10 Positive Reasons Why You Should Raise Your Vibration

Would you like better health, better relationships, more money making opportunities, better life experiences and more happiness. Well if you want to access all these and more you first have to be in vibrational alignment and harmony with them.

In life we are always moving, we live in a emotional and thought based world,  emotion equals motion and everything in the universe is always moving. 

At every giving moment in your life you will either be heading towards what you want or you will be moving away from what you want.

Some examples of the opposite ends of the energy scale are

  • Love/hate
  • Happiness/sadness 
  • Fear/calm 
  • Wealth/poverty 
  • Good health/poor health
  • Successful/unsuccessful 
  • Positive/negative 
  • Peace/conflict

Everything is all about momentum and you will always have some form of momentum going on in your life. 

The secret to a happy and successful life is for you to begin to move away from all negative momentum and entrapment and the best way to achieve this is to get the positive momentum going and to keep it going. 

We have two energy frequencies which are high vibration and low vibration otherwise known as good and bad and all our emotional states can be found somewhere in the frequency range in between these two extremes.

The highest forms of vibration which you should aim for are, appreciation, relaxation, joy, and love these are the energies where all your powers can be accessed. At the lower end of the vibrational frequency scale are the dreaded negative emotions such as fear, anger and sadness. 

What vibrational energy you send out attracts back similar matching circumstances in your life experiences. So when you send out negative energy you will experience more of the things that you don't want

But there is always a better choice in life and when you choose to be happy and optimistic you will start to be and feel more positive which will move you in the right direction towards all the good thing life has to offer.

To access all the things that you desire you have to hold yourself in the vibration of what you want for long enough to get that positive momentum going, this is the feel good energy of zero resistance.

This feel good, flow like state is your natural state, but the moment you give your attention to what you don't want, you will start to resist and cause a split in your natural feel good state, this is known as negative energy.

Imagine this life force energy flowing freely around your body and when it is flowing freely as it is intended to you will feel good, empowered and balanced and this will be reflected in your external life experiences and your reward for this is a much better quality of life. 

But when you focus on anything negative and destructive you will begin to enter your negative files which will start to cause a disruption in your life force energy leaving you feeling bad, dis-empowered and you will attract more negative circumstances and events.

The difference between successful and happy people and unsuccessful and less happier people is, they think, feel and act different

There is a well know saying "If you keep doing the same things you will keep getting the same results in life and nothing will ever change for the better".

This does not mean that feeling good for a day or two is going to dramatically transform your life for the better, it's all about consistently and holding yourself in the higher vibrations. 

The trouble is at best most people are flipping from feeling good to bad on an almost daily basis.

The good news is, when you can reside in the higher vibrations and you can do this over a sustained period of time, then you will start to get less things going wrong and it won't be long before you start to get more of what you want.

Even happy people have bad days, but these become few and far between and when you practice feeling good until it becomes a new natural way of being then generally your life will run more smoothly as more and more opportunities and exciting new possibilities start to head your way.

There are many things that you can do to raise your vibration, one of the main ones is what you give your attention to because what you give your dominant focus to determine how you feel and what you think and feel creates your life experiences.

If you want your life to change then you first have to change the way you think, feel and what you do. Your outer life experiences are a reflection of the thoughts and feelings that you are projecting from within.

Do what it takes to pick yourself up

There is an old saying that states "Try to find bliss in bad situations" and although in some cases of deep sadness and loss it takes time to heal, in the majority of cases trying to find the positive in a bad situation is good advice, because it can help to boost your mood and motivate you to do something positive about your situation.

It is far better to be optimistic instead of dwelling in your unfortunate but changeable circumstances. 

Sometime those bad times can pave the way for better things and better times in the future, many people have gone on to make a lot of money out of their pains and struggles

Musicians are a prime example of this, and many songs are written about the artists hurtful times and experiences, others who have come through the bad times and become successful have made money showing others how to do it.

So embrace your bad times and use them to drive you on to find happiness and success and if you search hard enough and you are persistent, then in time your bad days will get better and less frequent and your good days will get better and more frequent.

So next time you find yourself having a bad day embrace and acknowledge it, then do anything that makes you feel better.

If you want to sit down and watch TV with some junk food and a glass of wine do it, just don't over do it. 

If you feel like getting out do it, if reading is your thing do it, if you feel like having a good cry or rant then let it all out. 

Then the next morning wake up and set your intentions to have a good day and get straight back on the road to happiness and a better life.

When you feel bad or negative, then sometimes it's the universe or your own mind and in some cases your body that is trying to tell that you need to do something to change your situation or how you feel. 

If you're feeling negative, then you know you have to change your thoughts or your perceptions or if you know why you're feeling bad, then you also know what you need to change or accept to make you feel better. 

Most of the time people know it's what they're focusing on that is making them feel bad, yet they still carry on thinking about it.

Focus on your vibration and let the universe do it's thing

Sometimes you have got to accept and detach yourself from what is and our current negative beliefs, concepts, perceptions and the results you're getting at the moment or accept and give in to what is, then immediately focus on all the positive things that can be yours.

Otherwise, your negative perceptions will lock you further into a reality of it is not happening or working out for you and once you get emotionally hooked into the reality of not happening or not going to happen or everything's going wrong then you will block out the reality you want and you will feel even more despondent, downbeat and discouraged.

For most people their attempts to manifest fail and sadly they are never able to create the life they desire. There could be a number of reasons for this. 

One is they are coming from a place of lack or desperation so they have attached a negative energy to what they want, this causes them to spin a negative story in their mind of failure, doom and not happening.

Another reason is, they cannot keep their mind focused for long enough so they don't embed and impress the idea and a new belief in their subconscious. 

Or they become so obsessed and desperate to manifest what they want they build a desperate energy and attachment of must have and need to badly to the things they desire so they then try to control and force the manifestation which should be the job of the universe. 

Many of the manifestation experts tell us that once you have spent so long focusing on your desire each day you then need to release it and detach yourself from it. 

This means forget about it and let it go so you will then allow the universe to do the how part and bring the information and things you want into your life in the right way and when the time is right. All you have to do is stay positive and take inspired action.


The Benefits Of Positive Energy

Below is a list of all the positive benefits that you can have once you raise your vibration and then more importantly, you keep that positive momentum going because your life is not going to dramatically improve just because you feel good for a few days you have to maintain those good feeling days.

1) Positive energy attracts positive situation

Negative energy attracts negative situations. When you are radiating positive energy everything works out better for you and you will find more good things will generally happen to you.

Whilst you're in the positive energy ranges you will find you're more able to achieve more, you will perform better and function more efficiently, you will see things in a different light and your body will thank you and reward you for it. 

When you have the right positive energy and mindset your life will become so much better and the universe rewards positive people with positive things and circumstances

The alternative to feeling good is to feel bad and when you have negative beliefs backed by the wrong energy then life can get difficult, you attract the wrong people and circumstances and as a general rule you will find that more things will seem to go wrong for you. 

In a negative state it can be struggle to seem to get ahead in life, because negative energy will drain the life out of you and keep you small and stuck. 

Positive energy repels negative situations and negative energy repels positive situations. If you're not getting what you want in life then you likely have negative thought patterns which are generating negative energy, so you're attracting the wrong people, the wrong circumstances the wrong outcomes and the wrong opportunities. 

Most people are stuck in a lower vibration and all the good things that we want can be found in the higher frequency ranges, so when you raise your vibration so you come up through the emotions you will become in alignment with all the things you want and in time those things or opportunities will start to show up in your life.

2) Positive energy will make you feel better

Although when you hear about the law of attraction most people immediately want more money, better relationships and other material gains. 

But the real benefit of raising your vibration is, if you're in a positive and calm feeling place, then you're going to feel good and you will go on to live a happy, successful and stress free life.

Before you even think about making more money or making any other physical improvements or gains, you should focus on reducing your stress, worries and anxieties because your emotional well-being has to come first, the rest will follow.

For long term happiness and to consistently feel good and at ease you have to work on your inner self and then focus on the physical side of things and feeling good always has to start from within. 

How you think, feel and react will determine whether you have a good day or bad one.

3) You will increase your chances of experiencing better health

It's no secret that happy, upbeat and confident people are more content and live better lives. They become more successful and experience better health and more satisfying relationships, there have many studies conducted that reveal positive and happy people live longer too.  

When you're calm and you have an upbeat and positive, optimistic attitude and outlook on life then you will have a lot less stress and anxiety and long term stress and anxiety lowers your immune system and puts you into a higher risk category for more health related problems. 

Also, if you have little trouble with stress and negative emotions, then you will look a bit younger and feel more energized and alive.

4) Your energy affects you and others

Not only is your energy important to you and your life experiences it can also have a positive or negative effect on the people close to you or the people you work with or surround yourself with. That's why the experts will tell you to surround yourself with positive people.

If you're feeling stressed, frustrated, angry or experiencing negative moods then it can drag other people down or drain their energy, especially if you try to take things out on them or you come across too pessimistic all the time. 

Other people can pick up on your vibration, so by lifting your own mood you're helping others around you as well as yourself.

Your positivity and radiant feel good energy will rub off on other people and because you will be free of all the negative emotions and stress, then you will treat other people better, you will be better company and others will want to be around you. 

You will also be in a position to inspire and lift others and your relationship with your children and partner will improve, a smiling and happy person can have a positive influence and their radiant energy is infectious on others.

5) You will feel more energized

Negative energy and stress will drag you down into a place inside your mind where you don't want to go and it will make you blind to all the good that surrounds you. 

Negative energy can disrupt your sleep leaving you feeling tired and exhausted.

When you're feeling positive and at ease with yourself and the world you will feel more energized, more inspired, more motivated you will feel more alive, you will sleep better and your emotional and physical well-being will greatly improve.

6) You can make more money

If you study wealthy people then you will find a similar pattern which is they all have a positive mindset and attitude and they all say you will make more money if you're in the zone and you feel good.

This is when all the idea's, information, the right people and opportunities will be presented to you. Of course you have to be prepared to put in a lot of effort, but you chances will be greatly increased if you're feeling good. 

7) You will be more creative

Stress and negative emotions will stifle your creativity as stress will shrink your awareness down to a narrow focus of negative attention. 

If you want to be at your creative best then you need to be in the zone, you know that positive state of no resistance. 

When you're calm and at ease, then your intelligence and other mental faculties will improve you will have access to your higher mind and the universal intelligence and you will receive information and idea's that you cannot access in the lower vibrational frequencies.

8) Things work out better when you're positive

Have you ever noticed when you're having a bad day and you're feeling stressed or negative that little things seem to keep going wrong and just can't seem to do things as well as you would normally. 

The longer you remain in a negative state the more things will start to go wrong for you and the things you would do effortless when you're feeling good start to become a struggle.

However when your upbeat and positive things always seem to  workout generally better plus you do things better and you function better. Your confidence levels will also increase when you're happy and calm and you will do things with ease without having to try.

9) You will become more optimistic

When your in a higher vibration you will have more matching positive thoughts this will make you feel more optimistic and you will have higher expectations. 

Your perceptions will change and you will look at things differently and when you change your perceptions your results will also change for the better.

You will smile more and that will make you feel even better and people will warm to your smile and people will feel more at ease in your company, and a smile may even help you break the ice and attract a partner. 

The reward for raising your vibration, is it will improve your well-being, your physiology will also start to change as you begin to free yourself from negative emotions.

Your immune system will also start to improve and your blood sugar levels will become more balanced, you will release more of the feel good endorphins all of which will help to improve your mood.

10) More opportunities will come your way

The longer you can sustain those good feeling emotions and as you start to get the positive momentum, then you will find that more opportunities will arise and new exciting doors will start to open for you. 

When these new opportunities and idea's present themselves to you, be sure to grab them and take action.




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