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Ending Your Excessive Blushing And Your Emotional Pain

How To Become A  Calmer, Relaxed And More Socially Confident You?

So what's all the worry and anxiety about, over a bit of heat in your face.

Sounds silly, when you stop and think about it for a minute, but it is a real deliberating problem that can diminish your whole quality of life. 

The reality of this problem is.

Even though, you know it cannot hurt you physically, you're reacting as if you're about to face and impending danger to your life many times during your day.

And even though it cannot physically cause you any pain. The emotional pain and suffering that you are putting yourself through can cause you immense pain, misery and stress.

Most people will not understand or come close to realizing how devastating a blushing problem can be. 

Some people might find it amusing or they will try to tell you it is cute. 

But they are not coming from the same perspective and emotional suffering as you are.

But it is not funny and it can a real big issue and problem for many people.

This is not like a normal fear, which you can avoid. 

Blushing as its roots in socializing. Therefore, it is not possible or appropriate to avoid, escape or hide from.

Socializing, is supposed to be enjoyable and not something you should have to fear or feel like your only option is to avoid the situation.

On top of this, you have all the worry, anxiety and stress, which can also have a negative effect on your well-being and health.

If you're struggling alone right now, do not worry, because you're not alone. There are thousands of people who too, are going through the same emotional suffering.

The good news is. You can begin to reduce your blushing and anxiety and return back to a normal life again.

But, it is not just blushing, you have to contend with, you also have the fear of somebody making a comment or point it out, that just makes it a whole lot worse.

Or they ask you those silly questions like.

What have you gone red for, as if you have done it on purpose.

These are meaningless and not very well thought out questions.

No blusher, wants to react, with the stress response and turn beet-root red in front of all to see.

If it happens, let it go and think about something else.

Tell yourself, you're OK, it doesn't matter, it's no big deal as this will you help stop you creating more blushing feared scenarios. Laugh it off, if you can.

Because if you want to start to overcome your facial redness, you need to begin to reduce your social fears, not add to them.

The less you care about it happening, the less it happens

The more you care about it, fear it, worry about it and think about, the more it will happen, and it soon trap you in the grip of a vicious cycle.

Once you get trapped in this vicious cycle and endless loop, it will become an internal battle with your thoughts and feelings.

Once you get drawn into an internal battle with your thoughts and feelings. They will beat you and defeat you every single time.

The best advice I can give you is.

You cannot beat, forceful stop or defeat your blushing, thoughts and feelings. If you could, there wouldn't be so many still people struggling with this problem.

That approach, just causes more stress, anxiety, adrenaline and tension which will cause you to lose control of your responses and your emotions will run riot. And you will go red more often.

What you can do, is to work on your feelings and emotions.

Because the solution to overcoming your blushing is to treat the real root cause of it. 

Because by the time you have turned bright red, it is already too late and it is a case of, limiting the intensity and duration of it.

The solution is all about learning how to be in more in control of your feelings, body and responses.

Let me ask you a few questions
  1. Are you focused on your problem or the solution? 
  2. Are you focused on what you want or what you don't want?
  3. Are you mainly in the emotional and physical state of anxiety, worry and stress or are you mainly in calm and happy emotional and physical states
If you're always worrying and feel anxious about blushing. Your mainly focused on the problem, not the solution. This will cause more negative and stressful feelings.

This means you will be also focused on what you don't want to happen. 

When you're focusing on what you don't want. Again, you're creating more fear, tension negativity, anxiety and stress.

This will hold you stuck in those fearful, stressful and negative states of anticipation and worry. 

This is not a very good strategy. Because blushing happens much more often  
  1. When you are worrying about it 
  2. When you're focused on what you don't want 
  3. When you're experiencing stress, anxiety and tension
When you were a very young child. 

You did not think about blushing, you did not worry about it happening, you did not care if it happened, you were not stressed and anxious and you were not imagining and anticipating it happening.

So you, wasn't feeling anxious, tense, stressed or afraid. And guess what. It never happened.

All you have to do is return back that young, carefree, relaxed and happy child.

Fear, stress, tension and anxiety are responsible for much of the redness in your face. Low confidence emotions and feeling low and sad, also trigger redness in your face.

What this means. If you want to end your excessive and frequent redness in your face. You need to be able to change the way you respond and learn how to manage your feelings and emotions.

The less you care about it, and the more relaxed and happy you feel, the less it will happen. 

The more you worry about it and the more anxious, tense and stressed you feel, the more it will happen.

Trying to find ways to stop your blushing. Will also make, your blushing happen more often and it will be more intense and longer in duration.

If you feel you're about to blush, try not to pay it any attention or acknowledge the fact that you're going red. Just relax your shoulders, distract yourself and take some slow, deep breaths and push your stomach out.

Try and avoid saying to yourself "I'm blushing or I might blush". If you start to have those blushing thoughts, take no notice of them. 

If it does happen, laugh and shrug it off. Do not dwell on it or give it any negative attention, otherwise you will create a fear of that situation.

Overcoming your insecurities

Blushing and anxiety are often linked to fear and insecurity. 

We all have our own range of inner securities, which can affect our self esteem and self confidence.

Some of our insecurities, can be linked to our body image or something that we are not happy about ourselves.

Others are down to fear of being embarrassed, (That is a common one) our beliefs, our abilities and our perceived weaknesses.

The key here is. To let go of the things that you cannot change and focus on changing the things that you can change.

The way to stop your insecurities from diminishing you and destroying your life, is through self acceptance.

Start working on improving the things that you know, you can get better at.

For instance. If there is part of our body that we are not happy with, it may make us feel self conscious, which can affect our self esteem, which will affect how you feel and come across socially.

Because that is something that you cannot really change. It is far better to accept it, accept yourself, forget it and let it go.

If you feel insecure because you feel shy, you feel inadequate, you think that you're not good enough or you're not equal enough or you're not worthy enough. 

Then this is something that you can and should change.

The thing to be aware of. If you convince your mind something for long enough, your mind will start to believe it and accept it as being true, and it will act upon these beliefs.

Knowing this, doesn't it make sense, to only focus on or see yourself as how you would like to be or feel.

When you're worried or you're having one those low confidence moments or you feeling a bit insecure in yourself. 

Go back in time and look for those times when you previously handled a similar type of situation well and you remained cool, calm and comfortable.

Then, let you know. That you have done it before, and you have got the ability and confidence to do it now.

The golden rule is to, decide on what you can work on, and then put all your energy into taking action on the things that you can change so you can begin to start getting better and better.

Your mind will believe everything that you tell yourself. If you convince yourself negative things about you, then in time you become that negative you.

The good news is, If you start to convince yourself positive and good things about you, then bit by bit you will begin to become that better you.

You blushing is one those things that can be put into the category of things that you can do something about.

You're not going to fix this problem overnight, but you can start to make progressive and continuous  progress and improvements.

And you will be surprised at how quickly you can stop your excessive and intense blushing, with the right tools and information.

And the more you start to witness and notice the positive results and progress that you have started to make, the more inspired you will be, to keep on learning and making you and your life better and better.

There is a reason why you go red so often

There is a reason why you blush excessively and feel anxious, socially, because they don't just happen.

Once you realize what is causing it, you can begin to work on changing it.

Usually, the excessive redness in your face and your anxiety is due to a combination of things.

But the main reasons are down to your emotional state and your fight, flight freeze response.

You know how it goes. All eyes and all the attention, are suddenly turned on you. 

These causes you to freeze and become emotionally paralyzed, all your attention goes on to the rising heat in your face.

As you become more self aware of the temperature in your face, you just remain emotionally overwhelmed as you feel powerless to prevent the increasing heat in your face.

It is all to do with your mindset, emotions and your physiology. This means it is both an emotional and physical state.

The two main emotional states that trigger the redness in your face and body are.
  • The emotion associated with fear 
  • The emotion associated with low confidence and unhappiness
Blushing soon starts to happen because, you fear it might happen and it happens more, merely because you expect it to happen and you are waiting for it to happen and you are constantly worried about the next time it might happen.

One of the biggest mistake that you can make, is to decide that you want to never go red again.

The reason for this is, because you want to stop, avoid the situations where it could happen or try to make it not happen. 

Your mind will learn to fear it, and because fear makes it happen more. It will trap you in an endless loop and vicious cycle.

Your blushing and anxiety happens because your mind and body have learned to react with fear in various different social situations.

And the only reason why your mind reacts with fear, is because it has come to associate your trigger social blushing situations, as being threatening and dangerous.

To you, although it does not logically make any sense for your mind to react with fear in the absence of any real danger.

The part of your mind that controls your fight, flight, freeze response, has no idea that the danger is not real.

And it will carry on reacting with fear in these types of social situations, thinking it is protecting you.

Until you learn how to change the way you react and you change the thoughts, beliefs, bad memories and negative associations, that are triggering your anxiety.

Some of the thoughts and beliefs that are making you feel anxious, are down too 
  • Your fear of going red/embarrassment 
  • You do not feel as if you can cope or handle the social situations 
  • You cannot handle or you will not accept the facial redness 
  • You think that you're not good enough 
  • You are over sensitive
  • You fear what people, say about you
  • You care to much about that others think
  • You fear people disapproving of you
You are stuck in a vicious cycle and endless loop, because your limiting beliefs and thought processes have never been changed.

The more you become aware and overly sensitive of the heat in your face and the more you freeze, panic and give it your attention, the hotter your face will become.

The same applies with your feelings of fear and anxiety. 

The more you become scared of your sensations of fear and the more you want to avoid any feelings of discomfort. 

Because you will want to avoid the social situations which make you feel anxious or where you might go red. You will strengthen and increase your fear and anxiety.

Avoidance is a part of your fight, flight, freeze response. 

What this means is, your mind quickly learns to associate the things you want to avoid happening as being dangerous.

As it is not always appropriate or good for you to avoid virtually all social interaction. 

And it is not the best policy or in your best interest, to want to avoid or leave any social situation, where there is a remote chance that you might go red.

The less aware you are and the less negative attention you give to your facial redness and your anxiety, the less they will both happen.

You only go bright red so much because you care and worry too much about it happening and because you are trying to make it stop.

As you have probably already realized by now.

You cannot outrun or defeat your emotions, and worrying about going red and trying to stop it happening, does not help, it just makes it worse.

The best thing that you can do is. Stop caring if it happens, stop caring about what others might say about you.

Only focus on working on feeling, happy, calm and balanced and teach yourself how.

There are always ways to feel better. 

It is a good idea to start to process and express your emotions. 

One way of doing this is. If you have gone red or if you have felt anxious and uncomfortable.

At the end of the day. Focus on your experience and write down how you felt at the time in one column, then write down how you would like to feel in that situation, in another column.

Fear and anxiety are just your mind trying to guess what might happen. The reality is though, the danger only exists within your imagination. So why should you take it seriously.

You can hijack your over protective mind by replying. 

"What if nothing bad happens, what if everything goes well"

However unpleasant fear feels. It cannot hold you back and prevent you from doing what you want or stop you from being yourself.

As Susan Jeffers once said.

"Feel the fear, and do it anyway"

Don't allow the fear of what might happen, cause you to play it safe.

If you want to end your excessive blushing, instead of carrying on going around in circles with the same old exhausting thought processes, fears, worries and stressful facial redness responses.

A far better and more rewarding approach would be to learn how to control your mind and body and teach yourself how to stop a blush in its tracks.

Because, once you know how to prevent yourself from turning red, when it is about to happen. 

You won't have any more worries about it happening, all the pressure on you will begin to lift and for once, you will have control over it, rather than allowing it to control you.

And then find something more interesting, worthwhile, positive and more pleasing, to focus all your attention and energy on.

Change your physiology

Some of your social fears could date back to your very early childhood years.

Maybe you were shy or quiet or perhaps somehow you managed to associate things like being the center of attention with being, threatening.

Blushing is not all in the mind.

Your physiology and posture has a lot to do with whether you go red or how anxious you feel and how good you feel.

Blushing has its roots in the negative feelings and emotional states. 

Whether you go bright red or not, depends largely on what physical and emotional state you're in at the time it happens.

Ideally, you want to feel relaxed and happy.

Tension and stress in your body are linked to your fight, fight, freeze response. 

What this means is. If you're experiencing emotional tension or if you're sitting or standing, in tense postures. 

Then your mind will interpret this. Has something bad is about to happen. The same applies if you're feeling stressed.

So it is important to try and minimize your stress and keep your muscles as soft and relaxed as possible, without collapsing into a slump.

Because, although you should avoid tensing and stiffening your body.

Slouching, hunching your shoulders or leaning or bending forwards, are linked to insecurity.

Psychological things such as being shy, can affect your posture and cause your body tense and shorten in stature, in some social situations 

Or with certain people, especially authority figures, confident people or even the opposite sex.

This can cause you to feel inferior, which can make you tense up your body.

Overcoming this problem has a lot to do with feelings and emotions. 

When we feel tense, we are less confident and we have more trouble with anxiety and more tense  thoughts and imaginings.

You will also force more blood into your face, when you are tensing your body.

It is not because you're any different or they have never gone red before. It happens to everybody at times.

The reason why you have gone on to have such a big problem with it, whilst others don't is because.

They aren't so sensitive about it, and they don't see it as the end of the world scenario, when it has happened, and they don't make it their mission to try and defeat it.

The less you worry and care about it happening. The less it will happen.

Any time you feel bad. Let your mind know, that there is nothing more important for you, than to feel good now.

Do, whatever it takes to feel good.

If you want to end your excessive blushing and all the anxiety that comes with a blushing problem.

Let me give you a bit of important advice.

You cannot defeat your facial redness, neither can you defeat your anxiety. If you continue to fight with them or you carry on attempting to stop going red or you continue stop trying to feel anxious.

Then they will beat you everytime. 

If you carry on taking that route. It will lead you down a bleak and dark place, with no way out. 

Which will result in more anxiety, more stress and inevitably, more excessive and intense blushing.

How To Banish Your Blushing And Keep Your Face Cool And Calm

Your facial redness is an outward physical manifestation of an inward emotion. 

The two main emotions that are associated with embarrassment and facial redness.

Is the emotion that is associated with fear and the emotion that is associated with feelings of low confidence and feeling unhappy.

Fear and anxiety keep you stuck, going around in circles.

One of the best ways to stop fearing it. Is to change the ways you respond.

Yes, you can teach yourself to short circuit and break the blushing pattern, and when you know how to do that. 

With a bit of practice, you will be able to control your blushing and prevent all that excessive and intense heat and redness in your face.

Blushing follows a particular pattern and cycle, but not many people know, that you can intervene and stop this pattern, so you will prevent all that embarrassing facial redness.

Once you have proven to yourself, that you can stop a blush, when it is happening. 

There will be no need to worry about it or fear it anymore, and that will also help you tremendously in many positive ways.

One way to help you to stop blushing when you sense it is about to happen.

Is to take some slow, deep breaths, smile, relax your shoulders and try and make yourself go red or to tell yourself you want to blush repeatedly, until you have gained back control.

These techniques will help, but they're only coping tactics, and they won't, teach your brain, new ways of responding or perceiving things.

There are better ways and techniques, that can help you to begin to get your blushing problem under control and end your excessive blushing and anxiety for good.

If you feel as if you will benefit and find great relief from ending your anxiety, your fear of blushing and learn yourself how to stop a blush, before it happens.

Then there is a program called Blushing Free. 

That will teach you where you have been going wrong and it will tell you exactly what to do to prevent it from happening.

The program has been created by an ex chronic excessive blusher Gary Ambrosh, who is now living a blush free life, so he knows exactly what a blushing problem is and he knows the quickest way to stop it.

The program, will teach you how to short circuit the blushing response and patterns, so you can stop the heat and redness, in its tracks. 

This will allow you to prevent your face and body from turning bright red, thus avoiding all that unwanted attention, funny looks and those ridiculous, "why are you going red" comments.

But, it gets even better. Because once you master and end your excessive blushing. Gary will also teach you, how to begin to end your mild blushing which is the lesser problem.

If you want to break free from the vicious anxiety and blushing problem, for good.

You also need to learn how to banish those negative and anxious thoughts that are conditioning you to fear the social situations that cause your blushing responses.

Your automatic negative thoughts are actually instructing your mind to react with fear, which will inevitably, result in all the panic and excessive redness in your face.

Gary will also teach you, how to pick up and change those automatic anxious and negative thoughts that are responsible for all your stress and anxiety, and ultimately, the redness in your face.

Begin your blush free life, with Gary's Blushing Free Program.

Stopping the emotional arousal

We often start to feel worried, anxious and stressed when we learn that we have to face a situation where we know we might go red.

All of a sudden the anxiety kicks in and our mind goes on high alert to danger, causing symptoms of stress, anxiety and tension in the body.

If you don't quickly nip it in the bud. The negative momentum will gather pace, your mind will go on high alert to danger, panic will set in and your anxiety levels will increase.

Once you fight or flight and anxiety response has been activated. You cannot deactivate it.

If you engage in it and try to block it out or make it stop, it will just get worse and more intense.

All you can do to stop all the emotional arousal is to reassure your mind with things like. 
  • "It is OK to blush" 
  • "It's OK for me to be the center of attention"
  • "It's OK for me to feel anxious" 
  • What ever happen' I'll be OK"
  • I could not care less, what he/she/they might say
Can stem the anxiety, emotional arousal and stress, and if you keep affirming it to you, when you feel anxious, it can help to ease the fear and anxiety.

People who are anxious, spend a lot of time focusing on how anxious or uncomfortable they feel which can keep them stuck in a negative state.

After a while, this anxious and negative state and mindset, can be there norm.

The less attention you give to your anxious and negative feelings the better. Allow the emotion to rise up through your body and away.

To begin to change this, and to begin to trigger those good feeling emotions. Start to tell you, how great, you feel, how wonderful you feel and how happy and fantastic you feel.

There is a much better and faster way to End Your Blushing And Social Anxiety.

Learn to be OK with feeling uncomfortable

The reason why so many people have so much trouble with anxiety is because, they don't like to feel anxious or uncomfortable.

People will go to drastic measures, to try and avoid feeling anxious or uncomfortable.

The reality is. You cannot go through life, without experiencing a bit of discomfort, and sometimes you have to go through the discomfort, to process the emotion so you can expand and grow.

When you try to stop feeling uncomfortable, you will want to avoid all the social situations, that make you feel uncomfortable.

The trouble with avoidance tactics. Your mind soon learns to fear more, the situations or people that you want to avoid.

If you want to begin to feel less anxious, you have to face your challenging and stressful social  situations and learn to cease being afraid of your feelings and emotions.

The best thing to do is to Learn to be OK, with feeling uncomfortable, so you can process the emotion ad begin to eliminate the fear.

This can mean. Having to accept and embrace those unpleasant sensations and staying put, until the feelings subside.

If you're in a social situation, and you notice the onset of anxiety or you learn that you have to face a social situation, that would normally make you feel anxious.

Accept and acknowledge how you feel. Let you know, you are perfectly safe, and it is just feelings, that will soon pass.

Then, embrace and feel the feelings, and allow them to carry on. Just put on a big smile, relax your shoulders, release any tension, and take some slow deep breaths.

Observe your feelings, but carry on as normal as if nothing is happening.

Use your imagination wisely

The one thing all excessive blushers do is. 

Through the use of their imagination, they create a fearful and a traumatic social scenario, then they try to escape from or avoid that situation, because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Basically, you're creating a scary scenario in your head, and then you want to avoid that social situation.

If you're like most blushers, you spend a lot of time anticipating situations in your mind, where you might go red, which causes you sensations of fear in your body.

Anxiety is often a sign of intelligence and creativity, you're just using tour inner talents in self defeating ways, instead of putting it to good use.

But you can, you know, use your imagination to anticipate, things going well and seeing everything work out, and it is just as easy, and far less painful to envisage you being and feeling calm, cool and confident.

Always focus on how you want to be and feel. Because your energy will match, what you're imagining.

If you feel the onset of anxiety. You can begin to change the feelings by imaging that you're on a beautiful beach.

Engage all your senses and focus on what you can
  • See 
  • Hear 
  • Feel on your skin 
  • Smell 
  • Taste
Once a fearful thought has been activated, you cannot make yourself stop thinking about it.

People, worry endlessly for hours, days, weeks and months because they try to suppress, stop or block out their anxious thoughts.

The easiest way to stop your worry thoughts is to, leave your mind alone, and just relax, do not take the thoughts seriously, and just let them carry on. 

There is no need to react badly, judge or do anything, if you practice this, your mind will quickly calm itself.

When you try to stop your thoughts, you cause more emotional arousal.

It's all about learning to manage and change your state.

Very often. In between, the initial emotional response and the stressful and fearful response. 

Your mind will create images and sounds, of a potential blushing inducing scenario, which will cause your body to react with fear.

The video below will help you to stop the emotional response cause by those negative imaginings.

Are you the sensitive type?

People who suffer with blushing and social anxiety. Tend to be the sensitive or shy type, often they will feel ashamed and embarrassed, about their facial redness. 

If you fit this type of person. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed by your blushing or if you show yourself up or make a mistake. 

Also, try not to be too sensitive, to what others say about you. Learn to take a joke and try not to overly react to others. 

No one is perfect, nor should you try to be, so you need to give yourself a break.

Before you can overcome this problem, you will first need the right information, knowledge and then you will need to apply and implement that knowledge into your daily life.

The only difference between the person who overcomes their facial redness problem, and those who don't is. 

The person who overcomes their blushing problem. Learns what they are doing wrong and they make good use of that knowledge to change their lives.

Hopefully this article can help you to gain the knowledge and understanding you need, so in time you can end your blushing nightmare.

Daily rituals to change the way you feel

Without you realizing it, you have probably conditioned yourself to feel, think and react the way you do through years of worry, stress, negativity and a lack of belief in yourself and your abilities. 

Or you have bought into the belief that you're a shy or quiet person, or somehow, you think that you're not good enough or there must be something mentally or genetically wrong with you. All of which, are not true.

Blushing is linked to feelings of insecurity, so it is important to work on yourself and how you feel.

This is not something that can happen overnight, and you should start to incorportate some positive and new lifestyle changes and habits into your daily life. Repetition is the key, to your success.

These could include
  • Getting enough deep and relaxing sleep 
  • Getting your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals 
  • Having goals
  • Keeping active 
  • Taking up a hobby, like photography, painting, reading or other relaxing activities 
  • Positive self talk 
  • Drinking enough water and staying hydrated (Avoid drinking excessive amounts in one go)
The key to overcoming your blushing and anxiety, is not about trying to get rid of it, deal with it or fight it, which just generates more bad feelings.

The secret is about managing your feelings and responses, so what you should be working on, is learning to change the way you feel

Your body can determine the way you feel, smiling for a few minutes can improve your mood. The way you hold your body can change the way you feel.

Feel good, takes practice.

Each night and on awakening, allow yourself about ten minutes, to work on building your self esteem and conditioning yourself to feel good. 

If you go to bed in a negative state, you will wake up with the same negative thoughts and feelings, plus you will have.

Allow at least ten minutes me time, to relax and pamper yourself before you go to sleep. Take a bath, or switch off all your electrical devices half an hour before you go to bed, unwind and listen to some relaxing music.

There are plenty of relaxing music videos with natural beauty imagery on You Tube.

Before you drop off to sleep. Breathe in and breathe out and just let go of all the negative stuff that is stuck inside your head, and let you know, all is well.

Then, find five things that you're grateful for.

Develop a ten minute morning ritual, to set yourself up for the day.

Again, as you wake up. Find some things to be grateful and spend a few minutes showing some gratitude. 

Stand in front of the mirror, and tell you that you love and accept yourself. Then repeat ten times. "I am good enough".

Spend a few minutes, relaxing, and visualize your day going well. See yourself, being cool, calm and relaxed, in the typical situations that would make you blush or feel anxious.

Put some feel good music on, and spend a few minutes, taking some slow deep breaths, or have a few minutes exercise warm up, or go for a walk.

Make this a habit.

Release your tension

Muscle tension and stiffness are linked, to your fight or flight response, and your mind uses it as feedback.

This means, when you feel anxious and stressed, your muscles will tense, and if your muscles are tense and stiff, you will feel more threatened.

Our rapid response to a life threatening situation, allows us to escape from danger.

For people who suffer with anxiety and blushing, and the two are linked. This startled, fight or flight response, can become an habitual habit.

The fight or flight response, is also accompanied by an increase in your breathing, (Some may hold their breaths) and the release of adrenaline in your body.

Other physical symptoms are, stiffening of the muscles, pulling the back of your head down, contracting the neck muscles, hunching your shoulders and protruding the head forward.

Any feared social situation, can temporarily put you into this startled mode, some can even get permanently stuck in it.

Because, of the mind and body connection. In this fight or flight mode, you will tend to have more anxious thoughts and imaginings, and you will feel more socially threatened.

It is really important to move, stand and sit poised and balanced, with the least amount of tension.

Many of us have picked up some bad tension habits. Try to release any tension and avoid the urge to rush as this will trigger your stress response.

Be mindful, when you start to over tense your body, make an effort, not to grip things too tight and use the least amount of force and tension as possible.

The same applies with stress. Learn to relax and slow down. If you feel the urge to rush, deliberately pause and slow yourself down.

Relax and reduce your stress

Stress and tension cause heat in the body and redness in your face. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for you to keep those muscles relaxed and learn how to reduce your stress, so you cool your core body temperature.

Your stress and fear response are both linked and driven by the same emotional, physical and chemical process which causes much of the redness in your face.

Learning how to manage your thoughts, as mentioned above will help you to reduce your emotional stress. Remember, thoughts are not fact, so they can be challenged, dismissed and changed.

The other way to reduce your stress is learning how to relax and change the way you respond. Again, mindfulness is the key.

If any time you notice yourself feeling stressed, pause, and take some slow, deep breaths, to stop the momentum. Focus on your breathing to bring you back into the present moment.

Each day, find some me time. Practice some deeply relaxing techniques. Go for a walk, exercise or listen to some relaxing music.

Change the pattern

Blushing and anxiety follow a pattern of behavior, and it becomes a well practiced habit and a pattern of learned behavior which can become habitual.

If you find yourself feeling a bit anxious or you're worried that you're about to go red. Try and interrupt this pattern. Do the opposite of what you're doing.

Change your physiology, remember to breathe. If you're sitting, stand up for a few seconds. If you're standing still, move about.

If you're about to blush. Instead of trying not to blush. Let you know, silently and repeatedly. "I want to Blush".

Try and relax your muscles and take a long, deep, slow, out breath and push your stomach all the way out, then carry on breathing slowly, making sure you're, out breath, is longer than the in breath. 

At the moment you fear being put on the spot or being the center of attention, because you don't like it or you dread it happening.

The opposite of fear and dread, are love, like and enjoy. Each day, find somewhere quiet to relax, do some deep breathing, close your eyes. 

Then, imagining yourself loving and enjoying, all those social situations, where you used to react with fear and dread. 

Another exercise that you can use to reduce the emotional attachment is.

Each night think of a situation that made you feel anxious, perhaps a typical type of social situation or a stressful or anxious situation that happened to you during your day.

First, find somewhere to relax. When you're feeling relaxed, recall those thoughts, imaginings, or the actual situation.

Then try to keep your body relaxed around those thoughts and imagined stressful situations, and carry on thinking about the fearful situation whilst at the same time focusing on responding calmly.

This will help you train your body to stay calm. It is all about changing the feelings. Once you feel calm in that situation, you can then imagine yourself feeling cool, calm and comfortable.

Try not to react badly, to the heat in your face

Another problem for the blusher is, they can start to become too sensitive and too overly aware of any rise in heat or temperature in the face.

This can cause self consciousness in the mind which can result in negative feelings or it can cause you to react with fear and anxiety which can cause you to become tense which will force even more blood into your face.

There are many reasons that can cause a rise in temperature in the face, many are a result of body temperature fluctuations which aren't even visible externally.

You may think you're going bright red, when it is not the case. Try not to become overly sensitive or bothered by a bit of heat in the face.

Because your mind can quickly learn to associate blushing and the people and trigger situations that cause it, as being a threat that needs to be defeated or avoided and it will use anxiety and sensations of fear to alert you to when it might happen.

To make matters worse, you will have also attached fear too, whenever your face starts to warm up, making you panic more as well as making you feel more self conscious.

So try to become less sensitive when you notice your face getting warmer, everybody blushes slightly at times.

Also, try to keep your chore body temperature low, although you don't want to feel cold all the time, try to wear loose fitting clothes that leave you feeling comfortable and not too hot.

Stress, anxiety and tension will raise your body temperature, so try and stay cool and relax, ease your body.

Sometimes you can think that you're going red when you're not, before you assume that you're going bright red. Often what you're feeing, is a temperature fluctuation.

Care less about what others think or say

Try to care less what people think about you or say about you.

The real truth is you don't really care about the red face, it's the amount of meaning, fear and significance that you have attached to your face going red and the caring what other people think or might say, that you don't like.  

Lets, say, you went jogging and it made your face go red, it would not really bother you and you would not care if people noticed. 

But when you go red due to social embarrassment, everything changes because it makes you feel self-conscious, weak and ashamed, because you believe, you should have grown out of it by now.

One of the biggest fears, is the fear of what other people think, when it comes to socializing, we just care too much about what others think, and we somehow think that we have to impress them or perform perfectly in front of the.

But trying to be perfect is a bad way to live, and the reality is, people aren't spending all their time thinking about you, or judging you, because they are too wrapped up thinking about their issues and life, to give you a second thought.

So try not to care what other people think so much and don't presume they are all judging you or thinking about you because they're more concerned with their own issues and life. 

Try not to guess and imagine, what you think others are thinking about you either. People are more concerned about themselves and their own problems, than they are about you.

Sitting comfortably

The more comfortable you feel, the better. Many people give little thought to how they get in and out of their seat.

Many people will just flop into their seat and allow their body to collapse. When this happens, it won't be long before you start to feel uncomfortable and insecure.

Others will try to sit up too straight or rigid, because they have been told that it will make them feel more confident. But again, this can soon lead to muscle stiffness and it can put you into the startled mode.

The secret to feeling comfortable and confident. Is all to do with how you get in and out of your chair, ideally you want to make sure that you're sitting on your sit bones, so you are upright but relaxed.

Watch the videos below, on how to get in and out of your chair, so you sit relaxed and alert.

The low confidence emotions that cause the redness in your face

Fear is one emotion that can trigger redness in your face, but it's not the only one and although most experts focus on the worrying and fearing it which is critical many overlook the other emotional trigger.

The other emotion that is responsible for the redness in your face is the low confidence emotion.

When you're in a negative and the low confidence state, then the slightest of triggers many which would not trouble you normally can immediately light up your face.

Things that cause low confidence emotions are

  • Low self esteem and not feeling worthy
  • Low moods or depression
  • Tiredness, feeling run down and exhausted
  • Negative and pessimistic thinking 
  • Feelings of hopelessness 
  • Poor diet 
  • Slouching, allowing your spine to collapse, your body to become out of alignment or leaning back 
  • During colds and viruses 
  • Stress and anxiety
The opposite to low confidence emotions is happy and feeling good and balanced, so work on increasing your happiness, get adequate good quality sleep as well as plenty of rest and relaxation. 

Allowing your spine to collapse, letting your back curve in a C shape, having a rounded posture, bending forwards or letting your body become out of alignment will quickly drain your energy and put you in a low confidence, insecure and negative mood.

Gratitude is a good way to feel good, so is being at peace and being present in the now. So do whatever it takes to make you feel good, do the things you enjoy and give up thinking about blushing because the positive emotions are what you want to feel.

Exercise or stay active but do not physically overdo things, you must not become burnt out as this can seriously lower your mood. 

Try to reduce the amount of stimulants that you intake like cutting back on to much sugar, caffeine and alcohol. 

Some people are food intolerance or food sensitive and this can have a negative impact on their moods and how they feel.

Do not dehydrate, dehydration can leave you feeling tired, more anxious, sad and low on energy, drinking cool water can also help to lower your core body temperature. 

Drink smaller amounts often and avoid consuming large amounts of water in a short period, the idea is to keep yourself topped up, because drinking too much in one go will not work way and it can be dangerous. 

To much bad thinking and wrestling your problems to ground will drain your energy and dis-empower you so the anti-dote to bad thinking is constructive and optimistic thinking or even just thinking about everyday neutral types of thoughts. 

The best way to end bad thinking is to pay it no attention, then think about something more pleasant, if what you're thinking about is making you feel bad, then it is time to change the subject.

Your confidence can very quickly desert you at anytime, we all make mistakes and we all have bad days so do not be hard on yourself and allow yourself to get things wrong from time to time, because perfection is one of the biggest confidence killers. 

If you do go red or you do not come across in any situations very well, have the attitude of so what, it is no big deal, then forget about it otherwise you will create a fear of that situation.

To much bad thinking and wrestling your problems to ground will drain your energy and dis-empower you so the antidote to bad thinking is constructive and optimistic thinking or even just thinking about everyday neutral types of thoughts. 

The best way to end bad thinking is to pay it no attention, then think about something more pleasant, if what you're thinking about is making you feel bad, then it is time to change the subject.

Your confidence can very quickly desert you at anytime, we all make mistakes and we all have bad days so do not be hard on yourself and allow yourself to get things wrong from time to time, because perfection is one of the biggest confidence killers.

Avoid any stimulants

Other things that can increase your anxiety levels and increase your chances of blushing are stimulants, like too much caffeine and alcholol.

Magnesium, has been described as natures natural calming mineral and anti-dote for stress and anxiety.

Taking the recommended daily allowance of magnesium, can help to lower your stress levels and leave you feeling calmer.

Regulate your breathing

If you have been suffering a lot of stress, worry and anxiety. Then this may have affected your natural and calming breathing rhythm and cycle.

You may find yourself breathing shallow or you may even hold your breath when you are faced with a stressful situation.

Practicing deep rhythmic breathing and returning your breathing back to its natural most efficient and relaxed pattern, can help you to lower your stress and anxiety.

A good time to do this, is before you drop off to sleep, and first thing in the morning, and maybe every hour or so during the day for a while, or if you at any time, you start to feel anxious and stressed.

Doing this before you enter a stressful situation can help to condition your mind, to associate the situation with being safe, it can also help you, to prevent yourself from going bright red.

Sit or lay down comfortably. If you have been feeling stressed or tense, this can be quite hard to begin with, so it might take a bit of practice.

Take a few normal breaths, to just settle yourself down, allow any negative thoughts to just sail through your mind, and focus on your breathing.

Then, once you start to feel more relaxed. Inhale in, for the count of five, hold for a few seconds, and breathe out for the count of seven. 

If you're still having trouble, breathe in for the count of two and out for the count of three. Then, breathe in for three and out for the count of four, until you gradually build up to in for five and out for the count of seven.

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