Why Change Can So Be Difficult Without The Right Tools

Many people have fallen into the misguided negative trap that they have come to believe they cannot be helped because of the size and the amount of time they have suffered and lived with their problems. 

People assume that nothing can be done and somehow they have to carry on living a life of struggle and emotional pain.

But you're not meant to live a life of hardship and emotional suffering and if people would only realize that they have to power to use their own mind and energies to solve their problems then people would go onto to live much more happier, successful and peaceful lives.

What stops people from making the positive changes they want and making that leap to a happier and joyful fulfilled empowered life is their bad habits, their negative and limiting belief systems and their current thought patterns. 

People become hooked up into their negative past experiences and their unhealthy ways of living which form all their beliefs, actions and behaviours which controls their lives. 

They become so engrossed with what has happened, what is and what might go wrong that they become a prisoner of their own mind and negative feelings.

To make positive and lasting changes you have to start to re-wire your bad habits and replace those negative belief systems and bad behaviours. So what are the options available to successfully achieve this.

Most people try to make changes through will power and motivation, this might give you a bit of a buzz to start with but in the majority of cases will power will not be enough and most people will give up and end up back where they started leaving them feeling dejected and frustrated.

You see, you have to make changes on a subconscious level and will power will not re-wire your subconscious mind so it won't be long before your old habits kick back in and take back control. 

The other tool people know about are affirmations and yes affirmations do work, but they are the hard way of doing things and they will only work if you, believe in what you're affirming and your already in a relaxed and positive mood. 

The trouble is, most people who want change are coming from an unhappy and negative state or they are stuck in a place of lack and desperation. 

If you watch very young children then you will witness that they do not suffer with worry, they have no bad habits, no bitterness, no stress, no jealousy, no negative thinking, no anxiety and no feelings of self consciousness. 

They are excited, content with very little, they mainly have fun and they live in the now. This is because they have not been conditioned yet by the world around them or they don't have any negative beliefs or bad experiences to hold them back and limit their life and outcome. 

The good news is you can return back to that happy, carefree relaxed state and you don't have to do all the hard and laborious work yourself. 

Because thanks to modern day technology there are now plenty of self help tools available that will do all the work for you. 

They will also make you more relaxed and make you feel good and when you're in a more relaxed state, that is when you're able to make those all important positive and beneficial changes.


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