Experience Your World Through The Eyes Of A Child

We are all a bit guilty of taking life too seriously, we could all begin to stress less and learn how to rediscover our true selves. 

Life can appear hard at times, but sometimes we make it a lot harder that it should be and it may be time for you to forget about all your troubles, stop trying so hard and follow the example of how young children perceive the world and live their lives.

Little children, they come into the world with almost angelic qualities and good intentions, they have one motive and that is to have fun and enjoyment, their imagination has no boundaries and their world is a much different and often a much better, more peaceful and safer place than ours. 

They have a carefree attitude and their only goal is to play and be happy, their clean mind is bug free of all hate, poison, resentment, fear and pain.

If you put a mixed race bunch of very young children consisting of every culture, creed, race and nationality together in one room, they would happily and merrily play and mix together. 

You can have a group of young children from different cultures and wearing different football shirts and they would happily get along together, until eventually society conditioning would start to divide them.

Because of their innocence, they would not judge each other, criticize, disrespect each other or verbally abuse each other, because they know no hate, this shows they pick everything up from their elders and from society conditioning in general.

Children are inquisitive, mysterious, friendly and outwardly focused, when they do go inside of their minds.

They use their imagination positively and creatively to make them feel good and even at an early age, they are actually planning and creating a successful future, what they don't do is use their imagination to cause them pain and bad feelings because they don't know how to view the world negatively.

I suppose the first time their imagination starts to scare them is when their elders tease them about the bogeyman or they start watching TV shows or even children's ones where they are introduced to ghost stories and even scenes depicting violence. 

Because until they are conditioned differently, violence, hatred and resentment do not have a place in their special magical world.

We Can All Learn A Lesson Or Two From Young Children

Although adults teach young children about the lessons and skills of life, we could all learn a few valuable lessons from them, because most of us have forgotten how to have fun and live in the here and now. 

So isn't it time we as adults started to take a leaf out of young children's books to improve our own lives, it's time to live for the moment and concentrate on having more fun, take the example of young children so we can make our society a better and more friendlier place for us all to live.

Children are a shinning example of how were are meant to live life to a degree, but through life experiences and society conditioning somewhere along the line we seem too loose our way a little. We all have that inner child hidden deep inside of us, so perhaps sometimes we should unleash it and return back to our real grass roots from time to time. 

If we could combine the fun loving peace loving attributes of very young children with the wisdom and intelligence of adults then surely that would make for an ideal world and a safer place to live in. 

Children live in the moment and they don't worry about tomorrow of constantly dread things going wrong, the difference between young children and adults is, adults tend to look for problems whilst children focus on enjoying themselves and dreaming and role playing what they want to be when they grow up. 

They only have two fears which are, the fear of falling and heights, all our other fears we collect as we journey through our life's experience. They certainly don't see obstacles and they never worry about fear of failure when they are fantasizing about becoming like their role models or their ideal professions or career.

Children Have A Healthy Balanced Tension Free Posture 

Up until the age of about three children have a relaxed and balanced tension free naturally aligned and healthy body posture. After about the age of three years old children especially in the western world start to develop unhealthy tense bad postural habits.

They don't understand the meaning of worry and stress, if your watch young children they use their eyes to look up and down and from side too side, using your eyes more instead of using your neck so much will free your neck of tension, it will also exercise your eye muscles and some people claim that poor eyesight is partly contributed to weak eye muscle later in life.

Because they know how too sit and stand in a natural and balanced posture they experience little tension in their bodies and because they do not know the meaning of stress, negativity and worry this gives them an abundance of positive energy and an enthusiasm for life and having fun.

Children Already Know The Real Secret

It is believed that children come into this world already knowing how to be creative and imaginative, they don't need teaching the theory of the law of attraction because they already know the basic and most fundamental ingredients of creation, they are not taught how to day dream and visualize, it is already automatically built into them. 

At a very young age children have a vivid and wonderful creative imagination, they fantasize about their dream ideal future, they make their wishes, all young children dream big, they want to be things like an astronaut, scientists, doctor, sports start, racing car driver or a budding Florence Nightingale. 

They enter this physical world having come from the none physical realms with a clear slate and an open mind, they know we live in a world of infinite possibilities, it is only when they begin to get older and they buy into the beliefs of some of the older generations that they begin to close the magical door and for many their dreams fade away a die.

Your Never To Old To Start To Dream And Begin Your Goals

Although we have to leave our childhood behind us that does not mean we have to abandon our dreams and loose our ability to let go and have more fun and enjoyment, babies never stop laughing and playing and they have an endless amount of energy.

They have no ego to please, they have their basic human needs, such as food, water warmth and shelter and they liked to be love, in fact love is the only emotion they know, yes they cry for attention if their hungry, thirsty or if they need a nappy change, but that is not a cry for help neither is it out of sadness.

Children give out love and they like to be loved back, they see no flaws or faults in themselves or others, they know no pain, they are resilient even in the face of adversity. 

Even those who are so unfortunate to live in the most appalling circumstances and situations, and even some of those children who have very poor living standards find time to smile even when they are facing extreme levels of adversity.

Children do not need material possessions or things to make them happy, you see the children in places such as South Africa, they have nothing yet the still manage to have fun and enjoyment. There is nothing wrong with wanting and dreaming, but it just demonstrates that you can still be happy with very little.

 Discover Who You Really Are

Very young children don't take themselves or their life to seriously, in a way life goes around in a full circle, we come into this world with the sole intention of having fun, we start of with no inhibitions and we have a careless attitude, we happily make a fool of ourselves, we go with the flow, we don't care what others think of us and we are not afraid to let ourselves go.

The bit from early adulthood to old age seems to be the part of life where we struggle, but once we near old age we start loose our inhibitions again, we speak our minds we could not careless what others think and we not afraid to show ourselves up as once again we stop taking ourselves and our lives so seriously.

So why does the bit in the middle seems to be the stumbling block, sometimes the self made pressures of growing up combined with the struggle of bringing up children and paying bills can take the fun out of our lives. Getting set in our ways or getting stuck in a rut just going through the motions and doing the same things day in day out can lead to life stagnation.

This is why we need to return back to who we really are, you need to keep active and see life as an adventure, children love a story and that part of you never changes, so read plenty of books, discover the real you and find your life's true purpose. Keep setting yourself new goals and challenges, be positive, stay optimistic and start to do all those things you won't to do. 

Because although you have got your responsibilities you can still approach your life like a young child would now and again. Start to look for all that is good, seek out more joy and make your life experience a happy and memorable one.

Because sometimes it is a lot easier to let go of all that is bad stuff than it is to carry on fighting and struggling with the three dreaded what's, which are what is, what has been and what might go wrong.

The world needs a little less hate and a little more love, because love has no boundaries, love is the most potent and powerful force known to man, it is unconditional and universal, it is gives but it does not ask to receive anything back.

There is a ocean of pure love and positive consciousness that flows through each and everyone of us, it only stops flowing when we block it by resisting it, this can only happen when we start to focus on what is unwanted. We are all in charge of our own version of our reality, we don't control reality as such, but we do control the reality we experience both wanted and unwanted.

This does not mean we control every outside experience, but we do control how we chose to respond to situations and how choose the let them affect us, we are the director of the part we choose to play in our own life story and we have a say in whether our experiences and our whole life in general will be a happy ending or sad one, so don't get to the end of your life full of regrets.

Because we are the creators of our own life experiences because we live in a thought and feelings driven universe and we all have total control of our thoughts, feelings and destiny, yet still most people are not even aware of this.


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