Control Your Breathing To Reduce Your Stress And Anxiety

Although breathing is the most natural and arguably one of the most important bodily function that every body performs about twelve to twenty thousand times a day due to our modern day stresses and strains many people have gotten into the habit of breathing to shallow and rapid. 

Breathing is the holy grail to a calm and peaceful life, but incorrect breathing, may be slowly sapping all your energy and keeping you stuck in a stressful state. 

Because when we feel anxious or stressed our breathing shallows and quick, shallow and rapid breathing is the starting point of stress and anxiety which triggers off all the other symptoms of anxiety.

The good news with this is, if you deliberately intervene and take charge of your breathing you can control and stop the momentum of all the other anxiety symptoms as well.

So just by taking some deep, slow breaths making sure you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and by making the out breath longer than the in, because your breathing is tied up in your nervous system the rest of your body will have to follow suit.

The correct rhythmic breathing will help you to reduce your stress and anxiety levels, allowing you to return your mind and body back to its natural resting state of inner calm, balance and harmony therefore enabling you to function at your peak performance levels. 

Your breathing is also believed to play an important role in your creative and manifesting powers because you can only tap into your true potential when you're in an inner state of peace and calm.

Because of the calming effects of breathing naturally you can step in and quieten that racing mind and because your mind and body will calm down, this will also help you to relax and sleep much better.

Breathing is nature's true anti detoxing and cleansing tool and once you return to your natural, balanced state you will feel calmer, energized and empowered. 

Breathing is a part of your life force energy which is all connected to your mind, body and spirit and when your breathing becomes out of sync it unbalances the rest of your body. 

Breathing Is The Center Of Our Being

Breathing kick starts off your life when you come out of your mother's womb and every cell in your body needs a regular supply of oxygen to maintain good health and emotional well-being and you need to breathe correctly throughout your life to keep your mind body and spirit functioning at its peak performance best. 

As young children, we breathe naturally and automatically, but as we get older and due to the challenges and pressures of modern life which get heaped upon us we tend to get overly stressed and anxious and when this happens our breathing pattern changes and when our breathing changes the rest of our body changes with it.

Although most people don't really give, their breathing much consideration, we do have the ability to consciously control and regulate our breathing and when our breathing shifts our state of being changes with it for the better.

Breathing is the center of our being and our lung capacity is closely related to our health and longevity. 

Many people follow healthy diets and do regular exercising. 

But if they neglect their breathing and they allow their body to carry on being stressed and tense, then they're not correcting an important factor in the equation.

So unless you learn to relax regularly and you return to your natural calm and balanced state, then you will still put your health at risk even though you are doing everything else right.

Breathing Will Bring You Back Into The Present

When we are anxious it is because we have left the now and we are fearing or worrying about the future. 

When you breathe deeply it will bring you back to the peace of the present moment where all your power, creativity and inner genius talents lies leaving you feeling better emotionally, mentally and physically.

All you have to do is consciously spend a few minutes or more at varying periods of the day to consciously take full control of your breathing. 

When, you're not functioning efficiently and performing at your top levels, it's due to stress and negative emotions and you will probably find that shallow breathing is the root source of the problem

At times when you have been experiencing high levels and prolonged periods of stress and anxiety, then your body will be filled with toxins and waste, breathing will help you rid your body of all those potentially harmful toxins. 

Then, once you remove the build up of toxins and waste from the body you will begin to feel more vibrant, you will look younger and your skin will look brighter and more youthful, plus those frown lines will fade a bit.

Be More Creative And Intelligent

To be at your creative best, to manifest better and to improve your focus and concentrate you will need to be in the zone and the now flow state of zero resistance.

Breathing will help to center and balance you and put you in your natural state where your life force energy flows freely and as you become calmer and balanced all your mental faculties will greatly improve.

When your at peace with yourself and this world you will become connected to the universal unified mind of creative intelligence and you will have access to the information you have been searching for all your unanswered questions, challenges and problems. 

When you're calm, centered and balanced, your inner intelligence and genius will get a boost, deep relaxation is the place where you can make positive changes and it is no surprise that breathing is the relaxing introduction and the key component that is used for hypnosis and meditation.

Breathing Keeps Our Body Oxygenated  

The most important reason to breathe properly is because it will expose you to higher levels of concentrated oxygen which is important to keep you healthy and at peace. 

When we breathe correctly and naturally are bodies are able to acquire the maximum benefits from the necessary amount of oxygen which is required for the fundamental purpose of respiration. 

But the benefits of breathing correctly do not end there, because it also helps to replenish your major organs including your brain with the vital nutrients that are needed to keep them healthy and efficient. The downside to incorrect breathing is it can lead to long term negative and detrimental effects.

Breathing is one of the most fundamental and important functions of the human body to help keep us alive. 

You cannot overlook the importance of breathing because the correct rhythmic breathing keeps the mind and body stable, balanced and everything works in harmony. 

By mastering the art of breathing and learning basic breathing exercises you can transform your life and improve your health. 

Stopping The Stressful Response

When you begin to feel stressed or anxious don't fight it, just consciously step in and take back control of your breathing, which will prevent all the other unpleasant physical symptoms from gathering momentum. 

All you have to do is on the onset of any stress or anxiety, just deliberately breathe out for longer than your in breath and continue to this until you have got back control, when you do this your body has no option but to begin to switch back over to a relaxed state again.

This can prove a hard to do to begin with because you're going against the normal patterns of the fight or flight response, but it is necessary if you want to avoid all the unneeded adrenaline, stress and anxiety. 

Also, do not allow your imagination to trick you into believing that you're in danger, just ignore what's being played out in your mind and calmly continue to focus on your breathing a bit like you would if you were meditating.

So, when you start to feel anxious, fearful or stressed stop and pause for a moment and just focus on your breathing, do not be overwhelmed by your imagination or the physical feelings you're experiencing in your body because what you're aiming for is to stop the negative momentum from gathering pace.

Just focus on your breathing and begin to take some slow, deep breaths in for the count of five, hold for three then slowly breathe out for the count of seven, push all the way out and keep on repeating. 

If you carry on doing this and as long as you don't get too distracted and negatively respond to your fearful thoughts and feelings, your body will start to return back to a more relaxed state. 

The key is not to wrestle with your feelings, but just let them come and go and all you need to do is keep on breathing.

You can also do this before you enter a situation where you normally feel stressed or challenged, it's all about retraining your body so you longer respond stressfully in those old stressful situations and events.

Practice Regulating Your Breathing

It can pay dividends to take some time to learn how to regulate your breathing properly, the correct way to breathe should be done from your diaphragm and not your chest. The diaphragm is a large, muscular structure which perpetrates your chest and your abdomen.

If you want to practice breathing correctly, then lay on your back and place your left hand on your chest and your right hand on your abdomen. 

Take some slow, deep breaths, make the out breath longer than the in breath, take a deep slow breath in, hold for a few seconds and then take a slow controlled longer out breath. 

Your right which is being held on your stomach should rise up and down whilst your left hand should stay still. 

All this might seem like hard work, but breathing is proven to relax you and relaxation is the opposite too stress and anxiety so there is only one sensible choice.

Take Control Of Your Breathing 

Breathing is the holy grail of mastering your emotions. The correct breathing rhythm is also a fundamental aspect in helping control our stress levels. 

Oxygen is one of the most basic and important stuff of all life, every cell in our body relies on oxygen for fuel.

On average every single breath uses up approximately 250 mls of oxygen while at the same time disposes of around 200 mls of carbon dioxide. In order for us to feel relaxed and balanced it is important to try and maintain the correct balance of these two substances

We need to adapt the correct breathing so we can regulate the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen. 

When we breathe too shallow or too fast such has at times when we are stressed, the body starts to eliminate too much carbon dioxide, thus reducing the supply of carbon dioxide in the brain.

Unnatural rhythms of breathing can de-stabilize the necessary balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, which is needed to keep us at our optimum best state of relaxed and alert.

To breathe correctly and efficiently you need to practice rhythmic breathing from the diaphragm this is the area which lies between the abdomen and the chest, which allows the air to reach the lower lungs allowing the maximum breathing capacity and blood circulation.

Another thing than can restrict our breathing is poor posture. 

When your posture is relaxed, poised and aligned, then your body will be performing at your peak performance rate.

When you slouch you will compress your inner organs and you will restrict your breathing capacity, over stretching your body or arching your back is also just as bad,remember no stooping or stiffening.

Breathe Correctly And Master Your Life

For millennia, cultures across the world have known about the power of breathing. 

But only today, have scientists been able to fully understand how changing your breathing patterns can actually change your life. 

Imagine breathing differently for just a few minutes each day and enjoying truly awesome results as mentioned below Rocket your brain power and focus

  • Enjoy greater relaxation and stress-relief  
  • Seriously improve your immune system 
  • Become happier and enhance your moods
  • Turbo-charge your memory, creativity, energy  
  • Increase your energy levels and vitality 
  • Decrease the risks of illnesses
  • Reduce your anxiety and anger
  • Help you to perform better Improve your exercise workouts
  • And much, much more

Learn 10 Minute Miracle Breathing "Trick" because your next breath could change your life.It's no secret that breathing sustains human life. But what if you could literally supercharge your brain, tap into greater well-being and happiness, release stress instantly improve focus and much more by utilizing natures natural relaxation device.

Did you know by just by learning a new  breathing exercise which will only take just ten minutes a day, you can rocket body oxygen levels and circulation, reduce or even eliminate physical pain, boost your creativity in a matter of  minutes, achieve spiritual breakthroughs, live longer and be healthier.

This is one of the most important and vital secrets that is not being shared publicly! This should be taught in all schools. But it isn't. But you can learn it in the next few minutes. 

And then teach it to your friends, family and loved ones. Imagine, because you decided to read this short article you and your entire family can live a longer, more well-balanced, improved and happier life..

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The Power of Breathing




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