Use Emotional Freedom Techniques To Release Negative And Unwanted Emotions

Life is all about mastering our emotions, you have to become the master of your own emotions if you want to find inner calm and bliss, it is only when you have the tools to do that will you then live that much sort afterlife of peace and freedom. 

Most of peoples well-being issues are emotionally driven, they live their life in their emotions, if you spend most of your time feeling negative, then you are going to live a life of pain, suffering and inner torment. When you can control your emotions you will be able to live a life without resistance

Our emotions act as our inner guidance system, they are trying to relay to us an important message, unpleasant negative emotions have to feel bad in order to grab our attention. Sometimes our emotions are telling us that there is something we need to take action on.

The majority of the time, though we experience negative emotions when we give our attention to something we either don't want or when someone or something as angered or annoyed us. 

Nobody likes to experience negative emotions they make us feel bad and out of balance to what we really are and where we're currently want to be.

We are energy beings and everybody's goal is to feel good, our inner self knows what's best for us, and that is to experience happiness, peace and joy. 

When we focus our attention onto what we don't want or what we dislike, it changes our energy from feeling good to feeling bad, this is our inner self telling us to focus our attention onto something more pleasing.

The obvious answer is to switch your thinking onto thoughts that make you feel better. This is a habit we should all practice and work on, the trouble is negative emotions are powerful and once we become emotionally involved with an issue we have then the strong emotions can cause an endless tide of more negative or angry related thoughts causing us to become stuck in a seemingly never ending cycle.

Emotional Freedom Techniques is One Of The Quickest Ways To Release Negative Emotions 

It's not the thoughts that cause the hurt and pain, the real problem is the amount of emotion we attach to our worry or problem. There are several things you can do to detach the emotion, thus ending the train of negative thoughts. 

You can change your focus of attention and as you cannot experience a negative emotion and positive ones at the same time if you can concentrate on better feeling thoughts that will work. 

Sometimes, however, we become so engaged in an issue we have, the emotion can become so overwhelming that even if we manage to think about something else, the problem will keep trying to come back into our conscious awareness. 

The other option is to solve our resolve the thing that is troubling us, again can prove hard because it is hard to find a solution to a problem if you're still in the state that is causing it and some problems cannot always be resolved immediately. 

Accepting the worst and not letting it bother us will help to de-solve negative emotions, forgiveness and letting things go can release anger and resentment, but for many trying to control their emotions can prove very difficult and energy sapping.

Sometimes we worry endlessly about a forthcoming event which evokes a negative emotion, this makes us feel even more nervous and anxious, the emotion won't allow us to take our mind off the upcoming situation, the same applies to other worries, bad memories or things that have annoyed us.

There is a better way of detaching the negative emotion from our problems and concerns and you can achieve that through emotional freedom techniques (EFT for short).

Emotional freedom techniques is a highly effective but unusual way of helping you to overcome many of today's problems and issues. Nobody is quite sure how it works, but it does work, and it has become so popular because it helps people to deal with their emotions. 

EFT is a simple technique that anybody can learn to apply and it will help you take care and overcome your emotional issues.  

Emotional Freedom Techniques can transform your energy states by releasing negative energy, freeing you from the burden of past or present emotional problems which becomes attached to negative emotional memories such as personal difficulties, problems, traumas or bad experiences.

It can also help you overcome bad habits and increase your happiness levels by freeing you from all those negative bad memories and associations. 

But EFT is not just for emotional and stressful issues, you can also use this simple but effective technique to break through any limitations which might be holding you back. Many entrepreneurs use it to overcome money blocking obstacles. EFT is also used to help heal and reduce pain.

Thus changing your energy to a positive energy and therefore changing the way you feel. When you learn how to use and apply EFT techniques you will have the tools to quickly and swiftly transform your energy to help you in any circumstance.

How Does Emotional Freedom Techniques Work

Emotional Freedom Techniques involves tapping on certain meridian points on the upper body whilst focusing on the problem, which is often referred to as tuning into the bad experience or memory or negative emotion situation which we want to let go of while you tap in a specific sequence.  

While you are tapping your speaking out loud a set phrase which is the negative problem that has been bothering you.

Each sequence of tapping is called a round, so you perform the first round and then if necessary, you follow it up with a second or maybe third round and you keep going until the discomfort has diminished, on the third round you can repeat a positive phrase or affirmation on each tapping point.

It is believed that while you are performing this procedure the brain is instructed to release the excess emotion which is linked to the problem or memory which you are focusing on which runs in our mind.

When you release this negative energy a calmer and more positive energy and feeling replaces the negative energy, allowing the energy to flow freely once again.

In order to free the disruption of energy away from the thoughts you need to first focus your attention on the problem, or tune in this will bring about the energy disruptions which are associated with what's bothering you, while you are you are experiencing feelings of discomfort you apply the technique. 

In order to know how effective each of the EFT tapping rounds is, you first need to measure the intensity of the problem which is bothering you which is done before and after the tapping rounds. 

You first need to tune into the problem (Focus on what's bothering you) and rate the intensity of the feelings form 0--10 and ten represents the most intense discomfort you feel and 0 represents no discomfort, and you keep on repeating the Emotional Freedom Techniques rounds until you bring the feelings of discomfort as close to 0 as possible.

Unless you focus on the problem and bring back those energy disruptions and uncomfortable feelings you won't be able to restore the balance of energy, so the more uncomfortable you feel while you perform the procedure the better the results.

You start the round of tapping with a statement  know as a set up phrase and while you repeat this phrase  several times while you tap on the Karate point.

Typical, example being say you suffer with Social Anxiety

 "Even though I ----------------------"          our example: is (suffer with Social Anxiety)

I completely love and accept myself " 

It is best to say your affirmation or statement out loud and with a bit of conviction, and It is better to say it with feeling and emotion, but saying it normally will usually be enough.

Tap using the two fingers next to your thumb and you do not have to tap too hard, use your more dominant hand to tap with and tap about 7-10 times on each of the tapping points as you follow the sequence, but as you tap on the other points use a shorter reminder phrase while tuning in to the problem. 

This should be a word or short phrase that describes the problem you are dealing with.

Our example: of the reminder phrase would be "Social Anxiety."

You can then repeat the process if you haven't completely got rid of all of the intensity and perform another round of tapping which only takes a couple of minutes and there are no limits to how many rounds you can do each person's results can vary and it can depend on how severe the problem is but you can achieve instant results.

Tapping Points

1. Karate chop point Located at the side of your hand and right at the bottom     

2. Top of the head  Using both hands tap with your of two fingertips back-to-back, and tap at the center of the skull.

3. Eyebrow  On the bone just above your eyebrow

4. Side of the eye  Located on the little bone at the outside corner of the eye.

5. Under the Eye  On the bone just under an eye

6. Under the Nose  On the small area between the bottom of your nose and the top of your upper lip.

7. Chin  You can find this between the point of your chin and the bottom of your lower lip, and not directly on the point of the chin.

8. Collar Bone  The point where the breastbone, collarbone and the first rib meet. This is an important point and to locate, place your forefinger on the U-shaped notch at the top of the breastbone. From the bottom of the U, move your forefinger down toward the navel 1 inch and then go to the left (or right) 1 inch.

8. Under the Arm  You can find this point on the side of your body, at a point level with the nipple (for men) or in the middle of the bra strap (for women).about 4 inches below the armpit.

9. Gamut Spot  In-between the little finger and ring finger.

10. End of your fingers and thumb    (except your ring finger) located just below the nails.

If you are interested in learning about Emotional Freedom Techniques and the many benefits it can give you then EFT can even help you overcome some physical conditions and pain and it is widely endorsed by some of the world's most successful and most forward thinking entrepreneurs, therapists and self-help gurus.

This is becoming a popular self-improvement therapy and it is now being used by some Doctors and the Medical Profession and it is a valuable self-help tool which everybody could benefit from.

 Scientific research has shown that the acupuncture (meridians) points in the body are more open to electrical acceptance than other area's of the body, so when you tap these area's it releases more of the body's natural pain killers and feel good chemicals.

The number of people who practice acupuncture and emotional freedom techniques is consistently rising every year, and as well as being an effective therapy for emotional issues, it can also be used to relieve and get rid of some aches and pains, including migraines and headaches.

Using emotional freedom techniques on a regular basis can also help to strengthen the immune system and help reduce the chances of catching colds, and you can use this technique any time anywhere to calm and relax yourself.  

EFT is powerful on two accounts, it can be used to release negative emotions and secondly, it works on the principal of acceptance thus freeing you from any negative resistance.

Once you have released all your stressful memories and worries, it does not mean you no longer need to apply this tapping routine, you can use it first thing every morning to get you into a positive energy state, spend several minutes each morning performing this technique but this time use it while stating positive affirmations.

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