Harness The Secret Universal Creation Forces 

You have come into this planet to manifest yourself greatness and the best life experience that is possible for you. 

Your inner self and your true being, otherwise known as you intuition and spiritual guidance or your none physical self already knows what's best for you and combined with the universe, it is waiting to help and guide you to live the happiest, successful and enjoyable life.

However, most people are still unaware of this because they are experiencing a life and an illusion of lack and struggle which is keeping them in a place of being stuck and small. 

But the real truth is all you need to do is to awaken up to the fact you are in total control of your life so just start to tap into your creative abilities and your dormant talents you already have lying within you.

Because the reality is you don't have to be something you think you're not, all you have to do is harness the true powers you already possess in an abundance instead of placing limitation after limitation on yourself so you can become the conscious creator of your own life. 

You may have already tried to manifest a better life and you have reached a state where you're fed up of the whole manifesting process to a point where your old logical mind is causing you to question does the law of attraction really works.

Maybe you have reached the stage of just wanting to give up, you have probably been left feeling constantly disappointment at the lack of positive results or the failure to manifest the things you want on a consistent basis. 

But did you know that most successful people go through this stage, many quit, but the few who go on to master their thoughts and emotions go onto to achieve great things. 

You are influencing your reality on a daily basis through your thoughts and feelings, what you want  is to learn how to influence your reality in your favour and on your terms so your future is deliberately created by you as you want it to be and nothing is left to luck or chance.

When you stop allowing outside influences and circumstances from controlling your inner world and feelings and you learn how to master your thoughts and emotions you become a winner in life. 

With a bit of effort on a daily basis, you can direct your thoughts and control your feelings in a positive way that will allow you to design and create your future physical reality. 

But if you want to be the architect of your own reality you have to take control of your mind and commit to this new way of doing things because doing it part time is not enough.

You make it a new and permanent way of life otherwise you will slip back into your old ways and you will start to go backwards.

1) Use your mind to get the wheels of the universe in motion

Remember all the things you want to manifest have to start from within from thoughts and feelings before they can appear in your physical experience and it's all about conjuring up those good feeling emotions.

You have the power to start to change your reality at any given moment and most of the time you're doing this anyway unconsciously, without you even being consciously aware of this and because most people are not aware that they are creating their reality they end up doing it by default. 

To get the process underway, imagine what it would be like and how good it would feel if you had all the things you want to manifest. 

Focus on imagining how good your life would be or how better your life would be if you had the thing or things you want, it may pay you to work on one thing at a time

  • Financial freedom
  • Get that promotion or find your ideal job 
  • Start your own business 
  • Have perfect health 
  • Have that perfect body 
  • Find your true soul mate 
  • Have a loving and satisfying relationship

Quantum scientists are now telling us that everything around us is made up of subatomic particles and our reality is not solid, it is made up of waves of energy and that we are able to influence and change this energy field we perceive as our physical world through our thoughts and feelings.

The first part of the manifesting process is to decide what you want, you must state your intentions or write them down on a piece of paper. 

Once you know exactly what it is you want, you must have a strong intent and a burning desire for it.

Because a weak intent or weak desire wants to conjure up enough energy to get the positive momentum and motivation you will need to do the spiritual work and the action work that will be required to bring your desires into your physical experience.

Desire is the king of manifestation because it creates the energy that will get the universal forces in action and it will get the positive momentum going so you can create the reality of your choice. 

Without a passionate and burning desire you will struggle to create and manifest the life you want, but if you create an absolutely strong, unbreakable desire, then the universe will start to pull and guide you towards the life and things you want. 

2)  Set a clear intention backed with a burning desire to have what you want

The stronger your desire the better as it will give you the inspired motivation you will need to see your goals or manifestation through to completion. 

To help sustain that desire and inspired motivation, it helps if you state to yourself why you want the things you want and how they are going to benefit you, your family and your society.

The secret to successful manifestation or achieving your goals is to have a strong urge and determination to get the life that you want, and in order to be able to create that drive and motivation you will need it to be backed up with a sustained positive energy. 

When you back up your whys and benefits with a strong and powerful positive energy then you will be able to have and achieve almost anything you desire because your doubts will become replaced with new supporting beliefs that anything is possible.

So state to yourself or write it down, why it is you want the things you want and how are they going to benefit you or improve your life and the lives of the people around you. 

3) How to stay motivated

If you have a dream you want to fulfill then you will need inspired motivation to get you up and running and to carry you through setbacks and the difficult and trying times.

So focus on the reasons why you want more money, a better job, (or whatever else you want) maybe you want financial freedom or more time for yourself.

It could be you want more security or perhaps you want the spending power to buy the things you want or live the life you want or is it because you want to help others as well as having the best experience of life for yourself or perhaps it's for other reasons.

The same applies if you want a better relationship or better health or anything else you want to achieve or have.

You can even write down the things you want and the positive reasons why you want them, and then regularly go through your list, you can also look at the reason why you want the things you're trying to manifest at any time you find your motivation levels dropping. 

You can even visit car showrooms or take a look at expensive items or exotic holiday brochures to boost your energy and motivation, but the biggest motivation, drive is knowing all your effort and time put in will be worth it when you have achieved your goal.. 

4) Feed your mind with images of the things and life you want

To get the manifesting process started you will need to install the blueprint in your mind of what you want and free yourself of limiting thinking. 

This step is to help you drum up that burning desire, passion and positive energy that you will want, plus it will fill your mind with positive images and reminders of all the things that you want which will set a path for your mind to follow and secondly it will help to keep you motivate and on track to manifest your desires and wants. 

There are several ways you can do this, you can use visualization exercise or you can make yourself a vision board. 

If you want to build a vision board just go and purchase yourself a cork board and fill it full of images and positive words and affirmations of all your chosen desires, then hang it up somewhere on a wall in a place where you will see it often. 

Just cut out some images from a magazine or print them off your computer of all the things you want to manifest in your life. 

A good place to hang it is in your bedroom so you will view it last thing at night and first thing in the morning because these two times are when your subconscious mind is most receptive. Spend a few minutes looking at these images and feel as if you already have them to create that positive energy.

Thanks to modern technology you can now create your own digital vision board otherwise known as subliminal attraction movies. With these attraction movies you can personalize your very own attraction mini movies, which you can combine with pictures, positive affirmations and the upbeat music of your choice. 

The combination of the upbeat music, the desired images and positive affirmations will stir up those all important positive emotions and fill your mind with positive affirmations as well as creating a blueprint for your mind to follow which will activate the universal creative forces. 

Vision boards or subliminal attraction movies are a great and easy way to visualize with positive emotions and in time your subconscious mind which is the part of you that creates your reality will take on board these images and affirmations and use them to project your desired reality.

Your subconscious mind learns through repetition and it creates through emotion so use one of these techniques regularly and after a period of time they will help to set the universal creative powers in motion.

Whatever method you choose again the best time to use them is last thing at night and first thing in the morning. 

When you use them first thing in the morning you will catch your mind off guard so it will be easier to step in and reprogram it with new instructions.

Another ideal time is when you use one of these techniques just before you go to bed, because firstly you will be in a more relaxed state which is vital and secondly because it is the last images and words your mind see's your mind will process and play on these images and affirmations all throughout your night.

 5) Create a strong belief

The two big components of reality are our beliefs and our emotions. Before you can manifest the life and things you want your mind has to be able to conceive and believe that it is possible for you to have or achieve it.

If you cannot picture or conceive it in your mind you having or achieving the things you want combined with, if you don't really believe you can have it or achieve it then the chances are it is not going to materialize or happen for you.

The universe is an energy field of limitless possibilities, but before you can have it you have to truly believe it's possible before it can happen, anything you think can happen will happen if you believe it completely with no doubts whatsoever. 

To create a new belief you have to ditch some of your old beliefs and idea's and start off with an open mind that you are the creator of your own life and you can have your desires so therefore you will have what you want.

Most people get limited by their own imaginations, they focus too much on the how part of things which is the job of the universe. 

So to start off with forget about the how and just believe you can have or be what you want otherwise once you allow your logical mind to take over and throw at you how hard or difficult it is to for you to get or become what you want then your faith and beliefs will weaken and your chances will be ruined. 

So keep working on your belief that you can have and you will have to the point where you go beyond the believing stage to the knowing it is inevitable. 

Faith and belief are critical if you want to unleash your true talents and abilities, because without the faith and believe the chances of getting what you want a very slim. We tend to believe what we have always believed, but if you want to change you have to first change your beliefs because you cannot move ahead with old beliefs.

 6) Feel the best you possibly can

To successfully create and manifest the things you desire you will need to feel good as much as you possibly can because positive and feel good emotions are the foundation of success. 

This could mean letting go of all resentment you maybe holding against other people, you will also need to try to avoid criticizing, complaining and moaning because they are negative energies. 

To access the things you want you have to be residing in the positive frequencies of what you want.

This means that you will want to be at your peak best emotionally, physically and mentally, this entails having a calm and focused mind and a relaxed and efficient body. 

You will need to be in the flow state of no resistance because when you're feeling in the zone you will have access to information, idea's and opportunities that you wouldn't have access if you were in a negative state of resistance.

So do whatever it takes to feel good, do not try to hard and avoid trying to force things to happen. 

Also try not to rush and overwhelm yourself, sometimes less is more so being patient and take your time and you will find that you get more done and when you're relaxed you will do things better and quicker. 

Begin to force the universe to give you what you want by continually putting all your focus onto feeling good and maintaining a positive outlook even when you're not getting the results you want.

Although it is important to be and think positive, you will also need to take care of your body because it is hard to feel good if you're stressed and tensed, because any tension in your mind and body will lead to feelings of discomfort. 

To feel in the zone you will need to get your "chi" energy flowing freely around your body, this will involve having a poised, aligned and balanced posture and you will need to move, sit and stand with poise and ease.

It is also important to get an adequate amount of quality sleep and deep relaxation such as meditation to keep you energized and feeling good because it's hard to stay focused and motivated if you're feeling tired and run down. 

It's also important to stay hydrated and to eat a fairly healthy and balanced varied diet.

To stay happy and upbeat ideally you will want to have a happy and have a stable family life and mix with positive and supportive friends. 

The last thing you want is to mix with too many negative minded people because their negative energy and thoughts can soon drag you down to their level. Sometimes it's best to keep your dreams and goals to yourself until you're up and running.

Another voice you should not allow to weaken you and derail you is your own inner voice because all it takes is to have a few bad days and setbacks and your inner critical voice can soon knock you off course and self sabotage your dreams, so be mindful and challenge and overpower that self destructive part of you.

You are only limited by your imaginations and your negative beliefs, you already have within you limitless inner creative greatness and intelligence you just need to start tapping into your hidden genius. 

This means practicing to live your life in the flow and becoming in alignment with all that you want and all that is good and remember you are only as great and talented as you allow yourself to be.

7) Get the universal wheels in motion 

To get your creative powers working for you and it's all about creativity then you first need to decide what you want then once you have picked what you want the next thing is to project yourself having already in possession your chosen desires. 

This means finding somewhere quiet then takes some slow deep breaths until your body is relaxed and free of tension then imagine what you want is already happened in your life, this means projecting ahead in your mind the end result as already being accomplished before it's happened. 

So what you need to do is to just pretend it's all ready yours, involve all your senses and focus on how good it feels because the more positive emotion the better, use music to activate the emotion if necessary.

If you struggling to conjure up those positive emotions, before you do your visualization of your desired outcome imagining it as already happened, think back a time when you felt really happy and good, then fully return to that time and focus on the happy memory as if it was happening all over again. 

Focus on how great you felt and as soon as you begin to experience those good feeling emotions keep on amplify and turning up the intensity of those good feelings and carry on amplifying them until you feel great, then whilst your feeling good, return back to your visualization exercise and imagine you already have your desire. 

Spend a few minutes doing this exercise, either first thing in the morning or last thing at night, then release it and forget about your desire and just spend the rest of the day enjoying yourself, thinking positive and trying to be happy.

8) Expectation 

Expectation is a potent and powerful universal energy and a strong expectation will help to draw all your desires towards you. 

You must be absolutely certain that the things you want will come to you, there might be a time delay, but you need to believe without any doubts that the things you want will come to you. 

Keep your mind focused on good things coming to you and expect there to be good times ahead and they will surely follow.

This is the hardest part of creating, because most people get too impatient and frustrated by their current results and circumstances and it only takes a few negative thoughts or self doubts to creep into your mind and start to destroy your chances of creating the life of your choice. 

Try not to control the how and the when, just follow and take action on your intuition, your idea's and opportunities.

The best thing to do is to get out of the way and just allow it to happen, do not get frustrated or impatient and do not try to hard because the worst thing you can do is to worry and obsess about the things you don't have or don't want. 

You will probably have to take some form of action in order to receive what you want because without action desires and dreams are pointless. 

So usually too bring your desires into physical reality you will take some sort of action, most people never pass the wishing for things to happen instead of setting their goals and working on achieving them. 

Another stumbling block is when people get stuck they stop or even give up instead of working on the solution and through the problem or challenge.

9) Think positive and stay optimistic 

There is now no place in your life to think negative because every time you think a negative thought, it will start to lower your creativity and switch your energy and physical state to survival mode, which means your minds sole aim will be safety first, hence you will feel more anxious and stressful.

Positive thinking, howeve, can transform your mental life, boosting your daily happiness levels and help you along your path to success. 

But the advantages of positive thinking, being more optimistic or just having general neutral thoughts does not stop there because it can also improve your physical health as well as helping to reduce your stress leaving your more able to cope with life's challenges and ups and your up and downs.

However, the benefits of a more positive outlook can also extend to your physical health and your emotional well-being. 

Tests conducted on positive thinkers tell us that, they are much better at coping with stressful and challenging situations and they find it a lot easier to constructively solve problems instead of worrying about them like the negative thinkers do.

Those who have a more positive and optimistic outlook have a stronger immune system, this means they have less trouble with colds and viruses and there is a lot of evidence that suggests that negative emotions and stress can heighten our pain threshold whilst positive emotions can reduce our pain symptoms. 

A positive attitude and a positive lifestyle are also believed to increase your life expectancy, you will have better relationships with your partner, your family and your friends. 

Positive people are more successful in every area's of life, they achieve their goals more and things tend to work out generally better in life for them due to their optimistic approach to life, they are also more confident and have a higher self esteem level.

One thing that is evident, when you focus on all that is good in life and you make it your mission to take a constructive approach to your everyday problems and challenges and you have an optimistic outlook in life even at times when things are not going so well, then on average you are sure to set yourself up for a happier, more successful, more fulfilling and a longer life. 

If you want to be more successful than, never stop learning, keep working on becoming the best version of yourself and keep on striving to improve yourself spiritually and physically every single day. 

If you want more money then instead of obsessing about money put all your focus on learning and honing new skills and improving yourself and business or venture.


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