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Experience All The Positive And Therapeutic Benefits Of Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis, how can it help you and what are the positive benefits of self hypnosis? 

The many benefits of self hypnosis, range from.

Self hypnosis can change your life for the better in many ways, it can help you create a wonderful life, it and it can assist you solve lifelong problems very quickly. 

Taking you away from a negative and dark place where you don't want to be and transporting you to a much better feeling place of inner peace, growth and unlimited potential.

What most people are unaware of, self hypnosis is also a very highly enjoyable and pleasant experience, because it is deeply relaxing and therapeutic.

When life gets on top of you or you have had a bad day, hypnosis will take you away from all your stresses and strains of your day and give you some much needed peace and me time, leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed and energized and able to face any challenge. 

But apart from its many therapeutic benefits, self hypnosis will also help you to relax, unwind, and sleep better, so can also do wonders for your health and your emotional well-being.

As well as helping you to treat your emotional problems and overcome your bad habits, self hypnosis is now widely used to help people improve their performance levels.
Self hypnosis is something that I have been using for a long time now, and there is a very good reason for that, it has helped me.

When I was young, there was little to no help or information available to help you better your life or solve your lifelong problems.

So, you were left with two options, to try and figure thing out yourself or to carry on struggling, most of the time, I carried on struggling for years, sometimes with the same old tiresome problem and repetitive thoughts and never ending stress and negative emotions.

After years of inner pain, torment and conflict, where all my focus was put on negativity, stress and worry, something had to change. 

Because, It is so easy to become emotionally engaged and involved with your problems and issues, to the point where they dominate and take over all your thought processes and you accept it as being normal.

When really you should be enjoying yourself, and making the most of your creativity and your life.

As I found out the hard way, negativity and worry, are where you use your creativity against you to condition and program yourself to fail, to plan for things to go wrong, to block off your chances of success and destroy your self confidence and self esteem.

I came across some hypnosis self help sessions to relieve stress, which I thought I would give it a go, which were a great help.

Since then, I have continued to enjoy the benefits of self hypnosis to help dramatically better my life and break through barriers and overcome problems.

If you combine self hypnosis with other positive lifestyle changes, like keeping active, eating healthy, high in nutritious foods and setting yourself goals (Hypnosis can also help you to be more successful).

Then your life can only change for the better.

Sometimes self hypnosis can give you instant change or relief, but other times, the changes are more subtle and progressive.

These days there is no reason to suffer, limit yourself, hold yourself back or stop you from achieving your goal, achieving great success and living the best life possible.

Because the only thing that is holding you back and preventing you from having the life you want, are your old limiting beliefs, your bad habits and your unhelpful and negative programming.

Self hypnosis can help you in many positive ways, and the results can be life changing.

To sum up the benefits of self hypnosis
  • It is proven to work 
  • It is effective
  • It is relaxing 
  • It is therapeutic
  • It is inexpensive 
  • It is easy to use 
  • It gets results

What self hypnosis can do for you

Self hypnosis, will not only change your life and release you of your painful past and limiting beliefs, but it also allows you to switch off from the stresses and strains of modern day life, leaving you feeling refreshed, restored and empowered.

These days, hypnosis is being used for a wide range of problems, conditions and personal development advancements.

The range of the categories is growing all the time, so you could say that self hypnosis can help with just about almost anything.

Thousands and thousands of people have already improved their lives or turned their lives around through using hypnosis.

If you have any personal or emotional issues in your life that you're struggling to resolve or overcome. 

If you want to be more successful in any area's of your life, or if you want to take your quality of life to a new level or achieve a personal goal, then hypnosis can help you break free from your emotional difficulties, or it can accelerate you to the next level.

Apart from its well-known positive benefits, such as emotional issues, building self esteem and confidence, quitting smoking, losing weight, to name a few of the massive range of self help section. 

Hypnosis is also now gaining wider acceptance for treatment of illness and health issues. 

But the positive benefits of self hypnosis, does not stop there, because it is also regarded as still one of the best methods to reduce stress and help you to reach deep relaxation states that most people have never achieved. 

Self hypnosis will give you a chance to relax and have some much needed me time, so you can escape and switch off from the troubles, stresses, strains and distraction of the day, so not only will you enjoy the way you feel, you will have the tools to change your life for the better.

Most people think that relaxation is a luxury, but the real truth is, it is a necessity and a fundamental requirement of the body, that is needed to leave you feeling, relaxed, refreshed, energized and recharged.

Use self hypnosis to let go of your negative past, strenghten your mental state and plan for a better your future

Everybody wants to be happy, successful and experience the best life possible, and we all want to be the best version of ourselves.

Yes, you have unlimitless potential and yes, yes, you can be more successful in any area of your life, yes, you can be more confident and you can go on a live the most wonderful and fulfilling life of your choice.

But before you can make the positive and life changing changes that you want, you first have to move to a better feeling state and consciousness.

Because, you cannot solve your problems, up your game, improve and better your life and achieve your goals until you start to raise your mental strength and enter the creative feel good state where all good things happen.

The reason why people struggle to get ahead in life and change for the better, is because they do not release all their negative thought patterns and associations that are holding them back and filling their bodies with negative feelings and emotions.

If you suffer with long periods of stress, anxiety, worry, anger, fear and overwhelm, then these negative thought patterns and emotions need to be released, otherwise they will wreck, your, now and sabotage all your efforts to live a better and more fulfilling life and prevent you from plan for a better future that you deserve.

To succeed in life and up your personal levels of success in any area, you need good levels of self confidence and feelings of security and composure. 

You cannot have these basic ingredients for more happiness, confidence and success, if you struggle with negative emotions and infected negative thinking patterns.

Your outer reality is a reflection of you think and feel on the inside, change how you think and feel on the inside and your outer world will take care of itself.

Change your inner reality and you will begin to change your outer experiences for the better, and self hypnosis is a tool that will allow you to fix and change things from within.

Below are a few samples of some of the most popular self hypnosis categories

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Why you have a greater chance of changing with hypnosis

Most people try to change on a conscious level through using things like will power and positive thinking, but most of the time these methods fail. 

Because will power and positive thinking are not enough. What many experts don't tell you is, for change to be successful and long term, it has to take place on a subconscious level.

Under hypnosis, your mind is more willing and open to change.

The reasons for this is because, inside of your own brain you have a mechanism for creating strong emotional associations, patterns of behavior and habits. 

Most of these mechanism operates on a subconscious level, and they become automatic habits, actions and behaviours which are not in your conscious control.

This means a lot of time you will not really be aware of some of the things that you do all the time because they happen without you even thinking about them.

What this means, if you have any bad habits, limitations or negative behaviour, then you won't really have much conscious control over them.

But you can learn to use this mechanism deliberately in your favour.

And you can do this, by consciously and deliberately developing new positive a habit, actions and behaviors that are going to positively help you and make you, and your life better.

One of the best and fastest ways to achieve this is through using the power of self hypnosis.

If there’s an issue or a problem in your life you need to resolve, emotional, mental or physical, then maybe it’s time you considered about hypnosis as a possible solution. 

There are several ways for how self hypnosis works, first it can persuade your subconscious mind, which is the powerful part of your brain that controls most of your thought processes, responses, actions and behaviors.

That there are a new and alternative better ways of reacting and perceiving situations and things.

It achieves this by getting in under your mind's defense radar that would normally block your attempts to change by speaking almost directly to that person's unconscious mind. 

The way the therapist will do this is to, first get that person to feel completely relaxed and at ease and so that they will drop their guard and defenses. 

This is known as putting someone in a suggestible state, and whilst you're in this deeply relaxed state, the hypnotherapist will lead you to make the desired changes or improvements that you're seeking, without any objections from your critical mind, which is the part of your mind that opposes and dislike changes.

Hypnosis is therapeutic, life changing and relaxing, so it is win, win, win

Hypnosis is a trusted and proven way of allowing you to break free from the grip of your negative past so you can create a better future and a better you. 

Although self hypnosis has many therapeutic benefits it is also a very enjoyable and pleasant experience.

Hypnosis can help you to make genuine and lasting emotional and health improvements as well as bringing about positive and lasting changes to your life.

If you use hypnosis regularly the benefits you will receive will increase even further because when you're in a state of relaxation your body and mind will return back to its natural balanced state.

This can add years onto your life, improve the quality of your life and improve your mental faculties, your creativity and your intelligence.

Anything that can relax you can only benefit you, stress can have a serious negative impact on your health and well-being, so anything that can reduce stress should be welcomed. 

When you relax on a regular basis, you will be giving your body a much needed opportunity to repair and restore, as well as helping to recharge your batteries, this alone will give you more energy, vigor and a greater sense of being.

Self hypnosis, because of its relaxing qualities, it will help you sleep better and we all know the importance of getting a good quality night's sleep. 

As well as aiding you to fall asleep more easily, it will also put you in a relaxed state, so you get the best quality of sleep possible, which will put you in a good mood when you wake up, so you can more easily face and overcome the challenges of the day ahead.

The secret to having a feel good, stress free day, is to prepare yourself right the night before, so you leave all your emotional baggage behind you, and you set yourself up to have a great day, and hypnosis, will help you to achieve this.

Hypnosis is just a deeply focused and relaxed state of mind and body, it can alter your neurological and physical perceptions for the better.  

Not so long ago, if you wanted to benefit from the power of hypnosis, you would have to go and travel to the nearest hypnotherapist that was available to you.

For many, if there wasn't a hypnotherapist available locally, this could prove inconvenient, time consuming and quite expensive.

But thanks to the internet, you can now download a life changing hypnosis recording in a matter of minutes for as little as $14.

This means that you can have your own private professional hypnotherapist who can help you bring about life changing results at your beck and call.

Hypnosis is a perfectly, safe, natural and powerful tool that will make you feel better, relax you and assist you to make positive and lasting changes and personal benefits in just about every area of your life, as well as helping you to break bad habits or resolve and fix long term problems. 

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Reassuring Reasons Why Hypnosis is Your Friend

Believe the hype or think for yourself

For too long hypnosis has had a bad or 'difficult' press. If a person doesn't understand something they have 3 options open to them.

1) They might be skeptical and therefore save the trouble of looking further and possibly benefiting.
2) They may conclude it is dangerous and to be avoided at all costs.
3) They may spend time discovering the truth behind the hype.

If you don't know much about a topic it's easy to be suspicious. Some people assume hypnosis is akin to a carnival side show, others consider it mystic mumbo jumbo or 'mind control.' For those who look beyond the hype the truth is far more illuminating.

The most powerful tool you possess

There are potentially huge benefits for those who use hypnosis as part of everyday life. When you understand hypnosis you start to see its potential to improve human performance in the physical, emotional and intellectual realms. 

For me, rumour, gossip and suspicion weren't good enough.

I determined to learn all I could about hypnosis - I learned every fact and practiced every technique under the sun. I took several training courses - some good, some terrible. 

I invested thousands of hours of devoted study to hypnosis and discovered just what is possible. I hypnotised friends, neighbours and work colleagues. Hypnosis greatly changed things for me on a personal level

How hypnosis helped me

I used to be shy. Thanks to hypnosis I can now talk to thousands at a time and can approach anybody calmly and confidently.

I used to have poor concentration and procrastinate; thanks to hypnosis I can instantly motivate myself.

I used to find physical work outs and exercise exhausting but because of hypnosis I am now in the best shape of my life.

Incidentally, I also stopped myself blushing with hypnosis. Now if ever I have a difficult call or conversation coming up, something I may naturally feel reluctant to do (you know the kind of thing) I spontaneously self hypnotise and rehearse the upcoming situation feeling good, with myself remaining calm. 

In this way I habitually set my own emotional 'blue prints' for up coming situations. 

Having said that it's naturally that some people have concerns or half digested 'hand me down' ideas regarding hypnosis. A common one is the one about 'mind control.' However, what does this really mean?

Why you are more in control of yourself in hypnosis

If someone expresses concerns about being 'controlled' in hypnosis what they mean is they don't want to be like a robot, an automaton that is forced to obey the every whim of the hypnotist. We can't help but influence others, but we don't control them. To understand why you need to understand hypnosis better.

So what is hypnosis like?

Hypnosis isn't like a coma. It's not unconsciousness - more a subtle shifting of consciousness. In hypnosis, you can still think logically, but you also have access to the 'software' of your mind so that you can update instinctive emotional and physical responses. 

In fact the hypnotised subject (not the hypnotist) calls the shots. When I hypnotise someone I need to go at their speed and respond to their needs and expectations. Hypnosis will give you more control in your own life because of what it enables you to do.

How can I be so sure?

Because over the decades I've seen all kinds of people, all ages and from all backgrounds turn their lives around thanks to hypnosis. 

When you use hypnosis for yourself it improves confidence in all kinds of ways. When you use it to change other's lives it just blows you away. This is what I mean.

When I first hypnotised someone to feel no sensation in a painful arthritic arm it was an incredible feeling. When I first cured life long phobias quickly and comfortably I was astounded.

When I stopped hardened alcoholics from drinking and even got a heroin addict off the stuff and back into mainstream life again I started to feel angry that people could just associate hypnosis with entertainment.

With the aid of hypnosis I (and many people I have trained and worked with) have helped severely depressed people feel strong and positive again. The rewards and satisfactions are hard to describe. I'm going to take a stand against ignorance and short sightedness around hypnosis and here's why.

Why you need to reclaim hypnosis for yourself

Hypnosis is your birthright. It's nature's optimum learning tool. In fact to learn and perform anything well you need to experience a natural focussing of attention, a natural kind of hypnosis. To be successful hypnosis needs to be your companion and friend.

Successful people use it naturally all the time because hypnosis is natural. It's the way we learn new responses. Unlike medications its side effects are purely positive - one expectant mother I worked with to feel relaxed during child birth later reported that she was also more relaxed when flying!

Hypnosis is easy to learn and every body can benefit. Hypnosis is a safe environment to 'try out' new behaviours and emotional patterns before you experience them for real. 

So the young man can ask a woman out for a date many times in calm relaxed hypnosis so that by the time he does it for real it feels real and natural and relaxed. Sports people who use hypnosis learn new quicker and more accurately. 

So hypnosis gives you more control of yourself and your life, it's natural and gives you instant benefits and it's a way of 'trying on' and establishing new patterns of emotional response and behaviour, Hypnosis enables you to develop yourself as a human being.

HypnosisDownloads.com offer a free course called 'Learn Hypnosis in 5 Days'.

Article by Mark Tyrrell of Hypnosis Downloads.com.

Change your past negative conditioning 

Throughout our lives, we collect so much emotional baggage, bad experiences, fears, bad habits and limiting beliefs that we carry with us into each new day, all of which disrupt our lives, make us feel bad, keeps us stuck, rob of us of our happiness and block off our true creativity and potential.

Your past negative conditioning will carry on causing you emotional pain and it will hold you stuck in the negative past until these mental negative programs and faults of your mind are fixed, released, changed or replaced. 

Self hypnosis is a great and proven way of changing and replacing your negative programming, because it's a natural and powerful way of positively changing the way you think, behave and feel. 

The reason why self hypnosis is so successful in making powerful and lasting changes is because it deals with thoughts, feelings and learned associations and patterns of behaviours too and it allows you  ccess the control panel of your mind so you can change your bad and unwanted programming.

All our previous conditioning, bad neural associations and experiences control your thought patterns, actions and behaviours and they control almost everything we do or don't do.

Our beliefs and conditioning control everything, including the way we perceive our world. 

Our thoughts and feelings, lead to our actions, habits and behaviours, and if they are negative and limiting then they will cause us much pain, suffering and severely hold us back in every area's of our lives.

They have a saying in computer language, garbage in, garbage out, the same applies with your own mind, so if you have bad programming, then it is time to replace it, with new positive beliefs, habits, neural connections, habits and behaviours.

Self hypnosis is perfectly safe and natural

If you're thinking about trying self hypnosis then you probably want to clear up so of the old myths and preconceptions regarding it. 

Sadly, most people still have lingering doubts about giving hypnotherapy a go which can cause them to miss out on one of natures most powerful tools available to make positive and permanent changes. 

When you first mention using hypnosis to most people, they are usually unsure or they react negatively mainly because their idea of hypnosis is one of the people on stage being controlled and made to perform all sorts of weird antics against their will. 

This is often because most people have formed the wrong impression as regards to self hypnosis, they tend to perceive it with a stage show or even messing about with the mind. 

This portrait that has been painted however, could not be further from the truth, the benefits and advantages you will gain from using self hypnosis are immense and it's one of those things that will guarantee you some health benefits.

Stage hypnosis is just a harmless bit of fun, it's a show and the volunteers are willingly taking part and it is nothing like the therapeutic self hypnosis which is completely safe, highly relaxing, beneficial and totally different. 

The truth is, self hypnosis cannot make you do something against your own will, at no point do you lose control and it is a proven and natural way of helping people to make life improving positive changes.

Hypnosis are widely used to successfully overcome and cure just about everything ranging from overcoming fears, breaking bad habits and building self confidence.

What is hypnosis

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a perfectly natural and very pleasant process and experience which everybody does naturally on a daily basis a bit like day dreaming only much more relaxing. 

Hypnosis is just a deeply focused and relaxed state of mind and body which can alter your neurological and physical perceptions for the better. 

People freak out at the thought of going into a trance, but a trance is nothing more than an altered state of awareness and it is something people go into all the time when they're driving for long periods or their deeply engrossed in a book. 

Every emotional state you go into and you're always in one is a form of trance and state of being, the problem for many is they get themselves stuck in destructive negative states. Self hypnosis will allow you to break out of the grip of those painful negative states.

All our compulsory behaviours and habits, emotional responses and beliefs are controlled by our subconscious mind, therefore if you want to make any positive and lasting changes you have to communicate and work with your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind also holds and stores all your past bad and traumatic emotional experiences which can cause people much pain and suffering

Self hypnosis will allow you to access your subconscious mind so you can change or deactivate all your destructive negative memories and unwanted patterns of thinking. 

Hypnosis is so effective because it is a method that will allow you to communicate with your subconscious mind so you can correct, improve or replace virtually anything you want or anything that is not serving you well.

Why hypnosis is so powerful is because it operates at the same subconscious level as all your bad habits, negative beliefs, unwanted and involuntary behaviours as well as all your problems, worries, limitations and fears.

What happens during hypnosis

During your session you will be guided by the voice of the hypnotherapist into a very deep and enjoyable state of relaxation. 

The reason why most people struggle to make the changes they seek is because they try to make them when they're in the wrong physical and emotional state and place.

If you try to make changes when you're feeling negative or stressed then you will run the risk of making things even worse

In order to change you first have to be in a calm and relaxed state of body and mind because when you're stuck in a negative state your minds will be focused more on the problem instead of the solution or cure.

Self hypnosis is a very calming experience that will not only allow you to make some positive changes to your life and once you have been induced into a relaxed and highly receptive and suggestible state the hypnotherapist will work with you on a subconscious level so you can make the necessary changes, adjustments or improvements.

Once your mind and body is calm the hypnotherapist will present your subconscious mind with new positive idea's, alternative and better ways of perceiving or doing things and your mind will become open to these brand new positive possibilities.

To change your life, to better your skill levels, to rid yourself of bad habits or to solve or melt away problems, you have to be in a relaxed state and frame of mind.

Because it is only when you have reached a deep and relaxed state, can you maximize the benefits of your body and mind and resolve any emotional and mental issues. 

All problems can be resolved and all the answers and solutions that you're seeking can be found in the relaxed alpha state, and as self hypnosis is a highly efficient way to relax quickly and deeply, then this means it is a great way to make those positive changes that you want.

The phase between awake and sleep is where the human brain enters the alpha state, this is the stage, where you can access your true powers and make life improving changes. 

When we are wide awake, our brain is mainly in a beta state, but as we start to fall sleep, our muscles will begin to soften and our brainwaves and our body's energy will start to shift into the relaxed alpha state.

The alpha state is a light, relaxed hypnotic state, where we are still focused, but we become very receptive and open to change. 

The reason why self hypnosis is so powerful is, because you can induce this state alpha relaxed and receptive state through hypnosis.

Then, when you combined with the skills of the hypnotherapist with this deeply relaxed and receptive state, then you can take full advantage of this window and opportunity to, release the past and make new positive associations and creative changes.

Scientific backing for self hypnosis

Hypnosis is now gaining scientific and medical backing. David Spiegel, from Stanford University conducted a series of experiments that revealed to the American Association for the Advancement of Science how hypnosis can influence the brain. 

The reasons why most people fail to make the positive chances that they desires or to the reason why they do not unlock their hidden true potential is because they become limited by their past negative program.

Most people will use will power to try and make the changes they want, but will power works with the conscious mind on a conscious level, so often will power is short lived, and people quickly return to their old bad ways, thinking patterns or habits.

To make long lasting and permanent changes, you need to operate and work on a subconscious level, where you need to reprogram your all powerful subconscious mind, and self hypnosis will help you to do this. What you do today will have a big influence on your future.

Join the thousands of people who have already turned their lives around with hypnosis

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Use Self hypnosis to break free from your negative past 

To make the permanent changes and improvements you have to reprogram your all powerful subconscious mind, to change on the outside you have to first change from within.

Often we struggle to make the desired changes because we allow what has happened in the past to hold us back and keep us small. 

Our subconscious mind controls all our actions and behaviours, it uses all our previous bad memories and self talk as feedback to gauge how we think, act and behave. 

During your life experience you have probably spent years using negative and destructive thoughts and words. Hypnotist only focuses on positive thoughts, suggestions and imaginings.

As children we look at the world with curiosity, fun and excitement, we perceive our world without fear. But as we journey through life we collect a series of bad experiences and bad habits. 

This causes us to self doubt ourselves and our capabilities, it is not long before we develop a attitude of negativity and fear which leads to low self confidence and self belief. 

These limiting perceptions we develop ourselves and our environment we call our comfort zone, once we form a negative belief or habit they become a part of who we are, self hypnosis can help you release these limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour then it will replace them with new positive and helpful ones.

Because it is our limiting beliefs that hold us back, this is where self hypnosis comes in. It will allow your mind to perceive things from a different and more helpful perspective. 

With the aid of guided imagery you can see your desired outcome in your mind as if it has already been achieved. 

Once a new belief and a pattern of behaviour has been formed in your mind you will think, behave and act differently in your outer reality.

Self hypnosis is also a great tool for helping you to set your intentions and achieve your goals. It can allow you to see your goal as if you have already successful accomplished it. 

This sets the blueprint for your desired intentions and goals before, once they are in, place your mind will use them to take you through all the steps you need to complete your goal. 

You can then look at where you want to be from a positive perspective without any doubts or negative beliefs. 


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