Best Ways To Lose Weight

The best ways to lose weight are not through rapid weight loss programs but to do it naturally with a sensible and realistic program and timeline plan combined with eating a healthy balances diet and exercise regime, there are no shortcuts to weight loss and one of the best diets you can have is returning back to a healthy and balanced one. 

There should be no rush for you to shed the pounds quickly either, you did not put the weight on overnight and your not likely to lose it quickly so avoid setting yourself achievable targets otherwise you run the risk of becoming frustrated and disappointment

The main components of losing weight are 

  • A healthy diet that is suitable and affordable for you
  • The physical side of things such as exercise 
  • A positive mental attitude and managing your emotions 
  • Reprogramming your mind

Because the best way to slim does not just revolve around what you eat and how much exercise you do, you may also need to deal with your emotional difficulties along with correcting your bad habits and behaviours.

Are You An Emotional Eater

Would you describe yourself as an emotional eater? Research has pinpointed that there could be several different factors that could be responsible for your weight gain, one of those is classed as emotional eating. Emotional eaters have trouble controlling their eating, especially at times when they are experiencing and physiological and personal issues. 

Emotional eaters will turn to food to help them deal with and cope with their negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and depression. 

Because of the mind body connection, stress makes you do things worst, it can make your eating habits unstable and if you're not careful you can soon find yourself stuck in a self perpetual cycle of more stress and more overeating.

If you think you are an emotional eater then you will probably already know that you find yourself eating excessively and uncontrollably after you have been experiencing periods of high levels of stress or negative emotions.  

What you have been doing is, you have been eating in response to stress and negative emotions, your body will start to affect your mind, the stress hormone cortisol will be released into your blood which will trigger a chain of physical and chemical responses in your body which will disrupt your inner peace and balance, stress makes us behave in rational and unhelpful ways. 

Various people will respond and handle stress in many different ways, emotional eaters will consume food to manage their emotions. If you think this might apply to you then you will need to find better ways to manage your stress because eating food to deal with your emotions is unhealthy, it causes you to pile on the pounds and it will not help you resolve your emotional issues.

Avoid Eating To Get Relief From Stress 

When people have a stressful response their brain will sometimes seek out a reward, some people's reward may be to exercise, others will turn to cigarettes, some might turn to food whilst others may use some form of relaxation techniques such as meditation. 

Not only is eating a bad alternative for reducing your stress, during periods of negative emotions the brain will crave for the worst types of unhealthy foods which have a high sugar content, because as far as your brain and body are concerned, the sugar becomes the sought after reward. 

Your brain will see the emotional eating as being a treat and in a way you will have developed the bad habit of eating to pacify your emotions, your relief from negative emotions should not be pacified by too many chocolate biscuits, sugary cakes or alcohol.

If you are using high content, sugary foods for comfort or relief, then surely you would feel more rewarded and empowered if you stood firm and you refused to eat foods after every time you felt angry, fearful or stressed out.

Because if you refrained from eating the sugary snack and then heap loads of praise on yourself, wouldn't that make you feel even better knowing you have the power and control over your actions. 

After all that would start to take you in the positive direction you want to go instead of surrendering to your cravings and eating the sugary snacks which is at the moment, taking you in the opposite direction of where you to where you want to be.

It is far better option to meditate or use hypnosis to manage your stress, they will give you that good feeling and they will help you to manage your emotions at the same time. 

Its is also time for you to search out for better feeling thoughts to switch you from those negative harmful emotions to pleasurable positive ones. 

Avoid Seeing Food As Your Enemy

Another important tip is to stop doing battle with food, when you go on a strict diet that encourages you too cut out completely all the foods that you enjoy and love eating them that will add more struggle to your challenge of losing weight.

You have not to give up all your favourite foods and stick to a restrictive and boring diet of only consuming foods which you detest eating, that is not going to inspire and motivate you. 

It is far better to make slower, but steady gains than it is to start off wanting to lose weight too quickly and end up giving in after a few weeks because the urge to eat those little luxuries and treats becomes to overpowering for you. It is not the end of the world if you weaken every now and then, nor is it a disaster if some weeks you don't lose as much weight as you would have liked.

This means you do not need to make food your number one enemy, eating should be something you enjoy from time to time, so don't succumb to feelings of guilt. If you believe you have to stop eating all your favourite, foods then your mind and body will start to pull against you, 

Because when we have been getting pleasure from something our mind see's it as a good thing and your body will crave for it, so they will fight against when you try to stop them completely, a little bit of what you like won't hurt you. 

So still indulge and enjoy some of those special treats otherwise when you deprive yourself of the foods you like then you will only end up obsessing and craving for them even more, and when you do have a relapse you will end up feeling guilty because you have convinced yourself you cannot eat them again. 

This can cause you to start to resist certain foods which cause more bad feelings which can make it harder for your body to break the foods down, so if you feel like it have some of your special treats now and again.

There are no reasons why you cannot still enjoy your favourite foods because there is nothing wrong with having a bit of pleasure from eating, just don't eat too much of them and start to find alternative ways to feel good and relax.

The Food Has Become A Feel Good Factor

Your real problem is not just down to the food, it is more to do with, you have become frustrated, stressed and down and you're reaching out for the snacks because you are seeking relief. But the relief will only be temporary and as the weight piles on you will become even more frustrated and down heartened. 

This can become a vicious circle, your real issue's run much deeper. It could be your not unhappy with yourself, you have become discontent with your life and where you're going, it maybe your current situation, other people or you could be responding badly to your outside circumstances.

The food you are eating has become your mood booster, this is fine if it only happens now and again, the trouble starts when it is your only way of feeling better. Learning to master your emotions and knowing how to feel good should be the number one priority in every bodies life.

Starting to love and accept yourself for the unique and special person you are is a good place to start, be yourself, accept your faults and focus on your strengths, accept what is at the moment and work towards a better future and better version of yourself, be nice to yourself and avoid beating yourself up.

If you are an emotional eater then your first priority is to find new ways to manage your stress as well as learning how to stop your anxiety! 

You must avoid falling into the trap of using food as a stress relief method or as a measure to deal with your negative emotions, because your mind will quickly learn to associate the two things together and it will then become a habit and a behaviour pattern.

There Is More Too Slimming Than Counting The Calories

Slimming is not just about counting calories and exercising and although both are important aspects of losing weight, it is as equally if not more important to find out and deal with how and why you put on weight in the first place.

In a lot of cases the number one reason are emotional, stress related or boredom issues. The weight gain is a physical outer reflection of an inner emotional problem or difficulty.

If dieting has failed you in the past, then perhaps it's best you try and tackle the root cause of what's causing the overeating instead of just targeting the actual body and the physical side of things especially if you have been struggling to lose weight and keep it off. 

If you're sick and tired of all the dieting and calorie counting then why not look for an alternative way to shed the pounds without having to go through the daily rigors of having to force and punish yourself to cut back on eating and exercise against your will. Wouldn't be so much better if the weight loss process was a little bit easier and happen more naturally, without having to literally make yourself do it.

No one is saying it is going to happen overnight and there is a miracle fix, you know you're going to have to make an effort but you can help yourself to make it less of a hard task and shift more to the attitude of a process that's going to reward you with a positive and healthier outcome. 

You can do this by dealing with the all important emotional and psychological side of things first, because these are the barriers that normally blocks the path to achieving any successes in life.

 Perhaps the best way to slim is to first calm the inner conflicts of the mind otherwise if you do not do this first, then the chances of you succeeding in your quest to lose weight will already be drastically reduced before you even begin. 

Best Ways To Slim Down Is To Deal With Your Emotions 

The best way to lose weight is you first need to get your mind and psychology right, it does not matter if you don't immediately lose the weight because all permanent change has to start from within. 

There is much more to losing weight than just consuming less food, your body will follow once you get your frame of mind right, you need to alter your thoughts and feelings first because unless you need faith and to feel positive before you can successfully lose weight and more importantly sustain your new ideal weight.

If you can make the process of change more fun and enjoyable then your desires will become measier

You cannot shed all the weight instantly, but you can start to feel better about yourself very quickly. Look in the mirror and like yourself not matter what your size, stop all that self hate and not liking yourself and what you see. 

If you can feel good first about yourself and like yourself for what you are seeing then it will be a lot more easier to then create the body you want afterwards. 

When you find fault with yourself your just going to make yourself feel bad and then you're going to try and lose weight just to make you feel good. 
But that is doing it the wrong way around, feel good about yourself should be your first priority. Do this and you will achieve your goals a lot easier.

There is nothing wrong with that, you cannot put right, you have the power to lose weight at any time, appreciate you and your body then mold it into the shape you want it to be. 
All you need to get what you want is desire and the belief and you can do it, let go of all the struggle and doubt because you don't have to lose all the weight overnight. 

Avoid The Trap Of Rapid Weight Loss

People want rapid weight loss programs, but you have not got to rush you can get there eventually without all the pain and frustration. 

Stop putting added pressure on yourself. You can make it, but you need to let it happen in your own time, yes you can initially lose quite a lot of weight, but after that it will probably a longer progressive process. Any progress in the right direction is progress. 

There is no need to put a time limit on it, food is not your enemy, you just need to consume less to start the weight loss process. It does not matter if you have the odd relapse now and again. 
Just hold an image in your mind of your ideal body and enjoy the journey to becoming this ideal you. Feel the positive emotions that you will feel when you have got that trim body to ignite the inspiration..

You will get there once you start looking forward to becoming the new slimmer and healthier you, instead of all that beating yourself up about the size you are now.  

If you done every diet and read every book and nothing's worked then this shows you have the desire. but it can mean you have not got your mental attitude and emotions right. 

Maybe you're more focused on not losing the weight and your living up to your old self image of yourself which is seeing yourself as an overweight person. 

Perhaps you're trying to hard, when your real want something to bad you can try to hard and this can lead to more resistance and cause more stress, frustration, tension and worst results.

You still want to lose weight but just allow it to happen naturally, stop weighing yourself every day, put the breaks on the desperation, accept yourself for who you are which a lovable, unique, special and worthwhile person. 

Then, once you feel better about yourself in your own time create a plan to lose weight.

You need inspired inspiration not desperation, avoid setting unrealistic targets and goals. If you only lose two pounds a week your still heading in the right direction, remember it is not a race. 

Try not to compare yourself to what others are doing or trying to please them, we are all individual and different things work for different people. 

You need to give your brain a new way to follow so it will stop fighting you ,and it will begin to help you, when your conscious mind and subconscious mind are in harmony only then will the inner conflict and internal struggles ceases and you will move forward more effortlessly towards your goal.

Self hypnosis is now, widely regarded as one if not the best way to slim and lose weight without the normal torments and self discipline which is required to do it by dieting and will power alone.  

It has been endorsed and backed by doctors and the success rate is very high, yes, you need to be committed, but the evidence and success stories to back it up is very impressive.

Listen And Lose Weight

To sustain long term weight loss, will require energy and motivation, it's hard enough as it is, so the last thing you will need is your old beliefs and bad habits holding you back. 

Your mind needs to be fully motivated and committed, you will need the right mental attitude because unless your mind is fully primed and programmed to eliminate that unwanted fat, it can become a struggle to do it by willpower alone.

The Listen And Lose weight loss program as seen on TV is proven to help accelerate fat destruction by wiring your brain to eject unnecessary weight gain, it is also designed to ramp up your motivation to exercise as well assisting you to de-program any junk-food cravings. 

This way your body will get the exact fuel it needs to get super strong and healthy. 

The good news is, because it is a hypnotherapy session there is no effort required and the extra added bonus is, the hypnosis session will also help you to relax and lower your stress levels which will help you control your emotional eating habits.

Effortless weight loss with Listen and Lose



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