How To Burn Belly Fat The Natural 

Perhaps a better approach to burning off belly fat and losing weight might be to ditch the urge to lose weight fast and take a more of a longer and healthier plan.

The formula for a weight loss strategy should resolve around a healthy lifestyle  and eating healthily, rather than starving yourself. 

This should be combined with getting plenty of activity and exercise, because when you keep active and you eat healthy, then in the long term, your weight will take care of itself.

At some point in nearly every bodies life they will probably want to get rid of their excess stomach fat, this seems to be a common area of the body where the fat seems to amass. 

The bad news is you cannot just target specific area's of your body, it does not work like that, so the only way your going too burn of your belly fat is by burning off the fat all over your body. 

To lose belly fat your diet and exercise routine should be aimed at boosting your metabolism and forcing your body to burn off fat.

This means if you want a nice flat toned belly then your going to have to concentrate on losing fat everywhere which means shifting your intentions to breaking down and burning off fat rather than trying to target just your belly.

You may be thinking about doing stomach flattening exercises which is an important part of developing a flat stomach, but unless you burn off your fat as well then your not going to get the maximum benefits. 

Your weight loss plan should be based around eating a healthy diet combined with doing exercises that will speed up your metabolism which will force your body to burn that unwanted fat, your exercise routine should involve fat burning routines as well as exercises to tone up your muscles especially the abdominal muscle group.

But don't be disappointed though, because after all losing fat everywhere is not a bad thing because when you lose fat everywhere then not only will your stomach automatically look flatter.

The rest of your body will match your trim waistline and wouldn't that be far better and more healthier for you to have your whole body looking lean, trim and fit which is not going only make you look better but you will feel better too.

There Is No Need To Starve Yourself

If your thinking about losing weight it is important to know that it is not all about starving yourself and eating tiny portions of food. Your body will require food, it's a basic principal of survival and human need. 

If you try too starve yourself then your body will go into survival mode and your metabolism will slow down too match the sudden decrease in food intake.

The thing is not too make dramatic changes, when you starve yourself your calorie intake will have to drop down, of course you have to consume less calories otherwise your not going to lose weight. 

But when you suddenly drastically cut your calories, like overnight then your body is going too notice this and it will start to adjust your all important metabolism to try to compensate for the drop in calories.

If however you drop your calories at a much slower rate then your body will not be so alarmed and it won't think your starving yourself so it won't adjust your metabolism. You may not lose so much weight short term, but long term you will and you will find that this plan of action will be better suited for you and more achievable. 

Starvation diets usually only lead to one conclusion, they cause you to lose muscle mass as well as fat and before long the compulsion to eat will be too much and the chances are you will soon resort back to your old eating habits and because your metabolism has not readjusted you will quickly pile back on the weight and even more. 

For some eating not enough becomes a habit, they become too frightened to eat in case they put on weight, the more you starve yourself the more your body is going to want more foods too fuel it. 

Try too avoid getting into a battle with your body and mind, instead work with them and cut back in moderation, when you starve yourself it can push you into binge eating.

It is also just too hard to starve yourself and it is not necessary, your body will still require food, the last thing you want is too get into the habit of eating to few calories, why go through needless hardship and misery when there are far better and more healthier and easier to follow options. The key is continual and steady weight loss and not rapid weight loss.

It is probably a far better option to carry on filling yourself up with the right foods, you may need to gradually reduce the size of your portions and how often you eat, but what you don't want is too be constantly feeling hungry. 

Your far better doing it by eating more healthy and lower calorie foods that are going to leave you feeling fuller for longer. 

 Eat To Lose Weight

The body needs an energy supply, carbohydrates are the best source of energy, but if you want to lose weight then there will be times when you might need to cut back on the amount of carbohydrates that you have been consuming especially the bad carbs that are rich in fat increasing sugar.

Carbohydrates get quickly absorbed by the body, if you are having them for and energy boost to supplement your manual job or workout then you will soon burn off the energy supplied by the carbohydrates so long as you don't consume more than you need. But if your eating them, then doing very little physical activity afterwards then the carbs will be stored as fat.

So unless you are burning off the carbohydrates then you might need to cut back on your carbohydrates and sugar because unless you work off the energy the carbs will supply you, then they will turn to fat. It is always a good idea too have a consultation with your doctor about losing weight and starting an exercise routine.

You may only need to cut back on your carbohydrates a few days per week, because trying to do too much too soon can be overwhelming and too difficult at the start. On the days that you cut back on the carbs, replace them with good healthy alternatives especially foods that contain healthy fats. 

Avoid late night snacking, if you do feel hungry have something like a carrot or celery stick, avoid late night snacks that are high in sugar, even some of the snacks that you may think are low in sugar can contain hidden sugars.

It's all about striking the right healthy balance with a few of your favourite treats thrown in now and again. 

The last thing you want is to restrict yourself too eating too many boring and bland foods, it's important to get plenty of lean proteins, vegetables and good fats, but you have not got to cut out all your treats, enjoy the occasional treat just don't over do them. 

You do not even have to diet every day of the week, many experts now recommend that you only have to cut back on your calorie intake for two or three days a week. If your struggling with the hunger side of things then this approach may suit you better. 

On your dieting days cut out some of your carbohydrates and eat more low calorie and fats that contain omega three. You need to force your body into burning off the fat, if it has no sugar to use as energy then it will have no other option but to resort to using your fats reserves as it's fuel.

The rest of the week you can stick too a more healthier and balanced diet and as long as you do not eat too much to compensate for your low calorie diet days then you will lose weight. On your none dieting days be sensible, eat plenty of low calorie healthy foods that will leave you feeling full, your none dieting days such be a good balance of, proteins, good carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Too burn of fat you will need to try and stick to a good diet plan but not one that involves starving yourself. A good weight loss plan would be to eat foods that are high in fibre, have a good source of healthy fats, and adequate amounts of protein based foods.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds will provide you with a good source of fiber, if you like pasta or rice stick to whole gran pasta and brown rice and high fiber cereals. Although you should not over consume too much bread, the best bread too eat is brown and whole grain. Fiber will leave you feeling fuller for longer and it can help to slow down the absorption of sugar.

What you should cut back on is too many unhealthy fats and high sugar content foods, this does not mean cutting out sugar completely but avoid too much of the high sugary foods. 

Avocados are a good source of healthy fats they are also high in fibre, so is mackerel, salmon and herring. Peanuts are another good source of good fats, they are also a good energy supplier, olive is a good choice to put on salad dressings and you can also buy a olive oil spread to replace butter. 

Green tea is also believed to help promote weight loss, it contains properties within it that can help you burn off fat, green tea can also help control your appetite and boost your energy levels.

Exercise Programs And Workouts 

You do not have too spend hours in the gym or spend hours on end jogging, exercise is important but you have not got to over do it, especially at the start. You want to do exercises that will speed up your metabolism and burn off your fat, again consult your doctor about starting an exercise routine.

Your metabolism is responsible for increasing the rate that body fat is burned, too boost your metabolism your better off doing specific types of exercises which does not involve long work outs. 

The best fat burning metabolism boosting exercises are shorter sessions that involve high intensity workouts or burst training exercises, this means doing exercises like circuit training or weight resistance training with little rest time in between sets or workouts.

Burst training is, instead of just swimming, jogging or cycling at a steady pace, throw in some quick burst of speed. 

So during your jog or even walk which ever exercise you choose, run at your normal pace for a few minutes then sprint for a few minutes and keep on repeating because if you stick to a certain pace your metabolism will adjust to it, the same applies with exercises such as swimming and cycling.


It is believed that the best time to do your exercise workouts is in the morning, when you wake up in the morning you will have more energy and enthusiasm, if you try too work out in the afternoons then your body will feel more tired and you will feel less motivated. If you exercise in the morning, have a healthy breakfast about half an hour or more before.

It's OK to exercise after your evening meal as that will help you to burn off some of the calories and your energy levels will go up a bit, avoid exercising a few hours before your bedtime. One of the biggest stumbling blocks many people come across in they quest to lose weight is they do not tackle the emotional or mental attitude and mental programming side of things.


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