"What Is The Meaning Of Life"

Be Easy On Yourself

Do I have a purpose and what is the meaning of life?

I think, we have all pondered and mauled over this question, but does anybody really know the true meaning of life?

Many people like to live their lives differently from others and there are no fixed rules.

In my opinion 

  • We are here to love, to live life to the full and to have an experience and adventure
  • We are here to feel as good as we possibly can 
  • We are here to learn, create and develop new skills
  • We are here to turn our desires and all the infinite possibilities into physical things, situations and outcomes
  • We are here to observe and have fun
  • We are here to progress, expand, grow and follow a path of betterment
One of the most meaningful and important things in life. Is to become aligned with the positive energy that helps you create and design the life of your choosing. 

Because when we tune into the calm and positive energies. Life runs more smoothly, it becomes much easier and we do things better.

You are the creator of your life experience. 

You have all the powers, skills, limitless abilities and potential already within you. You are the artist and designer and your reality is you canvas.

All your problems, challenges, experience and physical possessions are just illusions, and you are the magician that holds all the cards.

The secret in life is to learn how to face, move through and overcome all your problems, difficulties, adversity, mistakes, failures and challenges.

The key is to keep going forwards, no matter how many times you fail and get knocked back. It may not workout for you perfectly the first time, the second time and more. 

But, with each new attempt and if you keep learning and doing. Then you can move through all your fears and challenges, and will come through the otherside a more skilled, confident and better you, for it.

Because all problems, fears and disappointments are just a technical issues and obstacles in your way to betterment and you have all the tools, abilities and resources to overcome them, at your disposal.

There is always something positive and better that can come out of all your pain and suffering, as long as you do not weaken and forget about how powerful and capable you are.

Bringing yourself back into emotional and physical harmony and balance

When you are in vibrational sync and balance with who you really and you are proceed through your day to day experience with a positive focus and in a state of flow, joy and zero resistance.

Then you will be at your most powerful and peak performing best.

There is a lot of advice on how to be successful and how to be wealthy.

But your success should not be judged on how much money you earn or the amount of material possessions you amass.

Doing things just for the money or accolades, does not always bring about long term happiness or gratification.

Success could be better defined as. 

Doing what you want to do, enjoying what you do and doing it well. Or striving to be the best you possibly can. 

Very often the money will follow those who master their craft or skill.

Some people say that life is a lesson and when you die, you are set free from all your emotional suffering and physical discomforts.

Although we are here to learn, create and design our world and reality.

  • You are not here to prove your worthy enough
  • There is nothing wrong with you
  • You don't need to change or improve yourself
The reason your here is. To be the very best possible you.

If you have been suffering and struggling then your most dominant intention is to take yourself to those blissful inner good feelings places and outside experiences, that you may not have not been to for sometime now.

There are thousands of near death studies that tell us that when we leave the physical realms all our suffering ceases as it is replaced with feelings of immense love.

Although life can be tough at times. You have not got to wait for death to bring yourself into alignment, balance, love and peace.

You are living for the now, and not for tomorrow and with practice and focus you can experience a life in the absence of resistance, hear on earth.

How quickly you can get into that sweet feeling, peaceful, flow like state.

All depends on how quickly you can let go of your emotional baggage and how quickly you can relax your body, free your mind and bring them both back into sync, harmony and balance.

Because we only suffer when we mistreat or neglect our bodies or we become out of balance and sync. 

How do you bring yourself back into vibrational alignment and better state of being?

Try and let go of all emotional attachment and practice learning how to separate your feelings from your current reality or situation.

We are here to have an experience and the aim is to have the best possible experience you can, but that is only really possible when you cease the mental chit chat and you bring your body into alignment.

Do we all have a purpose?

That is largely down to the individual and the desires you have and the choices that you make. 

Your real true purpose should be

  • To love yourself and your life
  • To enjoy what you do and do try and do what you enjoy
  • To experience inner peace and flow
The science of numerology can give you some fascinating insights into

  • Who you are 
  • How other people perceive you 
  • Your purpose  
  • The unique opportunities that may lay ahead for you
As well as revealing your personality traits and everything else you need to know to help you, understand the real authentic you that sometimes gets hidden away beneath your ego and your negative self image.

Numerology can also help to direct you on your true life path journey.

Having a goal to achieve or a purpose to fulfil can give your life more meaning.

Most people want to better their lives, fulfill their goals and manifest their wants and emotional needs. 

But before you can achieve your personal wishes and desires and unlock your true potential. 

You have to quieten your mind and bring yourself into balance and sync and then what you want will come to you.

Our thoughts, emotions and body are all linked and they all affect each other. If you want to be and feel your best, it is important to.

Give your body what it needs

  • The essential vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids 
  • Adequate amounts of restful and peaceful sleep
  • Relaxing deeply
  • Keeping active
  • Calming your mind
  • Positive, constructive and supportive thoughts

Meditation and mindfulness are two ways to set aside your worries, calm your mind and restore balance to your body. 

Once you reach an inner state of peace, calm and balance the next step is to try and hold yourself there, because that is who you really are.

When you change from within, the world around you, changes with you.

Follow your hearts desires

"When I grow up, I want to be"

Did you fulfill your childhood dreams, are you following your true passion are you living your life on your terms?

When you were a young child your mind was bug free and an open book to all possibilities. And your imagination was filled with your dreams and desires.

There was no mountain that you could not climb and no obstacles were insurmountable for you to overcome.

You were a born winner, your self esteem was high and you were ready and fully equipped to conquer the world.

You did not doubt yourself or your ability to succeed. You would relish the challenge of learning something new and you would persist until you mastered it.

You have never lost these God given talents, high levels of self esteem and your unwavering self belief in your own abilities. 

As a child, you were filled with the creative positive energy. You did not imagine everything going wrong and failure was not a part of your makeup.

Through time and a lot of negative experiences, self neglect and negative conditioning many people become disconnected from whom they really are.

Others are not happy because they're not following their true passion, they feel as if they're stuck in a state of stagnation, they have lost their way or their emotional needs and wants are not being met. 

In our quest to try and impress others or when we care to much what others think or we seek perfection. We can become out of balance and sync, which creates a breeding ground for emotional traumas and emotional instability. 

Seeking perfection, comes with a lot of negative energy, frustration and anger.

It takes a lot of mental focus and negative energy to self doubt yourself, criticize yourself, fight with yourself and your feelings and to worry and feel anxious all of the time.

When we won't accept ourselves or we think that their is something wrong with ourselves or if we are not achieving the standards and levels expectations that we set ourselves or when were are not getting the things that we want.

We tend to try harder and harder, heaping more pressure upon ourselves. Then we start to feel sorry for ourselves or we look to blame others, the gods or the world in general. 

On top of all this. People worry to much how they are coming across socially, how they look or they spend to much time trying to be like others, trying to impress and agree with others, just so they fit in with the crowd

But sometimes you have to 

  • Accept your and approve of yourself, faults included
  • Stop taking life and yourself so seriously 
  • Give yourself a break
  • Take it easy on yourself 
  • Stop caring so much
Instead of trying to force things to happen, take a step back and allow things to happen naturally, because sometimes we overthink and overanalyze everything that we do, instead of just doing it.

In the end, the only really opinions that matter to you are the ones that you tell yourself. So you can put your energy on pursuing your own goals and desires. 

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Who am I 

In our inner dream world, there is nothing that we cannot envisage and achieve. 

When you switch off your rational logical and critical mind. The part of you that likes to play it safe, the part of you that self doubts and self questions your ability to succeed.

Then you will find that there is something deeper and much greater within all of us, that knows better. 

The hidden part of you that knows. What is best for us and the sixth sense part of you that knows. There is nothing that you cannot do, become or have.

Beneath the logical part of your mind that keeps you the little me and holds you stuck in your comfort zone. There is a much deeper part of you, that has a far greater understanding than your logical mind could ever imagine

This is often called your intuition or your all knowing mind.

Because, at the very heart of each and everyone of us. There is a deeper part of us that is operating beyond the illusion of our physical body. There is a bigger and more expansive part of us than we cannot see.

This broader and non physical part of you, which you might refer to as your inner being. Cares  very deeply about you and your own interests, feelings, needs and desires.

Your thoughts, emotions and your feelings act as your inner emotional guidance system. 

Which will give you a strong and clear indication to whether you're focusing on what you want or what is not wanted or whether you're heading in the right or wrong direction.

This deep and inner part of you. Already knows, that 

  • You are good enough 
  • You are worthy enough  
  • You are capable enough 
  • You're smart enough 
  • You're equal enough
Your intuition and your inner guidance system will give you little reminders and subtle nudges. That whatever you want is yours, if you really want, believe and desire it.

Because, there is a superior and highly intelligent consciousness within all of us that we can tap into when we need help and guidance and when are in the zone and focused on what our hearts truly desires.

At times when you're feeling stuck, struggling, defeated, broken and lost and confused. Ask this all powerful and all understanding deeper part of you, for help and advice.

Life changing opportunities, universal guidance, answers to your problems, new opportunities and spiritual advice and guidance, come to those who ask and seek it.

You can do it through prayer, write what you want on paper or just ask yourself. Because, when we ask. 

The part none physical part of us that has access to our six senses and all knowing intelligent mind, will get a response or will be guided to the people or information that we require.

Start off with a please, state your request for help, and finish with a thank you. With a strong faith and believe, anything is possible.

When you're feeling stuck, you're struggling, you're suffering or you're feeling down and broken. There is one word that will help you bridge the gap, from the bad feeling place you're at to the good feeling place you want to get to.

And that word is.


Because a strong faith can help you to move mountains and you can do anything when you have a strong faith.

Faith is the gateway between you and the intelligent, source energy that created you. Without faith, we cannot move forwards and really nothing would ever get created or achieved.

Faith and positive expectations are one of the most potent forces of creation and expansion. Faith is believing in an outcome, before it has happened.

When things aren't going as well as you would like or it is not happening for you. Faith, can carry you through the bad or challenging times and lead you to the good.

Sometimes we try to force, workout or make things happen. But, that is not your job to try and workout the how part, that is the job of the Universe or the higher powers.

Once you have decided what you want, you have to trust in the process and let it go. Then when the idea's, opportunities, answers or solutions come to you or you are guided to them, and they will.

Take the necessary action steps.

Change the negatives

If you are not happy, instead of looking for quick fixes or material things to make you happy. You should ask yourself.

"Why you're not feeling happy"

Then, work on the things or try eliminating or changing the things that aren't making you happy.

It is important to listen to your body and emotions as they can be a great indication that something is not right or again, something needs changing.

Learning how to manage your state is the secret to your happiness and levels of success. 

We all have negative thoughts and feelings and you cannot control and stop your thoughts. But, you can learn how to change the feelings.

If you want to live your best life possible. Then it is important to change all those negative thoughts and feelings into positive and calm energy.

The most important thing is not to try and suppress or stop thought. Because when you do that those negative thoughts and feelings will get louder and stronger.

Anytime negative thoughts and feelings arise, especially when you're attempting something new or you're about to step out of your comfort zone.

Immediately, fill your mind and body with positive thoughts and feelings. Let yourself know, that you can do it or think of a positive alternative or balancing phrase.

Learn how to manage your anxious thoughts. Instead of trying to suppress thoughts. Allow your mind to think them for a while, then change, ignore or dismiss them.

Again meditation and mindfulness are worth learning and doing.

Some positive words are

  • I can 
  • I know  
  • I have 
  • I am
As we grow up, we get questions of doubt in our head or thoughts of failure or the worse case scenario's that pull us down and rob us of our true powers and abilities.

But, there is always a positive polar opposite or a better way of perceiving yourself and the situations that you find challenging.

Always believe and trust. That, everything will workout fine and you will be OK.

Your mind is very good at perceiving all that is bad and imaging the worse case scenario. But, with practice, your mind is capable of perceiving all that is good and the best case scenario.

They both take the same amount of effort. But, one, will make you feel terrible and disempower you the other will life you and empower you.

Some people live their life in the past and they carry their emotional baggage of the past around with them.

When, you live your life in the negative past, it is like carrying the weight and burden of your past on your shoulders.

This is going to wear you down, keep you stuck and cause you daily emotional suffering. 

If you want to improve on something. Visualize and imagine, yourself succeeding at the thing you want to learn or do better.

Your mind is a very powerful tool and if you keep on visualizing something then your body will respond to it.

Visualizing is a great way to improve your performance, confidence and skill levels, it is also a good way to relax.

Age doesn't matter, your happiness and quality of life, does

Nobody really knows what is true because we don't really know or fully understand the truth. What is true is you are a unique, special, powerful and limitless person.

Life is what you make it and you have not got to follow all the rules. If you feel stuck or you feel like you're stagnating. Then do or learn something new.

Life is always easy and smooth running. In fact life can be cruel, challenging and tough at times.

You are strong enough and resourceful enough to face and overcome all challenges. If you do not weaken, you keep going and never give in and you do not surrender all your powers to others and what life tries to throw at you.

Life is full of ups and downs, challenges and setbacks. It is all about how you handle it and whether or not you allow life's problems and difficulties, to break you or make you a stronger person.

There are very few shortcuts to success, confidence and true happiness. Change or success is not usually a thing that can happen in a space of a week.

Success, happiness and self confidence are accumulative. But so are failure, negativity and low confidence. It is all about which path you choose and whether you want to move forwards or go backwards.

Again when we are very young, life is fun, an exciting adventure and somewhat, a lot less complicated and a lot easier to handle. 

During our teen and younger adult years, we can get a bit confused and life can become harder to handle and understand.

Perhaps it is because, deep down we feel we have lost our early freedom or we are not using our creativity in the right way.

As we grow up, we develop insecurities and feelings of self consciousness or we create an ego to live up to. But, sometimes our egos can be a cover to hide our feelings of insecurity or vulnerability.

Then as you get older, as we wise up, life can becomes easier again to handle.

For some. Life can be separated into stages.

  1. Childhood 
  2. Adolescence
  3. Wisdom
  4. Retirement
As a young child we learn, play and imitate our peers.

As we enter our early adult years and make the transition to adult. These are the years of self discovery as we start to form our own identity. Many of us start our careers and go onto raise a family.  

During our middle age years people tend to start to evaluate their life and reflect on what they have or have not done and what they would still like to achieve. 

This is the time when you begin to mellow out a bit or we start to pass on our advice and learning to others.

Then we hit retirement age. Some tend to put their feet up, slow down, watch TV, gossip with the neighbors and remain in their comfort zone.

However, retirement offers you a great chance for us to start to do some of the things that we have always wanted to do. But we have been putting off, because we did not have the time or money.

You have not necessarily got to slow down too much, just calm down and keep busy, engaged and active.

Why follow the norm and pattern of most retirees. You have worked hard all your life, why not take on new challenges and do new things.

Show yourself, what you're truly capable of, keep going, keep learning and never give up on life or yourself.

You have not go to change, but sometimes your lifestyle, your attitude or the way you do things, may need changing.

Otherwise, if you don't change what you do, nothing will ever change and you will stay stuck where you are.

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