How To Become More Popular 

Secretly we all loathe, but envy the type of person we want to be, that person who always seems to get what they want, the sort who can easily influence people and excels at everything they do, they achieve more in life, they're smart and witty, the one who grabs all the attention. 

It is human nature to be more popular, most people secretly want it, but they wrongly believe that those charismatic confident types are born with the gift of the gab and they are just naturally confident people. 

When you feel more confident you feel more happy, more relaxed and more safe and secure and lack of social confidence is all about insecurity. 

Can you really influence people, be more popular, become admired and socially confident, well the answer is yes, Mentalists have proven how you can influence people with mind control tactics, is it right, you can have an advantage over people and use words and body language to become more successful.

Well, only if you use it in an ethical manner, you should never try and force people to do things against their will if they don’t want to do it. Sure use the new skills you gain to your advantage, but never violates the universal laws.

Popular People Achieve More Success

So what are the advantages to be more popular? Research has proven that popular children at school go on to achieve more success later in life, they become higher achievers, they get on better in their careers and they earn more.

Plus, they have more social friends and connections, they draw the right people towards them and they spot and take advantage of opportunities that most people miss out on. Not to state the obvious which is, they find it a lot easier to attract the opposite sex.

So what do you need to do to be more popular, well you should always be yourself for a start, be interested in others and what they have to say, be prepared to listen, expand your awareness and knowledge the more you know about things the more you will have to offer to the conversation and never stop learning because no matter who you are there is always more to learn about. 

People admire confident and trust worthy people you don't have to be arrogant and it is always better to be likable and polite.

A smile and thank you can go a long way  in life, when you greet people with a smile you will make them feel more relaxed and at ease, people subconsciously respond to facial expressions and attitudes, you can soon warm to people but equally you can make people want to avoid you.. 

To be more popular and socially more successful you need to be able to feel comfortable and relaxed around others you might need to overcome your fears and anxieties, fear and confidence don't go together very well.

But that perception is a mistake, to be more popular is something that is well within your reach and the benefits you will gain from being more popular are well worth your efforts. 

It is not just about being more popular, it's all about social confidence, social skills and understanding. When you feel more confident you feel more happy, more relaxed and more safe and secure and lack of social confidence is all about insecurity.

The article below has been written by the creator of the be more popular program, his choice of words are frank and may even sound a bit abrupt. 

If you visit his website don't feel offended it is designed to grab your attention so you will take action, sometimes people need to be woken up and pushed to take action otherwise they just carry on wanting but not achieving or being.

It can be hard to convince people that they can change and unless you are prepared to let go of your old self-image and idea's about yourself then it can be hard to move forwards, you may be interested in the article below it is an unorthodox approach but one which may be necessary, to take you beyond your comfort zone

How To Become More Popular 

If not, I'm going to share a "dirty little secret" with you that is going to turn your life upside-down. First, I'm going to make you hate me. I'm going to get you so angry, you could spit... but after all that, you're going to thank me from the bottom of your heart for getting your attention and waking you up. Look.

Let's be honest here. I'm not going to be another one of those who just blows smoke up your butt and tells you to "be yourself" and "everything will be alright." Ask yourself this hard question: 

What has "being yourself" done for you? If that actually worked, wouldn't you already be Mr. Popular, Mr. Wanted, Mr. Sexed Up... if it worked, you wouldn't have any issues right now would you? And yet, here we are. And yes, you do have issues, don't you. Well, it should be obvious you need a shocking, earth-shattering change. 

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