Forward Head Posture Correction 

What is forward head posture? Forward head posture is the position of the head in relationship to the shoulders. Most cases of forward head posture can be resolved through daily exercises however it will take time, in a few cases forward head posture can be the result of structural damage so it may well be worth a visit to see a chiropractor. 

To set things straight good posture is about having a poised and aligned but balanced posture which should be obtained through exercises and body alignment techniques and not by trying to physical correct yourself without first knowing what your doing.

These days life is pulling our posture more and more forward, this is being made worst with the explosion of digital devices like computers, mobile phones and tablets combined with more traditional activities such as things like driving, work, reading, ironing and reading to name a few where you're looking down with your head for long periods of time. 

These are all contributing too people hunching their shoulders and ending up in a forward head posture. All these incorrect stances are literally crippling our posture and these bad posture habits and electronic devises when used incorrectly are leading people to painful joint problems, chronic muscle tension and forward head posture. 

Some experts are now suggesting it can even shorten our life expectancy, poor posture can eventually cause long term damage to both our body and our health.

Spending endless hours using electronics devices without regular breaks off them coupled with poor posture can result in muscle and posture problems.

 To maintain a healthy and proper torso posture you should engage in the correct posture combined with constant poise and movement, which means trying to avoid sitting and standing in the same posture for hours on end.  

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Take regular breaks

If you do spend long hours on computers, laptops or the smaller electrical devises try and have a few minutes break every 15 to 20 minutes and try and move about more often. A forward head posture is mainly caused when the body has collapsed and slumped or the person has spent to long with the head pushed forward. 

A lot of experts tell you to pull your shoulders back to compensate for this, however people can get confused by this and they end up pulling their shoulders too far back which throws your body out of alignment. 

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The negative impact of forward head and bad posture 

Forward head and bad posture can lead to many health and emotional related problems, our posture has a profound impact on our physiology. 

Bad posture can be responsible for many painful joint problems, chronic muscle tension and some experts are now suggesting it can even shorten our life expectancy. Poor posture can eventually cause long term damage to both our body and our health.

Good posture is all about poise, balance and natural alignment, all your movements, standing positions and sitting should be smooth and poised at all times. Your bones should always support you and do all the work and not your muscles.

Your spine should be in good alignment and good health. By spending a few minute around three times per day performing a few posture correction exercises you can correct bad posture and minimize the risk of tension and joint and back pains.

Combined with modern activities and age, as we get older our bodies tend to start going forward and we begin to lose a natural curvature and balance. When your posture goes forward or if you go too far back the other way into a back bend then what tends to happen is, your muscles have to so the work that is intended for the bones. This puts added stress on the muscles and the joints.

When our posture drops forward or you go into a back bend this will lead to an imbalance in the postural muscles causing some to lengthen to much and some to shorten to compensate for the out of aligned body. This will result in tight muscles and tension related headaches. 

The benefits of a balanced and aligned poised posture can be

  • It can reduce the chances of developing arthritis and joint pains 
  • It can make you look younger and slimmer 
  • Look and feel more confident 
  • Reduce anxiety and tension 
  • Prevent forward head posture and hunching 
  • Make you look and feel good

If you allow your posture to move forward for to long then this will result in weak muscles, tight muscles and rounded shoulders and eventually in severe cases forward head posture if it becomes to advanced can cause fusion of the spine in the neck which will cause the person to lose their mobility in the neck.

Exercises and techniques to correct bad and forward head posture

You cannot cheat to get your head and shoulders in alignment nor should you try, because by trying to pull your body about in an attempt to physical correct your poor posture you will probably end up causing even more harm.

The way to reverse forward head posture and hunched shoulders should be achieved through doing regular posture correction exercise or by using a reputable and medically approved posture correction devise or program.

Avoid any pulling, pushing or forcing your head or your shoulders unnaturally backwards or forwards, if your already have advanced forward head posture then it would be advisable for you to see your doctor or a chiropractitioner for expert medical help


Be smart and posied 

If you spend quite a long time on a computer then you need to have everything set up ergonomically and the right height for you. When your reading or your on your mobile phone or a tablet, instead of bending your head down, bring the devise up to eye level with your arms.

Avoid leaning into your computer screen and try not to have your monitor to low or too high, if you use a lap top raise it up on some books or something and buy a keyboard that you can plug into your laptop so you can have the keyboard lower so it is set up like a desk top computer. 

The ideal position should be where your head is positioned on top of your body so your neck has a slight C curve. Everything should be at eye level and comfortable where possible, if you need to look up or down use your eye movement first before you lift or lower your head. 

When your sitting you should be upright but comfortable and poised with your spine neutral so you keep those muscles loose and relaxed. Making sure your sitting on your sit bones so your seat supports you, never try to sit up straight or hold yourself in a stiff unnatural position and allow your seat to do all the work. It is better to have your hips slightly higher than your knees to avoid falling forwards.

The sooner you correct your bad posture the better 

The sooner you start to correct your bad posture or your forward head posture the better because the least advanced it gets or the younger you begin to correct the easier it is to put right. The longer you leave it or the older you get the more difficult it becomes to correct, if your allow your spine to become fused then you have already allowed things go to far and you will need to seek professional medical advice.

Going to a gym or using weight resistance training and muscle strengthen exercise will help to bring your posture back into it's natural balanced alignment. 

There are many posture correction devices available and the latest posture devices that have been approved by doctors can bring about many positive health advantages for you as they do all the hard work for you.

A good posture supporting brace works by helping you to naturally reverse and correct bad posture, hunched shoulders and forward head posture by bringing your shoulders and spine back into their natural position which will prevent your head from dropping forward.

It is essential to bring your body back into a poised, balanced and aligned natural posture so that any future problems and many pains and other ailments can be prevented. 

But not all posture correction devices work so well so if you're thinking about using a posture correction device do some research. This website will explain to you. Why do other posture corrective braces actually worsen posture? 

A good postural correction devices is a wise choice because it can be difficult to correct things by yourself and when you have a poised and aligned balanced posture you're going to enjoy many positive health and emotional benefits. 

Postural correction braces are great for working on the all important neck and upper back because the consequences and the negative impact of advanced forward head posture or dowagers hump can prove to be disastrous and irreversible in the most extreme cases. 

You will still have to work on aligning the rest of your body but the neck and shoulder regions are where all the damage takes place.

According to chiropractors, many people end up spending a life time on a cock tail of medication.  Prevention is always a better strategy than cure so if your head is already protruding forward then act now. The advantages you will gain are, you will have less trouble with aches and pains, you will be tension free and you will be more flexible, at ease and more function-able.


Get great posture NOW


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