Natural Techniques To Help You Stop Excessive Blushing And Feel More Relaxed Socially?

Below is a  distressing comment I came across which demonstrates how bad an excessive blushing can be and how, if left untreated. 

"Have wanted to end my life in the past because of excessive blushing. It had made me hate myself before, for much of my life.  Although I've come to accept it now, would still love to know how to stop blushing for good".

As you already know an excessive blushing problem can cause your endless daily emotional suffering and even destroy and diminish your whole quality of your life.

But it is highly treatable with the right techniques, lifestyle changes and strategies.

Blushing is linked to your fight, flight, freeze response which is often triggered by an inward emotion or a learned behavioral response.

The blusher will spend much of their day worrying and obsessing about blushing or trying to find a way to not go red.

The trouble is, the more you worry or negatively focus on or about blushing the more you will increase your chances of going red.

When you worry less, you will blush less often. 

Therefore it is incredibly important. 

That you learn how to calm down your worried and anxious mind, so you can begin to relax and enjoy yourself socially. Without having to endure all the worry, stress and anxiety, which a blushing episode can cause you.

As humans, we have evolved to think and react to the worst case scenario and our we have conditioned our minds and bodies to plan and prepare ourselves, to try and avoid what we don't want to happen.

Blushers allocate so much of their time worrying that they won't go red or hoping they won't be put in a social situation where they will be made the center of attention or put in the spotlight.

Changing your attitude towards blushing

This however is counter productive and as a result it cause more stress, tension and anxiety which all significantly increase your chances of going bright red.

To the blusher, going red is deemed as a personal disaster and the end of the world type of scenario, that must be avoided at all costs.

This shifts you into the mindset of. I must never blush again or I must wage war and try and defeat my red face.

Unfortunately, this is completely the wrong attitude and mindset which will increase all the emotional suffering and intensity.

You cannot have the hundred percent certainty of never going red again. The need for certainty, just leads to more uncertainty. More worry, more stress, more anxiety and more blushing.

A much better attitude which will relieve some of the pressure off your anxious and confused mind.

Would be to change your mindset to one of.

Accepting it could happen, and not caring.

Let yourself know. Its OK for you to blush and stop caring what other people think or say.

Of course there is other things you need to do. Which should involve, learning new skills and techniques as well as taking good care of yourself.

The fear of going red, just makes it much more likely to happen and because you fear it and worry about it happening so much.

It causes you to attach your fight, flight, freeze responses to the heat in your face. The fear and thought of blushing and all those social situations where it has previously happened or where it it might happen.

This makes you want to try and hide your red face or it makes you want to avoid any perceived social situation where there is a remote chance of it happening.

The trouble is when you choose to deploy avoidance tactics or you play it safe. You will increase those strong emotions and physical responses.

After a while your emotional brain will become very good at predicting all those what if blushing scenarios and it will use strong emotions and anxiety.

To try and get you to avoid or leave any social situation where there is a remote chance of you going red.

It is perfectly natural to want things to go well and for you to want to remain cool and calm.

But this can not be achieved, if you're constantly worrying about going red.

Because this will send your anxious mind and body into overdrive which will hold you stuck in a constant state of worry and anxiety, which will just make your blushing much worse.

It is not healthy or helpful, to spend so much of your time dwelling on and worrying about going red. 

All that worry and fear of going red or the fear of meeting somebody, having the attention turned on you, being asked a question or being put in any of those social triggers that might cause you to go red.

Will result in you scaring yourself silly which will make you incapable of relaxing socially, putting your views across and being yourself.

When you play it safe, fight with your thoughts and feelings, try to not go red, avoid a situation or you worry about going red. 

You will increase and intensify the strong negative emotions until you put yourself in such a nervous state of fear, anticipation and dread.

Making you want to avoid or quickly leave the social situation.

Should the slightest amount of attention, then be turned on you. 

You will freeze, feeling emotionally overwhelmed. 

Causing you to panic, become self conscious and inwardly focused on the emotions and rising heat in your face and the more tense, sensitive and aware you become of the heat in your face.

The more you will try and fight with it and redder and redder you will go.

This is what happens when you constantly allow or you train your emotional brain to learn to fear or try and predict all those endless, what if blushing scenarios in your mind.

The average blusher. Will dwell on and worry about, what has happened or what they don't want to happen which will train your mind to fear and worry about, every possible blushing eventuality.

As they keep running those what if unpleasant feeling blushing scenarios in their mind. 

They will make those imaginings more and more vivid and it will make them feel more and more real and scary.

As your brain gets taken over by all those strong negative emotions and stressful physical response. 

It will increase the intensity of the feelings which will make it much more difficult for you to relax, think clearly and remain cool, calm and composed.

One important thing to be aware of. 

Thinking about blushing or trying to forcefully stop it or trying to suppress your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Will not help, it will only make your situation much more severe.

To much thinking, worrying or over analysing your blushing, will affect your ability to relax socially.

When you learn how to detach yourself from your anxious mind and you learn to change the way you respond to all those situations, where before, you would have gone red.

You will start to blush less and less and it will become shorter and shorter in duration until it is no longer noticeable.

The key to stop blushing is not to carry on worrying and fighting with it so you prevent all that emotional arousal in your mind and stress, adrenaline and tension in your body, that results in all the redness in your face.

The more overly aware and sensitive you become about the rise in heat in your face. The more self conscious you will feel

The key is not to try and control or stop your thoughts and fight with your body.

The trick is learn how to calm your mind and body, stay calm around those anxious thoughts and change the way you feel and react.

Because you can learn to feel safe and OK without all the excessive thinking and worrying.

What is happening to your body, when you blush?

Understanding the psychological and physiological reasons why you blush is incredibly important. If you want to cure your anxiety and end your excessive blushing.

When those thoughts start building up or the emotions and anxiety begins to rise and intensify. 

Your body starts to tense up, adrenaline is released into the body which can causes your heart to beat faster, your stomach might begin to churn and your breathing becomes shallow and rapid.

Once this process has begun to happen. 

The only option is to start to relax. Take some slow deep breaths, focus outwardly, hum or sing a happy tune, smile and begin to release any tension.

Blushing is a emotional, chemical and physical response that is triggered by an outside stressful circumstance, stimuli or trigger social situation.

Blushing is caused through anxiety, which has become attached to strong and intense feelings of embarrassment, shame, ridicule, fear and guilt.

A blushing episode, is often proceeding by anxious thoughts and imaginings or when the focus of attention is suddenly turned on you.

When you imagine "what if" blushing scenarios in your mind you will attach fearful feelings to those situations that will cause you to panic and react with fear, if you have to face that situation for real.

The reason why you blush so intensively and long in duration is really all down to the emotional and physical state that you're in at the time it happens.

Once you have taught yourself to react calmly to your thoughts and imaginations and you take control of your stressful and tense responses.

Then you will be well on your way to overcoming this problem.

A blushing problem occurs when you mix and link strong emotions such as embarrassment, fear and shame with your fight, flight freeze responses.

At some point you have attached your fight, flight, freeze response with blushing and previous negative embarrassing social situations.

Maybe you reacted badly or somebody pointed it out to you, in front of others, which made you feel bad.

This probably upset you and sent you on a mission to try and defeate your blushing and anxiety.

What you probably did not realize was.

Trying to stop blushing, not wanting to go red or wanting to avoid or leave any social situations where you know it might happen.

Has conditioned your mind to associate blushing with. Your in danger.

This has strengthened those fearful and negative neural associations and pathways of fear and anxiety to all your previous embarrassing trigger situations.

Everytime you're then put in one of those social trigger situations that might make you blush or feel ashmamed or embarrassed.

Your fight, flight, freeze response is activated.

This cause you to either. 

React with fear or you will freeze and feel emotional overwhelmed.

As those strong negative emotions intensify.

Adrenaline is then released into your body which sets off your fight or flight response, which results in the redness in your face.

As the emotions intensify and as you feel the heat in your face rising.

This makes you feel even more self conscious and embarrassed.

Making you feel like you just want to hide your face or get away from the situation.

The trouble is. The more you fight and try to stop it from happening, the worst it gets and the more you will intensify those fearful and embarrassing emotions and physical responses.

What you really need to be focusing on to end your blushing for good

The blushing episode is triggered by anxiety, which fuels the release of adrenaline which activates the stressful responses in your body.

As the rush of adrenaline is released into your body. 

Your heart rate increases, your breathing becomes rapid and shallow, your muscles tighten and the blood vessels in your face widen, which allows all the rush blood into your face.

Why your veins open to allow the blood into your face. Nobody really seems to know.

From an evolutionary perspective.

It could be a way to communicate to your attacker to back off. It could be a sign of surrender or it could have been an admission of guilt or even a sign of how you're feeling within.

A red face is certainly linked to your posture and physiology, such as a submissive shortened posture or a tense and rigid, defensive posture.

This stressful response is your body's way of priming you up to fight or run away from the perceived threat.

But as you logically, know. There is no real threat. The danger only exists within.

Blushing is also triggered by low confidence emotions and negative thoughts and feelings.

If adrenaline, stress, low confidence and anxiety are the reasons why you blush excessively and intensively. 

The way to end your excessive blushing can be achieved by breaking the fight, flight, freeze link and response and learning how to reduce your anxiety, stress and tension.

This should involve a completely new strategy and attitude which should be aimed at learning to

  • Calm your mind
  • Relax your body
  • Breaking the danger and fight or flight connection
  • Control the way you respond
  • Feeling good
  • Keeping active
  • Healthy eating-lifestyle
Now you know that it is your fight, flight, freeze response that is responsible for much of your blushing.

You can give up thinking about blushing, because that is not your real problem.

it is also incredibly important that you cease trying to fight, stop and defeat your blushing. 

Because that approach will take you down a dead end path where there is no possible way out.

If you fight with your feelings, thoughts and emotions then they will defeat you every time and it will fuel more anxiety, stress, tension and excessive and uncontrollable blushing.

You main focus of attention should now be given to breaking the fight, flight, freeze response and learning how to calm your mind and control your body.

You probably feel like or you deploying safety measures and avoidance tactics.

Such as:

  • Trying to hide your blushing
  • Avoiding any trigger social situations
  • Leaving a trigger social situation
The big downside to using safety and avoidance tactics is it strengthens the fight, flight, freeze connections and it  actually conditions your mind to fear the situations even more.

Another thing that strengthens the fight, flight, freeze link is when you react badly to a social situation that has embarrassed you or caused you to go red.

If it does happen. 

Avoid dwelling on it, reacting bad to it, hating yourself or making it a big deal, at al cost.

Your goal is to educate your mind that you couldn't care less if you blush.

The real important thing to realize is.

You cannot stop blushing by trying to stop blushing.

Whatever you try and stop.

Whether that be your thoughts, feelings or blushing. You will create more of them.

The only way to stop blushing is by learning how to calm your mind and control your feelings, emotions and stressful and fearful responses.

Uncertainty, insecurity and blushing

What nearly all blushers want the most is certainty.

Certainty that they will not go bright red.

The truth is, you can never have absolute certainty that you will not blush.

Therefore, the next best option and approach has to be.

Teaching yourself how to live with with and accept uncertainty.

If you can condition yourself to accept that you might go red and be OK with that.

Or you keep telling yourself.

"Whatever happens, you'll be OK"


Whatever it is that you're worried about or feel scared about you tell yourself.

"If that happens, you'll be OK.

Then this will help you to learn to relax around uncertainty and it will help to ease the emotional arousal.

Keep telling yourself, everytime you find yourself worrying about going red or you are having those what if blushing thoughts.

" I couldn't care less if I blush and I am not botherd what others might think or say"

The need for certainty is coming from a fearful place for the need to feel safe and secure.

The reality is. With blushing and socializing. 

Blushing cannot harm you, it never has and it never will.

And when you're at work or socializing, you're not actually in any immediate danger, therefore the anxiety is not necessary or appropriate.

The need for certainty is actually causing you to become disconnected from who you really are.

Which is calm and free flowing, positive energy.

Everything has to do with feelings.

Fearing and needing certainty, causes you to enter a negative state of resistance and physical and emotional trauma and unbalance.

Acceptance and being OK with the worse case scenario and practising getting out if your head and putting all your attention externally or what others are saying.

Can help to ground you in the present moment and restore you back to your most natural and confident, feel good best.

Remember you can only feel anxious.

If you allow your past to make you feel upset or anxious or you worry and fear the future.

Knowing how to calm your mind and knowing how to stop a blush from occurring before it happens is the best way to calm uncertainty.

And it is by far the best way to ease you anxious mind, give you a sense safety and security and give you full control of your body and life.

A very important and highly essential part of your recovery is to learn how to reduce your stress and release and tension.

All the fear and anxiety will cause you to feel even more stressed and tense.

An out of aligned posture or a tense and stiff posture will cause you more anxiety, more feelings of insecurity, more blushing and it will decrease your self confidence and self esteem significantly.

Worry less, blush Less

What fuels all your blushing episodes is all the worry and anxiety.

You are probably wondering, how to I forget or stop worrying about blushing.

The answer is.

You cannot literally force yourself to forget about it and you cannot stop yourself from thinking about it as that just fuels more of the same.

If you struggle with your anxious thoughts and feelings they will escalate, persist and become more emotionally intense.

What you can do though, is.

You can train yourself to react calmly around your anxious and worry thoughts and feelings.

The key is mindfulness.

Mindfulness is not about trying to stop your negative thoughts and feelings nor is it about trying to defeat, suppress and numb them

I am sure you have well and truly had enough of trying all that by now and I imagine you just want to find ways that will end your daily suffering and blushing, instead of fuelling it.

Mindfulness is all about being consciously aware of your anxious thoughts and feelings.

Once you become aware of them, you can learn to change the way you respond to them.

Anytime you notice you're having those anxious thoughts, imagining and feelings.

Do not freak out or panic.

Just accept them and completely surrender to them and let them go.

If the negative thoughts enter your mind or the anxious feelings start to manifest in your body.

Acknowledge them, let the thoughts enter your mind and just relax around them. 

Release any tension that you're holding onto, take some slow deep breaths and just watch your thoughts and feelings from a place of calm detachment.

Become the conscious observer and refuse to become emotionally involved or bothered by your anxious thoughts and feelings.

Just carry on relaxing and focusing on the symptoms, sensations and feelings.

Without reacting, without wanting to stop them or without wanting to do anything at all.

If you leave your mind and you leave your feelings be and you focus all your attention on relaxing.

Just let yourself know, they are just thoughts and feelings and let them calmly pass through you and away.

What you will discover is. Your feelings will quickly dissolve and your mind will become calm and still and you will quickly return to a state of inner peace.

And you will have learned a vital life lesson, that there was a much better to manage your thoughts and feelings that will prevent all that unnecessary emotional daily suffering.

Just let yourself know, you are safe in this present moment and they are just thoughts and feelings and allow them to pass straight on through you and away.

If you go red on the outside, don't ever allow it to mess you up again, on the inside.

Justs accept it and let it go.

Once you're feeling calm you can imagine yourself in that situation feeling cool, calm and composed.

You can also work on changing and challenging the beliefs behind your fears and worries.

How To Stop Excessive Blushing Naturally

If you are suffering daily with an excessive blushing problem 

There is a natural, effective and a life changing step by step guide to help you reduce your anxiety and stop yourself from blushing. 

The program will teach you how to to the all important vital step of detaching your fight, flight, freeze response away from all those embarrassing situations which make you go red.

You'll also learn techniques to reprogram your mind, deal with the automatic blushing thoughts and teach yourself the all important technique of preventing a blush, before it occurs.

Once you know what to do, when you're about to go red, which will allow you to stop all that intense heat and redness in your face, will give you a huge sense of relief, confidence and optimism.

Knowing you have the tools to stop a blush before it happens. 

Will give you the confidence and faith that you can finally rid yourself of this problem for good, both psychologically and physiologically.

The Blush Free Solution has been created by a former chronic blusher Gary Ambrosh

Because the author has severely suffered with an excessive blushing problem in the past and overcome it.

He knows the exact reasons that cause it and he knows how to get results as fast as possible.

If you feel you need help to end your blushing nightmare so you can start enjoying and start living.

You might be interested in the Blush Free Solution

Your goal should be, continuous and progressive betterment

Overcoming your excessive blushing and your social anxiety is a progressive process that takes learning, time and effort on your behalf.

Because, understanding, time and application is needed if you want to make the positive changes that are going to help you to cure this problem.

The only effective way to overcome your blushing and anxiety is to put in the effort and for you to take the time.

You will have setbacks at times, especially at the start.

The important thing is. Do not be put off by them. 

Just shrug them off and make sure you learn something from each blushing setback, so you come back better, more confident and stronger the next time.

If you continue to struggle and fight with your blushing, your emotions and your anxiety.

Then the anxiety will escalate and your blushing will be more intense, longer in duration and it will happen more frequently.

On the other hand.

If you learn how to calm your anxious mind, relax your body and change the way you react.

Then your anxiety will disappear and you will be able to prevent all that embarrassing heat and redness in your face and all that self consciousness in your mind.

Pre-paving the way, can help you to feel more relaxed and calm in those blushing inducing, situations

Another tip is:

On the onset of any fear or anxiety:

Immediately, begin to relax your body. 

Release any tension, smile and take some deep breaths. 

Breathe in for the count of five, hold your breath for 3 and then slowly breathe out for the count of seven.

You can also distract yourself, hum a happy tune to yourself or imagine yourself on a beautiful beach, engaging with all your five senses. 

Focus on what you can:

  1. See
  2. Hear
  3. Feel
  4. Taste
  5. Smell
Smiling alone can quickly calm you down as it will indicate to your mind that you are safe and secure.

Things like visualizing and imagining yourself in those feared or challenging situations feeling cool, calm and safe cann help.

You can use your mind and body to help you relax.

Self hypnosis to end your blushing and social anxiety are also a helpful part of your recovery program as they can help you to reprogram your mind to change the way you respond.

For some people. Blushing can be linked to insecurity and low confidence.

Building your self confidence will also help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable when you're socializing.

Anxiety and fear is also a physical thing. Therefore it is important to relax, exercise and keep active.

Now you know this. Your dominant intention should be shifted of your blushing and put on to doing things that you enjoy and spending some time deeply relaxing and exercising.

Low confidence emotions and blushing

Anxiety and fear, which become attached to the social situations that embarrass, shame or humiliate you are one of the reasons for the redness in your face as does fearing blushing.

But there is another emotional and physical state that is responsible for the heat and redness in your face, which is the low confidence emotions.

These low confidence emotions and feelings. Will immediately trigger the explosion of heat and redness in your face should you be put in a blushing inducing situation.

Blushing is linked to insecurity which is all tied into your fight, flight, freeze response.

As we have already mentioned. 

Your fight or flight response is linked to fear and anxiety, which involves the release of adrenaline and the activation of your stress response, which causes the dilation of the blood vessels in your face which leads to the redness in your face.

The freeze response is also a part of your defence and safety mechanism which is linked to the submissive and surrender posture and state.

It is as bit like the rabbit in the head light scenario where the rabbit becomes paralysed and overpowered with fear.

When you enter the freeze state. it is as if your emotional brain is signaling to your attacker that you are surrendering and asking to be left alone.

The redness in your face, from and evolutionary perspective. Seems to be your emotional brains way of revealing to your attacker that you want to submit.

The submissive posture is when we cower and shrink and shorten in stature.

This shrinking posture can become a habitual way of responding.

If you slouch, bend forwards, drop your head. Or you have a collapsed or out of aligned and balanced posture.

Then this can put you into the low confidence and submissive state and in this posture and physiology, you will find that you blush easily and often.

Our posture and physiology affects how we feel, our thought processes and how we respond.

Don't underestimate the power of a calm, poised, relaxed and balanced posture and the negative effects of a tense or collapsed posture.

Remember, your posture and your muscles are both directly linked to your fight, flight, freeze response and yoyr thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The video below will help you to feel more calm, poised and confident.

Your breathing is also very important.

When people are anxious and stressed. Their breathing becomes shallow, some may even hold their breaths and tense their body.

The slightest bit of tension, can interfere with our breathing.

This is why it is important to have good poise, balance and body alignment. 

It is also important to try and not bend forwards or hunch your back when you're sitting down.

Do not stand and sit up straight and ridgid. The video, further down below will show you the ideal way to sit without tension and without collapsing.

Other things that cause low confidence emotions are:

  • Low self esteem and not feeling worthy
  • Low moods or depression
  • Tiredness, feeling run down and exhausted
  • Negative and pessimistic thinking 
  • Feelings of hopelessness 
  • Poor diet 
  • Slouching, allowing your spine to collapse, your body to become out of alignment or leaning back 
  • During colds and viruses 
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Physical exhaustion and fatigue
  • Negative self talk
The opposite to low confidence emotions is happy and feeling good and balanced, so work on increasing your happiness, get adequate good quality sleep as well as plenty of rest and relaxation. 

Allowing your spine to collapse, letting your back curve in a C shape, having a rounded posture, bending forwards or letting your body become out of alignment will quickly drain your energy and put you in a low confidence, insecure and negative mood.

Gratitude is a good way to feel good, so is being at peace and being present in the now. So do whatever it takes to make you feel good, do the things you enjoy and give up thinking about blushing because the positive emotions are what you want to feel.

Exercise or stay active but do not physically overdo things, you must not become burnt out as this can seriously lower your mood. 

Try to reduce the amount of stimulants that you intake like cutting back on to much sugar, caffeine and alcohol. 

Some people are food intolerance or food sensitive and this can have a negative impact on their moods and how they feel.

Do not dehydrate, dehydration can leave you feeling tired, more anxious, sad and low on energy, drinking cool water can also help to lower your core body temperature. 

Drink small amounts often and avoid consuming large amounts of water in a short period, the idea is to keep yourself topped up, because drinking too much in one go will not work way and it can be dangerous. 

To much bad thinking and wrestling your problems to ground will drain your energy and dis-empower you so the antidote to bad thinking is constructive and optimistic thinking or even just thinking about everyday neutral types of thoughts. 

The best way to end bad thinking is to pay it no attention, then think about something more pleasant, if what you're thinking about is making you feel bad, then it is time to change the subject.

Your confidence can very quickly desert you at anytime, we all make mistakes and we all have bad days so do not be hard on yourself and allow yourself to get things wrong from time to time, because perfection is one of the biggest confidence killers. 

If you do go red or you do not come across in any situations very well, have the attitude of so what, it is no big deal, then forget about it otherwise you will create a fear of that situation.

To much bad thinking and wrestling your problems to ground will drain your energy and dis-empower you so the antidote to bad thinking is constructive and optimistic thinking or even just thinking about everyday neutral types of thoughts. 

The best way to end bad thinking is to pay it no attention, then think about something more pleasant, if what you're thinking about is making you feel bad, then it is time to change the subject.

Your confidence can very quickly desert you at anytime. 

We all make mistakes and we all have bad days so do not be hard on yourself and allow yourself to get things wrong from time to time, because perfection is one of the biggest confidence killers.

Get into the habit of praising yourself up for every big or little achievement that you do.

It can become a habit to always focus on the worse case scenario or constantly beat yourself up.

Try to find positive things to say to yourself.  Keep on telling yourself that you're good enough.

If you feel anxious or you are worried about blushing.

Try and make yourself go red

Doing some reverse psychology and deliberately try and make yourself go red, can actually help to prevent it from happening.

If you know that you're about to go red.

Relax your shoulders, smile, take some slow deep breaths and then calmly tell yourself.

"I want to ge as red as I possible can, if you start to go red, keep trying to make yourself go redder".

If you feel anxious because your about to blush. Repeatedly tell yourself silently to yourself.

"I want to blush, whilst focus on your breathing and relaxing".

Avoid too many stimulants like sugary snacks, alcohol and caffeine or anything else that stimulates you and makes you feel stress.

If you want to overcome your social anxiety and blushing fears, you have to learn how to face the feared social situation.

The above techniques can help you to control your blushing.

If you freeze, panic or you become emotionally overwhelmed.

Try adjusting your physiology, release any tension, distract yourself like humm or silently sing some happ tune  to yourself or move about, get up and sit down again or do something to snap yourself out of that state.

Making as much effort to relax yourself before you face those fearful situations, will further help you.

Get enough of the daily recommended, essential vitamins and minerals.

Magnesium is known as the natural relaxing and calming mineral. Also make sure you have sufficient amounts of the omega 3 good fats.

Things like food intolerance and food sensitivity can affect how you feel.

A good healthy well balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is a must, if you want to free yourself from this problem.

You will go red much more easily, if you are feeling stressed or tense

Stress and tension is one of your worst enemies. It will be very hard for you to control your blushing and your emotions if you're feeling overly tense or stress.

Tension and stress mimics your fight and flight survival response and mechanism.

When you are feeling stressed and tense. 

Your mind will mistakenly interpret this as something bad is going to happen so again, it will go on high alert to danger.

Stress is part of your fight or flight response and it is liked to your sympathetic nervous system which triggers the release of adrenaline, the stress response and it is what is responsible for the redness in your face.

This means. When your muscles are tense, you will tend to feel more anxious and the more tense you are the more blood will be forced into your face.

Stress and tension will put you at the point of no return and if you are put in a blushing inducing situation. This will significantly increase the chances of you going red.

Tension in the mind and body will also make you feel more uncomfortable and more on edge.

Therefore it is a wise to use techniques like meditation and self hypnosis to help you reduce and manage your stress levels.

Another thing that will cause tension in the body are when you're standing or sitting in a tense or stiff and rigid posture.

Avoid trying to stand or sit up straight or too tall as this can cause muscle stiffness.

Watch the video below on how to sit and stand comfortably, with the least amount of tension.

Blushing and all the worry will cause stress, anxiety and tension.

All of these are physical symptoms.

Exercising and keeping active are great ways to ease all the stress, tension and symptoms of anxiety. It will also help to boost your mood.

It is important to keep active and to try and sit, stand and move with poise and balance, with the least amount of stress and tension.

Relaxation methods are also essential.

Tai-chi is a good way to release tension and stress and train yourself to move with poise, ease and balance.

Anything that can relax you and help you feel good is a benefit and anything that stimulates you and causes you too much stress, needs to be eliminated.


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