Ways To Be More Successful And Tips To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Success can be best defined as doing something that you enjoy and doing something that you feel passionate about to your best ability.

Although the journey to success can sometimes be long and usually it takes time, learning and effort, it does not have to be hard.

There will be challenging times and problems for you to face and overcome. 

The secret is to try and deal with each challenge in the most calm and best way, whilst striving to take the path of least resistance.

What can make it hard is trying too hard to make it happen, trying to win the battle with yourself and fighting with what is.

When things are going well it is easy to keep your spirits up and your optimism high. 

The real challenge is how you cope and handle your situation when things aren't going so well and when you're putting in a lot of effort and hard work, but you're not getting the results that you hoped for.

Your best successes won't be all your triumphs and victories. 

Your best success will be when you have overcome your problems, challenges and adversities and at times where you kept your faith and motivation when the odds where all stacked up against you. 

Because you will have tough decisions to make when everything goes pear shaped or the challenge your trying to overcome, seems insurmountable.


  • Should you give up
  • Should you change what you're doing
  • Should you start again
  • Should you improve what you're doing
Your true character and strengths will be shaped by how you handle the times of sheer adversity.

During those dark days and difficult times when nothing seems to work. It is important to remind yourself why you wanted to be successful and it is important that you deal with all your external problems and challenges in the best way you can.

Although it is good to analyse and evaluate where you're at and what direction you want to proceed in, as well as working on developing your creative problem solving skills.

Try not to take your problems internally and avoid stressing yourself out or messing yourself up on the inside as this will achieve nothing productive.

When things aren't working out. Take time out, switch off for a while, rather than trying to bulldozer your way through those obstacles and barriers.

Go and chillout and relax deeply, so you clear your mind and come back with a calm and more determined energy and focus.

You cannot solve a problem, overcome a challenge or improve your performance levels if your stuck in a negative state and your on a negative downward spiral.

Although our thoughts can create our feelings, our feelings can create our thoughts patterns, our thoughts create our beliefs and our beliefs create the stories of our mind which determine our actions.

The best way to win the battle of your mind is to accept what is, surrender to what is, let it go and vow to come back even better, wiser and stronger.

Use your intuition instead of your will power and allow things to happen rather than trying to make them happen.

Plan and build for the long term

These days many people want instant success and instant gratification and they are looking for shortcuts or fast track ways to be successful.

The reality is, although anybody can be successful, nothing is guaranteed and long term success rarely happens overnight, it often takes a lot of work, learning, doing and effort. 

But, the rewards and sense of gratification and achievement, not to mention the better life experience, are well worth the efforts.

Sometimes, success can happen quickly, but in general longtime success is a journey of progressive improvement, continuous learning at betterment.

Rather than looking for shortcuts or instant success. It would be better to focus on a continuous improvement policy and strategy.

One of the most important ingredients of your success is you and your own personal development and growth, which should be backed up by a strong self belief and a gritty, unbreakable determination. 

A positive mindset and attitude is a must, along wih a calm, positive and balanced energy. Because, when you feel confident, comfortable and in the zone, then you will be in your peak performance mode.

Your story and journey is what matters the most.

Success also requires commitment, taking action and the repetition of good, positive habits, rituals, plans and strategies.

A process is followed and things have to be done, the right way.
Your success journey should be fun and enjoyable, as this will take you on the fastest route to success. 

There will be many highs and lows on your path to success, therefore it is important that you learn how to quickly pick yourself up.

You will face many challenges, failures and setbacks. There will be times when you feel like quitting, sometimes the easiest option is to give in. The trouble is, quitters don't become highly successful.

Commitment is the foundation of success. These days, with all the internet technology, it is very easy to get distracted off what you need to do.

Other people can be of great help, but equally others can equally drain your energy or make you focus on the negative.

If you are a success seeker. Then you will think differently from the average person. They tend to follow logic, but logic leads to a mundane and repetitive life.

It is good to have a mentor and look for inspiration from other successful people. But, be careful not to listen to others who do not share your passion or enthusiasm.

When we were young we listened to others and we would rely on others to guide us and set our path in life.

Life would become an organized roster for us. 

As the lyrics in the Sham 69 song goes.

"As soon as you are born, you are told what to say and do"

Life can become a set routine, that we just follow each day

  • We get up at the same time most days
  • We go to work or colledge
  • We eat at the same time 
  • We come home 
  • We do our chores
  • We watch the TV or surf the internet
  • We go to bed
This can make it hard for us to motivate ourselves to do the task we need to do to become successful. It can be hard to motivate yourself, get up a bit earlier or fit in your goals when you feel tired or you have settled down to watch TV.

Setting out a specific time for your goal steps each day, can be a really help. Having a plan each day and focusing on what you want to achieve for your goal each day will help you greatly.

When we are unprepared or we leave everything to the last minute. Our work rate and performance levels become sloppy and this is where procrastination sets in and we choose the easier option of putting things off.

Procrastination, is the biggest goal killer. If you keep putting things off, then the things that you need to get done, don't get done and you return to the life that you wanted to escape from, and your dreams remain nothing but a dream.

Focus on your long term goal

The highly successful focus more on long term success, rather than the short term with the goal to be the best at what they do or offer the best value, products or services.

Then they break their goal into small and manageable steps. With the aim in mind and positive attitude of making continuous and progressive positive changes and improvements.

Success requires, ambition, an almost obsessive focus of attention, and a dogged determination to win and succeed.

1) Have a success mindset

The first step to being more successful, is to learn how to identify your limiting beliefs and mental blocks and start to replace them with new, positive and supporting beliefs and perceptions.

Do not always accept other people's perceptions and idea's as being the truth and the norm, if you accept the norm, you will become and stay the same as the norm.

Everybody has their own version of success, how you should live your life and what they think they are capable of. 

But you do not have to accept, other people's version of life and how successful or not you can be.

Success starts off in the mind so the right positive mindset and mental attitude is essential if you want to be highly successful, in fact, most successful people claim that the right mindset is more crucial than the action part of things.

Of course you cannot be successful without doing all the work that is required, so the two big ingredients for success are.

Change your mindset and be prepared to put in the necessary action work that is required, all successful people have one thing in common.

They're prepared to commit and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Before you attempt to bring a dream into reality you have to believe it's achievable to you, this will require having a strong faith that you have the ability to accomplish the success that you desire.

All successful people know they are capable of achieving their goals, they know that the world is full of opportunities and when the opportunity does come knocking on their door, 

They don't, hesitate, procrastinate or self doubt themselves, to the point where they convince themselves that it's beyond their abilities, instead they grab it with both hands.

2) Have a clear vision

There are two parts to becoming successful, the first and probably the most important part of being successful is the mind work and developing a positive, strong focus and mental attitude, the second is doing the action steps. 

There will be thought processes that you will have to change, some of the mind work involves, 

  • Positive mental attitude 
  • Positive and constructive thinking 
  • A strong desire 
  • Faith in your abilities
  • Belief in yourself
  • Dreaming
  • Having a clear vision and visualization
  • Giving your mind clear instructions of what you want 
  • Asking yourself questions

Everyone who has achieved big success and those who went on to change the world and make a big difference in people's lives all had one thing in common which was they had a clear vision of what they wanted, and more importantly, they believed and kept the faith that they could achieve it.

They pursued their dreams and defiantly overcome all obstacles until success became the only option and outcome. They had a plan which they put into action and overcame any hurdles that come their way.

3) You have to make sacrifices 

Depending on the size of your goal you will probably have to make sacrifices and you will have to put in a lot of time and effort if you want to achieve big success. The secret is to work smarter, not harder.

Those who are willing to make sacrifices achieve great things, but it can be hard at times when everybody else is out enjoying themselves and your working hard to achieve your dreams. 

What you have to remember is it will all be worth it in the end because when you have a strong passion, desire and determination to succeed then you will have all the ingredients to defy the odds.

You will go on to accomplish your goals and achieve great things because a burning desire and strong faith rarely leads to failure.

4) Don't get disheartened

Nobody completes a goal without setbacks, they will be challenging times to overcome so if you find yourself getting discouraged about not being able to achieve your goals remember all high achievers start off small.

So it doesn't matter where you are at the moment because from small acorns large tree's grow but you have to sew the first seeds and then feed and nourish them. It is important that you do not allow the opinions of others to discourage you or drag you down.

Your power is you and your true power lies on the inside,  take your goals one day and one step at a time. Don't give you attention to things that don't matter and put all your focus and energy onto the things matter the most

Accept the best and strive to be the best, continually renew your approach and change your direction if need be, and remember attitude is what separates the successful from the non successful.

You have to make your mind up that you're not going to let your limiting beliefs and old ways of thinking destroy your chances of success.  Do not allow the negative self talk to overpower you.

If that inner voice starts to sabotage you say to yourself, "your not going to allow that to happen this time and you're are going to do whatever it takes to turn your dream into a reality and you're going to make it happen"

Quickly dismiss, overrule or replace any unhelpful or self sabotaging thoughts, if need be, be firm and overpower that negative you.

5) Listen and learn

Successful people are generally good listeners and good learners, they are always reading, listening, watching and studying then they apply the techniques, knowledge and principles that they have learned to make them more successful. 

They are always trying to better themselves and what they are doing, so don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and ask for help or seek advice if you need it.

It definitely helps if you can enjoy what you'er doing, if your having to force yourself to do the activities and action work against you will then your chances of succeeding will decrease. 

This means you need to be willing to listen and learn and accept you might have to change the way you think and change the way you do things. If you want things to change and you want better results then you have to be willing to change your life and attitude.

6) Dealing with failures

The journey to success does not always run smoothly, you will have setbacks and perceived failures so it is something that you need to learn to deal with.  

There will be times when you ask the question, is it worth it, there will be times when you think you're making good progress but then the next minute you finding yourself stuck or going backwards.

See each failure as an opportunity to learn, redo what you're doing if necessary and do things better. When it feels like it's all too much keep a positive mental focus and attitude, keep your self talk positive because in challenging times that old self defeating voice will rear its ugly head and always maintain positive expectations.

7) Never give in

Inspired motivation, a strong determination and an unstoppable and unbreakable attitude of your going to do whatever it takes to be successful is the foundation and key component of achieving success.

The more you can enjoy your journey the quicker you will reach your destination, having said that it probably won't all be plan sailing so you have to be very careful you don't slip into a negative spiral.

Nearly all successful people face tough and challenging times and there will be times when you feel like giving up.

When you're really struggling and defeat is staring you in the face. Your mindset and energy will start to change and all that inspiration and motivation will fade and new stories of defeat and it is not worth it will play out in your mind.

Our mindset is frickle and during difficult times your mindset can easily switch over to default mode of feeling like giving up and quitting.

This can quickly get you down and even lead to depression if you allow it to. Focus on learning, getting better and thinking outside the box. Rather than putting all you attention on your current results.

It is important that you see all challenges as something that you need to overcome and learn from. The key is to keep the success mindset and keep your stories of your mind focused on winning.

Sometimes you have to weather the storm, stabilize your emotions and keep your mind focused on success, even during the bleak and dark times.

Many people quit when their so close to a breakthrough, so keep positive and laugh at adversity and if you have good intentions and a burning desire and you keep progressing and working then you will get there in the end. 

At difficult times remember that if everybody gave up when things weren't going to well or if the successful allowed logic to determine what they could achieve and if they let their mistakes and failures limit their future there would be few success stories and we would still be living in the dark ages.

You never really know how close you are to getting that all important breakthrough. If you quit or don't even start, then one thing is for sure, you will never know what could have been or nothing will happen.

Most people attempt their goal and they decide that their first efforts are not very good so they wrongly assume they just aren't very good at what they're doing so they never bother again. But it takes time and practice to master a new skill so stick at it and your get better and better.

When things aren't going so well, tell yourself, this is how it is right now, this situation is just temporary and I know everything will work out, then take a mini break if needed and they just keep focused and keep taking action.

8) Trust it will happen 

The successful already have a firm belief that they can and they will achieve their goals before they even begin the action work. 

The difference between the ones that succeed and the ones that don't are, the ones that succeed, don't focus on the how to begin with they just believe that it will happen.

Their main priority to start with is the, why, this can involve focusing on all the positive benefits and rewards for you and for others. The successful knows you don’t need to know the how part straight away, they just know that they will achieve their dreams before they even start the action part. 

The successful minded just know and trust that the process will work and the how will become evident when the time is right. They know that everything will fall into place and each step will be revealed when the time is right and when the previous action step as been completed. 

They will work things out as they go knowing each piece of the jigsaw will fit into place and the next step will be revealed to them as and when needed with the knowledge and wisdom that by taking inspired action they will be guided towards their goals step by step. 

Whilst the people who tend to give up too soon spend all their time trying to figure out the how and they let their old beliefs and self doubting sabotage their efforts, in other words, they get in the way and they try to control and force the process and outcome.

9) Stay in the zone

Make every effort to stay in the zone because when your in a state of flow then everything else will fall into place without you having to try to hard, this happens because you aren't resisting the current of  flow of life energy.

When you are truly in the flow, you will find things work out much better, you will be more creative and you will gain access to more vital universal information and idea's.

But it takes constant mind work and taking care of yourself physically to stay in the present and in the feel good zone, it is all too easy especially at the beginning to allow outside circumstances to disrupt and derail your positive momentum.

So if you start to feel negative, change the story, meditate and get quickly back in the zone, because when you're in a flow state you don't need to push or make a big effort to make things happen. 

If there is a situation in your life that is causing you to have a negative focus of attention or if something is not working out, let it go. Because being in the flow means having no resistance to your free flowing calm natural positive state.

10) Keep on trying

The chances are you won't get everything right to start with, but don't get disheartened, keep on trying new things and keep on persevering. 

The fear of failure or the assumption that you're not good or capable are first untrue and they are they are dream killers.

Don't be scared to try something in case you fail, the last thing you want when you reach the end of your life is to be full of regrets. Even if you don't achieve the results you wanted, you will still achieve more than you would if you do nothing.

Sometimes a failure is just a chance to access and review your goals and where you're at, then change or do things differently. 

At least you know that you give it your best shot and you did your best, and even if one thing does not workout it does not mean you cannot try something different because when one door of opportunity closes another one opens.

Don't be tricked into convincing yourself that you're not capable or talented enough of achieving your goals or becoming successful instead think along the lines of, if others can do it there is no reason why you can't.

11) Find some solitude time 

If you want to work things out or come up with better ways of doing things or if you want to tap into your creative powers, then you will need to find somewhere where there are no outside distractions.

You will also need to some solitude time where you can be totally relaxed and free of an internal distraction or negative thinking patterns. 

When you turn off that mental chatter and you switch off from your daily troubles and you just learn to relax and be still then that's when you tap into your creative powers.

This is why meditation is so good, going for a walk by yourself or finding somewhere quiet where you can sit or even just having a relaxing bath are all good ways of tuning into your true powers. 

You don't have to force things, just chill out and let your mind do the work for you because you will often find that the information you want comes to you when your relaxing and not trying. Just make sure you have a pen and notebook to jot down any idea's that come to you.

12) Keep taking action

The successful person will first set their intentions, they also know they have to take immediate and inspired action and then they have to keep on taking action. 

You have to take inspired action and you need to be fully committed to your goal, so again the more you can enjoy the action the easier it is to motivate yourself to do it.

That often involves acting quickly, you will often find that many people try to wait for the right moment to get started. But most big goals can be challenging and hard at times so if you're waiting for that perfect moment to get started it might never happen.

Of course you should do everything you can to feel good and it is wise to some planning, but you should act as soon as you can, even if you're only taking small steps because doing something is always better than keep on putting things off.

Successful people are not influenced by the negative doubts of others, they believe they can achieve their goals and they only listen to constructive advice or criticism, they also learn to trust and follow their gut intuition.

They will learn and develop all the skills that they need and more to take them through each step and onto the next level. The successful are always trying to better themselves, hit their peak perfomance levels and improve their skill levels.



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