Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

Research says that most people who embark on a weight loss campaign, even though that they initially manage to lose weight, very often end up putting it all back on and some even end up heavier than they did before they started.

This suggests that there is a bit more to losing weight and it also indicates that you may have a few other issues to deal with apart from the food aspect side of things. 

To save yourself from falling into the yo yo effect trap, of losing it and then putting it all straight back on which just leads to more frustration and disappointment which is not good for your self esteem or your emotional well-being.

It can benefit you to devise a weight loss plan and strategy that will help you to naturally lose the weight at a sensible pace that suits your lifestyle and time schedule which should also involve dealing with the often overlooked, emotional and mindset side of losing weight.

Because, the last thing you want is to go through all the hard effort of losing weight only to find out a bit later that you've piled it all back on and even worse, you're heavier than you were before you started.

Because losing weight is only the first step of a successful weight loss campaign, the harder part is to continue to maintain your ideal weight and a large part of that comes down to the mental and emotional side of losing weight.

Most people will have a specific weight target that they will have in mind and they will tend to set themselves a goal to reach in the form of pounds and stones, however very few will give little thought and consideration about what happens after they have reached their target weight.

This is where many people slip up, because in order to maintain your ideal healthy new weight you will have to adapt your lifestyle and maintain your new healthy lifestyle long after you have met your goal.

Therefore, before you start the practical and physical side of losing weight, you may need to address some emotional and mindset issues combined with making and sticking to some new healthy lifestyle changes.

Weight loss should be steady and progressive and it should be viewed as a marathon not a sprint.  

It's not healthy or maintainable to suddenly start to starve yourself of food, after all, your body will have no idea that you're trying to lose weight, and it will react as if it is a survival issue forcing you into eating more food.

When you drastically cut your food intake it will inevitably lead to cravings and binges that will end up sabotaging your progress which results in you putting the weight back on.

You may also have to consider that there is a high chance that your weight gain is down to some underlying physiological, emotional and poor lifestyle habits which you were unaware of and the level of activity to the amount of food that you consume.

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