How To Overcome Adversity And Set Backs  

You cannot escape the fact that no matter who you are, at some point in your life you're going to come face to face with your own personal difficulties, problems, tough times, bad situations or you will receive some bad or distressing news.

Like a thunderstorm, adversity will at times come your way, and although there are many things that you can do, to prepare yourself and make yourself better equipped at handling and getting through and over adversity, nobody can completely avoid it.

Adversity is not just about the real bad news that we all experience, it can be seen as anything that is regarded as negative, and sometimes adversity can strike completely out of the blue.

So when adversity and difficult times show up in your life, and one thing is for sure, it is inevitable from time to time. What can you do to help you overcome it?

What you can do is, you can teach yourself how to manage adversity and setbacks, so you will, learn to deal and cope with it much better than you did in the past, and you can quickly bounce back and come back stronger.

We are all far much better equipped at overcoming adversity than most of us might have thought. However, for some, adversity can take them down into a deep dark and painful place.

Although real bad news like a bereavement, trauma or abuse will take time to heal, and may require professional help. 

Sometimes personal setbacks, failures and disappointments can be a message and a lesson for us to learn, to grow, to rise up to and step up to the challenge, so we can advance, get motivated, become more ambitious and become better and stronger.

As it is impossible to avoid adversity, the best outcome is to bounce back as quickly as we can so we overcome it with the least amount of pain and in the shortest duration period that is possible for you, so you can learn to deal with adversity a lot better than you might have done in the past.

8 tips to help you get over adversity

1) Release the emotion

When adversity strikes or if you are struggling to deal with personal issues or outside influences, do not try to hide it or suppress your emotions.

If you're feeling pain, if life is getting you down or you're going through a difficult time, then have a good cry, just release the emotion and let it go.

Have an early night, speak to someone, exercise, go for a walk in nature, take a break from what you're doing, treat yourself or do something that will help you to relax deeply.

Then make a vow to yourself that you will come through this situation or this difficult period is only temporary, and there will be a silver lining or only good will come out of this situation.

2) Accept what is

Before you can move forwards in a new and positive direction, then you might have to accept what is and deal with your current adversity or difficult times.

There are some things that we have control over, but sometimes certain things and situations are not in our control. 

Either way, once something has gone bad or wrong, then we have to accept what is and our current reality and situation, then we need to bounce back, escape the situation or move forwards as quickly as possible.

Accept that you cannot always change or control some people or some situations, but also be aware of the fact, you can control how you react, how much energy and focus you give, how you allow it to influence you, and what action or perspective you take.

Although the initial thing, circumstance, bad news or problem can be emotionally painful and upsetting, once it has happened, it cannot hurt you again, unless you allow it to.

From then onwards, all the emotional hurt, anger or upset will come from the follow on thoughts that you have about the situation and how you react after, how you let it bother, how much attention you give it or how you or perceive your future.

So once you have released your emotion, the next step is to accept and give into what is and try to deal with the worst case scenario, then make it your goal to come back stronger.

3) Have Faith

When outside influences upset you, or your challenges seem insurmountable, then you can either sink or swim or carry on or give in, or dwell on the issue or turn it round in your favour and to your advantage.

When you feel down and out, when you feel weak and vulnerable, when all the doors of opportunity seem to be slammed shut, then it is time to be aware that you still have one more hand to play and that is to have faith and optimism.

Because it is so easy to fall into a downward spiral of doom, gloom and a feeling and sense of hopelessness, so rather than take that unpleasant and fruitless route, decide to take matters and your future into your own hands.

Because faith can get you over any problem, it can steer you through any obstacle and lead you to where you want to go, and no amount of negativity or pessimism is a match for faith and optimisms.

So have faith in your ability that you will turn your negative or upsetting situation around, and even though you have not got to figure things out right away, you will figure things out, everything will be OK.

Let you know, that you have come through tough times in the past, and although you are hurting or suffering at the moment, you will turn things around and everything will turn out right and you will overcome it.

With the power of faith and optimism at your disposal, let you know, even though you may be suffering right now, that you will do all that is required to move yourself through your difficult situation and take you to a much better feeling place.

Try not to see your adversity as an end of the world moment, but more of a chance to reflect on you and your current situation and even try to view it as an opportunity for something better to be born.

4) Manage your thought processes

The correct procedure for overcoming adversity or getting well and back to your best should always be aimed at bouncing back as quick as possible before the negativity trap starts to gain momentum and become your dominate emotions and physical state.

Correct thinking and having a positive and upbeat attitude despite your current difficulties is of utmost importance.

This should involve being aware of any negative thoughts or outside influences, and the attitude of, this is how it is at the moment, but things will get better as well as guarding yourself of any negative thoughts will play an important role in a quicker recovery.

Because negative emotions in the form of worry, anxiety, anger, frustration, disappointment, resentment to name a few, will result in stress, more negative emotions, limitations and it will prolong your pain and suffering.

5) Ask for help

If you're really struggling or going through a very difficult or traumatic event, you have not got to suffer alone, so do not be afraid to ask for help.

There are many ways that you can ask for help, you might want to seek the advice from a professional, such as your doctor or a counselor.  

You can confide in a friend, a family member or your partner if you have one. Another option is to join a forum which is related to your problem or difficulty so you can discuss things with others who are going through or have come the same problem

Prayer is another form of asking for help and guidance, because talking to someone can help you let it all out, and remember you're never alone.

Ever since humans came into existence, they have faced huge adversity and struggles, but as a species with have conquered, evolved and grown from our challenges and difficulties.

6) Plan for a better future

When adversity strikes, even though it may seem like a big blow to you, try to keep a positive mind and attitude, let you know, that this is a difficult time or situation. 

But it is only a temporary setback and I am not going to allow it to ruin my mood, because all suffering passes if you are willing to allow it to and you choose to let it go.

Sometimes life can be hard, but what's done is done, and you cannot change what has happened so you will gain nothing by holding onto your misery, miss-fortune or dwelling on your bad luck.

Make it your intention to rise back up a better and more resilient you, because you are far more resilient than you might have thought. 

Reflect on your life at the moment, forget about what is or what has happened and start to make plans for a better future

7) Change your state and mindset

Although positive and careful constructive thinking is essential, before you begin to try and think positive, you may need to change your state into a more relaxed and calmer state of being.

When we are going through hard times or when outside influences and circumstances dictate our mindset and thought processes, the body switches over into survival mode.

This can put us in a stressful state and our body can even shrink in stature. These negative and emotional states are geared towards helping us survive or avoid further emotional or physical pain. 

But, we can get stuck in these negative states which will generate more negative thoughts and feelings, which will hold us in a negative mindset and body and keep you focused on your difficulty.

Sometimes trying to think differently can be the most difficult way to changing how you feel or to escape from a bad feeling place.

Our emotions come before our thoughts and our emotions call all the shots, and it has to be that way, because emotions deal with survival and the flight or fight response.

The best way to think differently, is to change the way you feel, because if you're experiencing negative emotions because of your current experience or situation, then your brain will use the negative feedback to gage how you think, feel and act now and in the future. 

Emotions either deal with pain or pleasure, if you're experiencing emotional pain, then this will be followed by negative thought processes, then the negative thoughts will generate more negative feelings.

If your body is in balance and you're having good feeling emotions, then you will tend to have more pleasing or neutral thoughts, which will generate more good feelings.

Because our emotions determine our thoughts, if we change our state, then our thoughts will follow and match our feel good and relaxed emotional state. 

Exercise, is good to burn off any excess adrenaline and energy, and relaxation is a great way to change your emotional and physical state.

Hypnosis is one of the best ways to relax and change how you feel, and because it can work directly with how you feel when they are experiencing difficult situations by helping bypass the impracticalities of trying to change your thought processes when you are highly emotional or going through challenging and distressing times.

Hypnosis is a highly effective tool to help you reverse feeling changes, leaving you with a clearer mind so that you can think and feel better. 

The good news is, when you learn how to manage your state, then you will find out, that you will be far more resilient and you will be able to handle and cope with what life sometimes throws at you so much better.

8) Take action

Once you are feeling better and more optimistic, then if it is required, you might need to take physical action to better your situation and life.

When the storm clouds have passed, then it may be time to cease the moment to make things happen or to create or take advantage of new and exciting opportunities, or to develop new ideas and opportunities from within. 

Because if you do nothing or if you just wait and hope for things to get better by themselves, or if you do not use your adversity to catalyst and drive you to better things, then the chances are things might not really improve that much. 

Just by taking daily action steps, even they are small and simple, will move you forwards in a positive direction and help you become a better version of you.

Your current or past adversity or issue may be painful and difficult, but unless you take action steps each day to handle it and put it behind you, then it will continue to cause you grief and pain. 

Do nothing or trying to suppress or blank out your difficulties will only lead to more suffering and future heartache, but by taking daily action steps and sticking to them or working through your adversity with a positive attitude, will lead you to a better quality of life.

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