Learn These Signs A Guy Likes You And You Could Soon Be With Your True Love?

Imagine, you're out on the town with your mates and there is this guy. That you don't know, who has caught your attention. 

From where your standing, he definitely seems to be showing some clear interests in you.

You can just tell sometimes, when somebody is giving you the eye.

You like the look of him too, and on the inside, you sense that he secretly feels attracted to you. There is not a better feeling in the world, than when two people have strong inner desires for each other.

Perhaps you're hoping that, he will make a move, and you're wishing that he too, secretly wants to date you.

Love is certainly in the air and you would think, nothing can get in your way. 

But, you wait and wait a bit more, but nothing happens.

So what is holding you both back and how do you break down those invisible barriers that are stopping you both from falling into each other's arms?

Maybe, both of you are feeling a bit hesitant, anxious, nervous and uncertain.

Nerves, anxiety and feelings of self doubt and insecurity, certainly seem to get in the way, don't they and they are the single biggest thing that blocks off the path to love.

More often than not, this is what causes both of you to allow that golden opportunity, too, pass you by, and your handsome admirer slips off into the moonlight and you go home alone. 

Maybe that has happened to you. Perhaps you're both filled with affection, but you both too shy or to nervous to let you feelings for each other, be known.

Or do you have a crush on a guy. You know what it is like, where you find yourself obsessing and craving for his love and undivided attention.

You have been probably wondering to yourself and over analysing, does he really feels the same about you. 

Usually, if a guy likes you, then the signs will be fairly obvious and the give away clues, will be right there in front of your eyes.

Perhaps, you have already noticed, a guy already appears to be revealing some of the signs that shows he definitely seems to likes you.

But you just want to know for sure that these signs, definitely mean that he is really into you.

Does he want to be more than friends?

One of the things that you might be struggling to figure out in your head is. 

Does a guy have the hots for you or is he just being nice, kind and friendly.

That is a real tricky one.

Lets say. A guy, you know is being friendly and kind to you. Perhaps, he tries to pick you up, when you're feeling down, or he gives you a helping hand when you need it.

This could indicate that he fancies you, but it could also mean, he is just being friendly and considerate.

In these types of situations, it might mean that you might have got to dig a bit deeper and look for other signs and clues.

Such as. 

Has he suggested, doing things alone with you. Has he dropped and given you any subtle hints that he would like to take you out, or meet up with you sometime.

Or has he tried to plan future things, events or nights out with you. Maybe, he will make it into a bit of a joke, just so he can try and gauge your reaction or in the hope that you agree.

Other things to look out for are.

Does he give you lots of compliments, even when you think that you not at your best or does he go out of his way to talk to you on a regular basis?

It can definitely, be a lot harder to break the ice, if you are already know each other or if you're already good friends. 

Because, if the guy already knows you. From his point of view. It can be very hard for him, to declare how he feels, because of the fear of rejection and the embarrassing risk of getting it all wrong.

Another thing that will worry the guy is. He won't want to risk losing you as a friend and he will probably be well aware of how uncomfortable it might be afterwards, if the girl, turns him down. 

The chances are. If the guy likes you back, he will be having the same thoughts, inner desires and feelings as you are. 

And in his heart he will be secretly yearning for you, and he too, will be looking for signs to show, if you like him.

So what are you supposed to do?

You may have asked yourself many times. How long should you wait or give him?

There is no real concrete answer to this.

Because, although sometimes love can happen at first sight. In many cases, it can take a bit longer to develop and blossom.

What can start off as just friendship, can in time turn into love.

But in the end, someone has got to be brave enough to make the first move.

But when you are both feeling a bit unsure or anxious, you will both be sending out mixed and sometimes confusing signals.

And even though you can never have absolute certainty. 

The closest thing you can get to know for sure. Is to learn how to spot the signs a guy is into you.

Because, when you know that he his sending off the right signals. It will make you feel more relaxed and confident, so you will start to send out the right messages, which he will pick up on.

This will then significantly increase your chances of getting your guy.
His body language, never lies

Years ago. If you wanted to know if somebody fancies you. Then you would play a game, which involved picking the petals, one at a time, off a daisy.

The person, who wanted to know if their crush fancies them, would alternately say the phrases "He (or she) loves me," and "He loves me not," while picking one petal off the daisy, for each phrase said.

The last petal, would either reveal if they loved you or not. 

Of course, this was not a very reliable way of telling. But there are better and more scientific ways of finding out the truth.

Sometimes his actions, behaviors and body language, will speak louder than his words, just make sure you don't miss the subtle clues which his body is trying to reveal to you.

If you still have any lingering doubts. It has been scientifically proven, that even though a guy might try an hide his feelings, he cannot hide the inner attraction, that he his feeling for you.

Because if you look carefully, his emotions and desire for, you will show up in his physical body language and behaviors.

For instance, if he is pleased to see you, then it won't be able to contain his emotions and it will be written all over his face.

Fortunately, nature can give the game away, when we are harboring feelings of love and desire for somebody. 

And although all of us have different personalities and characters. As far as feelings and desires are concerned, we all give away subtle physical clues.

Of course, there are the obvious signs, like if you're at a club, bar or disco. He may ask you for a dance or he might offer to buy you a drink, those are a dead certainty.

But, most of the time, when a guy fancies you, especially if he lives near you, attends the same school or you already know him, it won't be so obvious. 

Knowing the signs a guy likes you, will definitely help you, and it will answer some of those teasing questions that have been going over and over in your mind, such as does he or doesn't he like me.

Why hasn't he, made a move?

You may be wondering, if a guy is really into you, then why hasn't he approached me or let me know how he feels.

Surely you would think, if he truly has the hots for you, then he would ask you for a date?

But, do you know, how difficult it can be for a guy to ask you out, especially if he's a bit shy or anxious.

You have probably had, loads of secret admirers who would love to date you, that you have not even been aware of, who are just too afraid to ask you out.

A guy would probably feel less nervous and afraid about wrestling with a tiger, than directly asking a girl out cold, it is even harder for him if he already knows you.

It is not just a woman, who has a fear being rejected. 

Many men, need to have a drink, to give them the courage to approach a girl.

In the olden days. It was, traditionally, for the guy to make the first move.

The trouble with that tradition, you could be waiting a very long time. Some shy guys might never pluck up the courage to ask you out.

If you're really into a guy, and you detect that he likes you back.

Why wait forever for him to make a move. Because, these days, the rules have changed.

And I am sure the guy, would welcome a bit of encouragement from you.

What are your inner true inner feelings, trying to tell you?

If a guy has been giving you the eye, he seems happy everytime he is speaking to you and he has been going out of his way to talk to you.

If you have noticed that he has been especially nice to you and he has been paying you a lot of attention, that suggests he has got the hots for you.

But he still hasn't made a move.

Then sometimes you also have to come up with your own assumptions, and then go with what your gut feelings and intuition are telling you. 

Very often, a woman can tell and sense, when a guy really likes her.

Because when you keep on hesitating, because you allow your inner doubts and insecurities to defeat you, then it can cause you to miss out on what could be a golden opportunity.

Not all men act like your fairy tale Prince Charming

Although you were probably brought up on stories about finding your own Prince Charming, the reality is, most guys are not like this.

The first thing to understand about men is, they are not all the hearts and flowers guys, Prince Charming or the romantic bloke that is often depicted in glossy magazines or romantic books or films.

So if you're waiting for the confident and smooth James Bond or the romantic type who is going to declare is undying love to you, write you a romantic poem, sweep you off your feet or roll up on a big white horse and take you off into the sunset or hand you a bunch of red roses, you may be disappointed.

This means that you may have to stop wishing, stop dreaming and start looking for those less obvious, but still reliable body language and behavioral clues.

Either way, you just need to know the answer, one way or another, because that is the only way to quieten your mind, balance your hormones and settle down your emotions.

The trouble is, you cannot always rely on that voice in the back of your head, your mind can be very confusing and all that trying to figure things out can be agonizingly painful. 

Sometimes your mind can even make things up.   

You may be considering, asking your friends for their advice. But can you really trust, your friends, or will they embarrass you and act all silly, in front of your crush?

Perhaps you already know him, does he live near you, perhaps he is a work colleague or he attends the same school as you. 

That can really prove difficult to tell, whether he just wants to be friends or he yearns to date you.

The trouble, with most guys is. They can be so unpredictable, one minute they're blowing hot and then they go all cold on you.

The trouble with dating is. When you're in the friend zone, because you're both at ease it is easy to get on and the conversation just flows naturally.

But the second it becomes a date or a potential date, it can affect you both, and everything becomes completely different and you find yourself trying too hard.

From the guy's point of view, when you are casually speaking or hanging around together, there is no pressure on him to impress you and he kinds of acts naturally.

But when he realizes there is more to it or there could be more to it. 

Everything changes, the guy might begin to feel nervous. All of a sudden, they will go into a panic mode or he will become tongue tied, and may appear as he is not bothered, when really he secretly desires you.

You may be surprised to know, the guy wants the same things as you

You might think men are different, but the real truth is, most men want the same things as you, and the chances are, he is thinking the same thoughts as you. 

They may try to hide their real feelings and what they really want behind their ego and their alpha male cave man like, exterior.

But if you scratch beneath the surface, they are emotionally driven and all they want, behind closed doors, is a happy, loving and affectionate relationship.

If a guy does secretly likes or admires you, and he turns out to be Mr right, one thing is for certain, you would want to know.

Because, can you imagine, the scenario.

There is a catch of a guy, who has got the hots for you, but because you miss the signs, the opportunity, passes you by.

How, bad would that be, if you have just allowed what might be, future husband material to slip through your fingers?

Then there is another issue. What if he really does fancy you rotten, but he is a little bit shy, how are you going to break the ice?

Many questions, but not real concrete answers

His, he going to text me, why hasn't he made a move, what does that mean, why does he blow hot and cold. He is always staring at me, he must fancy me?

When you not quite sure, you may find yourself over analyzing and trying to figure things out for yourself, your imagination, can even begin to make things up or fill in the blanks for you

Do you find, the not knowing, to be the most annoying thing.

Either way, until you resolve this situation, one way or another.

Your mind will carry on, driving you to think about your crush, and this can cause your brain to play all sorts of tricks on you, and even make things up.

Sometimes, your mind will see the situation through the filters of your inner desires, insecurities and wishful thinking.

Isn't it a shame though, when two people hold back, especially when they both fancy each other. Even when all the obvious signs are there. 

Many, hesitate and very often, never get to together. Because of the invisible barriers that they put up, to protect them from their deepest insecurities, feelings of doubt and fears of rejection.

People often deny themselves of love and happiness, even though in their heart of hearts.

Deep down, they already know for sure, the answer to the question, that they are asking and wanting to know.

Waiting for a guy to make a move can be very frustrating, and it is important for you to find a nice guy who is going to love and respect you.

Because if you are going to devote a lot of your time to a guy you deserve to be treated well.

Many girls are attracted to the bad guy image, however, there is often a big price to pay.

Therefore, it is important to attract the right guy for you.

Does he know you like him?

If you do have a major crush on a guy, then the next important step might be, does he have any idea that you like him.

Men are still quite primitive and clueless, as far as dating and women go, and they aren't very good psychic detects either. 

Do you know how hard and nerve wracking it is for most guys to approach a woman and ask them out, or hit on them.

A guy will love it and probably act on it, if you drop him some subtle, but obvious clues. As this might give him the confidence he needs.

Because, if he has an idea that you like him, then that is surely going to be a great help.

Just remember, the guy is probably asking himself the same questions as you are asking yourself

Depending on how well you know him, he might not even know whether you're single or not.

If a guy does like you, then he would really appreciate some subtle clues, you don't have to go over and declare your undivided love for him, but a few little hints and nudges, could spark him into action.

Woman, have a lot more power and influence over men than they realize.

If you do approach a guy and you get it wrong, do not feel bad about it, be proud of yourself for having the courage to ask.

What most women really want, is to find their very own Prince Charming and live happily ever after, it might turn out to be your crush, or it might be somebody else.

The most important thing, is finding a guy that is going to respect you and treat you good. 

You only need to attract the one right guy for you and hopefully, you will both live happily ever after and you will never have to search for the signs a guy likes you again.

22 telltale signs a guy likes you

1) He will make the first move

The biggest and most obvious sign that he likes you is, he will initiate the first move. This could be something like, buying you a drink if you're out in a bar, or asking you for a dance if you're at a nightclub or disco you know the standard generic stuff.

If it is somebody that you know, then he might suggest that you go with him to the cinema, out for a meal or some other social occasion.

2) He will try to get close to you

If he is interested in you, he will try to find every reason and chance available to get closer to you at every opportunity.

This may be instantly obvious or it might be a bit more subtle as you find him gradually edging ever closer to you in a stealth like fashion. 

If he is confident, then he may pluck up the courage and walk straight up to you or he may try to edge is way ever closer to you bit by bit. 

When a guy likes you, then when they are talking to you they will sometimes subconsciously and unknowingly mirror and copy your body language and action.

Let's say, you start play with your hair, you may find that he does the same or if you rub your ear or smile they will mimic your actions.

3) He might scratch his face

Sometimes when a guy likes you, then it can trigger a rush of blood to his face, which will cause his face to start to warm up and become itchy.

This could also make him go a bit red, and because his face is starting to warm up and become itchy, then you may notice that he is scratching his face.

So if you do notice that his face as gone a bit red or if you see him scratching or rubbing his face when he is in the presence of your company, then this could be a physiological sign that he is attracted to you.

4) He will subtly lean in towards you 

A good early indication that can be a sign he likes you is, he will tend to lean inwards towards you or face towards you when he his talking to you. 

If he's confident in himself and he likes you then if he is sitting he will sit facing you with his knees pointing towards you. 

If he feels really relaxed and comfortable around you think he might sit in a relaxed, laid back open legged position.

If he is a bit shy, then he may feel a bit uncomfortable facing you directly and although he will still like you, it may not show it.

So if a man is leaning towards you a lot, then this usually indicates that he is attracted to you and he wants to get a good look at you, plus he likes being up close to you. 

You will also probably find as he becomes more at ease and interested in you, he will start to edge closer to you and he will bit by bit begin to turn and stand more facing you. 

Therefore, if he gradually begins to turn so he he is facing you then this could signal he is interested in you.

But if he turns to the side whilst you're talking to him and his attention is elsewhere, then that is not a very good sign. 

5) He might raise his eyebrows

Another physical sign that some men might do if they are attracted to you is, and although this may sound and at the time look a bit strange to you. 

He might raise his eyebrows, otherwise known as an eyebrow flash, which could be a quick rise and fall of his eyebrows, and even though he may not be aware of this himself, it can be an indication that shows he feels attracted to you. 

6) He will try to impress you 

Most men if they like you, then they will be extra nice to you and they will be on their best behaviour. 

If a guy has approached you and you have already started having a conversation with him, then he might start telling you things about himself. 

He may throw into the conversation things about himself that may come across as seeming a bit boastful, or he may go the other way and he might start showing you his more sensitive side.

He might not do this in front of his mates, but he may come across more sensitive and he might be more affectionate when you're alone together.

Sometimes even if you have not asked him a question about him, he may still attempt to tell you things about himself such as 

  • Where he works 
  • His personal achievements
  • What he is good at 
  • What kind of car he drives 
  • And even some of his bad boy moments

Many men feel the need to make an instant good early impression to get your attention so they will go out of their way to try and impress or prove themselves to you.

So don't be put off because this does not necessarily mean he his boasting, some might, but it can also indicate that he is trying to impress you to try to get you interested in him.

However, you have to be a bit careful when a guy appears to be trying to impress you, as it can mean, that his his trying to impress his own ego and mates.

A guy who genuinely likes you, will also be impressed by you, and the things you do and say, and you might find out that he defends you and sticks up for you.

7) He might come across as the alpha male

When men are around women. They soon start to try and out compete each other.

This is where there animal like instinct starts to kick in, and most men will want to come across as the strong and the smart Alpha male type.

In the animal kingdom, the strongest make, always gets their mate.

So if you notice that a guy is trying show off to you in front of his mates. Then there is a very good chance that he is trying to impress you.

He may also try to look more stronger and try to depict what he thinks is a real man and the chances are he will dress well to try to make a good impression. 

When a man is trying to impress a woman he may pull back his shoulders and stick out his chest or he will place his hands in his back pockets to also open up his chest in a type of confident power pose.

He may try to put his mates down, to make himself look the alpha male.

If you're both attracted to each other then you will probably both act a bit false, even a bit silly or giggly at times.

Some men might even talk a bit garbage, in their attempt to try and impress you.

Because we all act a bit out of character and a bit over the top in those few early and awkward moments as you both try to make a good first impression.

8) He will try to make you laugh 

He will also smile at you a lot and he will do his best to make you laugh, during those ice breaking moments you can sometimes get those awkward silent moments where the conversation comes to an end.   

If he really likes you then he will try to reignite a fading conversation and attempt to keep it going, to keep you interested as he knows those first impressions can count. 

He might also look to see how you are reacting to some of his jokes or how you're responding to his conversation, to try and guage how you feel about him.

For the man it can seem like he his having an audition as you would in a talent show to get you to like him, where he only has a few minutes to get your attention and impress you.

His energy and positive attitude can also be a sign that he is very interested in you and he will try to be at his very best to impress and entertain you, so he might appear as the life and soul of the party inside but he is attempting to get you interested in him. 

9) He will make eye contact with you

There is an old song which starts off.

Mama, he's making eyes at me
Mama, he's awfully nice to me
Mama, he's almost breakin' my heart
He's beside me
Mercy! Let my conscience guide me!"

Have you noticed a guy, that has been giving you the eye lately. 

Because eye contact is one of the biggest signs and a dead give away, that a guy is into you.

Even if a man tries to hide the fact that he is attracted to you he will still subconsciously give it away especially through the eyes. 

This means if he makes a lot of eye contact towards you then that is definitely a big sign he finds you attractive.

When a man stares at you because he likes you it will be a nice kind of stare, he may be taken aback by your looks at first, if he really likes you then he won't be able to stop looking at you.

Men who are shy or anxious, however, may find it uncomfortable to look you directly in the eye, however, their eyes can still give it away even if they are shy and nervous.     

What they might do is, they will initially make eye contact towards you, but the moment you look back at them or catch them, they might look down or away.

However, if they like you then it won't be long before they reestablish their eye contact. 

So if they make eye contact towards you, then they break it, then make eye contact again and this pattern can continue then this usually means that they are attracted to you. 

10) Other ways his eyes can give it away

Body language experts say that our blink rate can also be a tell tale give away that he feels attracted towards you. 

So if they suddenly start to blink more this can show he likes being in your company and he is pleased to see you, because when we are excited our blink rate increases.

However it is not always easy to check or stay focused on their fluctuated blink rate without coming across as being a bit weird.  

Another good reveal from eyes is, when his eyes dilate it can indicate that he feels attracted to you, but again checking this out without making it blatantly obvious is easier said than done. 

If you keep purposely looking to see if his pupils have become larger then he may feel a bit awkward and think your behaviour is a bit strange, so try and be a bit subtle and discreet if you can.

11) He will innocently touch you 

Another give away is, he will gently keep on innocently trying to lightly touch you or gently pat you, guide you or play with your hair. He will feel compelled to rub or tap you at every given opportunity. 

A guy who is interested in you will search for reasons to playfully touch you, say on your arm and leg or brush up close at every given opportunity because it feels good for them to be up close to you.

However a man who is a bit shy might not try to touch you playfully and some might run out of things to say. 

It does not mean he does not like you, it just means he is human and probably a very nice, caring and trust worthy person who really wants to impress you but does not yet have to social skills and confidence some men have.

12) He will be interested in what you have to say

If he feels attracted to you then he will be interested and receptive to what you have to say, your hobbies and general and random things and facts about you, including your interests, your past and what you like, hoping you have something in common.

You may also find out that he claims to also be interested in the things you like or do, if he likes you then he will be interested to find out more about you.  

He will probably start asking you lots of questions about yourself and what you're interested in and he will come across as generally interested in your answers and what you have to say.

When he his speaking to you cold, then question is a great way for him to gather data about you so he can get to know a little bit about who you are and what you're about.

This will also give him an excuse to approach you again and ask you about some of the things you had previously told him and what you talked to him about the last time. 

This is an almost guaranteed sign which will give him plenty of things to keep the conversation going and to get in with you. All the questions are basically so he can find something to talk to you about. 

If he feels a bit anxious then sound as if he is talking about some unusual or silly topics, so try not to judge him straight away because deep down he is desperate to impress you and keep you engaged in a conversation. 

And when anybody is a bit nervous there brain is not properly engages and you will find that they speak quickly and they often speak without much logic or thought.

13) He may try to protect and defend you     

He may even come across as protective and you may find he defends you in front of others. If a man goes out of his way to come across to talk to you, then that is a giveaway sign that he likes you. 

If he is shy then he might not directly approach you, but you find out he will appear around you at every given opportunity hoping that you will initiate the conversation or make the first move.

If he playfully teases you then this can mean he has feelings towards you, again this is not always the case and if the teasing is critical or nasty orientated then steer clear of him.

14) He may appear a bit nervous

Some men are more naturally confident than others and a man's approach and body language can depend on their personality. He may come across as looking a bit clumsy and a little bit anxious. 

So if he seems awkward and a bit anxious then that can be a give away sign he likes you, especially if he has been trying to pluck up the courage to chat you up so try not to judge him on his first impressions.

So if he appears uncomfortable, edgy and awkward it does not mean he does not like you, the chances are he has already spent quite some time worrying about it before hand and he will have made himself nervous even to the point of high anxiety levels.

So when you speak to him or ask him a question this can lead him to get tongue tied or he might freeze and his nervousness can make him struggle to pronounce his words, or he may talk fast, he may even blush which can be another outward sign that he likes you.

If he is a bit uncomfortable or shy then it may cause him to talk to you about any old nonsense, some guys are so shy it can seriously impede their relationship, chances and their shyness can make them want to avoid you even though they really want to be with you.

Sometimes men want to make a good first impression, but because they're trying to hard to be perfect it can actually cause them to look awkward, if they are really shy then they might be a bit quiet because they're worried about messing up. 

A good give away that may reveal if he his attracted to you is, he will touch his earlobes quite a lot or he may show signs of nervous laughter or he may be a little fidgety

If he starts to rub the back of his neck or mess with his ears, it can be a sign that he feels a bit pressured or uncomfortable.

15) He may come across as a bit anxious 

Another thing that you will notice if he is a bit anxious is, to start off with especially if he is sitting then he may bounce his leg up and down or he may find it hard to keep still.

This will be more evident at the beginning and because he feels a bit anxious he will probably start off standing more towards the side of you rather than face you head on and look you in the eye.      

If he is a bit anxious then when he talks to you or answers your questions he may give short answers or he may speak faster.

But the more he gets you to engage in the conversation and has he started to feel more and more comfortable in your presence, his anxiety levels will start to drop so the bouncing or fidgeting about will begin to slow down until after a few minutes it should virtually stop. 

He may breathe deeply and come across as looking and sounding a bit awkward or if he is a bit anxious he may keep looking down or away when you make eye contact.

16) Bumping into you will become more than a coincidence

If a man is really keen on you and he wants to pursue you then you may find out that all of a sudden he will keep bumping into you or turning up at the social places you frequent, if you find that you keep running into him then there is a good chance that it is no coincidence. 

He may ask you for your phone number or he might have already gotten it from somebody else and the he will start texting you a lot about general or random stuff and everyday things and gossip.  

This does not necessarily mean he is stalking you or harassing you so long as you know who he his before you reply to his messages.    

17) He will find all of your jokes funny 

A guy who likes you will be pleased to see you and he won't be able to hide it, he will probably instantly switch into a happy mood every time he bumps into you, he will be more energetic and positive when he is around you.        

He will laugh at all your jokes and funny stories, even if he inwardly does not really find them that funny, he will probably even laugh and smile at your bad jokes.

18) He might ask for your phone number

If you have just met a guy and he ask you for your phone number or ask you where you live or work at the end of the night then this will be an indication that he likes you because it shows he is keen to see you again.      

However if you have spent some time chatting to a guy and he does not ask for your phone number or if he does not try to arrange another meeting then the chances are he is not very interested.

19) He may give you gifts

Another sure sign a guy likes you, especially if you have already been dating him is for a while is, he will offer to treat you or he will give you gifts as spending money on you means he is keen on you, he may also give you a lot of compliments and respond positively to you.     

A guy who showers you with treats out and gifts is demonstrating to you that he thinks your special and the one for him. This does not mean you should not show a bit of caution to strangers or people you're not sure about who keep giving you gifts.

20) He will make contact with you via digital devices 

Although his actions and behaviours can reveal his inner affections there are other ways that will indicate whether he likes you especially if you are showing signs that you like him.   

Such as he may eagerly respond to any text messages that you send him, if you have approached him then if he likes you he will stay and chat and have a laugh with you. 

If you are on any of the social media sites and a guy joins in your conversations and chat or he may leave you random positive messages then this indicates that their is a high chance that he wants to get to know you better.

21) He will want to spend a lot of time with you 

If a guy is keen on you then he will want to spend a lot of time with you and he will let you easily influence and persuade him to do what you suggest and he will be willing to try new things with you.     

He will be eager to go places with you, help you and do the things that you like to do, including shopping. If he really likes you then he will progressively want to spend more and more time with you.

Just because he may not make a physical move towards you straight away does not always mean he does not feel attracted to you, in fact, if he really likes you then he may take his time because he respects you and he thinks your special. 

As long as he does not go cold on you and he is still emotionally connected to you then he likes you.

He will also probably pay more attention to you than he does with his friends. A good sign that he likes you is, he will introduce you to his family, however in some cases he may put off introducing you to his family and friends because he may feel embarrassed by them.

22) He might give you a lot of compliments

He may also compliment you quite a lot about your dress sense, how good you look, your hair style, how good you look and how well you are doing of certain things. 

If you want to make an instant good impression on a man you like, start as you mean to go on, and make a good and positive first impression by dressing and looking nice and smart.

But the main thing is, he will like you for whom you are as a person and your unique and special personality.

23) He will lose his cool, calm composure around you

Sometimes you might notice that a guy who usually comes across as cool and smooth, you know the James Bond type, when he is in the company of his mates, might appear to fall apart when he is in your company.

At first you might find it a bit strange that Mr Cool and Smooth, is acting a bit nervous, flustered or shy, when he is around you.

You might even feel a bit upset or disappointed to why he is smooth with everybody else but he seems a little awkward and uncomfortable when he is in the presents of your company.

But this is actually a good sign that indicates that he fancies you and he is trying hard to impress you.

Some of the reasons, why he may not have made a move on you could be
  • He, like you is not sure whether, you like him, and this could be holding him back 
  • He is a bit shy 
  • He his scared of losing your friendship
  • He feels scared of being rejected 
  • He thinks, you're not interested in him 
  • The girl is not showing any clear signs back, that she is interested in him 
  • The girl keeps going on about her ex, or other guys that she likes 
  • The girl has said or done something that has put the guy off her 
  • He wants to make a move, but he keeps on hesitating 
  • Because he thinks that you will reject him, he talks himself out of making a move 
  • He is waiting for you to make a move, or give him a big clue or a clear indication 
  • The girl is playing a bit too hard to get 
  • He has been put off by rumors about the girl he fancies 
  • She is not showing any signs or emotions 
  • The girl is sending mixed signals
  • He is not interested
Release your insecurities and you can have it all

You may have already made a lot of effort.

Like, you've had your hair done, you put on your best clothes, you've splashed on the make up, yet you've still found that nothing has happened yet.

Sometimes you can do everything that you think is right to get a guy to like you and go out with you.

But, if it has not happened yet, then there is usually a good reason for it.

Many girls miss out on one very important aspect, and if you don't get this right, then no amount of effort or trying to get him to like you will work.

If you want to attract the right guy for you and go on to enjoy a happy and fulfilling, loving relationship with your ideal guy, then you have to make sure you feel right emotionally, and you release your inner insecurities.

If you have a low self esteem, then this can make you doubt and convince yourself that a guy doesn't like you even when he clearly does.

You might ask yourself the question, it is too good to be true, or he is too good for me, or you may think, even you do go out with him, it won't last or you will end up heartbroken.

Because, tt doesn't matter how great you look, or how hard you try, if you're feeling insecure about yourself or you not emotionally right, then it will always be a struggle.

Looks are not the most important criteria for most men, the thing to remember, most guys think that happy, friendly, respectful, and trust worthy woman are the most attractive.

If you watch some of the dating programs on TV, you will notice a particular pattern, which shows up, time and time again.

Even though some of them look attractive on the outside, they are emotionally insecure on the inside, which will make it harder for them to make an emotional connection or attract the right kind of guy.

These deep insecurities that lay hidden deep inside your mind, maybe blocking of your chances of attracting and dating your dream guy.

Others, allow their past experiences to cause them to form negative beliefs about men.

Such as. 

"All men are the same" 

"All men cheat"

"I'll never meet anybody"

"I might as well stay single"

"What's wrong with me"

"Why can't I find a boyfriend"

Getting the emotional side of things right, is much more important than looks or trying hard to impress a man.

You cannot force them or will them to like you, but you can increase your chances of them liking you, by working on your insecurities and doing some emotional work.

In fact, when you feel good about yourself, and you have let go of all your inner insecurities, then you won't have to try too hard, because you will attract the right guy for you naturally and effortlessly, and more importantly, you will keep him.

Make yourself irresistible to guy's you like by releasing your insecurities, so you can easily and effortlessly attract your ideal guy, without having to wait forever or relying on hope and wishful thinking.

Let your intuition guide you

It's not just the signs a man will reveal to you that he likes you that are the only factor in your decision making, because you should also listen to your own gut feelings and intuition, because like your mother, your intuition always knows what's best for you. 

Never ignore your gut feelings, sometimes coincidence like you keep bumping into the same guy may be more than a coincidence. 

You may also get a gut feeling to indicate whether a guy likes you because your intuition is designed to guide and protect you. 

Your gut intuition can also let you know whether he is the right type for you or the wrong type, so you will know to pursue him or you may need to steer clear of him.

If something does not seem right then tread carefully, do not let your head rule your heart. 

If you do have an overwhelming sense he could be trouble be careful not to allow his charm and confidence to overrule your gut intuition and feelings because your inner intuition is there to help you make the right decision, but it is also designed to protect you.

If your intuition is telling you to go for it, then it is probably worth your while because your true inner intuition is normally right. 

But if you like someone but your intuition is saying he's not interested such as your intuition won't actually be saying go for it.

In fact, you will probably get that niggling and doubting voice in the back of your head trying to tell you. 

"Come on, you know that he is not really interested or steer clear of him because this guy is not for you."


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