How To Stop Blushing And End Your Social Anxiety

Discover How A Few Simple Changes Can Help You To Become Blush Free

Anybody who is suffering from an excessive and intense blushing problem knows how it can devastate lives and ruin your ability to function properly.

This is a serious problem, that can make some people feel like giving up on life.

Thankfully, once you begin to understand why you have a problem and you develop the belief that there is a solution and you can overcome this problem.

It will hopefully give you the confidence to do something about it.

Did you know that it is impossible to end your excessive blushing if you fear and dread the next time it might happen?

Are you aware. 

One of the main reasons why you are having so much trouble with blushing.

Is because you want to stop blushing or you have told yourself something like.

"I never want to blush again".

First of all. That is asking for the impossible and if you adopt that attitude then you are making a massive mistake which will take you into a very dark and scary place, with no way out.

The reason why blushing can suddenly explode into a massive and seemingly uncontrollable problem. Happens, when you attach your fight, flight, freeze response to it and your social triggers.

If you are like most people who have an excessive blushing problem. 

Then you are probably spending most of your precious time worrying and thinking about It, to the point where it consumes most of your thinking time.

But, as you are already probably aware.

Worrying, dreading and thinking about it, doesn't really help or solve anything.

Quite the opposite, actually.

It just causes you to go around and around in circles, getting nowhere, causing you an endless amount of anxiety and stress. 

The more you think and worry about it, the more likely it will happen.

Because. Everytime you think about blushing in a negative capacity. You will activate fearful and negative emotional and physical responses.

To make matters worse.

When you want to avoid it happening or you want to avoid the social situations, where it could happen.

Then you will attach your fight, flight freeze response. 

To the heat in your face, the mere thought of blushing and the social situations where it might happen.

This can generate a huge amount of anxiety and emotional overwhelm whenever you're in a situation where you think it might happen.

This can consume you fear and stress. Whilst you're in this negative state. It will only take the slightest trigger to cause you to turn bright red.

When we tell our minds we dread, dislike, hate or don't want it to happen. 

We learn our minds to fear those things.

Your mind will then use the emotions and feelings associated with fear. 

To alert and warn you. 

Whenever,  your mind perceives there is a remote chance of you being put in a social situation where you have previously been embarrassed or where it could happen.

This is what causes all your anxiety and your anxiety causes much of your excessive, facial redness.

It is perfectly understandable.

That you want your blushing to end, as it embarrasses you and leaves you feel exposed for everybody to see.

The trouble is. If you feel embarrassed about being embarrassed and going red.

You will learn to fear blushing and all the social situations where you know it might happen even more.

Because of this. You will go red more, simply because you fear it happening.

Another massive mistake, most blusher make is.

They start to obsess about it and they make the fatal error of trying to fight it, eliminate it or stop it.

This creates an inner conflict and a breeding ground for more fear, tension, worry, nervous anticipation and anxiety.

The less you worry about it, the less it will happen.

My suggestion would be.

Cease fighting with your blushing, your mind and with your feelings and emotions

Because it is a fight, that you cannot possibly win.

If you persist with your quest to defeat your mind and your natural bodily functions.

Then, they will defeat you every single time.

As we have already mentioned.

Much of your blushing is being driven by fear and your fight, flight, freeze response.

Therefore, now you know, your fight, flight, freeze response is responsible for much of your excessive heat and redness.

I am sure you would no agree.

That the best route to take would be to learn how to calm your mind and body in all those previous situations, where before you would reacted with fear and turned bright red.

You may also be wondering.

Why does your mind keep on activating your fight, flight, freeze response, when you don't want it to.

The reason for this is.

Because you have learned to attach fear and anxiety to your blushing and all the social situations, where it happens.

Your mind, Thinks the activation of your fight, flight, freeze response. Which we call anxiety. Is necessary, in order to protect you and keep you safe.

This may sound, bizzare, but this is how your mind and body work.

Therefore, until you train your mind and body not to react with fear. 

Your mind will carry on doing it, because it has come to associate your blushing and your social triggers as being a threat that you need to avoid or run away from.

Even the mere thought or the dreaded anticipation of being put in one of your social trigger situations, can trigger a fearful and stressful reaction. 


With the right information, techniques and changes.

You can learn how to break your blushing and anxiety cycle and loop and you can teach yourself how to prevent a blush from happening, before it occurs.

You achieve this through a progressive process of learning how to disassociate your fight, flight, freeze response away from your blushing and all the situations, that cause it.

As well as learning what to do, should you start to feel like you might blush. So you can prevent it happening before it turns into a full out explosion of burning heat and redness in your face, for all to see.

Knowing that alone. Will give you a tremendous amount of relief, security and self confidence.

It is a bit like having a safety net, should it happen.

Although, you probably feel, like ending the heat and redness in your face is your main priority.

It is equally, if not more important to end your daily emotional stress, anxiety and suffering.

Because, they all can, negatively affect.

  • Your well-being
  • Your general health
  • Your quality of life
  • Your ability to interact socially
  • Your self esteem and self confidence
Treating the root cause of your blushing

The only way to end your excessive and frequent blushing for good is to focus on fixing the physical and biological root causes of it.

Although, blushing is triggered by a external stimuli. The solution to ending it lies within.

Because, you cannot control all your external social, blushing triggers. 

But you can learn to control the way you respond to them.

This means the real problem lies within and how you're thinking and feeling at the time it occurs.

It is the not knowing what to do and the belief that there is nothing you can do. That leaves people feeling, powerless, vulnerable, insecure and frustrated.

Yet with a few simple techniques, changes and understanding.

You can start to learn how to manage and control your mind, your feelings and your stressful and emotional responses that trigger all the heat and redness in your face.

Much of your blushing is caused through anxiety, stress and adrenaline. 

Which causes a vicious blushing and anxiety and loop, that will never change, until you decide to change it.

Therefore the obvious solution, that is so often overlooked by most blushers is to work on reducing their anxiety, stress, tension as well as building their self confidence.

Because. When you're feeling calm and comfortable, and you know exactly how to control your mind and bodies emotional and physical responses. It is very hard to blush.

However. It is impossible to feel calm and confident if your stuck in a fearful, tense and stressful state of mind and body, which is responsible for much of the redness in your face.

What is the best way to break the fear cycle and blushing loop and pattern.

Learn how to prevent a blush from happening and learn how to reprogram your mind, so you can break the fear cycle and change the way you respond.

There is a program available, called The Blush Free Solution. 

Which will help you to get results fast by teaching you how to treat and cure, the root cause of your blushing, how to dissociate your fight or flight response from your blushing and all your social triggers and how to stop a blush in its tracks.

Allowing you to replace your fear and anxiety with feelings of calmness and control as well as teaching how to break and end the blushing loop and cycle.

Learn how to control your blushing and start living the life that you deserve

If you're researching, how to stop blushing.

Then you have probably, already reached a point of desperation where you just want to make this redness and heat in your face, that embarrasses you and leaves you feeling self conscious, go away.

No doubt. The first thing that you want to know.

Is there anything that can do to help you end your excessive and intense blushing?

Fortunately. There is a lot that you can do to begin to reduce and even, virtually stop blushing entirely.

Of course you can never have the guarantee that you will never blush again nor should you make it your goal, neither should you try to stop blushing.

Because. First, that is just to unrealistic to never want to go red again.

And secondly, it will create a bigger fear of it and as fearing blushing significantly increases the chances of you going red.

Believe me. That is the wrong path too take which will inevitably make it impossible for you to ever becoming blush free and it will cause you a great amount of emotional pain and suffering.

A much better attitude would be.

To accept it could happen, and then, not care if you blush.

This approach will begin to reduce the fear, stress and anxiety.

The truth is. 

You only have a blushing problem because you care and worry too much about it happening.

You might be now thinking.

I just want to stop blushing, it embarrasses me and I must make it stop.

Why are you telling me not to want to stop blushing. In your headline, you say how to stop blushing.

To try and answer that.

You can stop blushing with the right techniques and information.

But you can't stop blushing by trying to stop blushing, if that makes any sense.

Let me explain.

Nobody ever overcomes their blushing, their fears and their anxiety, by trying to stop it or think it away.

In fact the less you think about it the better.

Ask yourself.

During all the time you've spent thinking about it or trying to make it stop. 

Has it helped you, has your anxiety gone away, has your blushing reduced, are you any closer to a solution, do you feel relaxed and confident socially?

Thinking about it, just makes it worse. Worrying and not wanting too blush, creates more fear, anxiety and stress which will inevitably result in more intense, excessive and uncontrollable blushing.

Fighting it and trying not to go red, is a bit like trying to stop yourself from sneezing, when you feel your about to sneeze.

Because the redness in your face exposes you to all around you which leaves you feeling vulnerable, self conscious and frustrated all your attention is probably focused on trying to make it stop.

Here is something that you need to know that you probably, are not aware of.

It is impossible to stop blushing or stop feeling anxious if you worry and dread, the next time it might happen or if you continue to fight it.


Because you will remain stuck in a painful loop of worry, fear and anxiety. And until you break this loop and pattern, you will never free yourself from your anxiety and your intense and excessive blushing.

This will affect your confidence which will further add to your problem.

Blushing is triggered by an inward emotion that triggers a stressful response.

One the emotions that trigger the redness in your face, is the emotion that is associated with fear. The other main reason for the redness and heat in your face is the low confidence emotions.

This means, you need to pinpoint the emotion that is triggering your facial redness. For most people it is a combination of both.

You then need to work on controlling that emotion.

Blushing excessively, is not nice, but it is controllable and preventable

If you want to be free of your blushing and anxiety.

You will have to accept and be OK with the fact that you will have to go through a bit of discomfort at times.

The key is to make your feelings of discomfort as minimal as possible.

Wanting to hide away or avoid any potential social situation where you might go red or you know it will make you feel anxious, will just reinforce and strengthen the fear of it.

Your mind soon learns to fear more the things that you want to avoid or escape from.

So, instead of suffering and putting up with all the feelings of low confidence, discomfort and the constant stress and  daily emotional suffering and nervous anticipation that triggers the redness in your face.

Some people might tell you that you will grow out of it.

That is not necessarily true. In fact, the longer you do nothing, the worse it can become.

Others may think that blushing is cute.

It is far from cute for the sufferer. In fact, for many it can cause them a great amount of misery and it can diminish the whole quality of their life.

None sufferers, might also ask you silly questions like.

Why have you gone red.

This is really. insensitive. As if you want to go red, do they think you do it on purpose?

The secret to end your blushing is all about managing your feelings and emotions

Your first and biggest challenge is learning how to calm your mind and control with your feelings, responses and emotions.

There is a direct link between your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors.

There is also a direct link between your emotions, feelings and your physical health and well-being.

Through your past embarrassing, insecure, shameful and humiliating experiences.

You have managed to program your brain to associate all your social blushing triggers and the blushing itself with being threatening.

What is now happening to you is:

Everytime you learn or know that you might have to face or deal with one of your potential blushing social trigger situations.

Or everytime you worry, imagine or anticipate being put in one of your social trigger situations that you feel might embarrass you. humiliate you, shame you or you just feel like you have not got the confidence to handle the situation.

Your emotional brain will switch into survival mode and it will go on high alert to danger activate your fight or flight response

Your brain has no idea that the situation or the imagined situation and the blushing is not a real threat, so unless you break these patterns and associations.

Your brain will carry on activating your fight or flight responses, the release of adrenaline and your anxiety. Because it thinks it is necessary to protect you and keep you alive and safe.

If you are experiencing a lot of anxiety and you find yourself blushing easily, intensively and frequently for little or no obvious reason.

Then this is happening because your worried and anxious part of your brain is interpreting all the possible and potential social situations where blushing might happen as being a threat that needs to be defeated or avoided.

Because your blushing is linked to your fight, flight, freeze response.

Which is a process that involves your blood, your heart, your muscles, your breathing and adrenaline. 

You cannot eliminate your fight, flight, freeze response and mechanism.

The only other alternative and cure is to remove your fight, flight, freeze response away from the blushing and all the social situations that you have attached to danger and your fight, flight, freeze response.

This soon becomes a learned response and a devastating pattern of behavior which becomes a habitual habit and a self fulfilling prophecy.

Therefore, because you expect to feel anxious and you expect to go red. You usually will.

This cruel and vicious loop and cycle will keep on repeating itself, until you break the pattern and cycle and you educate your brain to dissociate the blushing and the blushing inducing social situations as being a threat.

The way to do this is through a progressive, process of elimination and dissociation.

Which involves getting your brain and body to break this negative and fearful blushing cycle, pattern and loop. 

If you want to overcome your fear and anxious thoughts

Then it is important that you learn how to calm your mind and body, because the secret to overcoming your blushing is the calm and good feeling emotions.

You cannot deactivate a negative thought or feeling once it has been activated. 

Equally. There is no point in giving any attention whatsoever to your fearful, worry or negative thoughts.

But what you can do is you can learn how to stop all the anxiety, emotional arousal, worry and stress.

The secret is to train yourself to detach yourself from your anxious thoughts and feelings.

This means.

Learning to observe your thoughts and feelings as if they do not belong to you.

Watch them but don't react to them or get emotionally involved in your thoughts and feelings.

Remind yourself. That they are just thoughts and feelings and they will soon pass if you leave your mind alone.

It is a bit like. Having your TV on, but you're not taking much notice because your are more interested in what you're doing or the conversations that you're having with others.

No need to try and do anything to try and stop or repress your thoughts, imaginings and feelings.

The funny thing is. If you let your mind think the fearful thoughts and you allow your body to feel the feelings, without you interfering or being bothered by them

They will very quickly subside and pass on bye.

Detaching yourself from your anxious thoughts, anxiety and fear will calm you down a lot and give you greater control over your mind and emotions.

Everything has a lot to do with how you feel at the time a blush happens.

To end your blushing and anxiety you need to make your mind feel as if you're safe and secure.

You cannot feel safe and secure if your in a negative, tense, stressful and fearful state.

You can only feel safe and secure and in control if you're in the positive and calm feeling emotions.

The antidote to stress and anxiety is calm, relaxed and balanced.

If you keep avoiding or leaving any social situation, because it makes you feel uncomfortable. Then you will never educate or retrain your mind to accept that the situation is safe.

If you stay put, despite feeling uncomfortable or you face a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable and you feel the feelings and stay put.

Your brain will learn to switch off your fight or flight response.

Yes. The easy option is to avoid or leave the situation that is making you feel uncomfortable. 

But that is just conditioning your mind, that it is right to activate your fight or flight response because your mind has evolved to associate things you want to avoid or things that you don't want to happen, with being dangerous.

Pre-paving the way, can help you to feel more relaxed and calm in those blushing inducing, situations

Another tip is:

On the onset of any fear or anxiety:

Immediately, begin to relax your body. 

Release any tension, smile and take some deep breaths. 

Breathe in for the count of five, hold your breath for 3 and then slowly breathe out for the count of seven.

You can also distract yourself, hum a happy tune to yourself or imagine yourself on a beautiful beach, engaging with all your five senses. 

Focus on what you can:

  1. See
  2. Hear
  3. Feel
  4. Taste
  5. Smell
Smiling alone can quickly calm you down as it will indicate to your mind that you are safe and secure.

Things like visualizing and imagining yourself in those feared or challenging situations feeling cool, calm and safe cann help.

You can use your mind and body to help you relax.

Self hypnosis to end your blushing and social anxiety are also a helpful part of your recovery program as they can help you to reprogram your mind to change the way you respond.

For some people. Blushing can be linked to insecurity and low confidence.

Building your self confidence will also help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable when you're socializing.

Anxiety and fear is also a physical thing. Therefore it is important to relax, exercise and keep active.

Now you know this. Your dominant intention should be shifted of your blushing and put on to doing things that you enjoy and spending some time deeply relaxing and exercising.

There are no, short term solutions, but thankfully, there is a long term solution

This problem is not just about the blushing it also involves reprogramming your brain and retraining yourself to change the way you respond.

As well as implementing new positive daily rituals, lifestyle changes. Which will involve introducing new ways of doing things and making progressive and steady changes.

If you go from blushing easily, intensively and frequently many times a day to just blushing a few times a week, where the redness and heat is far less intense and noticeable.

Then that is progress and a step in the right direction.

If you then blush once a week, then once a fortnight, then it happens very rarely and it is very mild and short in duration. 

Then you're making further progress and you should begin to feel more optimistic and pleased with yourself.

And as it begins to happens less and less. And you start to care less, you find that you're worrying less until you reach a point where it no longer happens or no longer bothers or affects you or your ability to interact and function socially.

Then you will have reached a point, where all your hard efforts were well worth it, now that you are virtually blush and anxiety free.

That outcome is possible and highly achievable, if you're prepared to put in the work and learning.

The thing that may motivate you to take action is and if you want to experience the relief from all your blushing and suffering, you have to perform new action steps.. 

The positive rewards, the emotional freedom and the blissful good and calm feelings, that you're going to experience will be much bigger than all the time and effort that you will have to invest in yourself.

Low confidence emotions and blushing

Anxiety and fear, which become attached to the social situations that embarrass, shame or humiliate you are one of the reasons for the redness in your face as does fearing blushing.

But there is another emotional and physical state that is responsible for the heat and redness in your face, which is the low confidence emotions.

These low confidence emotions and feelings. Will immediately trigger the explosion of heat and redness in your face should you be put in a blushing inducing situation.

Blushing is linked to insecurity which is all tied into your fight, flight, freeze response.

As we have already mentioned. 

Your fight or flight response is linked to fear and anxiety, which involves the release of adrenaline and the activation of your stress response, which causes the dilation of the blood vessels in your face which leads to the redness in your face.

The freeze response is also a part of your defence and safety mechanism which is linked to the submissive and surrender posture and state.

It is as bit like the rabbit in the head light scenario where the rabbit becomes paralysed and overpowered with fear.

When you enter the freeze state. it is as if your emotional brain is signaling to your attacker that you are surrendering and asking to be left alone.

The redness in your face, from and evolutionary perspective. Seems to be your emotional brains way of revealing to your attacker that you want to submit.

The submissive posture is when we cower and shrink and shorten in stature.

This shrinking posture can become a habitual way of responding.

If you slouch, bend forwards, drop your head. Or you have a collapsed or out of aligned and balanced posture.

Then this can put you into the low confidence and submissive state and in this posture and physiology, you will find that you blush easily and often.

Our posture and physiology affects how we feel, our thought processes and how we respond.

The video below will help you to feel more calm, poised and confident.

Other things that cause low confidence emotions are:

  • Low self esteem and not feeling worthy
  • Low moods or depression
  • Tiredness, feeling run down and exhausted
  • Negative and pessimistic thinking 
  • Feelings of hopelessness 
  • Poor diet 
  • Slouching, allowing your spine to collapse, your body to become out of alignment or leaning back 
  • During colds and viruses 
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Physical exauastion and fatigue
  • Negative self talk
The opposite to low confidence emotions is happy and feeling good and balanced, so work on increasing your happiness, get adequate good quality sleep as well as plenty of rest and relaxation. 

Allowing your spine to collapse, letting your back curve in a C shape, having a rounded posture, bending forwards or letting your body become out of alignment will quickly drain your energy and put you in a low confidence, insecure and negative mood.

Gratitude is a good way to feel good, so is being at peace and being present in the now. So do whatever it takes to make you feel good, do the things you enjoy and give up thinking about blushing because the positive emotions are what you want to feel.

Exercise or stay active but do not physically overdo things, you must not become burnt out as this can seriously lower your mood. 

Try to reduce the amount of stimulants that you intake like cutting back on to much sugar, caffeine and alcohol. 

Some people are food intolerance or food sensitive and this can have a negative impact on their moods and how they feel.

Do not dehydrate, dehydration can leave you feeling tired, more anxious, sad and low on energy, drinking cool water can also help to lower your core body temperature. 

Drink small amounts often and avoid consuming large amounts of water in a short period, the idea is to keep yourself topped up, because drinking too much in one go will not work way and it can be dangerous. 

To much bad thinking and wrestling your problems to ground will drain your energy and dis-empower you so the antidote to bad thinking is constructive and optimistic thinking or even just thinking about everyday neutral types of thoughts. 

The best way to end bad thinking is to pay it no attention, then think about something more pleasant, if what you're thinking about is making you feel bad, then it is time to change the subject.

Your confidence can very quickly desert you at anytime, we all make mistakes and we all have bad days so do not be hard on yourself and allow yourself to get things wrong from time to time, because perfection is one of the biggest confidence killers. 

If you do go red or you do not come across in any situations very well, have the attitude of so what, it is no big deal, then forget about it otherwise you will create a fear of that situation.

To much bad thinking and wrestling your problems to ground will drain your energy and dis-empower you so the antidote to bad thinking is constructive and optimistic thinking or even just thinking about everyday neutral types of thoughts. 

The best way to end bad thinking is to pay it no attention, then think about something more pleasant, if what you're thinking about is making you feel bad, then it is time to change the subject.

Your confidence can very quickly desert you at anytime. 

We all make mistakes and we all have bad days so do not be hard on yourself and allow yourself to get things wrong from time to time, because perfection is one of the biggest confidence killers.

Get into the habit of praising yourself up for every big or little achievement that you do.

It can become a habit to always focus on the worse case scenario or constantly beat yourself up.

Try to find positive things to say to yourself.  Keep on telling yourself that you're good enough.

If you feel anxious or you are worried about blushing.

Do some reverse psychology and tell yourself.

"It is OK if you blush" Or "It is OK if you feel anxious, and mean it. As this will put a stop to all the emotional arousal.

Avoid too many stimulants like sugary snacks, alcohol and caffeine or anything else that stimulates you and makes you feel stress.

Get enough of the daily recommended, essential vitamins and minerals.

Magnesium is known as the natural relaxing and calming mineral. Also make sure you have sufficient amounts of the omega 3 good fats.

You will go red much more easily, if you are feeling stressed or tense

Stress and tension is one of your worst enemies. It will be very hard for you to control your blushing and your emotions if you're feeling overly tense or stress.

Tension and stress mimics your fight and flight survival response and mechanism.

When you are feeling stressed and tense. 

Your mind will mistakenly interpret this as something bad is going to happen so again, it will go on high alert to danger.

Stress is part of your fight or flight response and it is liked to your sympathetic nervous system which triggers the release of adrenaline, the stress response and it is what is responsible for the redness in your face.

This means. When your muscles are tense, you will tend to feel more anxious and the more tense you are the more blood will be forced into your face.

Stress and tension will put you at the point of no return and if you are put in a blushing inducing situation. This will significantly increase the chances of you going red.

Tension in the mind and body will also make you feel more uncomfortable and more on edge.

Therefore it is a wise to use techniques like meditation and self hypnosis to help you reduce and manage your stress levels.

Another thing that will cause tension in the body are when you're standing or sitting in a tense or stiff and rigid posture.

Avoid trying to stand or sit up straight or too tall as this can cause muscle stiffness.

Watch the video below on how to sit and stand comfortably, with the least amount of tension.

Tips to stop a blush

If your blushing is being caused by fear and anxiety.

At the point your put under attention or you feel anxious and you sense you're about to blush.

Try not to panic.

Smile, take a few deep breaths, relax your shoulders and stomach and say to yourself quietly and repeatedly.

"I want to blush"

Or try and make yourself go red.

Another trick that can help is.

Practice imagining your feet getting hotter.

Then when you feel any rise of heat in your face when a blush starts to occur. Imaging your feet warming up.


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