.

Do not judge or react badly. Just acknowledge that it is just a thought, then allow and encourage your mind to think the thoughts.

Just observe your mind, and let your mind think the fearful thoughts, and what you will find is. After a brief bit of mild discomfort and emotional arousal. Your mind will calm down all by itself, if you leave it alone.

If you're having those what if thoughts. Answer them and turn the negative energy into positive energy. 

Let your mind know.

"Whatever happens, I'll be OK" or "If that happens. I'll be OK.

If you're feeling worried or anxious about what someone might say. Ease your anxious mind, by letting you know.

"You're OK with that"

Or say to yourself. What if everything goes great, what if I stay cool, calm and confident.

Always let you know that, you can handle it and you will be OK.

Or you can reply to those what if thoughts with, so what.

You can even ask yourself. 

"Why would I want to feel anxious"

"Why would I want to blush"

Again, the more tense you are, the more you will tend to have, tense related thoughts.

If you find yourself worrying about a social situation, again change the energy. 

Tell yourself things like

  • I will look forwards to that.... 
  • I am going to enjoy.... 
  • That sounds like fun.....
If you are having the same persistent negative and anxious thoughts. 

Do not ignore them, instead learn how to turn down the underlying emotions, change and challenge the beliefs behind them or give yourself some words of safety or encouragement.

Letting yourself know you'll be OK can help or you can even mentally rehearse things going well or you mentally rehearse to accept and prepare yourself for the worse case scenario.

Then mentally prepare yourself to expect and imagine for the best outcome. 

If you're constantly being plagued by the same old repetitive thoughts. Then try this simple trick, demonstrated in the video below.

If all the stress and worry is disrupting your sleeping or making it hard fo you to fall asleep.

Create a relaxing and unwinding bedtime routine. Switch off all your phones, computers and TV, unless you are listening or watching something serene and relaxing. 

Have a warm bath or put on some nice relaxing and soothing music.

There are plenty of relaxing videos on Youtube or use a hypnosis recording.

When you go to bed, Write all your worries down on a piece of paper. Then don't think about trying to get to sleep.

Just relax. If your mind starts to focus on worry or stressful thoughts. Don't attempt to try and stop or suppress them.

Just, leave your mind alone, and it will soon still itself. If it keeps on returning to the negative thoughts, repeat.

The secret is not to try and suppress, numb, fight or blockout your thoughts and feelings. 

The key is to start to step back from them so you become the conscious oberver as well as teaching yourself to change the way you react to them.

5) Facing your fears

Because people don't like feeling anxious or fearful. They tend to want to avoid any situation, that makes them feel uncomfortable.

But if you want to grow and build your social confidence and if you want to eliminate your social fears, you will have to face your feared situations.

Everybody feels uncomfortable at times. The trouble starts when you become afraid of feeling uncomfortable.

To eliminate your fears and anxiety. Accept that you might feel a bit anxious, and again be OK with that.

Learning to reduce your stress and releasing your tension, will make it a lot easier for you to face your fears.

Entering a stressful and challenging situation, and accepting you might feel anxious and being OK with that, will help you a lot.

If you start to feel anxious or uncomfortable. Don't try and fight it or attempt to stop it.

Just, recognise that it is just feelings and feelings cannot harm you and they will soon subside.

The best thing that you can do when you start to feel anxious and uncomfortable. Is to try and act as normal as possible.

Embrace the feelings, see it as just a fluctuation of energy. Then smile, hum a happy tune to yourself and keep smiling and start to relax your body.

Most people freeze, panic and go inside of themselves. Making a quick shift in your physiology can snap you out of the freeze state and pattern or try moving about.

Carry on, feeling the feelings and allow them to carry on, just observe how you feel and let the emotions rise up through your body and away.

Do not panic or react negatively. Just smile, relax your shoulders, take some slow deep breaths, and keep your focus of attention on what you're doing or put it on something externally.

Where most people go wrong is. They think that they must never feel anxious, so they try and stop themselves from feeling anxious.

But that is unrealistic and it will create a never ending cycle of anxiety and stress.

But it is OK to feel a bit anxious. So instead of fighting it or wanting to avoid feeling anxious. 

Tell yourself, it is OK for you to feel anxious, and remind yourself if you just embrace it, feel it and observe it. Then it will soon subside.

The trick is, to immediately focus on relaxing.

Change your inner dialogue from feeling anxious to feeling excited.

If you're feeling very anxious. Imagine yourself on a beautiful tropical beach and just engage with all your senses. 

Focus on what you can see, hear, smell, feel the heat of the sun or the gentle breeze on your body and imagine you're drinking or eating your favourite food or ice chilled drink.

You can practice this in a quiet place first.

Sign up for the free anxiety eliminating mine course on the side bar or if you're on a mobile, at the bottom of this page.

6) Change the way you respond

If you feel as if you're about to blush. Do not panic, accept it and tell yourself it's OK If I Blush.

If you really feel anxious and you're at the point of no return of blushing. Relax your shoulders, relax your stomach and again, take some slow deep breaths.

If you feel anxious and fearful. Whilst you're doing this. Keep telling yourself silently. "I want to blush".

Another tip some people recommend is. Try and imagine your feet warming up so you can redirect the heat into your feet, instead of your face.

You could practice this by imagining you are standing in a bowl of warm water and feel and imagine your feet warming up. 

Then, when you feel the heat rising in your face, imagine your feet warming up. This will also help distract you from focusing on the blushing, which just makes it more intense and longer in duration.

Try to keep out of your head and keep your focus of attention external.

There are much better, quicker and more effective ways of overcoming your blushing for good and you can learn these with the Blush Free Program.

7) Self hypnosis and visualization

Overcoming your blushing is all about learning how to calm your mind and your body.

Negative thoughts and imaginings will disempower you and cause you to react with anxiety and stress.

The reason why so many people get stuck in vicious loop and cycle is because they are thinking about and imagining what they don't want and then their mind and body will use the fear emotion to try and get you to avoid or get away from the imagined blushing inducing scenario.

When you think about not wanting to go red, you will activate and increase the negative and fearful neural associations and responses.

Therefore only imagine and focus on, what you do want and how you want to be and feel.
To try and decrease your fears and anxieties. 

Take away the negative. So instead of worrying and caring about going red. Stop caring if it happens and stop caring about other people noticing or making a comment. 

Because you want to try and leave behind, all your past negative blushing experiences and what you don't want. 

But, you cannot do that. If you keep on thinking about what you don't want to happen.

You cannot get rid of all your unwanted negative and fearful thoughts. But, you can learn to detach yourself from them and your imagination.

Find somewhere quiet, take some slow deep breaths, release any tension you're holding on to and just allow yourself to relax.

Then think and imagine the situation that caused you to feel anxious and then, try and remain and keep your body relaxed whilst you keep on imagining the fearful situation and keep doing this.

See, each anxious and embarrassing situation as a challenge for you to overcome and an opportunity for you to learn and become better.

Replacing reacting with fear with remaining cool, calm and at ease, should be what you focus on.

The only way forwards is to rise and no longer care if you go red.

Often low confidence is attached to a blushing problem. Confidence is just a feeling, which is the opposite to fear and a knowing.

That whatever happens, you'll be OK.

It is impossible to feel confident if you are worrying about going red all the time.

The secret is to try and be yourself and to be the person you choose and not the person that your past  negative experiences and others has defined you to be, think and behave.

Self hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help to retrain and reprogram your mind to react differently in all those situations where before you would go red and react wth fear.

Self hypnosis is a useful tool to use alongside other relaxing techniques. It is also a useful tool to help you relax and reduce your stress and tension.

The two self hypnosis sessions I would recommend are.

It is important to reprogram your mind and change those fearful responses and neural associations, with calm responses and associations. 

These sessions will teach you how to change the way you feel and respond and if you keep using them, because it can take time to change, you will begin to lower your feelings of discomfort.

Even with the power of hypnosis, change can take time. Do not use them once or twice and then dismiss them.

The trick is to pinpoint the situations that make you go red and then. One by one, work on changing the way you feel.

Even if you do decide to give self hypnosis a go. 

If at any time during your day, you start to imaging blushing scenarios.

Still, see and imagine yourself in any situation where your mind presents a fear imagined blushing scenario, being and feel calm, cool and at ease.

And keep using the self hypnosis sessions, until you start responding differently and then any time afterwards you feel you need a top up.

It is essential that you change the way you feel and respond in all those situations and to all those imagings where you feel anxious and you react with fear.

Pinpoint what situations and imaginings cause you a fearful reaction. Then, through your imagination work on changing the feelings.

Each time you imagine a situation that causes you to react with fear. Examine which people and social trigger situations are causing these reactions.

It could be what others are saying about you. You might be responding to them talking about you, looking at you or laughing at you or all three.

Once you have identified what is triggering your fearful response. Imaging your in that situation, but this time imagine how calm you feel, how composed you feel, how comfortable you feel. And really focus on how great this feels to you.

However, it is still important to have a healthy and relaxed lifestyle as well. Because if you're feeling overly stressed, anxious and tense, then it becomes a lot harder to control your body and your blushing.

8) Develop a couldn't care less attitude

Although we should always be nice and respectful to others and treat them well.

To help you overcome your fears and feelings of embarrassment sometimes a couldn't care less attitude is a good approach.

Like not caring what others think or what they might say to you or not caring if you blush and not caring about others noticing it or saying something about it.

We all make mistakes and we all feel embarrassed from time to time, but is it worth you constantly worrying about it or beating yourself up afterwards.

Learn to let things go and move on and give up worrying and caring about what others might think or say about you.

9) Thought Field Therapy

One of the reasons why you are reacting with fear anxiety that is resulting in the redness in your face is because you have attached your fight, flight, freeze response to all those social situations where you go red or you feel embarrassed.

The only way to overcome those fearful responses is for you begin to lower those feelings of anxiety and discomfort.

Field Thought Therapy is one very effective way of reducing your anxiety levels, in those anxiety provoking social situations.

This simple but effective tapping exercise will allow you to bring down your anxiety levels which will leave you feeling more comfortable socially and help you to reduce all that intense heat and redness in your face.

The video below with demonstrate the powerful TFT tapping routine. You can find plenty more of these Thought Field Therapy videos on Youtube.

All you have to do is to learn this simple tapping exercise. Once you have learned it.

Think about, imagine or return to a social situation that previously would make you feel anxious or embarrassed.

This could be a time when you felt anxious, fearful or embarrassed. Or it could be a future social situation, that you have been dreading or worry about. 

State the emotion you feel, ie: Anxious, fearful, scared, worried, embarrassed.

Tune into that fearful memory, worry or the situation that you're worried about that you think might make you blush or cause you to feel anxious.

Then on a scale of 1 - 10. 

Rate the level of anxiety that you feel.

10 would be the highest level of anxiety and 1 would be the lowest level of anxiety or discomfort.

Then whilst you're tuning into the memory. 

Perform the Thought Field Therapy tapping routine and at the end of the sequence.

Think about the bad memory or the negative experience that makes you feel anxious or embarrassed and rate your anxiety levels again.

After the first or second time performing this tapping sequence your anxiety levels should have fallen.

Lets say, you anxiety levels are now a 7.

Go through the process again, and at the end of the sequence. Again, state your anxiety rating level.

This time you might have got it down to a 5 or less. 

Keep repeating this until you get your anxiety level for that specific social situation or worry as low as you can.

When you can think about the social blushing trigger situations, without responding with fear and discomfort than you will also change the way you respond in those imagined situations for real.

Change how you respond from within and you will change how you respond externally.

If you use this TFT technique and the No Embarrassment recording. You will be able to reduce your feelings of discomfort and remove your fight, flight freeze response away from all your blushing social, external triggers.

Just pinpoint the social situations that embarrasses you and cause you to react with fear and anxiety and use these two techniques.

Focus on the people, places and social situations that make you feel anxious and embarrassed and work through each one, one at a time.

Focus on the things that they say, ask you. The people and situations that are more likely to make you blush or feel embarrassed, until you feel and respond differently.

The Blush Free Solution

If you want to end all your excessive blushand to free yourself from your daily emotional suffering, stress and worry.

The Blush Free Program. Can provide you with everything you need to overcome your blushing and anxiety so you can live the life that you want.

This program will show you how to prevent a blush before it happens. This alone, once successfully mastered will be the turning point for you.

The program will also train your mind to detach your fight or flight response from all those situations where you feel anxious, embarrassed, humiliated or ridiculed, which would normally trigger a fearful response and redness in your face.

Allowing you to treat and fix the psychological and physiological root causes of your blushing and anxiety.


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