How Subliminal Messages Can Positively Influence Your Brain And Your Life

Have you ever wondered why positive and happy people seem to achieve more success.

They also tend to be more confident and they have higher self esteem. They have better and more blissful relationships. 

They have more successful careers and on average they live longer and happier lives?

Yet those who are more generally negative and unhappy. Suffer with more stress and negative emotions and they tend to struggle to make the positive and powerful changes that they desire.

So many people fall into and get stuck in a negative mindset and negative trap and ongoing loop that prevents them from getting ahead in life and becoming and doing what they desire to be.

They know this negative trap isn't helping them, but they just don't know how to escape it.

Don't you find that the more you fight your negativity trap and mindset and the harder you try to free yourself from the daily barrage of negative thinking and behaving. The worse it seems to get?

By now you might think that you're permanently stuck in a place you don't want to be both mentally and externally. 

You know that you can be and have more, but you just don't know how to go about it or how to make those positive changes that you know you can have.

But although you may feel trapped and stuck, and you maybe sick and tired of the same old self destructive thoughts, beliefs, habits and behaviors.

There is a way out and there is a way forwards and you can free yourself from your limiting past conditioning and there are many positive reasons why you should permanently free yourself from your negative conditioning.

All you need to do is change your programming and your belief systems. Sounds easy, but there is a specific way you need to go about it, in order to make those positive changes.

First of all. There are only a few ways to reprogram your mind.
  • Positive affirmations/suggestions
  • Positive thinking/self talk
  • Visualizeation
Whichever method you use. Your results will depend on how you feel at the time you use whichever technique you choose.

Studies have found out that positive and happier people, when they use affirmations or positive thinking get and feel even better.

Yet this is not the case for people who are stuck in a negative cycle and trap. 

Because when they try the same techniques and they use positive affirmations or positive self talk.

They very often struggle to feel or become any better, in fact in some even feel worse.

So what is the reason behind this. Surely if we all think or say positive affirmations then everybody should improve and feel better shouldn't they?

The secret to whether you make those positive and life changing improvements all comes down to how you are feeling a the time your say or do them.

If your already feeling relaxed and calm, then your mind will easily absorb and accept these new instrcutions and suggestions and it will act on them accordingly without any ressisance or rejection.

However if your feeling stressed, negative, anxious or worried and you try to make positive changes or improvements.      

Then you mind will reject and dismiss them and because you don't get the results that you're seeking then this can leave you feeling worse and more disheartened.

Audio subliminal message recordings, come with relaxing sounds of nature to help you calm your mind and body so your brain accepts and takes on board these new and helpful, positive beliefs and suggestions.

Empower yourself with subliminal messages

Most people struggle to understand what they truly believe and how much of a negative and destructive impact that the thoughts they focus on all day long has on their lives.

Deep down, everybody knows that they have limitless inner talents and potential. But they struggle to workout what their mental blocks are and what they can do tho go about changing them.

You were born happy, and you came into this world with high levels of self esteem, unstoppable self belief and you had an abundance of self confidence and faith in your own abilities.

You have never lost these traits, you have just probably replaced them with limiting and negative beliefs and thought processes that you have picked up through your conditioning and your negative experiences.

When you are born your mind is an open slate and it is open to all possibilities and suggestions, What you convince your brain, you become and it then becomes you and your reality.

All you have to do is to program and convince your brain, to what you want and how you want to be.

The trouble is, most people think on auto-pilot all day long and they carry with them the same old negative emotional baggage with them int each and every brand new day.

Yet, each new day, comes with a window of opportunity for personal change and betterment.

We tend to repeat the same old tiresome and self destructive thoughts over and over again and this mental repetition then becomes a well practiced but damaging habit that creates how we feel and what we do, have and become.

The trouble with negative thinking is, we create and attract what we don't want.

The thing to be aware of. Everytime you think a negative thought you will reinforce those powerful neural associations.

Negative thoughts, will disempower you tremendously and hold you back and make you feel miserable and defeated and they will hold you stuck in a bad feeling place of lack and limitation

On the other hand. Positive thoughts will empower you tremendously, they will strengthen the positive and good feeling emotions and they will support you and move you towards a better you and a better life.

Audio subliminal messages are one way of repeatedly delivering powerful and empowering positive thoughts and affirmations to your mind.

To get the most out of your subliminal audio messages. If you are feeling a bit stressed or emotionally overwhelmed.

You can exercise before you use them, as this can help to reduce any stress or tension. 

Then before you go ahead and listen to your life changing subliminal audio. Make sure you are feeling completely relaxed first.

Find somewhere where you won't be disturbed and make yourself comfortable. Just allow yourself to relax first, you can do some gradual muscle relaxation techniques if you choose.

Or depending on how you feel. Just do some slow deep breathing, do not try and relax, just allow it to happen.

If any negative thoughts enter your mind. Do not attempt to stop them, just watch them but do not react and allow them to come and go freely and unchallenged.

If you leave your mind alone, and allow it to think the worry or anxious thoughts, then it will quickly settle down and calm itself.

When you are feeling relaxed. Then, play your subliminal audio, so you get the maximum benefits and results.

After you have listened to them. Let it go, do not look for changes, let the process happen naturally in it's own time.

If you have any negative thoughts throughout the day, let them go or change them. Do not get emotionally involved in them.

If you want to feel great within yourself and with your life. Wake up each morning feeling excited and inspired and fill your mind with positivity and what can and will be.

Empower yourself with the wide range of Real Subliminal audio positive messaging recordings.

Change your inner subconscious beliefs, change your life

There are only really two ways to program your subconscious mind, and that can be achieved through repetition and by use of your imagination.

Change will not necessarily happen by just repeating a word or phrase over and over again, if you repeat a set of affirmations over and over again, but on a conscious level you don't really believe what you're telling yourself, then it will be a waste of time. 

If you want to make positive changes to your life, then you will need to perform a technique combined with feeling relaxed, so you are in the right relaxed state, for your mind to absorb the positive affirmations and accept them as being the new way of thinking.

Your mind locks into your memory bank all your previous bad experiences, your conditioning and beliefs, even if they are negative, limiting you or they are not helping you.

Your mind will then use all this information, to form who you are, your character, how you think, and to act and behave and it will create your self image around all your previous past conditioning.

It will also draw off your limiting beliefs and negative programming to gauge how you handle and react to situations and challenges in your everyday life.

There is a barrier in between your conscious and subconscious mind, this acts a safety device to prevent any new beliefs, thoughts or idea's entering your all powerful subconscious mind which do not conform with your previous programming.

The only way to make the new positive changes that you want is to perform a technique that will bypass the barriers that have been blocking off and rejecting all your efforts to change.

The best time to make these new changes is, when you deliver new positive suggestions at a time when you feel relaxed and you're in a state of nonresistance.

The reason why most people struggle to change is because they are stuck in a negative state of resistance, which makes it virtually impossible.

It is like using a hammer on a cement block. If you strike it enough times you will chip away at it; so too with the brain. 

Change does not happen instantly, you have to feed your mind a continuous set of positivie thoughts and suggestions on a consistent basis, where you basically repeat the same set words or statements over and over again, at a time when you're feeling relaxed when you're not opposing the new thoughts, beliefs and suggestions. 

Change is very similar to learning a new skill, where it requires practice and repetition, where bit by bit you improve and get better, until you reach a level where it happens automatically program so you perform without you having to try or think about it.

Subliminal recordings combine all the techniques that you need to make new positive changes, which are
  1. The subliminal recordings are backed by a soothing soundtrack of nature to help calm and relax you 
  2. The positive messages go undetected by the barrier that separates your conscious and subconscious mind, so they go directly unchallenged into your all powerful subconscious mind 
  3. Subliminal recordings deliver thousands of positive messages repeatedly into your subconscious mind

These positive suggestions and affirmations are collected and retained by your subconscious mind and they will replace your old unhelpful and limiting programming. 

Once the new positive beliefs become locked into your mind they will remain in your memory bank, and your subconscious mind will accept these new positive beliefs as being the new norm, and it will act upon the new beliefs.

If you decide to use a subliminal recording, do not look for changes, just allow things to happen naturally and progressively, the worst thing you can do, is look for instant results and then start opposing what you have been trying to change.

How to change your beliefs

You can challenge and replace your unhelpful beliefs consciously, but most people have not got the required amount of focus that is required.

Another stumbling block is, although change makes your life better, your mind does not like change and it will try to keep things they way they are, regardless of whether they are bad for you.

The advantage you have with subliminal messaging is, because they go directly into your mind un-detective, your mind cannot reject them so it has to accept them as true.

Subliminal messages can help you to change those limiting beliefs, habits and behaviours that are bad for you or holding you back, without any effort required.

The advantage of audio subliminal messages is, they are embedded in relaxing and soothing music or sounds of nature, plus they do all the hard work for you by taking away all the tedious effort and focus of repeating them over and over again the old fashioned way.

These soothing sounds and music are specially designed to relax your body and change your brainwaves to those relaxed brainwaves, where your mind becomes open and receptive to change.

When you relax your mind and body, the positive affirmations will go directly into your subconscious mind which will allow you to change any area of your life that you choose.

If you want to make changes, break bad habits or you want a better quality of life and much more. 

Then you have to make those changes on a subconscious level and subliminal messages are one tool that will help you to replace your unwanted and limiting beliefs and conditioning and replace them with new supporting and helpful ones.

Every single cell in your body is affected and influenced by every single thought in your body, and each negative thought is always followed by an emotional and physical reaction. 

Long term negative thinking and conditioning will also destroy your creativity and keep you small and stuck.

Your thoughts can alter the chemistry in your body and trigger stressful physical responses leaving toxic chemicals in your body as well as causing inflammation and muscle tension which if left untreated can be bad for your health.

Positive thoughts do the opposite, they will affect your body in positive and good ways, they will promote the release of the good feeling endorphins, leaving you feeling more relaxed, happier, more creative and they will put you on the right path to success, in all area's of your life.

Remember that it is estimated that it takes thirty days for any change to take place, and sometimes even longer is required.

So if you buy an audio subliminal recording, allow time for the changes to take place, just listen, then forget about the subject you're working on and let those changes happen naturally, try not to look for changes or question and doubt.

Subliminal messages can help to change your thought patterns and beliefs at a very deep and influential level, helping you to become a better, more successful and healthier you.

What Are Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages are positive affirmations and commands that operate below the level of conscious awareness, these messages are designed to bye pass your critical conscious mind which is the part of your mind that often rejects any attempts you make to change. 

These specific messages which go undetected by your interfering conscious mind are sent directly into your all powerful conscious mind which is where any long lasting changes needs to take place.

It is believed that approximately 90% of all your actions, habits, thinking patterns and behviours are dictated and controlled by your subconscious mind, this means most of your daily thought patterns and feelings are coming from your subconscious mind. 

If you can change your thought processes and beliefs at a subconscious level then you can replace bad and destructive habits and thought processes.

You can also change the way you act, feel, think and behave. The right mental conditioning and thought processes can also improve your life and performance levels in many other area's and turn you into the person you want to be.

Subliminal Messages Can Change You At a Deep And Influential Level 

Subliminal means anything that influences our perception without us being aware of it. Subliminal audio is used to send verbal information which is not perceptible by the conscious mind and is embedded in other verbal mediums like music or sounds of nature. 

But the subconscious mind is able to process subliminal audio messages and it will act accordingly to these new ways of thinking. 

In our daily life our conscious mind comes across numerous subliminal messages and it is impossible for the conscious mind to register and act on all of these. 

The unconscious mind filters these messages and we will be aware of only those messages that are needed at that time. 

There is no doubting the fact that your thoughts and thought patterns, control all aspects of your life. 

Therefore, if you can find a way to change your thought patterns at a deep and influential level, then you will have discovered a way to change your life.

Subliminal messages are one way of changing your inner most thought patterns. So, if we listen to the same subliminal message frequently, it will get stored in our unconscious mind and will start influencing your behavior.

Impact of Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messaging started as a well researched science that was pioneered in the 1950s by several advertisers, but in 1974 the US government banned the use of such messages as they believed that it provided an undue advantage to the companies. 

However, this hasn't stopped subliminal audio and video messages from impacting and improving the life of a thousand people. 

Subliminal audio cds and mp3 are available today that act as a boost to the personality of a person and motivates him to perform better in whatever field he is working in.

Why You Should Try Subliminal Messages

Today, almost everyone has heard about subliminal messages and the way they have changed so many lives. 

If you are suffering from any lack of confidence or if you are simply looking to boost your performance level, then you too should get yourself the life altering subliminal audio cds and mp3s. 

If you are a student then you can use these messages to help you concentrate on your studies. 

If you are a working person then you can use these messages to improve your work performance. Even athletes and sports personalities can use these messages to help them get better results.

Several leading persons such as Derren Brown, Anthony Robins and Tiger Woods have used subliminal messages to help them in their lives. Subliminal suggestion techniques are being used regularly by thousands of folks who want to improve the quality of their lives.

Depending on the messages you choose to hear, you can be sure about boosting your confidence,  improve your focus or better your life in many area's by just relaxing and listening to subliminal messages

Does It Really Work?

Well, subliminal audio messages are only suggestive in nature and you would have to take the final steps to make them work, like anything in life if you go into it with an open and positive mind then it will always work. 

Everyone who has used subliminal messages has only praised it for making a difference in their lives and because there is no effort required on your behalf then this makes it an easy process to for positive changes. 

What this means is, you too can change your life and make it better by doing very little. Get yourself subliminal audio mp3s for free here and listen to them for a life changing experience. 

Become More Positive In All Areas of Your Life With Audio Subliminal Messages

You may be totally unaware of this fact, but very often, we become bogged down with our own self destructive thinking. 

People tend to become negative and stressed under the constant pressures of the workplace and our daily lives or from their bad experiences. Our old patterns of beliefs all too often cause us to self sabotage.

By changing the way we think with subliminal messages, we can actually transform our thought processes to become more positive, and this positive change affects all areas of our lives.

There are three main ways to induce positive thought with subliminal messages. These are:

Subliminal audio files
Subliminal text and words
Subliminal images

Using audio files or simply positive, upbeat music or sound effects, you can alter your entire mood throughout the day, changing it to one that is more positive. The power of music cannot be underestimated, and it undoubtedly has an effect on our moods.

The power of words as well, whether they are through audio or text, is another method of changing thoughts from negative to positive to create a happier, more content state of mind. 

Energy is information, we live in an information reality, make your energy, positive and this can affect your physical state and reality in a positive way. 

The best time to play a subliminal audio is at times when you're relaxed such as just before you're going to bed.

Combine this with the relaxing sounds of the recordings which will help you to relax further, then this will increase your chances tenfold of your mind accepting the positive messages which will bring about the changes you're seeking.

Subliminal images can come in the shape of pictures placed around the home or office, or simply by changing your office view to a window or scenic image. 

This way you can remind yourself subliminally of the natural world throughout the day, creating a calmer and less cluttered frame of mind. 

Or, you can put pictures around the home or office that remind you of positive things, such as family, nature, or anywhere that induces a positive frame of mind for you.

Subliminal messages and their amazing power to create positive thought should not be underestimated. You can find ways to surround yourself with positive subliminal messages at online stores and websites that offer products of this nature. 

A bit of research goes a long way in creating a happier, more positive frame of mind that will benefit you for the rest of your life, no matter where you may be.

The Endless Possibilities Of Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages employ either subliminal audio or video messages to impart encrypted messages that get lodged in your subconscious mind. Subliminal audio uses a frequency that is beyond the range of human hearing and are available in cd and mp3 formats for easy use and download. 

Subliminal video messages are flashed repeatedly over a screen at a pace that is faster than the eye could see so that they get inside your subconscious mind without affecting your conscious mind.

What Can Be Achieved

There are endless possibilities of subliminal messages and if one truly wants to achieve something in life then he/she should definitely opt for such message viewing or hearing.

Some of the wide uses of subliminal messages are:

You can use these messages to achieve your goals. Whether you are a professional working person or a student, you should listen to subliminal audio to improve your performance.
These messages can also be employed by athletes to improve their performance and achieve greater success.
Weight losing programs can also employ such techniques to help in losing weight quickly.

Language learning programs utilize these messages to improve your attentive power so that you can grasp the subject easily.
If you want to quit smoking then too you can employ these messages to help you in achieving your objective.

It has also been proved that listening to subliminal audio can develop your personality and if you have suffered rejection in the past then these messages can help you overcome the fear of future rejection. 

Laws of attraction can also be learnt by employing these techniques and you can transform into a very confident person.

These are just a few examples of the immense possibilities of subliminal messaging.

Subliminal MP3 Library - Subliminal Messages Subliminal CDs


Subliminal MP3 Library - Subliminal Messages Subliminal CDs


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