Best Ways To Reduce And Lose Weight

Learning how to control your eating habits and losing weight is becoming a big issue for many people around the world. There are millions of individuals who would dearly love to shed a few pounds and become more healthy, but many have tried yet they still have not obtained the targets that they desire.

The first mistake many make is, most people focus on what they don't want and they use negative inner dialogue like, I don't want to be fat which keeps them focused on what they don't want, you shouldn't even use words like losing weight or I need to go on a diet because that is still negative self talk and it creates a self image of you being overweight.

You don't want to go on a strict diet, what your goal should be is, you want to be your ideal healthy weight. If you find yourself using negative self talk, change it to something positive like, I would like to be, slim lean and fit.

Because when you use negative language or thoughts you will sabotage all your efforts and you will create a self image of yourself that you don't want, your mind will then use that negative self image to create the you that you perceive in your outer reality. So only focus on what you don't want, you do not even have to worry about the how at the moment. 

To begin with all you have to do is focus on what you want to be and you need to build up a strong belief that you can therefore you will achieve that ideal you. Faith is an important ingredient in achieving any goal and that means trusting you will get there before it has actually happened.

1) Devise A Plan Of Action 

It can help to device a realistic timeline and create a strategy and plan of action for you to follow, we are more successful at achieving goals when we set a new positive blue print for our mind to follow. Because what you need is to get into the right frame of mind and having a long term plan will help you achieve that positive mental attitude. 

To further endorse that positive mindset, imagine how good your going to feel when you reach your ideal weight, look at some new sets of cloths you will wear when your slim. 

Instead of feeling bad at all the glamour models and athletic bodies, look at them and be inspired by them. Aim to also have a trim toned body see yourself already slim and think about how proud and good you feel, because if they can do it, so can you.

Although you may have a specific long term target, focusing on that completed goal can feel overwhelming especially at the beginning stages, this can leave you feeling frustrated and despondent if you feel your a long way off your overall target weight. Although you should set your ideal weight target, it is far better too then break things down into smaller and less daunting steps. 

You can do this by setting easily achievable weekly targets, and remember even if you manage to lose a pound a week that is a pound of fat less and over a year. That equates too fifty two pounds of fat loss which is just under four stones, so there is no need to heap unnecessary pressure on yourself and your not in a race.

2) Aim To Make Steady Progressive Programs

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when they decide to go on a weight loss campaign is, they expect or want to lose a lot of weight in the shortest possible time, this approach is not healthy or realistic to keep up over a longer period of time.

Going on a starvation rapid weight loss program rarely works, it is just to much of a shock to your system and it will leave you feeling endlessly hungry and hunger always wins. It would be more advisable to learn how to educate your body to manage on smaller portions and eat less frequently.

If you take your time to lose weight and you cut back on your calories and food portions gradually your body will have more time to adjust to your new more healthier eating habits so your mind and body won't try to resist and work against your new health changes and it won't be such a battle and shock to your system simply because your system will naturally adjust to your new ways of eating.

3) Start The Day With A Healthy But Filling Breakfast

Avoid skipping meals especially your breakfast, it is important to have a good filling healthy breakfast, this will set you up for the day, if you skip breakfast then you run the risk of snacking on high sugary foods later to combat your hunger pangs. 

Eating a good breakfast combined with good carbs and protein helps stop binge eating later in the day according to research form the US,

The same applies for people who get up to late in the morning, they tend to grab foods for convenience as a substitute for their missed breakfast. 

Get into the habit of getting up earlier so you will allow yourself plenty of time to have your healthy breakfast, plus allowing yourself plenty of time will prevent you becoming stressed which will help if you are an emotional eater.

Be aware of some low fat diet foods as they can contain extra sugar to combat for the loss of flavour lost from the reduced fat content, also just because things are labelled no added sugar that does not necessary mean they contain no sugar.

4) Minimize Your Sugar Intake

Try and minimize your table sugar intake because the only benefit of table sugar besides sweetening purposes is a quick energy fix which again can raise blood sugar levels. Now onto the effects of how fats play a role in our health. Fat has received a lot of bad publicity and negative press regarding health issues and weight gain.

It is important to know that our bodies require a certain amount of fat in order to keep us healthy, plus it can help brain function, fat also aids our bodies to absorb nutrients and it is a source of energy. 

The confusion and the problem lies with the type of fats we consume, or cook our meals in, there are good fats and bad fats, fats contain a lot of calories for its overall size compared to proteins.

Unlike bad sugars fat takes longer to be absorbed into our system and fat remains in our system a lot longer, fat also leaves us feeling fuller, so it is important to consume a sensible amount of the good fats in moderation and try and avoid too much of the bad fats, and the only way fat causes weight gain is if you consume more calories than you burn off.

5) Do Not Deprive Yourself Of Your Favourite Foods

When you are trying to lose a few extra unwanted pounds it is important to adapt your diet too foods you like, instead of forcing yourself to consume foods which you dislike. 

Far too many people go on restrictive diets, but you are supposed to enjoy and get some pleasure out of eating and if you stick too having too many boring and bland foods then the overwhelming urge for you to have a treat now and again will probably be too much and you run the risk of going on a binge eating high calorie session. 

it is far better for you to occasionally eat a bit of what you enjoy and don't feel bad about it, feel good about eating your favourite foods because you don't want to create an inner conflict with your mind and body because will leave you feeling bad and guilty, just don't over do the bad high sugary and high in bad fat foods.

Eat a healthy balanced diet, but throw in the occasional treat to stop the compulsions and urges. One trick you can adopt to help you achieve your perfect weight is to use smaller plates, this can fool the mind into believing you are still eating large potions. 

6) Take Your Time Eating Your Food 

A good tip to follow if you're interested in achieving your ideal weight is, it can pay dividends for you if start to eat slowly, do not rush and start to chew and enjoy your food, lets say on average of around 15-20 times before you decide to swallow it.  

Doing this will allow your brain and body to actually sense that it's full and you won't miss the normal signals that indicate you have had enough for now. So instead of stuffing a whole bunch of food down your throat where you would only find out that around half an hour later that you have over eaten and you feel bloated and full to the brim.

Experts recommend that the best time to exercise is before you have a meal as the exercise will help to speed up your metabolism so you burn off the calories your about to consume at a faster rate. If you feel hungry don't fight it, just eat some low calories healthy foods like raw carrot sticks, fruit or some celery sticks.

7) Eat Healthy And Sensibly 

There is no need for instant and drastic measures. It is important to know that our bodies require a certain amount of fat in order to keep us healthy, plus it can help brain function, fat also aids our bodies to absorb nutrients and it is a source of energy.

The confusion and the problem lies with the type of fats we consume, or cook our meals in, there are good fats and bad fats, fats contain a lot of calories for its overall size compared to proteins.

Unlike bad sugars fat takes longer to be absorbed into our system and fat remains in our system a lot longer, fat also leaves us feeling fuller, so it is important to consume a sensible amount of the good fats in moderation and try and avoid too much of the bad fats, and the only way fat causes weight gain is if you consume more calories than you burn off.

8) Try The Mediterranean Diet To Target The Waists 

If you want to just shift the excess fat around your waist it is recommended that you try a Mediterranean diet which can help reduce your waist line.Try a diet which incorporates plenty of fish, especially fish rich in omega 3. 

The Mediterranean diet is characterized by an abundance of foods of plant origin such as pasta, whole meal bread,legumes, rice, nuts and fruit and vegetables. The main bulk of additional fat comes from olive oil. 

The Mediterranean diet is also rich in fish, poultry, sea food and some dairy products. The Mediterranean diet provides an abundance of nutrients along with the right and healthy balance of carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins. 

9) Speed Up Your Metabolism   

You also need to speed up your metabolism without losing any muscle mass, the higher the metabolic rate the more calories you will burn off so the more weight you lose. 

Calories are our bodies fuel and we obtain calories from the food we eat, calories are consumed by the cells in our bodies and are then used to supply us with the fuel which is necessary for us, so we can perform our daily functions, what calories we don't use are then stored within our bodies for future energy supplies.

When we speed up our metabolism we burn off more fat, and some good ways to speed up your metabolism are through eating a sensible diet. You do not have to do hundreds of sit ups or long workouts, the best type of exercises are the ones that target all round muscle use rather than trying to target just one specific muscle.

Some of the high cardio long workouts don't burn off a lot of calories and some experts recommend short high intensity workouts combined with smarter and healthier eating habits. Some good exercises to lose some body fat and speed up your metabolism are aerobic exercises, including brisk walking, swimming, cycling, dancing and aerobic workouts will speed up your metabolism.

This higher metabolic rate will continue for several hours after you have finished exercising so even after a moderate workout or walk you will continue to burn off calories for several hours. 

Also any resistance training light to moderate weight training will help maintain or even increase your muscle mass, and increasing lean muscle mass will increase your metabolism even when you are not working out.

This does not mean you have to do any major body building or heavy workouts, all you need is to tone up your muscle and more importantly you will lose fat instead of muscle mass. For even better results you can combine short duration aerobic workouts with light to moderate resistance training. It is not necessary to spend hour working out in the gym every night or long aerobic workouts.

Doctors are now suggesting that shorter workouts done more often are better than longer grueling workouts. Have one or two rest days per week. 

When we eat our digestion is spurred into action and our metabolism increases and it is believed eating protein speeds up metabolism because it is harder for our bodies to digest than carbs and fats, and research suggest that meats fish, nuts and other protein foods help to control our appetite.

It is believed that eating more chilies can raise the metabolic rate because it helps warm the body. Research also suggest that drinking cool water helps to speed up your metabolism, however don't over consume on the water in a short space of time. Smaller meals eaten more regular are believed to be better than less than larger meals.

10) Avoid Those Late Night Snacks 

Try to avoid those late night last minute snacks, especially the high sugary snacks such as biscuits and cakes, if you eat after your evening meal especially within a few hours before you go to bed then all those high in calories foods will not be burned off, so the only purpose they will serve is to be stored as more fat reserves. 

There is little point in sticking to a healthy diet and doing your daily exercise routine if you going to be tempted too binge on high calorie and high fat content foods before your bedtime. If you really feel hungry don't try to resist the hunger cravings, so if you feel hungry after your evening meal again have a low calorie snack.

11) Exercise And Support 

To successful loose reach your ideal weight loss target is not going to be easy nor will it happen overnight, you will need lots of energy and having good support and encouragement from your friends and family can only help you on your journey to becoming that slimmer and more body confident you. 

It is important to get some exercise but you have not got to go too mad, especially at the beginning, have a chat with your doctor first and get your health condition checked out. 

Exercise does not mean you have to spend hours in the gym, any form of exercising or movement can only help, taking a brisk walk and house work are all forms of exercise. If possible it's best to find a form of exercise you enjoy to keep you motivated

12) Manage Your Emotions 

Most people say things like, I want to lose a bit of weight to make me feel better but that is doing things the wrong way around. Losing weight is not all about counting calories, having a positive mental attitude and the right mindset is the foundation of a successful weight loss campaign.

Before you attempt to shed a few pounds it is important you focus on feeling good first because the downfall of many people is they try to slim with a negative mindset and a negative energy and negativity brings to forth exactly the opposite of what you don't want.

You may have some initial success but the first onset of stress or setback and your old self destructive thinking patterns can soon start to derail all your optimism and enthusiasm. It is therefore important to learn how to manage your emotions and reduce your stress.

Exercise is a good way of relieving your stress and improving your mood, but the better way is not to get stressed in the first place. Meditation is a great way to help you reduce your stress and manage your emotions, meditation will help you to change from fearful based thoughts to better feeling ones, it works by calming your mind and your body. 

Going for a nice walk whilst taking in your surroundings and the soothing beauty of nature is a great stress reliever, plus it will help burn off some extra calories. On your walk you can listen to some relaxing music on your phone or MP3 Player.

13) Change Your Inner Self Image

Your self image plays an important part in who and what you become, but most people allow what they perceive in their outer reality to determine how they think and feel about themselves. This causes the individual to battle with what they can see in their outer reality, they let what is too continually control their thinking and feelings.

It is very hard to obtain your ideal weight if you keep looking in the mirror or you keep weighing yourself then you get disheartened and frustrated at maybe your lack of positive results and you then allow what your perceiving to control the inner you causing more stress and negative emotions. 

The best way of going about things is not too keep focusing on where or what you are at the present moment, it would be much better to ignore what is and focus on creating a new positive you and  design your new ideal self image in your mind that will start to replace the old you.

So forget about your present weight and start to internally build the new future you. Start to create a new image of the ideal you at your ideal weight and body of your choice and use positive self talk to reinforce this new you.

Visualize yourself in the new set of clothes that you want to wear, see yourself on the scales having reached your ideal weight, see a slimmer looking radiant you, picture in your mind a more confident and energetic you, notice in detail how great and healthy you look. 

Do this regularly and paint a clear image of this ideal you, focus on how good you feel and how great you look. You will still need to eat healthily and exercise, but this time you will be creating a positive blueprint for your mind to follow which will also help to inspire and motivate you.

New Weight Loss Programs

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